Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 48

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 48

Light Novel: Volume 2 Episode 23

Manhwa: Chapter 30

There were men who opened the door of the guest house and entered. They immediately approached the seat where Jang Muryang was sitting.

“Captain! What? Ranju is already here.”

“You bear cub! That’s why I told you to hurry.”


The two of them quarreled and approached Jang Muryang. Both appeared to be in their early to mid thirties. One was overweight and the other had a cold appearance.

Heo Ranju looked at the two and snorted.

“Hong! If captain said to assemble of course I would immediately come.”

“You’re so noisy. It seems that the old fern water has risen more.”

A man with a large body looked at Heo Ranju up and down. Heo Ranju flaunted her chest even more by squeezing it between her arms thus making her breasts stand out.

“Pretty right?”

“Will you give me a shot?”

“Heh! You perverted b*stard. You won’t eat it even if I give it to you.”

Despite Heo Ranju’s insulting remarks the large man didn’t make a single distasteful expression but rather smirked.

“Is that my fault? What should I do if I just don’t feel the desire towards girls?”

“So you’re only coveting guys like you?”

“Heh heh heh!”

Heo Ranju shook her head when the large man gave a sinister laugh.

The name of the man with the large body was Oh Yuk-pyo. Oh Yuk-pyo was a man whose hobby was sodomy. Heo Ranju looked at the man who had come with Oh Yuk-pyo.

The name of the man who was now sitting next to Jang Muryang was Yang Woo-jung. He was in the same position as Heo Ranju.

If Heo Ranju leads the atmosphere of the Black Cloud Corps with her unique charm Yang Woo-jung holds the discipline of the Black Cloud Corps using his sharp reasoning and relentless demeanor.

Jang Muryang opened his mouth.

“You worked hard to come a long way. What about the other guys?”

“They are all dispersed and staying in different guest houses.”

“Good job. Listen to me from now on. This is important for the future.”

Everyone remained silent at Jang Muryang’s words. Usually the Black Cloud Corps had a free atmosphere but when they entered work mode they oasted a discipline stronger than any other group.

“Daoshi Goh.”

“Tell me captain.”

“First gather information in Sichuan. We need to find out which sects belonged to the Emei faction and which sects followed the Qingcheng faction.”


Daoshi Goh nodded.

Jang Muryang’s gaze turned to Yang Woo-jung.

“The head of Yang takes a few children to the Qingcheng sect. Poke to see if there is room for negotiation and negotiate how much you can get.”




“You go to the Emei sect. You know what to know without me saying anything right?”

“Of course.”

“If you can’t understand the atmosphere you can’t even eat porridge or rice.”

“Don’t worry I know it well.”

“Okay. Oh Yuk-pyo!”

“Yes captain.”

“You keep a good eye on Ranju. If anything happens report it immediately.”

“Why do I have to be with this girl…”

“It’s an order.”


Oh Yuk-pyo replied with a look of not being able to do anything. Heo Ranju raised a brow and looked at Jang Muryang.

“Can’t I rather move together with Hyulseung?”

“Hyulseung has to do something else. Don’t complain too much and move with Oh Yuk-pyo.”

“Shit! Okay.”

It was impossible for the members of the Black Cloud Corps to disobey Jang Muryang’s orders.No matter how selfish she was Heo Ranju could not disobey Jang Muryang’s public order.

Jang Muryang who gave each one a task smiled and said

“Nothing happened while you’re on the way here right? Has anyone seen any unusual trends or people who could be a variable?”

“I don’t know about the variables but I’ve seen an unusual guy.”

“Who is that?”

At the words of Daoshi Goh Jang Muryang showed curiosity.

“There was a man named Pyo-wol who looked even prettier than Ranju.”

“Ho! Was there such a person?”

“He’s a guy who didn’t fall for the seduction of Ranju.”

“Hong! What do you mean? I was deliberately being less seductive.”

Heo Ranju intervened in the middle but Daoshi Goh ignored it and continued

“Anyway he had a very striking appearance and his martial arts look pretty strong.”

“Have you ever seen him perform martial arts?”

“Not really but there was no change in his expression when he saw Hyulseung in action. Seeing Hyulseung run wild on a rural place anyone would turn their heads away but he looked at him insensitively as if he was looking at a stone rolling on the floor. If he’s not a martial artist then he’ll never have those kinds of eyes.”

“Hmm! Have you figured out his background?”

“No! Ranju stuck to him like glue and flirted with him but she still couldn’t figure out anything.”

“He seems hard to crack. Ranju’s temperament might be dogshit but with her looks alone anyone can be tempted.”

“Hey! What do you mean by dogshit?”

Heo Ranju protested but Jang Muryang and Daoshi Goh ignored her and continued their conversation.

“Did he also come to Chengdu”

“He will come in today or tomorrow.”

“Okay. I’ll see and judge him for myself later.”


Daoshi Goh laughed.

He completely trusted Jang Muryang’s abilities. It was entirely the work of Jang Muryang that the Black Cloud Corps could grow and maintain their influence this much.

At that time Oh Yuk-pyo opened his mouth.

“Is the boy really pretty?”

His eyes were already red and bloodshot. No one in their group would not know what it meant. Heo Ranju got up from her seat.

“You crazy b*stard! I saw him first!”

“Hehehe! Whoever gets him first.”

“You want to try it?”

“What can’t you do?”

Oh Yuk-pyo also got up from his seat and looked at Heo Ranju. At the untimely confrontation between the two Daoshi Goh and Hyulseung sighed. But they didn’t look too worried.

Jang Muryang asked Daoshi Goh.

“What did you say his name was?”

“I told you it’s Pyo-wol.”

* * *

By the time the sun rose Pyo-wol came down to the first floor of the guest house. The Nine Treasures Escort Corps had already departed so the inside of the guest house was empty.

When Pyo-wol appeared the owner of the guest house was extremely nervous. The uproar last night was because of Pyo-wol.

The head of Nine Treasures Escort Corps who lost his face had a soulless expression.

One of their members became a blind person while the rest of the members were also injured both large and small that left them unable to act out and do missions for some time.

The only reason why he didn’t rush to get his revenge was because he knew how to grasp the overall situation. Even though the strongest members of the Nine Treasures Escort Corps united and rushed they still ended up in that shape.

The fact that he would receive even more damage if he rushed to get revenge made him restrain himself. Furthermore the members of the Nine Treasures Escort Corps were also against the idea. So even if he wanted to he couldn’t do anything.

So he gave up on revenge and left with the rest of the members. Jang Wurak couldn’t do anything about it but it was best to take the rest of the members to the doctor as soon as possible to treat their wounds.

Pyo-wol approached the owner of the guest house.

“I I–!”

The owner of the guest house looked at Pyo-wol with a look of terror. The fear he felt was immense as he had seen firsthand the ruthless nature that lies behind his beautiful appearance.

Pyo-wol asked the owner of the guest house.

“Who here knows knows best about the internal affairs of Sichuan?”

“By internal affairs what exactly do you mean…?”

“The situation among the sects.”

“Ah! In that case you should go visit the Workshop Street.”1

“Workshop Street?”

“After leaving the guest house go straight to the left and you will see the Workshop Street. There is a sign board which says Fire Dragon Room2 at the innermost part of workshop street so go take a look.”

“Fire Dragon Room?”

“It is a sect created through the gathering of Sichuan’s artisans long ago. Since they have been doing business with sect members in Sichuan for a long time no one knows the inner situation better than them. If you buy a weapon from them first they will gladly answer your questions.”

Pyo-wol walked to the Workshop Street as the owner of the guest house had told him.


It was early in the morning but the street was noisy with the sound of hammers coming from the workshops.

It was the first time in his life that he had seen such a sight so Pyo-wol stood in the middle of the street and listened to the sound of hammering.

The sound of hammering coming from some of the workshops were dull while in others the sound was too light. Countless noises were mixed but Pyo-wol’s sensitive hearing was able to discern all the sounds one by one.

Bang! Bang!

Among them there was a place where there was a particularly clear metal sound.

Pyo-wol looked around in search of the source of the sound. It didn’t take long before he was able to find the place where the clear metal sound was flowing.

It was the Fire Dragon Room.

Pyo-wol soon entered the Fire Dragon Room.

As soon as he opened the door and walked in he could feel the heat. The heat emanating from the furnace is filling the inside of the room.

In front of the brazier a young man in his early twenties was pounding a hot iron metal. He was concentrating on hammering unaware that Pyo-wol had arrived. Pyo-wol looked at the man with his arms crossed.

Kang! Kang!

The man’s hammering was heavy. Each time he struck the iron it changed shape.

That was then.

Inside the workshop a man with a goatee opened the door and came out. He saw a young man hammering turned his eyes and rushed in.

“Hey you b*stard! What the hell do you think you are doing?! Who told you to use the hammer as you please?!”

He kicked the young man. The young man fell to the floor without even screaming.

“You b*stard! I told you. Never hold a hammer in the workshop! Just go and do the errands you’ve been assigned.”

He trampled the young man mercilessly. But the young man endured the violence without screaming. The young man’s eyes covering his head with both hands were full of poison.

“Hyuk-huh! You damn b*stard! Still not saying when you’re in the wrong.”

In the end the man with the goatee was the first one to get exhausted. At that moment the young man patted off his clothes and stood up.

“You are banned from entering this place for the time being! Go to the back and do chores until I call you back!”

The young man nodded at the man with the goatee and went inside.

“That burns! What was the branch leader thinking accepting such a b*stard like– Huh?”

The man with the goatee who was cursing the young man noticed that there was another person in the workshop.

“Hehe! I didn’t even know that a customer was here so I showed something unsightly. What have you come to purchase?”

“What did that man do wrong?”

“That man? Oh you’re talking about Sochu.”


“Yeah! His name is Tang Sochu. I heard that he is a descendant of the Tang family but he keeps trying to grab the hammer without permission.”

“Can’t the descendants of the Tang family hold the hammer?”

“You seem to be new to Sichuan?”

“In a way.”

“Then that explains it. Did you know why the Tang family was destroyed? Isn’t it because they were on the side of the demon sect in the old days? Because of that they were forced to close their doors by someone titled ‘The Strongest in History’ and after that the sect rapidly shriveled up and collapsed. In the eyes of the Sichuan’s sects the Tang Family is a traitor who betrayed the Sichuan Jianghu. That’s why no workshop ever passes down their secret techniques to anyone associated with the Tang family. They are afraid that the same history in the past will happen again.”

Even using the surname of the Tang family without any relation to the said sect was penalized. The existence of the Fire Dragon Room itself would be in jeopardy if they teach a person who was rumored to be a descendant of the Tang family.

But it was not known whether Tang Sochu was really the descendant of the Tang family.

This was because it has already been over two hundred years since the Tang family went extinct. There was no guarantee that the bloodline of that time still remained and even if it did there was no way to trace and reveal his personal history.

The goatee man was Buntaju5.

It was only in anger that he trampled on Tang Sochu.

He went to a gambling house last night and lost a lot of money. He released his anger on Tang Sochu. In Sichuan Province there was still a perception that the descendants of the Tang Dynasty could still be alive.

“So the descendants pay for the sins of the ancestors.”

“Who told them to stand on the side of the demon sect? It’s the price that the Tang family chose for themselves. Oh but what have you come to purchase this early in the morning?”

“A flying sword.4“

“Hic! If it’s a flying sword it must be for throwing. Please follow me. All the weapons made in the workshop are on display inside.”

Buntaju was a very talkative person. He spoke non stop as he made his way to the display of weapons.

“Many clans from Sichuan province order weapons from our Fire Dragon Room. Among them my work is famous for its high quality. You probably won’t regret it.”

“Do you have a lot of orders coming in recently?”

“Hehe! The amount of orders has doubled since the Emei sect and Qingcheng sect started fighting in earnest. The atmosphere in Sichuan Province has become chaotic but on the other hand we are enjoying the booming business. Even now all the craftsmen in our workshop have their hands full in making weapons ordered by various sects.”

Buntaju continued to chatter and talked about how great their workshop was.

Pyo-wol listened attentively to his words.

Buntaju was proud of his work and his words contained enough information about the situation of Jianghu in Sichuan.

Which among the sects are associated with the Emei sect and which sects support the Qingcheng sect.

All of this were the information that Pyo-wol wanted.

“All kinds of flying sword are here. Pick one.”

There were different kinds of throwing knives placed on the shelves pointed to by the Buntaju. Pyo-wol looked closely at all the weapons. But there was nothing he really liked.

In fact he didn’t need the weapons. Buying a flying sword was just a ceremonial act to get information from the Fire Dragon Room.

Pyo-wol bought two of the most well-made flying sword and went out.

Perhaps because of the name of the Fire Dragon Room the flying sword was very expensive. However Pyo-wol who did not know the price of weapons paid the amount he wanted.

After Pyo-wol went out Buntaju liked that he caught a pushover.

“But for a pushover he’s really handsome. I want to live with a face like that for just one day.”

Editor’s Notes

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Workshop. Other translation: Gongbang 공방.

Fire Dragon Room. Other translation: Hwaryongbang 화룡방(火龍房)

火 fire flame burn

龍 dragon

房 house building

Tang Sochu. Raws: 당소추라고

Flying Sword. Other translations: Throwing knife Bigum Non-sword 비검(飛剣).

飛 fly go quickly dart

剣 sword dagger saber

Buntaju. Raws: 부분타주는 부분타주가.

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