Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 481

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 481

Episode 481:

The New Moon Field was truly gigantic.

At first, it just started as a small manor, but it has been continuously expanded by necessity.

As a result, Shinwoljang has changed to the extent that its initial appearance cannot be recognized. Because of the steady expansion, even the members of Shinwoljang did not fully know the internal structure.

Only a handful of people knew the area they were in charge of, but had a detailed grasp of the overall structure.

Each area of Shinwoljang was thoroughly isolated, and in severe cases, it was impossible to know who was in the next area.

Those inside did not know the entire structure, but people outside could not.

Even for the people living nearby, Shinwoljang was a mysterious place. The only place outsiders could enter was the grand banquet hall adjacent to the main gate, and outsiders were not allowed to enter other spaces.

As such, the boundaries of Shinwoljang were thorough.

At the gates leading to each district, there were always about a dozen troops stationed, and they were thoroughly guarded and protected by numerous engine formations.

It was not known to the world, but Shinwoljang was a true fortress.

Shinwoljang, which usually boasted an impenetrable security net, has been exposed to loopholes.

This is because many troops left at once last night.

Institutions and camps were still in operation, but there were places where people had to stand guard. Due to the absence of manpower, the boundaries of such places have become loose.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that outsiders can invade without permission. Because the unmanned people were still standing guard. But that was only from the point of view of ordinary people.

Song Chun-woo looked at the inside of the Shinwoljang with deeply sunken eyes.

Also, there were loopholes everywhere.

If he was in a position to sneak into the new moon market, he would never miss an opportunity like this.

Song Chun-wu suddenly looked at So Yeo-wol, who was beside him.

Soyeowol kept her mouth shut and moved on.

Just by looking at her appearance, I couldn’t tell what she was thinking. Because she was good at hiding her thoughts and feelings. But that was the story of ordinary people.

Song Cheon-woo was not an ordinary person.

I have been with So Yeo-wol all my life and will continue to walk the same path. That’s why he understood So Yeo-wol’s inner feelings and emotions better than anyone else.

Now, Soyeowol was betting on the game of a lifetime. So I was nervous.

That iron-blooded woman.

Song Chun-woo quietly held So Yeo-wol’s hand. Then So Yeo-wol raised her head and looked at Song Chun-wu.

Song Chun-wu said with a smile.

“It will be fine.”


“It’s just everything…”


Sawyerwol laughed.

Song Chun-wu’s unexpected words made her nervous disappear like a lie.

Song Cheon-woo was always like that.

He didn’t say much, but just being by his side reassured him.

Because he was always with him, he was able to overcome high waves from the time he was raised as an assassin in an underground cavity until now.

Chunwoo Song asked.

“When do you think?”


“So fast?”

“It’s a pyowol. He always moves one step ahead of our expectations.”


Song Chun-wu shook his head.

I hate to admit it, but I had to admit it anyway.

The opponent was Pyowol.

He has done things that everyone thought was impossible.

So Yeo-wol and Song Chun-woo also pride themselves on having reached the highest level as assassins, but they did not have the confidence to face Pyo-wol head-on.

To that extent, Pyowol’s killing method had risen to the point of being inconceivable.

Sawyerwol kicked a stone rolling on the floor with his foot. Small pebbles tumbled and fell into a nearby pond.

Ripples were made on the surface of the pond.

The ripples caused by just a small pebble spread throughout the pond.

“Everything in the world is like this. Little things that no one cares about eventually affect the situation in the world.”

“Is the pebbles the moon?”


“Keep in mind one thing. Pyowol is a double-edged sword. If you’re not careful, you could get hurt on this side.”

“If you can’t take that much risk, you don’t deserve to be the owner of Guryongsalmak.”

Soyeowol revealed her true feelings.

He was sold to a slave trader as a result of Wu Damha’s scheme, and was raised as an assassin, one of the most despised jobs in Jianghu.

After a lot of hard work, he escaped from Sichuan and returned to Shinwoljang.

Her ordeal did not end even after returning to Shinwoljang.

The head of the family, Ko Myung-myeong, was not very happy with her return, and he interfered and slandered her in every way.

I got to where I am today after overcoming all the hardships. Even Go Myung Go, who didn’t welcome her at first, acknowledged her ability, and even Woo Dam Ha couldn’t treat her like a little girl anymore. However, Sawyerwol’s goal was not just this.

“I will definitely become the owner of this place and the ruler behind the river. Will you continue to be with us?”

“Did you tell me? I live only for you From now on, I will live for you.”

At Song Chun-Woo’s answer, So Yeo-Wol smiled slightly.

In a different way from Pyo-wol, Song Chun-wu was always a consistent man.

He was able to come this far because of his strong support. And we will be together forever.

So Yeo-wol held Song Chun-wu’s hand tightly. And I thought.

‘come! transcendence! I’m all set.’


Pyowol was standing on top of a high tree that swayed precariously.

Every time the wind blew, the thin branches bent like they were about to break at any moment. However, Pyo-wol did not change his expression and leaned on the swaying tree branch.

I saw a huge manor in the distance.

It was so far away, and it was surrounded by a high wall reminiscent of a castle wall, so it was not possible to check the inside.

The huge manor reminiscent of Cheolongseong was Sinwoljang.

The headquarters of Guryongsalmak was right in front of them.


Pyo-wol cleared up his rough breathing on top of a tree branch.

Turning the enemy king’s gaze back to Do Yeon-san and Eun-yo, he ran to Giyang with all his might.

It would have been better if he had been on horseback, but it was clear that he would be noticed. So, I spread light air and ran to this place hundreds of li away from Soyang.

No matter how much it was, it was inevitable that I was tired because I had been playing light air all day. Pyo-wol relieved the fatigue accumulated in his body with light clouds on top of the tree.

It was a race against time.

I couldn’t predict how long Doyeonsan would last.

I believe Eun-yo and Nam Shin-woo will wisely get through the crisis together, but I still have to finish the job before they fall into the worst situation.

The problem is that they do not know the information inside the new moon field at all.

No matter how thoroughly he concealed it, even after mobilizing all of Hao Mun’s information network, he could not get inside information.

In the end, I had to judge the situation at the time while bumping into it myself.

A moment’s judgment is what determines life.

I had to raise my senses to the highest level from now on.

Pyowol closed her eyes for a moment and contemplated her body.

Other than a bit of fatigue, it wasn’t bad.

Pyowol threw herself down the tree.

The area around Shinwoljang was an open area where nothing existed except for a few private houses.

If someone approaches without permission, there is no choice but to be caught.

I don’t know if I’ve settled in a place like this on purpose, but it was certain that I was in the best position to keep an eye on the enemy outside.

It was clear that even now, all over the manor, they were strictly wary of the outside world.

The place Pyowol chose was Suro.

A well was not enough to maintain such a large manor. Obviously, drinking water or living water had to be brought in from outside.

It was for this reason that most of the manors were along rivers or streams. In particular, the larger the manor, the more water was needed.

As Pyowol guessed, there was a small stream flowing through the manor.

Pyowol secretly moved along Naecheon.

Pyowol, who had been walking for a while, frowned slightly.

It was because I could feel the popularity from afar.

Shinwoljang placed surveillance personnel in Naecheon.

It was clear that they had prepared in advance for an invasion using Naecheon like the Pyowol. However, Pyo-wol was not taken aback and practiced stealth.

It moved secretly, perfectly assimilating with the surrounding landscape.

After moving a little further, an area where unmanned people were hiding appeared.

I couldn’t see it, but I heard rough breathing.

It is said that they hide their appearance, but their presence was clearly felt in the sense of the moon.

They weren’t professionally trained in stealth like Pyowol.

It was obvious that they were ordinary soldiers who just hid themselves in the bush. It was not even Pyowol’s job to deceive their eyes.

Even though Pyowol was right in front of them, they didn’t notice at all.

They kept their eyes wide open and watched the river. However, there are many blind spots in human vision.

Just because you open your eyes like that doesn’t mean you can see everywhere. Only the focused area is clearly visible, and the rest of the space is only vaguely perceived.

It was the same even if several people looked at the same space.

On the contrary, when there are many people, their vigilance becomes loose because they trust each other. It also creates a blind spot in the field of view.

The moon dug into their square without a sound.

No one noticed even though he was passing right by.

Pyowol left them behind and continued to move along the stream.

Eventually, he was able to arrive safely right in front of the manor.

The river was connected to the inside of the manor. However, the part connected to the manor was tightly blocked by thick iron bars.

Pyowol examined the iron bars closely.

A silver thread was connected to the inside of the iron grate.

If even one was forcibly cut off, Eunsa sent a signal to the inside.

Pyowol did not want to go through the trouble of cutting the iron bars.

Pyowol brought his face to the iron bars.

The gap between the bars was so close that even a child could not enter, but it did not matter to Pyowol.

At first, I put my face through the iron bars.


Like a snake, his face passed through the narrow iron bars.

If only the head passes, the next step is easier than flipping the palm.


With the sound of bones, Pyowol’s shoulders dislocated.

As I exhaled the air I had been holding in my lungs, the circumference of my chest shrunk dramatically.

Pyowol passed through the iron grate in that state.

It was a method only for Pyowol that ordinary people could not dare to follow.


The dislocated shoulder was adjusted to its original shape, and the chest, which had shrunk in an awkward way, regained its original shape.

The silver thread that was precariously connected to the inside of the iron bar was also intact.

Passing through the iron bars did not mean that they had entered the New Moon Field.

An organ was installed inside.

It was a way to be relieved to have passed through the iron grate and step on the floor to trigger the trap.

It was a simple but effective method.

But it didn’t work for Pyowol.

The moon simply jumped over the organ and entered the new moon field.

It was too soon to be relieved that he had safely entered the New Moon Field.

I could feel the presence of people everywhere.

It is said that a large number of people left at once, leaving gaps here and there, but the boundaries inside the new moonjang were quite thorough.

Pyowol hid in a blind spot out of sight and waited for someone to pass by.

As I waited for a while, I saw someone trotting past.

Judging from his shabby attire, it was clear that he was a low-ranking warrior or worker.

Pyo-wol caught him with a water marriage thread.


Suddenly, the noose strangled his neck, and the man, unable to even scream, was carried by Pyo-wol.

Pyo-wol put the dagger to the man’s neck and asked.

“Where is Zhuang Zhu’s residence?”



At that moment, Pyowol lightly stabbed the man in the neck with a dagger.

As blood flowed from the blade of the sword, the man’s eyes shook. He was about to scream a little while ago, but Pyowol recognized it like a ghost and dealt with it.

Only then did I realize

The fact that nonsense doesn’t work for the man in front of you.

Pyowol asked again.

“Where is Zhuang Zhu’s residence?”

“Honcheonjeon, the deepest part of the manor.”

“What is the alert level?”

“The best soldiers are guarding it.”

The man answered meekly.

Pyowol stared into the man’s eyes.

It was painful to look into Pyowol’s eyes, which had little red light.

The man lowered his head involuntarily, avoiding Pyowol’s gaze.

At that moment, the voice of the moon was heard.

“It looks like there is no longevity.”

The man was startled and looked at the moon.

At that moment, the moon cut his throat.

The man couldn’t even scream and stopped breathing.

It is definitely not a normal situation for a warrior who seems to be quite strong to answer me so obediently.

It was only when there was something reassuring or when there was another ulterior motive.

The man’s final reaction convinced me.

The Jangju of Shinwoljang did not exist here.

Pyowol changed into men’s clothes and assumed a man’s face.

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