Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 486

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 486

Episode 486:


The huge Buddhist temple slowly collapsed.

People rushed out through the thick clouds of dust.

There was a mark at the head of it.

He escaped from the underground at the moment when the Buddhist temple collapsed due to the air waves emitted by Koo Mun-hye and the white-clad ghosts were in chaos.


“I can’t get out.”

The white-clad ghosts who escaped after them attacked Pyowol.

It was then.


Breaking through the dust cloud, Goo Guo-hye soared into the air.

Pausing in the air for a moment, she murmured.

“Kill them all. Everyone…”


The air waves emitted from her body shook the air around her.

The white-clad ghost Daeju shouted as his face turned white.

“It’s not possible. Noh Tae-tae!”

At that moment, Koo Guo-hye was thrust straight into the white-clad tattoo.



A desperate scream erupted.

Koo Guo-hye’s whole body was covered with a red membrane.

The red curtain rotated furiously, sharpening the white tattoo band.

It is to use antitank as a means of attack.

“Mi crazy…”

“Run away!”

A light of fear shone in the eyes of the white-clad ghost.

I knew Koo Mun-hye’s martial arts was amazing, but I really didn’t know that it would be this scary.

Guo Guo-hye’s inaction after the seal was released was truly formidable.

I didn’t even dare to fight against it.


Even at this moment, the white-clad ghost squad was being grinded by the rotation of the semi-tangang period.

The white-clad tattoos at the pieces of the flesh of his colleagues bouncing in all directions were insane.

Guo Guo-hye ran in a straight line.

Her goal was the moon.

He remembers the death of Koh Myung-myeong at the hands of Pyo-wol.


There was only one thought in her head.

It was to kill Pyowol.

As long as he could kill Pyowol, he didn’t care what happened to the others.

Pyo-wol blew a wedding speech to Goo Moon-hye, who rushed head-on. However, the suhonsa disappeared without a trace due to the half-tank period.

Pyo-wol took a meandering step and deviated from Guo Guo-hye’s path. Then Koo Hye-hye changed direction and ran towards Pyo-wol.

Koo Hye-hye was already a figure that could not be called a human being.

Her hair was scattered all over, and red light emanated from her eyes. But what was even more terrifying was the antitank energy radiating from her body.

Normally, if she performed this level of anti-tank strength, her air power would be exhausted, but she didn’t show that at all.


The spot where the pyowol had been standing exploded.

A huge pit formed in the ground as if a thunderclap had exploded.

It was a truly terrifying force.


Koo Hye-hye followed Pyo-wol.

In an instant, the pyowol changed direction and burrowed between the tattoo bands in white.



The white-clad ghosts blinked their eyes, not knowing why. However, he soon realized the situation and was shocked.

Guo Guo-hye attacked them following Pyo-wol.


About a dozen people in the white-clad ghost squad were pulverized in an instant.

The white-clad ghost Daeju shouted that his throat would burst.

“He lures Roh Tae-tae. Everyone be careful.”

There was not a single person who could answer. It was because everyone was in a hurry to avoid the mark.


The wall surrounding the temple was blown out.

It was because Koo Hye-hye, unable to change direction, was pushed against the wall.

The huge wall collapsed helplessly.

In the midst of that, Guo Guo-hye stood up again.

Guo Guo-hye ran a hand through her hair and looked for Pyowol.

Pyowol took a deep breath in a place far away from Koo Guo-hye.

Even while being chased by Koo Moon-hye, Pyo-wol tried to recover his inner strength as much as possible by using the Bunroesa Concentration Method.

Koo Hye-hye muttered as she looked at Pyowol.

“Lee Gwak, you are taking away my precious person again.”

In her eyes, the pyowol seemed to be her lifelong nemesis.

The absolute no-man of the previous generation who took everything from himself.

An absolute being who has no rival in the world if he holds up a sword.

The same man who had tormented her with guilt all her life took her stepson this time.


Koo Hye-hye screamed and rushed at Pyo-wol.

Pyo-wol evaded her and flung herself into another hall. Gu Guo-hye followed him without hesitation.


The building collapsed with a roar.


“help me!”

The monks inside the palace came out in surprise.

The monks were bewildered by the sudden thunderbolt.

The lucky ones managed to get out of the war, but most of them were buried under the rubble.


War broke out again.

The Cheonwonsa Temple built for Roh Tae-tae was being destroyed by her.

“oh my god! what is this?”

There were people who looked at the unbelievable sight.

They were the Red King and the Suranang people who had been following Pyowol.

The Red King watched Koo Mun-hye run amok with his eyes wide open.

Koo Guo-hye was once more respected than Koo Myung-myeong.

It was also thanks to Koo Mun-hye that the Red King, who was only a mere ronin, was able to become the strongest outside the new generation.

He passed on the new learning method and generously bestowed miracles.

Thanks to that, the current enemy king was able to exist.

The sky seemed to fall when I heard the news that Koo Mun-hye’s madness had gotten worse and she was locked up in the basement of Cheonwonsa Temple.

Watching her run amok now was torture for him.

The enemy king’s gaze turned to Pyowol.

Pyo-wol was moving around like a rat to avoid Koo Moon-hye’s attack. It wasn’t like he ran away randomly.

He was cleverly luring Koo Guo-hye to the place where the white robe tattoo was located. Because of that, the damage of the White Robe Ghost Corps was growing exponentially.

The white-clad ghosts are dying like that, but the last owner, Koh Goh-myeong, does not reflect even a snip. It wasn’t the enemy king who didn’t know what that meant.

There was only one reason why Koo Hye-hye went crazy.

It is that the last owner of Guryongsalmak, Koh Go-myeong, died.

His master, the true ruler of Guryongsalmak, lost his life to a mere assassin.


The enemy king’s shoulders trembled.

Uncontrollable anger and sadness came over me.

It was the same with the people of Suranang.

The sight unfolding in front of them was never what they wanted to see. No one would want to see such a terrifying and terrifying sight.

I saw the assassin who created this nightmarish sight.

Suddenly, the assassin’s gaze turned to the place where the Red King and Suranangin were.

Even though they were far away, the eyes of the assassin Pyowol were fixed on the enemy king’s chest.

An ominous assumption came to the mind of the enemy king.

“no way?”

At that moment, Pyowol changed direction and ran in his direction. Koo Guo-hye followed behind him.

Quagga go!

A white-clad tattoo that splits in the middle.

Unable to even scream, the white-clad ghost warrior died.


The Red King trembled at Pyowol’s cruel heart.

No matter how he called Lee Je-jei (以夷制夷), Pyol-wol, who uses Goo Moon-hye to slaughter the soldiers of Guryongsalmak, did not look human at all.

The purpose of Pyowol was to collide Goo Guo-hye with the King Jeok.

“Everyone scatter.”

The enemy king hastily issued an order.

The people of Suranang were also aware, so they scattered in all directions.

Even if madness exploded, Goo Hye-sun was their supreme.

Their instincts refused to injure her body.

Because of that, as soon as the enemy king’s order was given, he avoided it. However, Pyowol did not let them go away peacefully.


Kicking off the ground, he changed direction.

The place Pyo-wol headed was a place where many Suranang people were gathered.


During Roh Tae-tae’s semi-tangible period, the people of Suranang were divided.

“Stop! bloke!”

The enemy king rushed to prevent the death of his subordinates.

He knew that Pyowol was luring him, but he had no choice.

The moon had erased all options from him.

See it!

Pyowol blew a wedding ceremony to the enemy king.

The enemy king swung his sword and cut off the suhonsa at once. Then he swung his sword to decapitate Pyowol.

The Red King naturally thought that Pyowol would evade his sword. However, instead of avoiding the Pyowol, he reached out his hand toward the flying Tao, digging at a more terrifying speed.

‘A ball storage bag? crazy!’

The enemy king, who grasped Pyowol’s intentions, was astonished.

The ball storage bag is an art of catching flying blades with bare hands. It was a dangerous tactic that could succeed only when the state of martial arts was significantly higher than that of the opponent.

If you tried to spread it to an opponent with a higher level of martial arts than yourself, your wrists would likely be blown off. It is to perform such a dangerous skill against oneself.

I wondered how ridiculously I looked at myself to use this technique.


A river crossing rose from the sword of the enemy king.

It was to blow away Pyowol’s wrists and breath. However, before the crossing was even completed, Pyowol’s hand grabbed his sword.

It was a successful public storage bag.


No matter how hard he failed to cross the river, his young energy was enough to blow off his opponent’s wrist. Even so, Pyowol’s hand was fine.

It was impossible with the enemy king’s common sense.

At that moment, the Red King noticed that there was a tiny space between the moon and his sword, and a silver thread was filling the gap.

The skein of thread was the wedding ceremony.

He pulled out several suhonsa to offset the energy emanating from the sword of the enemy king.

This meant that Pyowol’s inner energy had been restored. However, the enemy king could no longer continue his thoughts.

At that moment, Pyowol yanked Doo away and pointed it at Koo Guo-hye.

He attacked Koo Mun-hye with the technique of grafting the flowers.


The Red King tried to change the trajectory of the Tao, but to no avail.

His Tao, as it were, was intensified during Koo Guo-hye’s half-tank period.


As the enemy king’s sword and Koo Mun-hye’s antitank ki collided, a huge shockwave was generated.

The shock wave covered the entire area and even the moon was swept away and bounced off.

After hitting the floor several times like a water swallow, it landed on a wall.

Even though I was covered in blood, I was completely bathed in blood. Still, Pyowol’s eyes were still grim.

It was a life-and-death gamble.

Invaded by madness, Koo Hye-hye couldn’t make a proper decision. Pyo-wol deliberately lured Goo-hye to the enemy king. And stimulated the enemy king’s attack by turning it to her.

Guo Guo-hye, whose reason was paralyzed by madness, could not distinguish between Jeokwang and Pyowol. Thinking that the enemy king who attacked him was the moon, he exploded all his anger.



At the gesture of her hand, water fell like rain.


The enemy king’s face was distorted.

In order to survive Goo Hye’s attack, he too has no choice but to do his best. However, if that happened, he had to make a life-and-death decision with Koo Hye-hye.

He was given no time to think.

First I had to survive.

The enemy king brandished his sword like mad.

In his Tao, it was difficult to cross the river.

Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam!

Sugang and Dogang collided, causing an explosion in the air.



The people of Suranang tried to jump into the fight between the two. But the enemy king stopped them.

“I am done.”


“I will be blocking Roh Tae-tae, so kill him at all costs.

The Red King shouted as he swung his sword with all his might.

If Pyowol leaves this place, the aftermath will continue endlessly.

I had to somehow kill Pyowol on the spot.

The Suranang people knew that, so they swallowed Bunru and turned around.

In addition to the Suranang people, there were those who were aiming for the moon.

It was a white-clad ghost squad that had already suffered great damage.

The white-robed warriors and the people of Suranang surrounded Pyowol.


Pyowol sighed and wiggled his fingers.

He suffered quite a few injuries, but his internal energy has recovered considerably.

This was worth trying once.

At that moment, the white-clad ghost exclaimed.


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