Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 476

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 476

Episode 476

“No! Shut up!”

The Yayul family continued to moan.

It was because my whole body still hurt like it would break.

Like an absolute master, Pungjon’s hand speed was not average. It looks fine on the outside, but the internal organs and blood vessels are all damaged.

I called the most courageous doctor in Soyang, but he too shook his head after running out of pulse.

“This is not a wound I can heal. If you try to treat it, you will only hurt your body more.”

“Does that mean I have to get sick and die like this?”

“Fortunately, the person who inflicted the wound won’t die, thanks to the circumstances in his hand. But it will take a while for it to heal naturally.”

“Okay! Should I wait without a promise until it recovers naturally?”

“If that’s not the case, go to Giga’s room and get treatment…”

The doctor said cautiously, noticing the Yayul family.

“Giga’s room?”

The Yayul family frowned.

It is because all these four months happened because of Gigauibang.

“Do you mean entrusting my body to a hospital in a slum?”

“I’m sorry to say this, but Giga Hospital’s medical skills are far superior to mine.”

“The skills of those who practice medicine for the poor are so good?”

The Yayul family still looked at the lawmaker with an expression of disbelief.

The legislator felt that his chest was getting stuffy for no reason.

Since Giga Uibang is located in a slum, it may be underestimated, but all those who have trained in medicine knew it. That is how desperate the medical techniques of Giga Hospital are.

I don’t know why Giga Uibang settled down in the slums, but their medical skills far surpassed their own.

The wounds of the Yayul family will be healed quickly if they receive treatment at Giga Hospital. However, the Yayul family’s prejudice and pride prevented them from going to Giga’s room.

Above all, the fact that there was a rich person behind Gigauibang that made him this way made him feel uneasy. That’s why I can’t say that I will go to Giga Hospital for treatment.

He waved his hand at the senator.

“Go away.”

“yes! First of all, I will make a decoction for you, so please take it. It will ease the pain a little.”

“Okay, let’s go.”

“Then I wish you well.”

The lawmaker bowed his head to the Yayul family and cautiously stepped back.

The Yayul family did not even see the lawmaker.

“Shit! Why did Pungjon intervene…”

It was said that even a ghost would work if it was money.

With the riches of Cheongeumjang, he was able to fully command the masters of the highest ranks. However, it was impossible to deal with Fungjon with them.

Pungjon was the sky outside the sky.

It was different from the normal unmanned people.

Even Jo Jang-pyeong, the owner of Baekjeolmun Gate, was beaten like a dog by Pungjon. Even so, Jangpyeong Jo is a well-known master in the area.

Absolute master was such an existence.

Controlling them with the existing order and force was close to impossible.

The only one who could face the absolute master was the absolute master. So, the Yayul clan completely gave up revenge on Pungjon.

My stomach hurts, but I also gave up my ambition to push the slums and build luxurious mansions.

“Wouldn’t Pungjon come back?”

After a series of incidents, the Yayul family tripled the number of troops guarding the Cheongeumjang. Even so, the Yayul family was not relieved.

“Shit! Shit! Of course it’s intertwined with Pungjon… I can’t do it. You should leave Soyang for a while.”

There was a villa outside Hunan.

For the time being, it seemed better to stay there and wait for Fengjon to leave.

Still, after taking the measures, I felt a little more at ease.

It was then.



Suddenly, screams and shouts erupted from people outside.

“what? Did Fengjon come back?”

Yayul’s face went white.

A terrible memory from not long ago came back to me.


“Buy and save me!”

However, the intensity of the screams heard was different from Pungjon.

Fengjon was poisonous in his hands, but he did not kill people. But the screams I heard now were on a different level than then.

I felt more desperate and terrified.

Eventually, the Yayul family opened the door and checked the situation outside. Probably because it was accurate to check with my own eyes.


Yayul’s eyes fluttered.

The situation outside was more dire than he thought.

Most of the warriors who guarded the Cheongeumjang were severely injured and were either moaning or lost their lives.

In the center of it all was a red soldier.

The man with red hair and red eyebrows was the Red King.

Around the Red King, warriors dressed in red bloody clothes were lined up.

They were the Suranangin (修羅浪人), the subordinates of the enemy king.

They were all ronin who were active outside the circle following the enemy king.

He fought many battles between life and death in countless battlefields, and led them to victory in all such battles.

Anyone who had ever seen them fight was terrified. Because it was so cruel.

It was to the extent that they referred to them as Suranangin by the nickname.

The total number of Suranang people exceeded one hundred.

It was a very easy task for them to defeat the warriors guarding the Cheongeumjang.

“Why are you so weak?”

“Are these meek children protecting the manor? haha!”

In their eyes, the warriors of Cheongeumjang were just easy prey.

Regardless of force, there was no murderous intent to kill the opponent without fail.

They are just as docile as the flowers carefully cultivated inside the fence.

In my opinion, it shouted loudly and rushed at it to look threatening, but to the Suranang people, it was just funny.

The battlefield he had passed through and the trajectory of his life were different.


“Buy and save…”

The Suranang people killed even those who begged for their lives mercilessly.

“oh my god!”

The Yayul family stood blankly and watched the scene.

It was so unrealistic that it felt like a nightmare.

At that moment, the enemy king’s eyes turned to Yayul’s family.

“Are you the lord of the Cheongeumjang?”

“Stop the killing. Who is it that comes to the head office and commits such a wrathful act?”

“Quit! Shall I show you what real wrath is?”

“no! Please stop. My family is not guilty of anything.”

In an instant, the enemy king raised his hand. Then the people of Suranang stopped killing.

The enemy king approached the Yayul family.

“Ask me something.”

“What is it?”

“How long ago were you embarrassed? tell me in detail.”


“okay! I heard that you and Baekjeolmunju were humiliated. tell me in detail.”



At that moment, with a creepy cutting sound, Yayul’s arm was cut off from his shoulder.


The Yayul family let out a desperate scream and tumbled to the floor.

He was bewildered by the pain of having his arm cut off.

At that moment, the enemy king gently stepped on the chest of the Yayul family.

“I guess you still haven’t grasped the atmosphere, but I didn’t come here to have a leisurely conversation with you. I ask and you answer honestly. okay?”

“Keugh! Oh, I see.”

The Yayul family nodded their heads frantically, enduring the pain.

“Tell me in detail what happened that day. From beginning to end…”

“Four facts…”

Yayul Ilmun described in detail the situation in which he was attacked by Pungjon.

The Red King listened to his story in silence.

Finally, when the story of the Yayul family was over, the Red King asked.

“So, you guys were greedy for a place called Gigauibang and played tricks, but unexpectedly, Pungjon came. Am I right?”

“you’re right.”

“By the way, why is there a young guy next to Pungjon?”

“I haven’t seen it myself, but according to reports from my subordinates, it is.”

“What about the face?”

“They said it was so deep that they couldn’t see it.”


The Red King rubbed his chin with his finger.

‘From the circumstances, it seems that the person who was next to Pungjon is the god of death.’

I didn’t know why Pyowol was with Poongjon. However, if he had come with Pungjon, it was clear that he had a connection with Gigauibang in some way.

‘As expected, it must be hiding in Giga’s room.’

The Red King tracked the whereabouts of Pyo-wol with Manin-sal. However, I couldn’t find the leap anywhere in Soyang.

If he had stayed in an ordinary inn or mansion, his subordinates would have found him sooner. Still, I thought it was because it was hidden deep in the slums that I couldn’t find.

Because the only area they didn’t search was the slums.

At that time, the news of Cheongeumjang and Baekjeolmun came to his ears.

It is said that he tried to take over the slums using the Black West, but failed due to the intervention of an absolute master.

The moment I heard the rumors, I felt that Pyowol was related.

There was no evidence or connection between the accidents, but it was judged that way based on intuition. And his judgment was right.

I didn’t expect it to be related to Pungjon, but it was clear that Pyowol was related to Gigauibang.

The enemy king frowned.

It was not an easy opponent even with just one coat of arms. However, the problem became even more serious if the absolute adherent of Pungjon was also together.

Pungjon was the master of the top of the river.

If they clashed head-on, he couldn’t even guarantee the victory.

“It looks like we need more people.”

The fortunate thing is that Giyang, the headquarters of Sinwoljang or Guryongsalmak, is not far from here.

At that time, the Yayul family, who had only been watching, spoke cautiously.

“I have said everything, so please save me.”


The enemy king widened his eyes as if he had never heard of it. Then, the Yayul family knelt down.

“I will not tell anyone what happened today. I will strictly keep the secret, so please spare my life.”

“I have a good eye. Do you like it.”

“Then are you saving me?”


The enemy king laughed.

It was funny how the Yayul family struggled to survive even at this point.

I made a sea of blood like this, but the thought that he would come and save the remaining people showed how loosely the Yayul family viewed the situation.


At that moment, a bolt of lightning struck Yayul Ilmun.

The sword hanging from the enemy king’s waist pierced the Yayul family like lightning.

Thundering Ilseom (雷靈一閃).

It was the name of the herbivore that the enemy king spread.

This move turned the Yayul family into a lump of charcoal.


The Yayul Ilmun collapsed as it were.

Soon after, the slaughter of the people of Suranang, who had been bystanders, began.


“Please save me.”

“Heaven will not forgive you guys. Keck!”

People’s cries resonated throughout the cheongeumjang.

On that day, Cheongeumjang died without leaving a single rat.


“Not good.”

“What do you mean?”

Pyowol looked at Eunyo.

Eun-yo was looking at the slums with his characteristic unfocused eyes.

“I mean here. If they use this place as a battlefield, they will suffer unimaginable damage.”

“I guess so.”

Pyowol shook his head.

The houses in the slums were all made of wood and fabric that they had picked up from somewhere.

It’s a mo-house, as I like to say, but in fact, it was barely sheltered from the wind and rain by covering it with mats on top of wooden poles.

If there is a fire anywhere, the whole slum will burn down.

It was the same in Saints.

The slums were burnt down, and in their place were the residences of high-ranking officials, including Pyowol’s red corpse.

If this becomes a battlefield, the same thing will happen.

Eunyo turned and looked at Pyowol.

“We have to change the battlefield. Brother!”

Instead of answering, Pyo-wol took out a finely folded map from his bosom and handed it to Eun-yo.


“It is a map sent by Hong Yushin. The topography of the area is drawn in detail.”

Eun-yo touched the map with her fingertips.

Instead of seeing it with your eyes, you can distinguish the lines drawn on the map with the senses of your fingers.

“I like this place.”

Her finger was pointing to a spot on the map.

Pyowol said with a smile.

“I think the same as you.”

“I knew it. Brother, do you have any plans to change into that blood style?”

Eunyo looked at Pyowol and smiled.

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