Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 482

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 482

Episode 482:

Reverse bone balls aren’t perfect.

You can forcibly move your muscles and make someone else’s face for a while, but those with good eyesight could find it awkward.

It was the same with Pyowol’s reverse bone ball. However, because the level of the moon was so high, and the thick darkness covered it, even the slight awkwardness was hidden.


The warrior who stood guard opened the door and spoke to Pyowol.

“Are you going to Changhyeonjeon? It’s been a lot of trouble.”

“What is it?”

Pyowol replied calmly and moved on.

His behavior was so natural that the soldiers guarding the door did not even suspect it.

Pyowol passed through the first door that easily.

The new area had a different atmosphere.

Instead of a well-maintained flower garden, there was a gymnasium covered with bluestone.

There were dents all over the floor of the gymnasium.

It was a sign that appeared mainly when stepping on Jin-gak.

Traces of that were all over the floor.

Numerous unmanned people were sleeping in the guesthouses surrounding the gymnasium.

If Pyo-wol’s true identity is discovered, numerous masters will jump out of the inn. It was also the masters who could break the floor that became bluestone.

At times like this, I had to act more calmly.

Fortunately, Pyowol passed through the second barrier with ease.

Suddenly, Pyowol stopped walking.

Because I thought it was strange.

Because it was too easy.

It could have been that they were fooled because their reverse goal was so perfect. However, the inspection was too casual to see that as such. Like someone who is not used to this kind of thing.

I had a feeling that this was a deliberate placement of an unfamiliar person.

Of course, it could have been because a large number of troops escaped at once due to his own lures. However, Pyowol was not naive enough to accept the situation as it was.

“Moon Moon!”

As far as Pyowol knew, the only person in the Shinwoljang who could pull off such a prank was Soyeowol.

Song Cheon-woo would have agreed, but So Yeo-wol was clearly the one who took the lead.

The problem is why Sawyeowol played such a prank.

‘Chado killing system (借刀殺人之計)!’

When they met after a long time, So Yeo-wol said that he was disliked by someone and flowed into the underground cavity.

There was deep resentment in her voice.

The problem is who So Yeo-wol wants to kill with the help of Pyo-wol.

‘You mean it came out like this?’

After the Chado killing system, Tosa Gupaeng is the next step.

As soon as Saw Yeo-wol achieves his goal, he will move his entire army to attack Pyo-wol.

Pyowol pulled his body up into the air.

Pyo-wol, who had risen to the top of the highest pavilion in the vicinity, inspected the inside of Shinwoljang with keen eyes.

A particularly bright hallway came into his field of vision.

There were more than twice the number of troops guarding the size of the other palaces.

Even if he didn’t know it, it was clear that the most important person in the new moon market was there.

‘It’s the mouth of a tiger.’

For a moment, Pyowol measured the distance between where he was standing and the hall.

At first glance, it was a long distance of over a hundred pages.

There must be many elements deployed between them.

Until now, no one doubted, but the closer you get to the hall, the stricter the vigilance will be, and doubters will appear.

I didn’t know how long it would take to get there the same way as before.

‘See the end with a quick decision.’

As of now, it was the only way to outwit Sawyeowol.


Pyowol took a deep breath for a moment and raised his internal strength.


The cumbersome reverse goal ball was completely released.

A white, enchanting face appeared through the darkness.

At that moment, the moon kicked the roof of the hall.


Pyowol sprinted through the wind at a terrifying speed.

I ran through the darkness without a sound or sign.

There were warriors standing guard all over the palace, but they couldn’t even detect the existence of Pyowol.

Pyowol broke through fifty pages in an instant.

It was truly a mess.

But then, in the dark, someone stood up and blocked his way.

He was a military man who was wary of Shinwoljang’s heart.

As a warrior who is wary of the worst, he possessed a sharp sense.



The moment he was about to shout, the suhon pierced his forehead.

The warrior died with his mouth open.

Pyo-wol quietly picked him up as he fell and accelerated again. But before he could even take ten steps, someone else stopped him.

He was one of the elite warriors of Shinwoljang.



But even he couldn’t stop the leap.

It was because the suhonsa penetrated before the end of the speech.

The unmanned man died, but there was another unmanned not far from him.


As soon as he saw the death of his comrade, he blew his whistle.

Pyo-wol blew a suhonsa belatedly and took his life, but it was after the sound of the whistle had already resonated in the new moon hall. But Pyowol was not taken aback.

Because this was expected.

Pyowol flung herself into the air.

The cries of the unmanned were heard from everywhere.

“The enemy.”

“There is an intruder.”

They opened the season to Pyowol.

Suga Gagak!

Pyowol’s body was torn apart by the flying swords and pottery. But the warriors couldn’t cheer.

It is because the figure of the torn moon has disappeared.

“Shit! welcome.”

“It is an illusion. Find the real thing.”

The unmanned people were perplexed and looked around.

At that moment, the moon had already crossed the huge hall.

After unfolding the demon spirit illusion to dazzle the eyes of the enemies, he spread the light air with all his might.


“What kind of guy dares to…”

Beyond the hall, soldiers who heard the whistle were already waiting.

I saw a plaque with three letters clearly written on the back hall they were guarding.

Honcheonjeon (混天殿).

It was the hall where Jangju of Shinwoljang stayed.

Pyowol flew towards Honcheonjeon without the slightest hesitation.


“Damn it!”

Unmanned soldiers blocked the Pyowol.

Shiga go go!

Their attacks rushed towards Pyowol like a storm. However, all of their attacks were blocked by Pyowol’s suhonsa.




Rather, the suhonsa mercilessly penetrated their weapons and bodies.

No one could stop the leap.

Pyo-wol broke through mercilessly.

It was then.

“How dare you, a rat…”

A powerful career flew with the lion’s roar.

A distinct halo of light emitted from the fist.

It was Kwon Kang.

Pyo-wol also did not dare to belittle it, and responded by changing the suhonsa to a sasa-gang.


Kwon Kang and Sasa Gang collided and a powerful shock wave burst out.


“100 million!”

Soldiers caught in the shock wave flew in all directions with blood flowing from their ears.

Pyowol was also unable to advance further due to the powerful shock and shuddered. For the first time, his breakthrough was blocked.

At that moment, a warrior wearing a purple mask appeared in front of the moon.

He was the master who threw Kwon Gang at Pyowol.

Even at a glance, the appearance of Go Soo was full.

It was not possible to know his true identity because he was covered by a purple mask, but he could tell that he was a master who had reached an unusual level just by looking at his unknowingly throwing a kwon-gang.

The master of purple cotton ball radiated a life force and asked.

“What kind of person did you break into here?”


Instead of answering, Pyo-wol threw a Sasa River.

The master of the purple face was very angry and threw Kwon Kang in the face.

“What a trick to this Sleeping God Demon, North Rihwang. Your liver is sticking out of your stomach.”

Jamyeonsinma Bukrihwang was one of the best masters in Guryongsalmak.

He always roamed out like a divine dragon playing on the clouds. I only came to Shinwoljang when there was a request from Guryongsalmak, and I spent the rest of the time freely.

He entered Shinwoljang at the request of the hostess, Udamha.

I was asked to come inside in case something happened.

It was rare for Woo Dam-ha to ask him for a favor like this, so he entered the new moon market without saying anything and waited. Otherwise, there would have been no encounter with Pyowol.


Sasa-gang and Kwon-gang collided, and an explosion erupted.

At the same time, the new models of the two people were excited.


Northern Lihuang stepped back with a frustrated groan.

It’s about stepping back and dispelling the shock.

Although he received the same shock, Pyowol’s reaction was different.

Instead of retreating, Pyo-wol chose to advance.

I just accepted some internal injuries.

It’s enemy here.

The more time passed, the more disadvantageous he was himself.

Even if you take a little loss, you had to see the match in the moment of the moment.

His new model slithered like a snake and in an instant approached Bukriwang.


Northern Rihuang made a bewildered expression and fired a series of punches. However, Pyo-wol squirmed like a snake and evaded all of Kwon-gang.

Pyowol had an innate ability called fine senses.

This ability that bloomed in the underground cavity allows you to understand the thoughts and emotions of the opponent just by looking at the facial expression, eyes, and muscle movements of the face.

I added sympathy to the fine senses.

By matching the breath life response exactly with the target, it makes it possible to read the opponent’s movements one step ahead.

As these two abilities unfolded at once, it was possible to predict the movements of Northern Lihuang one step ahead.


There, he spreads black thunder (黑雷) to raise the body’s reaction to the maximum


It was because the new shape of Pyowol seemed to be broken in an instant. Because it moves so fast, an afterimage remains and it looks that way.



In an instant, a loud noise erupted from his chest.

Pyowol fed Paok.

Northern Rihuang’s new model is pushed back. But he is also an absolute master.

The moment he was hit, he raised his self-defense flag to protect his chest. Of course, that doesn’t mean they weren’t shocked.

My intestines were shaken and congestion ran down my throat.


He forced himself to swallow the fresh blood and endured.

It was because he knew what kind of disaster would happen if he handed Seunggi to Pyowol like this.

“Chaha! Purple thunder triple explosion!”

North Rihuang unfolded the strongest jeolcho.

An intense light burst out like a purple lightning strike.

It was a technique of condensing Kwon Kang three times and bursting it.

Of course, its power was close to that of the emperor.

The problem was the reaction that was transmitted to the person who unfolded it. Because Pyowol was so close, he had to endure the reaction with his whole body in Northern Lihuangdo.


Buk-ri-huang’s body was pushed back by the tremendous recoil.

His chest and face were messed up. His clothes were torn, his muscles ripped and cut open, exposing his white bones.

It was the price to pay for the recoil of the three-spread attack with his own body.

Northern Lihuang’s expression distorted.

It’s not because of the wounds you’ve suffered.

Because no feeling was conveyed in the hand.

It’s hard to believe, but in that brief moment, Pyo-wol escaped from the three-cheap range. The only one wounded by the reaction was Northern Lihuang.

Then I felt an eerie feeling on my neck.



In an instant, Northern Lihuang’s head separated from his neck and flew through the air.

Northern Lihuang thought it strange.

Because the whole world spins round and round.

The sky turned and the earth turned. And I saw a headless body standing there.


In that moment, the world turned black.

That was the end of Northern Lihuang.


Pyo-wol, who had a wedding ceremony, left him behind and sprinted with all his might.

His complexion was not good.

It was because he had an adventure to unfold the demonic illusion against a master like Northern Rihwang. In addition, he suffered a great shock because he could not completely avoid the three-pointed arrows.

If you stop here, there will be no porridge or rice.


He broke the door of the Honcheon Hall and jumped inside.

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