Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 478

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 478

Episode 478

The Red King ran through the slums with the people of Surana.

The eyes of the slums were all focused on the place where the forces led by Mansal collided with the Black Tigers.

Thanks to that, the Red King and the people of Suranang were able to reach Gigauibang without being disturbed by anyone.

The enemy king gave an order to the Suranang people.



As soon as the subordinates could answer, they jumped into the Gigaui room.

The enemy king looked at his subordinates with his arms crossed.

The people of Suranang searched all over Giga’s room. But I couldn’t find it even after washing my eyes at the shadow of a person.

“doesn’t exist.”

“The rooms are all empty.”

The subordinates who had invaded Giga’s room returned with dismayed expressions.

the enemy king asked.

“Are you saying there isn’t even one?”

“It seems that he noticed and avoided the seat.”

“It would not have gone very far. Scatter and find their whereabouts.”

“Honorable name!”

The people of Suranang were scattered again.

The enemy king looked at Giga’s room with a distorted expression.

“You knew we were coming.”

He already knew that Pyo-wol was a formidable opponent, but he didn’t know that he would empty his hiding place like this.

It was a response that was completely out of common sense. However, it was the same for the enemy king that deviated from common sense.

The hand he prepared was not limited to the Suranang people.

Last night, he sent Jeon Seo-eung to So Yeo-wol to ask for more reinforcements. Sawyerwol accepted his opinion.

If you wait a little bit, the elites of Guryongsalmak will arrive in Soyang.

If they join them, the cheonrajimang will be complete.

Not to mention Pyowol, no one can escape knowledge.

The Cheonra Mang unfolded by the elites of Guryongsalmak was different from the general Cheonra Mang.

It was smaller but denser.

Above all, the soldiers of Guryongsalmak were all veterans who had accumulated a lot of experience outside the new world.

It was the first time in the history of Guryongsalmak that they came together to catch a single person.

“No matter how hard you try, you can never get out of Guryongsalmak. You should have just stayed hidden.”

All strong people were afraid of the existence of Pyowol.

Even his colleague, Manin-sal, was reluctant to mark the moon. It was the same with the enemy king. But that didn’t mean he was really afraid of leaps and bounds.

Rather, I thought this was a good opportunity.

If only the Pyowol was removed, there would be no more beings that would dig into the Guryongsalmak.

“Today, you must die. I will make it.”

It was then.

“I found their traces.”

One Suranang ran and reported.


“I have a group. They all moved together.”


“It has been confirmed that it has escaped the soyang.”


“But you probably haven’t gotten that far yet.”

“Send a telegram to the second generation to block their path.”

“All right.”

“And send someone to Mansal to come quickly. So much time has passed and you haven’t joined yet.”

“I will tell you that.”

Suranangin ran with the answer.

The Red King launched a light attack in the direction that Pyowol and his party had escaped.


As he kicked off the ground, his body flew through the air like a bird.

After about a dozen sheets flew away, the new model fell down, drawing a gentle descending curve.

At that moment, the enemy king kicked the back of his right foot with his left foot.

It was a light-gong technique of Balbodeunggong.

His body flew another dozen pieces.

If there was an obstacle in the middle, it was used as a stepping stone.

Jeokwang quickly escaped from the slums and climbed up the wall surrounding the outskirts of Soyang.

I could see clouds of dust rising in the distance.

It was the dust that was raised as the soldiers sent from Guryongsalmak moved.

Because so many people are moving, dust rises like a cloud.

It had been a long time since Guryongsalmak had moved such a large number of people.

“If we sent that much force, there would be a significant gap in the New Moon Field.”

But I wasn’t too worried.

The remaining troops will be able to defend Shinwoljang like a fortress.

The enemy king shouted at the Suranang people who followed him up the wall.

“From now on, the hunt for the dead begins. Everyone, stay alert.”


Chou Shu Shu!

Led by the Red King, the people of Suranang threw their bodies under the wall all at once.


Waterways were well developed around Soyang.

Large and small rivers are connected vertically and horizontally.

Pyowol and his party were on a small boat.

The boat they were on was going up a river that was not very wide.

Pyo-wol looked at the front with the hat attached to his blood jacket deeply pressed down.

The hat covered his entire face except for his mouth, so it was impossible to tell what he was thinking.

Eun-yo stood behind Pyo-wol while Nam Shin-wu rowed alone.

Although he was young, Nam Shin-woo also learned martial arts and his strength was not normal. Each time he rowed, several small boats stretched out.

It was then.


Arrows flew with a sharp sound.


Pyowol easily hit the arrow with his Vambrace.

At that moment, a group appeared on the river bank.

They ran along the riverside following the boat Pyowol was riding on.

Then Nam Shin-woo said.

“Unmanned people appeared on the other side as well.”

Eun-yo looked in the direction Nam Shin-woo pointed.

On the other side of the river, more than a hundred unmanned men were running along the boat.

A total of over 300 warriors were chasing a boat with Pyo-wol on board.


Soldiers running on both sides of the river shot arrows at the boat with Pyowol and the like.


Most of the arrows were struck by Pyowol using Vambraces. However, there were also arrows that occasionally broke through the shield of the moon. Such an arrow was knocked out by Eun-yo swinging the pole.

The warriors, realizing that arrows were useless, drew their bows for a while.


At that moment, some of the unmanned people pursuing them hurled themselves at the ship.

The distance from the riverside to the boat Pyowol was riding was over twenty chapters. It was not a distance that could be crossed by light air.

Even so, they flew without hesitation.

As expected, they fell to the surface without reaching the ship where the leopard was riding.

At that time, the warriors who ran along the river sent iron disks to the place where they fell.

Wedge liquid!

The discs arrived exactly where they fell.

At that moment, the fallen drones kicked off the disk and flew up again.

The disk kicked off by their feet whirled through the air and returned to its owner’s hand.

It was truly an incredible feat.

Dozens of unmanned men flew up again and landed right on the boat with the leopard.

They had swords and swords in their hands.

Wedge liquid!

They brandished their weapons without hesitation.

It was as if dozens of eagles were plunging down.

At that moment, Pyowol and Eunyo’s counterattack began.


With a fierce firing, the soldiers who fell to the boat with the leopard were thrown back or crashed into the river.

More than a dozen warriors struggled in the river and then sank.

Despite losing many comrades in an instant, the warriors did not blink an eye.


Lee Jin threw himself back into the boat where the Pyowol lantern was riding.

This time, other drones helped them jump by throwing discs.

The warriors soared up into the sky like eagles and plunged straight into the boat.

The appearance of the unmanned people falling down filling the sky was even majestic. However, the weapons in their hands gave off an eerie anticipation.



They let out a spirit and spread their poisons at the Pyowol and Silver Yo.

Chow ha ha!

The swords and pottery they exuded pierced the air and pierced it.

One hit and the little boat would break apart. However, Pyowol and Eunyo did not let it go like that.

In their hands, the annual season unfolded.


Swords and pottery that had been burning exploded in the air.



Those who attacked Pyowol and Eunyo crashed into the river with screams.

There were huge wounds on their necks and chests.

The river was stained red with blood.

At that moment, some of the men running on both sides of the river hurled themselves at the boat again. Then, a series of situations were repeated in which other unmanned people helped them jump by blowing discs.

Even though they knew that this type of attack was futile, they did not stop attacking.

They were not afraid of death.

The sight of them running toward death like moths running into flames made Eun-yo and Nam Shin-woo sick of it.

Eun-yo’s unfocused eyes shook.

It was raised as a weapon at Soroeeumsa, but this was the first time it had ever been used against so many people.

Before she knew it, her pole was soaked with the fresh blood of those she had killed. The blood that flowed down the pole also stained her hands red.

Eunyo glanced at Pyowol.

I couldn’t tell what kind of expression Pyowol was making because the hat was pressed down so deeply. Still, it was reassuring to have him.

It was then.

“excuse me!”

Suddenly, Shinwoo Nam pointed to both sides of the river and shouted.

Eun-yo hurriedly looked in the direction Nam Shin-woo pointed. New unmanned people appeared there.

Doo doo!

They spread light air and joined the group of unmanned people who had previously tracked Pyowol.

Bows were held in the hands of the newcomers.


Shinwoo Nam’s eyes shook.

Dozens of unmanned soldiers aimed their bows at the ship at once. The unmanned people who had bows were also aiming at the ship.

Pew pew pew pew!

The moment they fired their arrows, some unmanned soldiers threw themselves at the ship again.

A series of situations repeated like a wheel in hell. The only thing that has changed is that arrow attacks have been added.

It was simply one more attack method added, but the power was amplified several times.


Pyowol let out a spirit and swung his arm in armour.


In an instant, a silver thread stretched out from his vaccinia and stirred the air.

It was not a hand-made thread made by betting, but a silver thread that Dang So-chu fitted inside the armour. The gift swayed the air vertically and horizontally, splitting the flying arrows in two.

In the meantime, the attack of the unmanned people who jumped into the air began.

It was Eun-yo’s job to stop them.


Eun-yo threw away the pole and picked up the sword lying on the floor.

It was a cheap sword that I bought hastily from a nearby workshop.

Eunyo fiercely swung her sword at the unmanned men approaching the ship.

It was the season of Soroeumsa called Parangucheonmado (波浪九天魔刀).

Like a raging wave, pottery stretched out from her Tao.

Strong pottery shot directly at the warriors who were floating in the air.


Their bodies split in half in the air and blood rained down.

Pyo-wol and Eun-yo and Nam Shin-woo were covered in blood rain.

He was stained with blood from head to toe, but he couldn’t rest even for a moment.

Because the enemy has attacked again.

A tactic with no end in sight.

Eun-yo and Nam Shin-woo had never experienced anything like this before.

The sight of people endlessly flocking like ants and throwing away their lives like stubble was truly terrifying.


Eunyo unknowingly let out a sigh.

My body trembled and I felt chills.

She didn’t know how she could handle this sin. However, Eun-yo bit her lip and erased the guilt for a moment.

Now was the time to fight, not the time to indulge in guilt.

Even for everyone.

“You just have to go a little further.”

A small island was visible in the distance.

It was the place that Pyowol and her had marked as the final battlefield.

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