Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 477

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 477

Episode 477

: Ting!

Mansal lightly flicked the string. Then, the bowstring caused a slight vibration.

The surface of the palace attendant, gently curved like a crescent moon, was full of fine scratches. It was proof that a lot of hand stains were worn.

God’s Palace (神殺弓).

It is the name of the bow he is holding.

It was as powerful as its mad name, so it was not easy to handle. In particular, the range was unbelievably long, so those who were hit by Shinsalgun didn’t even realize how they were going to die.

If the arrows fired by the Shinsalgung were loaded with internal strength, the power was doubled. It was worthy of being said to be a powerful piece of equipment.

Originally, he wasn’t the owner of the Shinsal Palace.

The original owner was an old military man named Chook Il-yeop.

He reached the pinnacle of archery, and the archery was his arcane weapon.

The killing power was so processed that he was reluctant to use it on a regular basis.

If it was unfortunate for Chu Il-yeop, it was that he was aiming for Lee Gwak, who was the head of Gwangmu-mun.

He attacked Li Guo with thirty ghosts. However, Lee Gwak is an unsalted warrior.

He left the battlefield after slashing all the holiday leaves and the deceased guests.

After that, Shinsalgung, who lost its owner, wandered through the hands of many people and then flowed into Mansal.

It was entirely thanks to Shinsalgung that a warrior named Eulmokah was able to obtain the formidable nickname Maninsa.

Cheonggangsu, the season of Myeongseong, was also the best season of Gangho, but it was not comparable to Shinsalgung.

Until now, Manin-sal had kept the Shin-salgung hidden unless it was unavoidable. This is because they know that the original number of spleens is maximized the less exposed it is. That’s why he thoroughly hid the existence of Shinsalgung even from those closest to him.


Man-in-sal once again bounced the protest. Then, Shinsalgung let out a strong cry.


Manin-sal enjoyed the strong vibration felt in his hand for a while.


I wore a small tradition (箭筒) prepared in advance and a new salsa bow. With a red cloth wrapped around her waist, it completely covered her traditional and new life.

Without prior information, no one would notice that he has a new salsa on his waist.

Outside, the servants of Manslaughter were waiting.

Mansal usually preferred to move alone, but when he was aiming for a big game like now, he did not hesitate to use his subordinates.

All people looked up at the sky.

The sun was setting and darkness was encroaching on the sky.

It was then.

Someone entered his abode.

Man-in-sal recognized that he was a Suranaman under the command of the enemy king.

Suranangin approached Maninsal and said.

“The Red King said he would move after the separation.”


“yes! He said he would know if I told him.”

“i get it.”


After the Suranang people took possession of the gun, they retreated.

Mansal personally did not like the Red King. But he wasn’t stupid enough to miss a line because of personal feelings.

The most important thing now was to kill Pyowol and remove all the elements threatening Guryongsalmak.

The plan was simple.

If the enemy king diverts Pyowol’s gaze, Maninsa will remove it with the Shinsalgung.

Even the enemy king acknowledged the power of Shinsalgung. It was because it was the Sinsalgung of Manslaughter that seriously injured him.

Man Insal, who had been measuring the time for a while, said.

“Then it goes according to plan. Start!”

“Honorable name!”

With the answer, the subordinates scattered.

Man-in-sal moved alone.

I already found out where Pyowol was hiding.

It was the slums of Soyang.

Among them, Gigauibang is the place where Pyowol is presumed to be staying.

It was then.


An explosion accompanied by an intense light erupted from afar.

It was a slum in Soyang.

‘It started.’

It is the work of his subordinates.

All of Manslaughter’s subordinates specialized in infiltration and destruction.

It’s because it’s been put into that kind of work outside the bird for a long time.


Once again, the flames soared with an explosion.

The intense explosion instantly made the area as bright as broad daylight.

When Mansal arrived at the slums, there was an inferno.

Most of the mooks in the slums were made of wood and fabric. Once ignited, it is not easily extinguished; rather, it spreads rapidly.

Knowing that fact, Maninsa also came up with a plan like this.

They were poor people who had nothing anyway. No one shed tears because their home was gone.

Rather, the people of soyang would like to be able to drive the poor out of the city center.

“Light a fire.”

“Move quickly.”

I saw unseen warriors holding torches and setting fire to Mook.

He wasn’t a subordinate of the Manchuria or the Red King.

It was the warriors of Baekjeolmun Gate.

Baekjeolmun was a munpa who coveted the slums along with Cheongeumjang.

Jo Jang-pyeong, the owner of Baekjeolmun, was planning to build a luxury mansion by disposing of the slums. However, he was beaten by Feng Zun and gave up his ambition. The person who came at that time was the enemy king.

The Red King brutally killed the Cheongeumjangju, the Yayul family, but saved the Baekjeolmun, Jo Jangpyeong. It was judged to be worthwhile.

Only the Red King knew what that standard was.

I don’t know what happened between the two, but Jo Jang-pyeong desperately encouraged his subordinates.

“Come on, start a fire.”

“You don’t have to look at the situation of the poor.”

“I mean burn it all down.”

Jo Jang-pyeong shouted so that his throat would burst.

It was at that moment that the warriors of Baekjeolmun moved more busily.

“Stop everyone!”

“Stop it!”

Suddenly, a group of unmanned men invaded.

Soldiers in black uniforms stopped the soldiers of Baekjeolmun from setting fire.

Hong Yu-shin was at the forefront of them.

he shouted with all his might.

“Protect the slums.”


With the answer, the soldiers in black uniforms dealt with the soldiers of Baekjeolmun Gate and the men of Manslaughter.

They were the Black Tigers, the most elite of Haomen.

The Black Tigers attacked the unmanned people who invaded the slums with fearsome momentum.


“what? These b*stards are…”


The slums quickly turned into mayhem.

The men of Black Tiger and Baekjeolmun Manslaughter got entangled and attacked each other.

A scream erupted and the flesh was ripped out.

Blood pooled on the floor, and someone’s limbs were cut like millet cans and splattered in all directions.

There was no other road to hell.

Hong Yu-shin was at the center of it.



Hong Yu-shin, who knocked off the head of the warrior who was running towards him, looked around.

Screams and death were rampant.

The Black Tigers were doing their best to stop the enemies. However, the number of enemies was far greater.

‘I can’t believe he’ll even pull in Baekjeolmun.’

He was hit hard in the back of the head.

Still, Fengjon warned him, so he thought he would be self-respecting. However, contrary to everyone’s expectations, Baekjeolmunju Jo Jang-pyeong put in his subordinates.

All plans went awry due to unexpected power input.

The Black Tigers were strong.

In terms of power alone, he was never pushed back by the Thousand Manslayer’s subordinates. The problem was the soldiers of Baekjeolmun Gate.

Although the martial arts were far short of the Black Tigers or Manslaughter’s subordinates, they were overwhelmingly outnumbered.

It was difficult to block ten hands with one hand.

Like water flowing through your fingers, the warriors of Baekjeolmun who broke through the Black Tigers set fire.

“My house is…”

“Turn off the light!”

The poor fetched water from the well and tried to extinguish the flames. But the flames were so strong that pouring buckets of them was of no avail.

The fire spread more intensely.

If we continued like this, the entire slum would be engulfed in flames in an instant.


Hong Yu-shin looked for a way to put out the fire, but it didn’t work out.

It was then.

“These guys!”

Someone’s lion’s roar echoed through the slums.



The warriors who had been fighting fiercely for a long time staggered with great shock to their eardrums and heart veins.

At that moment, Pungjon appeared riding on the wind.

Arriving at the battlefield, Fengjon frowned when he saw the slums engulfed in flames.

This is because many of the mooks in the slums had already been swallowed up by the fire.

“Thousands of wrathful b*stards! You gave up being human.”

In my mind, I wanted to kill the people who started the fire right away. But putting out the fire took precedence.


Even though there was no wind, the hem of Fengjon’s clothes swelled greatly.


With a spirited spirit, Fengjon put both palms forward.

Suddenly, a strong wind rose and blew the flames.

The flames, which shook for a while, grew bigger with the help of the wind.

“No, I…”


At the moment when a strange light appeared on people’s faces, Pungjon used his gong power in reverse.


At that moment, the wind that hit the flames was quickly pulled away by Fengjon, and the area temporarily became a vacuum.

If there is no air supply, the fire will go out.


With a strong firing, all the flames that covered the area were instantly extinguished.

Not only Hong Yu-shin, but all the soldiers were shocked at the absurd sight.

“oh my god!”

“Is that possible?”

Surprisingly, the fierce battle fell into a lull for a while.

No matter how strong the martial arts of Pungjon was, no one expected that he would create such a miracle.

“Huh! Whoa!”

Feng Zun bent down and took a deep breath.

Because he also made a big crowd.

He had exhausted all his energy, and a feeling of helplessness temporarily consumed him.

The danjeon was empty, and the muscles were as heavy as wet cotton, so there was no strength to move a single finger.

“I am old too.”

It was a time when Pungjon felt the impermanence of time again.


Suddenly, a sharp piercing sound rang out.


With a strong sense of danger, Fengjon instinctively twisted his body.


At that moment, I felt a strong shock in my side.

It was like being struck by lightning, in great pain.

An arrow had gone through his side.

Someone shot a bow at him.


Due to the unexpected attack, Fengjon groaned and coughed up blood.

At that time, Man-in-sal appeared in the midst of people.

He was the owner of the arrow that pierced Fengjon’s side.

Not missing the moment when Poongjon was staggering from exhaustion, he shot an arrow with the new swordsman.

“No matter how busy I am, I can’t miss this big thing. It’s a rich zone. You are a giant.”

The eyes of all people were shining brightly.

Feng Zun clutched at his side and looked at Ten Mansal.


“Nobu says it is Mansal. Abundance!”


A look of despair appeared on Feng Zun’s face.

I had heard that Man-in-sal had entered Soyang, but I did not expect that they would invade at this moment.


A moan escaped from his mouth.

It was because he felt excruciating pain from the wound pierced by the arrow.

No matter how much he used up his inner energy, he was defenseless, but the moment the arrow touched his body, he used his inner energy to minimize the impact. However, the fact that the arrow pierced the body meant that the power of the bow held by Mansal was just as great.

Maninsa put an arrow on his bow again and said.

“Let’s finish quickly. I’m busy today.”


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