Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 479

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 479

Episode 479

“Heo Eok! Huh!”

Fengjian breathed heavily.

There were large and small wounds all over his body.

In front of him, there was a man-in-law.

Mansal also suffered as many wounds as Pungjon. But there was a crucial difference between the two.

It was a wound on the side of Poongzon.

It was a trace of the arrow of the Shinsalgung.

The Shinsalgung was different from a normal bow.

When the arrow is fired, it rotates fiercely, so once it hits, it rips off all surrounding flesh and muscles and entangles it. Because of that, the wound had no choice but to get bigger.

Fengjon tried to stop the bleeding by pointing out the blood flow. However, the wound was so large that the blood did not stop.

To properly stop the bleeding, he had to apply gold spear medicine and compress the wound with a cloth. However, Man-in-sal did not let Poong-jon stop the bleeding at leisure.

Poongjon was truly mouth-watering food. No matter how important it is to catch

Pyowol, who has long reigned at the top of Kangho as one of the three

zones, it was an existence that could never be overlooked.

If you kill Pungjon, your status will rise that much.

“Let’s see the end now! Pungjon!”

Man-in-sal had a deep smile on his lips.

He took out his new sword again.

It is about to finish in earnest.

“No way.”

Feng Zun rushed at Manslaughter.

He knew what would happen if he gave distance to the opponent holding the bow, so he moved while enduring the pain.


The Pungyang Sword, the festival of the name, was unfolded.

The blade of the wind, with a lot of condensed energy, flew as if it were going to cut through all the flesh. However, Man-in-sal easily avoided the Poongyang sword by using a foot technique called Lee Rang-bo (理狼步).

At the same time, he fired an arrow with a divine arrow.


It was impossible to dodge because it was fired at such close range.

Feng Zun concentrated energy on his sword and tried to strike the arrow.

However, the arrow passed the sword exquisitely and pierced his palm like tofu.


Feng Zun let out a groan and hurriedly stepped back.

The power of the Shinsalgung was truly beyond imagination.

Puppy pew!

Mansal fired three arrows at the same time.

It was the skill of one shot and three o’clock.

Poongjon lay flat on the floor and rolled over.

It was a technique called Naryeotagon (懶驢打滾), in which a lazy donkey rolls on the floor.

It was a technique that the masters would never use because of their face, but they couldn’t help it because their lives were on the verge.

The arrows grazed Fengjon’s back with the difference of a short shot.

A fiery pain struck, but Poongjon gritted his teeth and unleashed the Poongyang sword.


Giving up just because the victory was passed to the enemy was really the end.

As long as there was a life attached to it, I had to do something.

That was the way Pungjon lived.


A tremendous blizzard struck all the flesh.

“Keugh! Still…”

This attack, even the massacre, could not dare to belittle it.

Man-in-sal hurriedly practiced footwork and escaped from the full power of the sword wind.

At that moment, Feng Zun hit the floor with both hands. The recoil caused his body to rise.

In that state, Fengjon kicked seven times.

It was a gakbeop called Pungnyuhoeseongak.


Stretching air burst out.

The man’s face was distorted by the intense shock.

It was because the shock was transmitted intact even though Poongjon’s feet were blocked with the Shinsalgung.

At least the Shinsalgung was a piece of equipment that prevented Poongjon’s Pungnyu Hoengseongak.

Fengjon raged furiously to prevent Mansal from shooting the new slaughter bow again.

Mansal did not dare to counterattack and prepared for defense.

he knew

Pungjon fights back fiercely, but that is a temporary phenomenon.

As such, the wound suffered by Poongjon was very great.

The bleeding didn’t stop properly and the blood continued to flow. I couldn’t continue such a fierce attack in such a state.


It was as everyone expected.

Fengjon, who had been raging violently, suddenly fell to the ground and vomited blood.

As he performed his feasts with his battered body, the burden was placed on his body.


Only then did Mansal stretch out his crouched body and smile.

Feng Zun, lying face down on the floor, barely raised his head to look at the ten thousand people.

“Only… killing people!”

“I have no personal feelings. It’s just that your prey is so mouth-watering that you’re doing this. So please don’t blame me.”

“Neither do I.”



At that moment, with an explosion, all flesh was thrown back.

Ten thousand flesh flew backwards and rolled on the floor.


Mansal groaned and looked at his hands.

“God… Salgung…”

The last bastion that protected him, the God Salgung, was split in two.

Then Feng Zun stood up.

His whole body was covered in blood, but his eyes were still shining brightly.

The adventure of risking one’s life has succeeded.

Pungnyuhoeseongak was not a simple angle method.

The power of the first kick is mediocre, but the power increases as it continues. Above all, when such overlapping impacts reach their limit, they explode.

Poongjon risked his life at Pungryu Hoeseon Pavilion to destroy the Sinsal Palace of Manslaughter. And his gamble paid off.


The man’s face contorted violently.

“okay! That expression suits you.”

“I’ll tear you to shreds and kill you.”

Mansal shouted and rushed towards Pungjon.

Feng Zun murmured as he ran towards them.

‘The promise was kept. transcendence!’


“I found it.”

The enemy king’s eyes lit up.

In the distance I saw a small boat going up the river.

It was a boat with Pyowol and others on it.

I could see the men galloping along the boat on both sides of the river.

The subordinates jumped into the ship without sparing their lives. However, Pyowol and Eunyo joined forces to block their wave of attacks.

“That was too soon.”

Pyowol and Eunyo may be fine, but the boat they boarded had long since reached its limits.

Water flowed in through the arrow holes in the boat, and it was dangerous as if it would be submerged in the river at any moment.

The Red King suddenly saw a small island in the middle of the river.

The boat with Pyowol and others was desperately advancing toward the island.

“Is that the target?”

To some extent, I understood.

This is because the river width has increased significantly where the island is located. It was impossible to jump onto the boat while running along the river like before. Even if you leap with the help of a disk.

It was then.

“The boat is ready.”

The voice of the Suranangin came from behind.

As soon as they heard the news that Pyo-wol was fleeing to the river, the people of Suranang scattered and arranged boats to ride.

Looking in the direction the people of Suranang pointed, I saw more than a dozen ships waiting.

The enemy king said as he got on the boat.

“Track it.”

“Honorable name!”

The ship on which the Red King and the people of Suranang were riding quickly chased after the ship riding on Pyowol.

Subsequently, the unmanned people who were running along the river got on the boat one after another.

As they landed on the boat, their faces were full of anger and murder.

Empty! Tuong!

Bodies floating on the river were hit by boats and were thrown out.

All the corpses were their colleagues.

No matter how much human emotions were worn out, it was not without comradeship.

The death of their comrades angered them.

“I’ll tear you to shreds and kill you.”

They swore to avenge their comrades.

The distance between Pyo-wol and the boat he was riding on gradually narrowed.

No matter how hard Nam Shin-woo rowed, it was of no use. He was rowing alone, and other boats had several people rowing.

Fortunately, the boat with Pyowol and others arrived at the small island before the enemy king and others caught up with them.


The three of them abandoned the boat and landed on an island.

They each settled in three directions on the outskirts of the island.

The size of the island was only about a dozen sheets.

A small island formed by the accumulation of sand that flowed down from the upper reaches.

Now the three of them are isolated on a small island.

Ships with warriors led by the Red King gathered around the island one after another.

The enemy king glared at the moon and let out the lion’s roar.

“Surrender, God!”


The river that flowed leisurely behind his lion raged violently.



Even Eun-yo and Nam Shin-woo let out painful moans.

Only Pyowol stood upright and looked at the enemy king.

Pyowol’s face was not visible because it was covered by a hat. So I had no idea what he was thinking. But one thing seemed certain.

It means that Pyowol never intends to surrender.

From the momentum radiating from Pyowol’s body, he could feel the determination to make a life-and-death decision.

“Escape by boat was good, but this is your limit. This will be your grave.”


“Arrogant b*stard! Until the end…”

The Red King shook his shoulders.

It was disgusting that Pyo-wol didn’t say a word even though he had said this far.

he raised his hand

Then, the people of Suranang and the warriors who were on the boat jumped to the island.

It was then.

Nam Shin-woo suddenly stomped his foot.


It was the moment his foot hit the floor.


Suddenly, an iron pillar rose from under the sand.

It was an iron pillar that worked as an organ.



The unmanned people who jumped onto the island in a panic were taken aback.

They thought that Pyo-wol and his party had accidentally stopped by the island after running away recklessly without any countermeasures. But the iron pillar that suddenly protruded said that it was not so.

Eunyo muttered quietly.

“Eight directions, one hundred and fifty ghosts! Open!”

As soon as she finished her words, a thick white mist formed around the iron pillar. In an instant, the white mud covered the small island they were on.

When the people of Suranang and other warriors landed on the island, it was after the son-in-law was encroached on by the thick white mist.


“I can’t see ahead.”

Embarrassed voices were heard from everywhere.

I couldn’t even see the figures of my colleagues right next to me, and I couldn’t even guess the direction.

At that moment, three people, including Pyowol, moved.

Compared to other people with limited vision and senses, their movements were exhilarating. Because he understood the principle of Jin.

Palbangbaekmu Gwihonjin was originally the epitome of Soroeumsa.

Eun-yo received the Great Dharma at So-ro-eum-sa and read a book containing the description of the eight directions and baek-baek-mu-gwi-hon-jin before going blind.

I was so impressed with the contents of the book that I read it several times. So I still remember.

Yesterday, Eun-yo came here with Hong Yu-shin and Black Tiger and installed an iron pillar that could trigger the ghost spirit of the eight directions.

Even when I installed the iron pillar, I wasn’t sure if the Eight Bang Baek Wu Ghost Jin would activate properly. However, looking at the thick white mist, it seemed to have been activated perfectly.

I felt a Sura-nang in front of me, looking around.

Eun-yo could clearly sense his presence, but unfortunately, Suranangin did not notice her presence.

That was the effect of Palbangbaekmu Ghost Jin.

It hides the presence of those who step on the life gate and moves, but thoroughly disturbs the senses of those on the outer path.

That’s why the people of Suranang don’t notice even if there is a silver yoke right in front of them.


The cheap sword in Eunyo’s hand slit Suranangin’s neck and passed by.

The decapitated Suranangin collapsed without even screaming.

Eunyo muttered.

‘Half a day! It’s only half a day.’

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