Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 484

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 484

Episode 484

It wasn’t difficult to find Cheonwonsa in the vast mountains.

The scale of Cheonwonsa Temple was truly enormous as it was built with tremendous support from Shinwoljang. Naturally, there was a wide road leading to Cheonwonsa Temple under the mountain.

If you go up the mountain along a road wide enough for two carriages to run side by side, you will find Cheonwonsa Temple.

As you can see from the picture, the scale of Cheonwonsa Temple was enormous.

It was hidden in the dark, so I couldn’t see the whole thing, but I could tell that it was amazing just by looking at it at first glance.

It was more like a huge fortress than a temple.

Even in the deep night, soldiers stood guard at the main gate of Cheonwonsa Temple.

The warriors’ prayers were indeed unusual.

His eyes were so sharp that he could be felt even from a distance, and he had an intense prayer.

As if the news of Pyo-wol’s overturning of the Shin-wol-jang hadn’t been delivered yet, Cheonwon-sa Temple was generally quiet.

Pyowol moved immediately.

If you take your time to be careful, and the news reaches Cheonwonsa, your vigilance will be strengthened many times over.

Time was not on the side of the moon.

The goal had to be achieved in the shortest possible time.

Pyowol approached Cheonwonsa Temple while practicing stealth.

There were warriors standing guard everywhere, but they were not as strict as Shinwoljang.

Thanks to this, Pyowol was able to easily infiltrate Cheonwonsa Temple.

The inside of Cheonwonsa Temple was as complicated as a maze.

Like Shinwoljang, each area was separated by a high wall. The path between the fence and the fence was so complicated that first-timers had no choice but to lose their sense of direction and wander. However, the maze was barely enough to stop the leaping.

The senses of the moon, which had been honed deep underground, were very sensitive, and it was able to accurately navigate even in such darkness.

Pyowol ran through the grounds of Cheonwonsa Temple as if he were uninhabited.

The monks at Cheonwonsa were in a deep sleep, completely unaware that Pyowol had infiltrated.

I could tell what condition they were in just by listening to their breathing.

Pyowol passed all the halls where the monks were sleeping.

After going for a while, a completely different space appeared.

Being surrounded by a high wall is the same as other palaces, but the air and atmosphere felt were different.

Pyowol hid in the shadows and looked ahead.

I could see soldiers wearing white clothes and covering their faces with white cloth.

All of them radiate unusual momentum.

It was late, but their eyes were wide open without a hint of drowsiness.

It was a white-robed ghost guard who guarded Koh Go-myeong, the lord of Shinwoljang and the last owner of Guryongsalmak.

Their momentum was fiercer and sharper than any unmanned group Pyowol had ever seen.

It was as if the white leopards were crouching on edge.

First of all, there were more than a dozen people around Woldongmun.

It was unknown at this time how many more people were in the secret space inside Woldongmun. But one thing was certain.

There was a high probability that the target of the leap would be where they were guarding.


Pyowol took a deep breath for a moment.

Now was the time for an adventure.

Pyo-wol secretly approached the place guarded by the white-clad ghosts, completely killing his presence.

He held his breath, let go of his presence, and even dropped his body temperature and heart rate.

The senses of the white robe stood up as sharp as a blade, but it did not detect the leap at all.

It was truly a different level of stealth.

Pyo-wol, who had come close, calmly aimed at the opportunity.

No matter how sharp my nerves were, I couldn’t keep my tension indefinitely. The moment to be careless is bound to come.

That moment came quickly.

The warrior, who was looking in the direction of the moon, hurriedly closed his eyes to see if something had gotten into his eyes. Seeing him rubbing his eyes with his head lowered, Pyowol climbed over the fence without a sound.

It was after the Pyowol had disappeared when Mu-in removed the foreign object from his eye and looked up.

As if something was strange, the warrior frowned for a moment, but I never dreamed that an outsider would have crossed the fence.

Pyowol landed on the floor without making a sound like a cat.

There were also white-clad tattoos guarding the inside of the fence. However, their vigilance was loose, perhaps because they trusted those who were wary of the outside world.

It was a golden opportunity for Pyowol.

Pyowol hid inside the building, avoiding their eyes.

A huge statue of Buddha was sitting inside the building.

It was an ordinary view, no different from any ordinary Buddhist temple.

However, Pyowol did not believe the appearance on the outside.

Pyowol put her palms on the floor and closed her eyes.


I felt a slight vibration in my palm.

‘There’s a place where Gongga goes through.’

Pyowol leaned over and looked at the floor.

He was soon able to find a secret space in front of the Buddha statue.

When the floor was lifted, a secret space leading to the basement appeared.

Air was blowing in here.

Pyowol carefully entered the underground space and returned the floor to its original state.

Looking at the inside of the temple, I couldn’t even imagine that someone had broken in.

Like that, Pyowol infiltrated into the basement of the Buddhist temple.

After walking down the stairs for a while, a huge underground space appeared.

A man sat in the center of a large underground space with only two hanging torches.

His size was very small. However, it was radiating an unbelievably huge presence. It was to the extent that he was even mistaken for his size.

He was Koh Go-myeong, the ruler of Shinwoljang and Guryongsalmak.

Koo Myung-myeong had fallen asleep with the cross-legged position, and was not even moving.

Pyo-wol’s gaze went beyond the fault name to the space with the iron bars.

There were iron bars as thick as a child’s forearm, and an old woman was trapped inside.

Even though the old woman was asleep, she was constantly muttering something. The otherwise shady atmosphere was multiplied by the old woman’s actions.

It was then.

“The White-Clothed Ghost Corps is not doing its job properly. You let in a rat.”

Suddenly, the troublemaker opened his mouth.

He got up from his seat and looked back.

His gaze was directed exactly where the pyowol was.

It was funny to keep hiding even though the opponent was clearly aware of him.

Pyowol walked out of the darkness.

Lee Chae was young in the eyes of Koh Gong-myeong.

It was because of Pyowol’s pure white face that stands out even in the dark. The moment I saw Pyo-wol’s face, which was even magical, I immediately recognized his identity.

“You are a Pyowol.”

“Are you the name of the fault?”

“How did you find out about this place? Few people know that I am staying here.”

Instead of answering, Pyowol looked at the Buddhist scriptures stored in the closet in the underground space.

They were things that had been stolen from Yugicheon in Seolunjangju.

The troublemaker muttered.

“Have you been chasing that Buddhist scripture? What a great guy.”

The Buddhist scriptures, which he had difficulty obtaining to cure his mother’s madness, brought about a catastrophe called Pyowol.

Goh Sang-myeong thought that the logic of the world was really profound.

Nothing is given for free and must be paid for.

It’s about asking for a balance somehow.

Pyowol walked to the bookshelf where the Buddhist scriptures were placed.

Cheer up!

I took out one of the Buddhist scriptures from the bookshelf and opened it.

It was full of words of unknown meaning.

Pyo-wol asked the name of the place while holding a Buddhist sutra.

“Has disrespect been effective in quelling madness?”

“It wasn’t as expected.”

Gongjangmyeong read Buddhist scriptures for his mother every day. However, it only worked when chanting sutras. When the sutra chanting was over, he had another seizure as if it had never happened before.

“It must have been a pity.”

“It was unfortunate. I didn’t despair though. There must be a way to control Mother’s madness.”



Pyowol put the Buddhist scriptures back on the bookshelf and moved on.

It was in the direction of the iron bars where the old woman was imprisoned.

The old woman was still muttering something, not coming to her senses.

Most of it made no sense, but a few words caught my ear.

They were words such as sorry, regret, and miss you.

As Pyowol tried to get closer, the name of the fault warned.

“That’s it. Don’t approach your mother any more.”

“Did you build this huge temple for her? He is a great filial son.”

“There is no reason to listen to sarcasm from an assassin like you.”

A sticky flesh flowed from the whole body of Go Myung-myeong. However, Pyowol didn’t care and approached the iron bars and looked at the old woman trapped inside.

The old woman’s name is Gu Guo-hye.

At one time, she was a woman who was called a saint in the divine preparation.

A woman of misfortune who was exiled here due to a momentary mistake in judgment and had to hear rumors about the death of her loved one.

He couldn’t overcome his guilt and was eroded by madness and became this figure, but he raised a small manor named Shinwoljang as the ruler behind the scenes called Guryongsalmak.

She was truly a great woman.

It was to the extent that the flow of the river was reversed because of her.

The old woman hadn’t noticed the appearance of the moon yet.

Her wrinkled face seemed to be filled with remorse for some reason. But Pyowol did not sympathize with her.

It is because she knows the harm that the Guryongsalmak she raised has done to the world.

In a way, Guryongsalmak was a greater evil than Cheonmujang. At least, the existence of Cheonmujang was revealed, but few people even knew about the existence of Guryongsalmak.

If it weren’t for the leap moon, he would still be doing all sorts of bad things under the surface.

Pyowol murmured.

“What’s the point of living like this?”

“The meaning of life is not for you to decide. assassin!”

“Can being crazy and not being able to recognize oneself really be called life as a human being? Killing her would be better for her.”


In an instant, a formidable life force radiated from the body of Koh Myung-myeong.


Then an explosion broke out.

Before I knew it, the faulty name appeared in front of Pyowol and attacked.

It was a movement that defied common sense.

Pyowol ricocheted away, covering his face with his palms. Instinctively, I raised my hand to block the attack, but the impact seemed to break my palm.

The movement of Go Myung-myeong resembled the legendary divine law of Buddhist texts, the Budong-myeongwangsinbeop.

A divine law resembling Myungwang who does not move but exists everywhere.

The new law of the name of the village was the same.

It was close to impossible for a human eye to catch up with his new method of moving by shortening space and space.

Even with Pyowol’s eyesight, he could only see a blurry figure, but couldn’t recognize any clear movement.

Sipbodanseom (十步斷閃).

It was named because it moves as fast as a flash war within ten steps.


Once again there was an explosion and the moon bounced back.

It was the Buwolgak (斧鉞脚), a leg technique in which the legs were thrust into the air like an axe.

Goh Myung-myeong possessed terrifying martial arts that did not go well with his petite physique.

Among the martial arts he is currently performing, there is nothing that can be called a season. Even so, the power was unbelievably frightening.

When martial arts reach their peak, even ordinary techniques turn into jeolhak.

The fault name had reached such a level.

bang! Quaang!

A series of explosions erupted.

Every time Pyowol’s body bounced off.

Pyowol’s face quickly turned bloody.

It was because the attack was barely blocked, but the shock was not completely relieved.

That’s why the number of days of failure was powerful.

Pyowol spread out his meandering steps and stepped back. But the trouble name suddenly appeared behind him.

Appearing from the darkness, he plunged his hand straight into the top of Pyowol’s head.


Pyowol moved his head with a narrow gap to avoid his attack. However, he could not completely avoid it and suffered a long stab wound to his shoulder.

Blood splattered everywhere.

A tremendous pain overtook the pyowol.

It was different from a simple wound.

A foreign energy penetrated through the wound inflicted by Ko Myung.

It was an energy called bright jade spirit.

Myeongokgi, the core of gojangmyeong’s martial art, penetrates the body, shredding the heart vein and destroying the heart.

Because of this, those who have been invaded by the Myeongokgi can never survive.

As evidence of that, Pyowol was staggering.

Looking at him shaking as if he was drunk, he said the name of the troublemaker in a low voice.

“Quietly die. Do not disturb my mother’s rest.”

“That must have been your weakness.”


At Pyo-wol’s unexpected answer, Go-jang-myeong frowned.

At that moment, the shaking of the moon stopped.

He raised his head and looked at the name of the breakdown.

His red-tinted eyes stared squarely at the pitch-black pupils of the hometown.

There was no trace of a ruptured heart vein or a broken heart anywhere on Pyo-wol’s face.

It was clear that Myeongokgi was a terrifying energy. However, Pyowol had the energy accumulated through Anglerfish Island and the Bunroesa Spiritual Method.

The energy resembling a snake ate the clear jade ki that had penetrated Pyowol’s body.


“You are extremely afraid of waking your mother.”

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