Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 485

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 485

Episode 485 Koo

Myung-hye was extremely afraid of waking Koo-hye.

Because of that, instead of calling his subordinates and causing a commotion, he tried to quietly kill Pyowol alone.

He was afraid that Guo Guo-hye would have a seizure.

He didn’t know what the source of his fear was, but it was a golden opportunity for Pyowol.


The Sasa River split the darkness.

The sasa river, which is so fine that it cannot be distinguished with the n.a.k.e.d eye, was aiming for the breath of the hometown like a poisonous snake.


However, the name of the failure was never a soldier to be hit to this extent.

Spreading the island of Shipbodan, he escaped the attack of the moon.

The place where he appeared was about ten steps away from where he was.

The sense of the moon sensed the sign of a malfunction.

The Sasa River changed its trajectory in the middle and flew to the new place where the fault name appeared.


His eyes widened slightly as if he was surprised. But even that was for a moment, he soon concentrated a lot of air power in his fist and hit the Sasa River.


With the sound of metal, the Sasa River flew far away.

Goh Jang-myeong did not miss the gap and spread Sibbodanseom and appeared close to Pyowol.

Again, the Buwolgak fell on Pyowol’s head. However, Pyo-wol sensed his movements with his superhuman senses and opened the door.


Heels and fists collided.

Goh Myung-myeong bounced off the Buwolgak, and Pyo-wol bent one knee.

Both suffered significant damage. However, both of them rushed at each other regardless of their injuries.

bang! Kwakwang!

Explosive noises erupted over and over again.

Koh Jang-myung spread his Sipbodan island and attacked Pyo-wol, and Pyo-wol maximized his senses to sense his movements and counterattack.

“assassin! It’s quite good.”

The fault name was quite admirable.

It was because Pyowol’s movement was so great that it threatened him.

The strength condensed into thread form was excellent, and the snake-like movement was even more impressive.

No matter how much power is doubled in the dark, it is an assassin, but the innocence of the moon was far beyond common sense.

I could understand why so many masters in Gangho were beaten by Pyowol.

“But that’s where your rampage ends.”

It’s an opponent that can’t be conquered anyway.

Leaving Pyo-wol alive would greatly hinder Guryongsalmak’s progress.

Even if it was a little overbearing, it would be good for Guryong to end Pyowol’s life here today.

Koo Myung-myeong looked at Guo Guo-hye for a moment.

Even with this much commotion, she did not wake up. He seemed to be sleeping much deeper than usual. If so, I thought I could use a little more force.

He raised the Myeongokgi.

It was a Jeolhak with its origins in the Demonic Cult that shook the world a long time ago.

The destructive power of this martial art completed by Koo Guo-hye through many people was so powerful that it was ranked among the five fingers in the world.

Gongjangmyeong swung his fist at Pyowol.

The young crystal jade in his fist extended out like a whip.

Pyo-wol swung at Sasa-gang.

In an instant, something unbelievable happened.


The Sasa River is broken.

It was proof that the destructive power of Myeongokgi far surpassed that of Sasa River.


An embarrassed moan escaped from Pyowol’s mouth for the first time.

Gongjangmyeong rushed at such a Pyowol at a terrifying speed.


Myung-okgi, stretched like a whip, struck at Pyowol with terrifying momentum. It is to attack in the same way that Pyowol attacked others.

What Pyo-wol took out was the Black Thunder Sasa River.

It put brain power into the Sasa River.

Pyo-wol swung the Black Thunder Sagang furiously and blocked Myeong-ok-gi.

Titi tititing!

A small metallic sound erupted from the air.

It was the sound of the Black Thunder Sasa Gang and the Myeongokgi colliding.

The fire was very weak, but the ferocity was beyond imagination.

Even the slightest swipe of it cuts through muscle and bone.

A bloody battle continued that did not tolerate even the slightest carelessness.

As Shipbodanseom and Meandering Bo were harmonized, the two suddenly appeared all over the underground space.

They competed for over a hundred seconds in an instant.

It was a leap to be pushed.

Pyowol’s martial arts also denied common sense, but Koh Goh’s martial arts was truly unconventional, destroying common sense.


A painful moan escaped from Pyowol’s mouth.

There was blood dripping from his mouth. He suffered deep internal injuries in the clash with the local name.

The failure name did not miss the slight slowdown in Pyowol’s movement.

He dug into Pyowol’s chest and fired a blow.


With an explosion, the pyowol bounced off.

At least it concentrated air power on the chest to minimize the impact, but it could not prevent the internal organs from being shaken.

Kwa Dang Tang!

Pyowol rolled across the floor, and his body was slammed into the bookshelves.

“It is over.”

Gong Myung-myeong spread Sipbodanseom to completely cut off Pyo-wol’s breath.

In an instant, he broke through the space in front of the moon and appeared.

Pyowol looked up and saw the name of the breakdown.

In an instant, Goh Myung-myeong felt an eerie feeling.

It was because Pyowol’s eyes looking up at him were so cold that it was impossible to see them as those of a person about to die.


An intense sense of crisis overwhelms the whole body.

Instead of attacking Pyowol, Go Myung-myeong hurriedly tried to pull her body back. But at that moment, something tiny caught his body.

Only then did Ko Sang-myeong realize that there was a gift made of flags spread like a net around the bookshelf.

It was a silver net that Pyowol had spread out.

When I first entered the underground space and naturally walked to the bookshelf, Pyo-wol secretly spread out the holding silver net.

The process was so natural that I didn’t even notice the name of the fault.

Koo Myung-myeong was extremely careful not to wake Guo-hye. Because of this, half of the nerves were diverted to Guo Guo-hye.

Because of that, I couldn’t do my best. That was the weakness of the fault name that Pyo-wol had figured out.

Taking advantage of the gap where nerves were dispersed, he spread the silver net. It made a death trap.

What unfolded next was demonic hell.

The devilish season created by Pyowol exposes loopholes bit by bit, making the enemy mistaken that they can win if they get a little closer.

Fault names were no exception.

The only difference is that Pyowol’s life was in real danger this time.

What has been overstepped so far is not calculated, but the ability of the real failure.

For Pyowol, it was a gamble with his life.


At that moment, Pyowol snapped his finger.


In an instant, the landlord’s silver net tightened the fault name at a terrifying speed.

Gong Myung-myeong hurriedly raised the self-defense flag and tried to counter it. However, the speed at which Jiju’s silver net tightened was many times faster than the speed at which he activated his self-defense technique.


An eerie cutting sound echoed through the underground space.

The movement of the breakdown name just stopped.

He muttered as he looked at the moon.

“Is it… a trap of a death god…? You guys are…”


At that moment, Koh Myung-myung’s body was broken into pieces.


Pyowol finally let out the breath he had been holding back.

It was truly a gamble.

If the landlord’s favor hadn’t worked, it would have been Pyowol instead of a troubled name.

My whole body hurt as if I had been beaten with a sledgehammer.

It was time for the moon to rise up enduring the pain.


Guo Guo-hye, who had been sleeping inside the iron bars, opened her eyes and called the name of the troublemaker.

Guo Guo-hye’s eyes were bloody.


Koo Mun-hye hit the iron grate with both hands. However, the iron bars made of steel for one thousand years did not budge.

“Jang Myung!”


Guo Guo-hye knocked on the iron grate once more.


The vibrations that started from the iron bars spread throughout the temple.

The temple shook as if it would collapse at any moment.

When the situation came to this, the white-clad ghosts outside also noticed that a change had taken place inside the Buddhist temple.


The door leading to the ground opened and the white-clad tattoos poured in.

“Major Lord?”

“How did this happen?”

I was astonished to see the body of Koh Go-myeong, who had been mercilessly cut off by the white-clad ghost squad.

The fact that they didn’t even notice until the name of the fault was this made them even more angry.


“You dare to kill the lord?”

The white-clad ghosts all took out their weapons and glared at Pyowol.

The terrifying life radiating from their bodies put pressure on Pyowol.

The white-clad tattoos poured in through the cramped entrance.

Since the entrance was blocked by the white robe, Pyowol was completely isolated.

The white-clad ghost Daeju approached Pyowol.

“Who are you? Did you dare to think that you would be safe even if you killed the lord?”

A naturalization bloomed in the eyes of the white-clad ghost Daeju.

Keeping the name of the village was the reason he lived. However, due to the Pyowol, he lost the reason to live.

“You’d better not think about dying gracefully. I will chew and eat your last flesh.”

he raised his hand

At that moment, the white-clad ghosts rushed toward Pyowol like mad.

Their anger at the loss of the name of the fault was truly enormous.

Their intent to kill raged like a storm in the subterranean space.



Goo Mun-hye, stimulated by their killing spree, spat out a loud sound and repeatedly struck the iron bars made of iron.

At that time, the wall cracked as if the temple was about to collapse.

“Damn it, Roh Tae-tae…”

Koo Guo-hye’s seizure caused the white-clad ghost Daeju to bite his lip.

In order to calm her down from madness, she built Cheonwonsa Temple, but it is about to explode. But to calm her down, he had to avenge the failure.

“I will go till the end. Kill him!”



At Daeju’s command, the white-clad ghosts attacked Pyowol with even more terrifying momentum.

Kwakwa kwa!

Dozens of sword spirits poured down toward Pyowol all at once.

Pyowol evaded their attack by meandering. However, there was no way to avoid it forever in the underground space that was blocked on all sides.

A consort was released.

He spent most of his gong power dealing with Goh Myung, and there was only one suhonsa that could be pulled out.


At the moment when the suhonsa flashed, the two warriors of the White Robe Ghost Corps, who rushed at the front, collapsed after being pierced with blood.

If he saw his colleague collapse, he would have been intimidated, but the white-clad ghosts rather clung to him more tenaciously.

The anger at the loss of Makju combined with the sadness at the loss of a colleague turned into madness.

They were not afraid of death and rushed at Pyowol.



They disregarded their lives and attacked Pyowol.

Pyowol’s whole body was stained with blood from their demon-like attacks.

No matter how rare Pyowol’s martial arts were, it was impossible to deal with enemies who came out of the water offensive in such an isolated space without damage.

“Huh! Long name!”


In the madness of the white-clad ghost squad, Goo Mun-hye went mad and beat the iron bars.

The iron grate was so bent that it was on the verge of breaking.

Pyo-wol did not miss the sight even while being attacked by the white-robed ghost squad.

Pyo-wol swung the suhonsa.

The white-robed ghost stared at Pyo-wol’s hand and looked in the direction where the suhon-sa was flying. However, the suhonsa flew in the wrong direction contrary to their expectations.

It was the iron bar where Goo Guo-hye was imprisoned.

Seo Geo-eok!

The iron bar, which had been weakened by repeated shocks, was cut too easily by the suhonsa.


Only then did the white-clad ghost Daeju, realizing Pyowol’s intentions, shouted, but it was already too late.


Koo Hye-hye got out of the iron bars and looked at the body of Koo Myung-myeong.

The corpse of Go-Jong-Myeong was truly gruesome.

It was because the white-clad ghosts, who were busy attacking Pyo-wol, trampled on them without even realizing it.

Tears of blood flowed from Koo Mun-hye’s eyes as she looked at the corpse of her child who had been brutally trampled on.



An explosive energy flowed from her body along with a scream.

A formidable wave swept through the white robe tattoos.

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