Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 483

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 483

Episode 483

Fire soared all over the new moon market.

A large brazier was lit and the soldiers held up torches.

“It’s an intruder.”

“Come on, move.”

The soldiers inside the new moon field moved in perfect order.

They ran towards the commotion.

“He went to Honcheonjeon. We have to stop it.”

“Pull out the barriers.”

The warriors rushed towards Honcheonjeon with all their might, but poured out countermeasures.

Seeing the tumult in the night, Soyeowol murmured.

“The moon has come.”

“You are bold. How dare you reveal your body like this.”

Song Chun-wu frowned.

The movement of the moon was much faster than they expected.

I thought it would take a considerable amount of time to infiltrate the new moon field and carry out the assassination, no matter how much Pyowol.

“Even if I secretly infiltrated Shinwoljang for one day, I expected another day to move to Honcheonjeon…” This

was the conclusion that was drawn by integrating Pyowol’s abilities and tendencies known to Gangho so far. However, Pyowol showed a move that far exceeded their expectations, as if making fun of them.

Sawyerwol muttered.

“To be able to break our expectations again.”

As if she was wearing a mask, her expression always remained unchanged, but she couldn’t do that this time either.

It was because Pyowol’s movement caught her off guard.

Chunwoo Song said.

“He was in too much of a hurry. If he gets caught like this, all of our plans will go awry. Shouldn’t we be helping him secretly now?”

“no! Just stand by.”


“The more Pyowol gets mad, the more opportunities will open up for us.”

“But what if he gets caught?”

“Don’t you know that you’ve been through that? The reason Pyowol showed up like this is because he has that much confidence. He will never give up or be fooled until he achieves his goal.”


“There is only one thing we have to do now. Taking advantage of the moment when everyone’s gaze is possessed by Pyowol to take control of Guryongsalmak.”

Sawyerwol’s eyes were colder than ever.

It was such a rational story.

Even now, countless plans were forming in her head on how to make the most of the existence of the moon and get the benefit.

“Move as planned! You must never miss this opportunity.”

“I get it.”

Song Chun-wu nodded and went out.

The huge gymnasium outside the residence was filled with warriors in red uniforms.

It was an army of blood demons.

Assassins raised by So Yeo-wol and Song Chun-wu in the same way as they did.

One difference is that there is a compulsory mental restraint and absolute obedience.

Monsters more cruel than themselves and fearless.

That was the Bloodghost Corps right in front of them.

“It begins.”

As soon as Song Chun-wu’s order was given, the Blood Demon Corps began to move.


Honcheonjeon was usually used as a residence for local residents. However, the person in Honcheonjeon was Udam, the hostess of Sinwoljang, not the local name.

She asked the subordinate with a bewildered expression.

“What did you just say?”

“They say there is an intruder.”

“You mean this commotion with just one intruder?”

“That said, the intruder is incredibly strong.”

“Is that why the new moon market is so upside down?”

The corners of Udamha’s eyes went up terribly.

to be genuinely angry.

The power of the new moon that the world knew was just the tip of the iceberg.

The power hidden under the name Guryongsalmak was proud that it was not inferior to Cheonmujang or Gwangmumun.

Although most of the power is dispersed, it is not possible to exert a cohesive force like the two factions.

Udamha was the hostess of such a huge force.

He knew the potential of Guryongsalmak better than anyone else.

Although the power of the placenta was said to have been lost to Soyang, the power still remaining inside was no less than that of the moderate munpa. However, it is shocking to hear that such an uproar is happening because of one person.

“What about Bubuklihuang? what is he doing now?”

“It is said that he just died at the hands of a beast.”


Udamha was shocked.

Sleeping god Northern Lihuang was the strongest hand she could wield.

In terms of force alone, her son and the leader of the ghost fleet, Go Il-won, was the strongest, but he was not here now.

He preferred being in the vast sea rather than the stuffy New Moon Field.

Occasionally, even if they came to Shinwoljang, they could not stay for a few days and then left for the sea again. Because of that, I couldn’t call him when I really needed it. So instead, he called the Jamyeonsinma Bukrihwang.

Hearing that even Northern Lihuang had fallen, he had no choice but to be afraid.

Udamha screamed out loud.

“Call her.”


“Call me Soyeowol. Still, her strength is quite usable.”

He hated Sawyeowol more than bugs, but he still acknowledged her abilities. In particular, she acknowledged the power of the Bloodgwi Corps, which So Yeo-wol had trained using her experience.

If you spread the surroundings with the Bloodghost Army, even the most formidable opponents will never be able to penetrate it.

Subha hesitated for a moment.

“But that’s…”

He hesitates because he knows how deep the silver circle between So Yeo-wol and U Dam-ha is.

It was embarrassing to sell Soyeowol to a slave trader. Because of that, he was sold to the bloodyingdan and raised as an assassin through all sorts of hardships. So Yeo-wol, who had such a grudge, couldn’t move to protect U Dam-ha.

Woodamha knew that fact. But now was not the time to cover things up.

Udamha wrote evil.

“Come on, move!”


He had no choice but to answer and move.

He opened the door to carry out Udamha’s order.


At that moment, a slight firing erupted, and a small hole pierced his forehead.


Suha collapsed with a shriek.


Udamha was shocked and shouted.

At that moment, the Pyowol appeared beyond the collapsed Suha.

Pyo-wol entered the room with a wedding ceremony.

His whole body was drenched in blood.

It was a trace of breaking through numerous human tents and traps spread out in Honcheonjeon.

Udamha raised her voice.

“Who are you?”

“Where is the makju?”

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

“The last lord of Guryongsalmak.”


Instead of a vague answer, he pressed the handle of the chair.

Puppy pew!

In an instant, the organs prepared in Zhang Zhu’s residence were activated.

A lot of memorized words poured into Pyowol.


Woo Dam-ha glared at Pyo-wol with won-dog eyes.

In her eyes, it was as if she could see Pyowol falling down as a hedgehog. But what she wanted didn’t happen.

As soon as Woo Dam-ha activated the engine, Pyo-wol swung the suhonsa and wrapped it around her body. And he dragged it in front of him.

“Oh, no!”

Only then did Woo Dam-ha, realizing Pyo-wol’s intentions, screamed. But Pyowol did not stop his actions.

Pyowol blocked all memorization using Udamha as a shield.


Uncountable memorizations were tightly packed into Woo Dam-ha’s body.

“Turn it off!”

A bizarre moan escaped from Woo Dam-ha’s mouth.

Every piece of memorization stuck in her body was poisonous.

The poison paralyzed her body and gave her hellish pain.

The muscles of her whole body twisted and the poison that ran through her blood attacked her nerves.

There were no screams anymore.

With her eyes, she begged Pyowol to save her life. But Pyowol didn’t even pay attention to her pleas.

I already figured out that Woo Dam-ha is not the last owner of Guryongsalmak.

If it was really Guryongsalmakju, he wouldn’t have shown such an unsightly appearance.

Wu Dam-ha was nothing more than an old fox who occupied the empty residence of Zhuang Zhu.

There was no time to pay attention to the old fox.

Pyowol scanned the inside of the residence at high speed.

Then he saw a picture hanging on the wall.

Some temple was in the picture, and the name Cheonwonsa was written at the bottom.

‘I’m sure you said that you need Buddhist scriptures to donate by building a temple in Shinwoljang, right?’

It is disrespect that he saved even while doing a bunch of things.

There was a high probability that a person suffering from madness and a magistrate of Guryongsalmak were in a temple with Buddhist scriptures.

The problem was the location of Cheonwonsa Temple. But Pyowol didn’t worry too much.

It was because I did not think that the temple built with such a huge amount of money would be far away from Shinwoljang.

People’s psychology is the same, so everything valuable is kept close.

A short distance behind Shinwoljang, there was a mountain as large as a folding screen.

Pyowol thought there was a high probability that Cheonwonsa was there.

‘I’m going to Cheonwonsa Temple.’

Thoughts were short, actions were quick.


Pyowol pierced the roof of Honcheonjeon Hall and soared into the air.

There was a panoramic view of the interior of the New Moonjang at my feet.

However, the view was strange.

There were a lot of warriors in red clothes.

Pyo-wol recognized their identities at a glance.

‘A blood demon?’

Pyowol had already faced him once.

They were monsters raised by So Yeo-wol and Song Chun-wu in the same way as they were.

‘Did he grow up that much?’

So Yeo-wol’s meticulous preparations made me goosebumps.

I don’t know what method they used to train so many blood demons, but with that number, it was worth aiming for supremacy in the new moon market. That would be the bar Sawyeowol is aiming for.

Due to the sudden movement of the blood demons, the inside of the new moon hall was in extreme confusion.

‘As expected, it was a car killing system.’

So Yeo-wol and Song Chun-wu were moving to achieve their goal while Pyo-wol threw Guryongsalmak into confusion.

At that time, Pyo-wol’s eyes saw So-yeo-wol, who was looking at him.

The eyes of the two met in midair.

Their eyes looking at each other were cold.

The moment their eyes met was only a moment.

Pyowol landed on the roof of Honcheonjeon Hall, and Soyeowol disappeared before he knew it. However, they clearly confirmed each other’s intentions.

Pyo-wol ran to the big mountain behind the new moon field.

There were no pursuers.

It is because Shinwoljang is in great confusion by the blood demons led by So Yeo-wol and Song Chun-wu.

“Why are blood demons attacking us?”

“Shit! did you betray Sawyeo month!”

The perplexed voices of the leaders of Shinwoljang erupted from everywhere.

“Come on, tell the lord.”

“Where is Jeonseo-gu?”

Shin Yuejang was in extreme confusion, and no one dared to pursue Pyoyue.

In the meantime, Pyowol disappeared into the darkness.

The blood demons took control of the new moon field in an unstoppable fashion.

Song Cheon-woo was at the forefront.


He cut down the unmanned man standing in his way.

He was a warrior who usually ignored Song Cheon-woo and So Yeo-wol as they were from assassins.

“You b*stard…”

Mu-in looked at Song Cheon-wu with an expression of disbelief and then collapsed.

Song Chun-wu was unstoppable.

He moved forward, slashing through the unstoppable warriors who stood in his way.

It was then.

“What is this?”

Suddenly, the lion’s roar burst out.

When Song Chun-wu looked up, a fierce warrior appeared.

The warrior was the enemy king.

The Red King was stunned at the horrors unfolding in the New Moon Field.

“You b*stard! What is this? Could it be that you betrayed Guryongsalmak?”

“We are looking for traitors.”

The answer came from So Yeo-wol’s mouth, not Song Chun-woo’s.

The enemy king glared at Soyeowol.

“What nonsense? Are you looking for a traitor?”

“There were people who sympathized with Pyowol.”


“Otherwise, how would Pyowol know and lure the Red King to come? It was possible because they agreed and informed Pyowol in advance.”

“no way?”

The enemy king looked at So Yeo-wol with an expression of disbelief.

“I’m not dealing with betrayal, I’m dealing with the traitors on the inside.”

Sawyerwol calmly lied.

It was because he knew that it would be impossible for the enemy king to figure out his lies anyway.

she continued.

“Because of these people, the Lord is in danger. We have to clean up the inside and go to Cheonwonsa Temple.”

“You mean Pyowol went there?”

“yes! We’ll follow after cleaning up this place, so the enemy king should track down the moon first. We must stop the Pyolwol from hurting Makju.”

“Shit! Everyone follow me.”

The king of the enemy, without any hesitation, led the people of Surana and ran towards the direction of Cheonwonsa Temple.

So Yeo-wol looked at the Red King and Suranangin indifferently as they disappeared into the darkness.

“Can a hunter really catch a hound?”

The Red King was obviously a very good hunter. However, the hunting dog Pyowol’s teeth were too sharp.

It didn’t matter what the outcome was between the two.

In the end, it was you who would benefit from it.

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