Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 480

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 480

Episode 480

The Red King frowned and glared at the island where the Ghost Spirit was activated.



Screams of despair were heard over and over again.

The constant screaming was no different from saying that his subordinates who had entered the island were dying.

If Pyo-wol or Eun-yo had died, there would have been no more screams.

“To do such tricks.”

The Red King gritted his teeth.

His subordinates were the elite who survived even in the harsh battlefield.

The fact that such people were losing their lives without being able to use their strength properly because of a mere jinbeop made him angry.

Originally, he intended to watch until the Mansal joined.

It was because the existence of Pyowol was reluctant. But somehow, Mansal had no sign of joining.

Waiting for him to come, all of his subordinates were about to die.

He could no longer watch his subordinates die.


The enemy king drew out his sword and threw himself into the ghosts of all four directions.

Inside the ghost town of the eight directions, everything was white, like a snowy plain in the middle of winter.

If he stayed in such a space for a long time, even the most adept enemy king would go mad.

The curious thing is that you can’t feel the presence of your subordinates once you enter the mist. No matter how miraculously advanced, the size of the island itself could not be expanded.

The fact that he could not feel the presence of his subordinates on a small island of about a dozen rooms was in itself the efficacy of the Eight Directions Baekmu Ghost Jin.

The enemy king closed his eyes and murmured.

“If you don’t get fooled by the truth, stop.”

Humans accept the request for information with their eyes.

It is to go through the process of seeing it first with the eyes and confirming it with the rest of the senses.

So, to deceive people, first dazzle their eyes.

The truth was also the same.

After disturbing the field of view with white mist, various false information is injected. Because of that, the warrior trapped in the ghosts of all directions is unable to make a proper judgment and is seduced by the abnormal phenomena happening in front of his eyes.

That was the situation of the people of Suranang and his subordinates, who had jumped into the ghosts in all directions.

However, the enemy king was a warrior with a different level from them.

Even if it wasn’t for the eyes, I was able to grasp the truthful information with my other senses.

I close my eyes and darkness comes.

But that was only for a moment.

Soon, his senses expanded terribly.

It blocks false information coming into the eyes and judges only with hearing, touch, and six senses. Then, the presence of his subordinates struggling in the trappings of the Palbangbaekmu Ghosts was clearly felt.

He excluded the signs of his subordinates.

It wasn’t difficult because I was used to the atmosphere and feeling I felt from them.

After erasing such a familiar sign, only three remained.

It was a sign of different characters.

They were all moving with their presence as low as possible.

The Red King focused all his senses on one of them.

A human with the most powerful presence.

‘It’s a b*stard.’

The enemy king had an intuition that he was Pyowol.

Otherwise, it would not be possible to express such a powerful presence.


The Red King swung his sword towards the place where he felt the sign of the moon. Then, the red dogang tore through the white clouds and fell heavily on Pyowol.


With an explosion, the white mist lifted in an instant. And the figure of Pyo-wol, who was intense at crossing the river, was revealed.


His left arm, which had blocked the river crossing, was trembling.

It was clear that they had concentrated their energy on their Vambraces before being hit hard by the river crossing. I don’t know what material it was made of, but even though it was heavily damaged during the river crossing, the Vambrace was intact.

Just looking at it, I could tell that it was not an ordinary piece of equipment.

“The moon!”

The Red King shouted loudly and swung his sword at Pyowol.

When dealing with someone like Pyo-wol, it was important to seize the victory first.

The phrase “a player must win” didn’t come out of nowhere.

Because whoever attacks first has the advantage.

There is a saying that it is a latecomer, but it is not very common for masters of the same level.


Tao, a young wading river, raged like a storm.

Pyowol also chose to avoid it rather than bumping into it directly.

He moved recklessly and evaded the enemy king’s attack.


A continuous explosion erupted, and the ground where Pyowol was standing exploded.

The skin of the ground turned over, revealing the black flesh.

It was as powerful as a thunderbolt exploding.

The aftermath of the explosion shook the bloody robe and hat that was wrapped in a blanket.

The enemy king caught up with Pyowol at terrifying speed.

“Show your face. I will cut you.”

He had already heard rumors that Pyowol was handsome.

I wanted to make a scar like that of a manslaughter on that face that was not human.

It seemed like it would make me feel better if I made a checkerboard-like scar.


The enemy king attacked Pyowol with more terrifying momentum.

Pyowol counterattacked as if he could no longer avoid his attack, which had no time to breathe.


With a spirited spirit, he fired a punch toward the river crossing.

A powerful match erupted from his fist and hit the river.



With an explosion, the moon was thrown back.

He could not handle the power of the river crossing with his ordinary career.

The only thing that was still intact was thanks to the armour.

Vambraces offset most of the impact.

But the enemy king’s reaction was strange.

If you confirmed your superiority, you should be happy, but rather, you look at Pyowol with a puzzled expression.

“Who are you?”


Pyowol did not answer, but ran his hand through his head.

The hat, which was worn down deeply, fell back before I knew it, revealing my bare face.

According to rumors, there should have been a face more beautiful than a woman. However, the exposed face was not so fatal.

Atty remains with a slightly handsome face.

Anyone can see that it wasn’t a pyowol.

The enemy king shouted.

“What are you? Who is it that deceives me by masquerading as an epitaph?”

“damn! Caught Whoa!”

The man who straightened his back with a sigh was Do Yeon-san.

Do Yeon-san was camouflaged by wearing Pyo-wol’s blood-pung-ui and vauntlets. Not knowing this fact, the enemy king mobilized all his subordinates to chase after Pyowol.

“Where did the real moon go?”


Doyeonsan shrugged.

The enemy king’s jaw twitched.

In my mind, I wanted to change that cheeky face. However, he managed to suppress his anger and maintain his reason.

‘I set up that kid as a substitute, and where did he disappear to?’

It was even more embarrassing because it was Pyowol, not someone else.

In Guryongsalmak, the analysis of a human named Pyowol has already been completed.

Even his inclinations, martial arts, and related characters.

Pyo-wol, so identified, was never a person who would run away without calculation.

The reason he set up a substitute was because he had a clear goal.

It was clear that he used the party he was moving with as bait to achieve some purpose.

The question was, what was the purpose of transcendence?

‘His essence is an assassin. The essence of an assassin is assassination. assassination?’

The enemy king raised his eyes wide.

It was because he seemed to know the goal of Pyowol.

It was only a few hundred li from Soyang to Giyang, where Shinwoljang was located. If you put your mind to it, you can go there in one day.

So, the Red King and Manin-sal were also able to receive support from elite warriors at the Shinwoljang in one day.

The warriors who moved with the Red King were the elite of Guryongsalmak in Sinwoljang.

Guryongsalmak’s armed force was indeed mighty.

There are more than tens of thousands of unmanned people entangled like a spider’s web. However, they do not always reside in Shinwoljang.

Some are fighting a war outside of the shadows, while others are sailing the distant sea as part of a ghost fleet.

They don’t even know that Guryongsalmak’s base is Shinwoljang.

As a result, there were not many people who resided in Shinwoljang.

About half of them were out of here.

That meant that more than half of the new moon field’s perimeter net had been breached.

‘What he’s aiming for is the New Moon Market.’

With everyone’s attention focused on the knowledge, Pyo-wol sneaked out.

It was clear that his destination was Kiyang’s Shinwoljang.

Goosebumps all over his body at Pyowol’s heart.

By now, it was clear that Pyowol would have almost reached Giyang.

“Shit! Pyowol is aiming for the new moon market. Everyone returns to the New Moon Field.”

The lion’s roar of the Red King echoed across the island.

He pulled himself out and got on the boat.

They were followed by the people of Suranang and the warriors of Sinwoljang.

The boat carrying them left the island in an instant, leaving behind only Doyeonsan Mountain.

Only then did the fog that covered the island lifted.

The situation on the exposed island was truly miserable.

More than dozens of unmanned people were bleeding or dying.

Eun-yo and Nam Shin-woo were sitting in the middle.

Their bodies were drenched in blood and sweat.

If the enemy king’s retreat had been a little longer, their lives would not have been guaranteed.

Do Yeon-san approached the two.

“Is everyone okay?”

“I think he is still alive.”


Do Yeon-san sat down beside them.

I didn’t have the energy to move a single finger.

Do Yeon-san was lying on the floor.

“Is my brother okay? I should have taken a little longer.”

Eun-yo lay down next to him in silence.

The body was very muscular.

It was as if he had been beaten all day with a huge sledgehammer.

In such a short moment, everything was poured into it.

Originally, her goal was to stay here for half a day. He thought that if he captured the enemy king that much, Pyowol would be able to easily achieve his goal. However, the enemy king’s notice was better than she expected, and it was impossible to take more time than this.

Anyway, I did my best.

Eunyo muttered as she recalled Pyowol.

“We have to find a way to get my brother to escape.”


Pyowol raised her head and looked ahead.

Dust was thickly piled on his head and shoulders after running through the night.

If you move on horseback, you could be caught in their surveillance net, so Pyowol chose to move by spreading light air.

I handed over the pipungui and Vambraces I was wearing to Doyeonsan and changed into shabby clothes that are common in the streets.

The enemy’s surveillance nets spread like a net all over Soyang, but no one noticed that Pyowol was leaving Soyang.

It was a race against time.

I wasn’t sure how long Doyeonsan and Eunyo would last.

What is expected is that the two will never be green. Although he is young, he is much smarter and better than his peers.

It was also Eunyo who came up with this plan.

Eun-yo said to Pyo-wol.

“We will kill time, brother, go to the new moon market.”

She added that she would be happy to be the bait.

After thinking about it for a while, Pyowol eventually accepted her opinion.

Pyowol thought it was the best way. So I accepted her opinion.

Originally, I would have rested for a while at this point.

This is because it was a habit to relieve fatigue and move in the best physical condition. But I couldn’t afford that now.

Eunyo and Doyeonsan Nam Shin-woo were excellent, but they fell far short compared to the absolute masters of the strong leagues.

It was clear that they would become more dangerous as the moon passed.


Pyowol took a deep breath for a moment.

Ignoring light fatigue, I moved toward Ki-yang.

The new moon was visible in the distance.

The shape of the huge manor reminded me of a crouching monster.

There were enemies of the moon there.

He seemed to be walking faster and faster, but then he disappeared.

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