Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 475

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 475

Episode 475

“It’s been a while.”

Hong Yushin smiled and greeted Pyowol.

As he expected, the moon appeared.

People in the slums watched over strangers who arbitrarily invaded their territory, and this news reached Pyowol’s ears.

Pyo-wol recognized the identity of the stranger at once. So it appeared directly.

“Long time no see. Did you come because of the Soyang branch?”

“Did you know you were devastated?”

Pyowol nodded and said.

“I saw Manslaughter.”

“Is the man who massacred the Soyang branch a Man-in-Slayer?”

“that’s right!”

“Why is everyone living? Could it be that he has something to do with Guryongsalmak too?”


“It’s going to be bigger than I thought.”

Man-in-sal was the top master of Kang Ho.

Compared to the notoriety, there was nothing known about it, so it was a man-in-law that was feared. That he was a member of Guryongsalmak was a big shock to Hong Yu-shin.

It was evidence that the power of Guryongsalmak was greater than he had vaguely thought.

Pyowol said.

“Whatever you think, more will happen.”

“I am prepared.”

The two of them walked shoulder to shoulder to Giga’s room.

Hong Yu-shin said while looking around the inside of Giga’s room.

“It’s a nice place. Such a hospital in a slum like this… I will tell you to apply for the Giga Hospital when the Soyang branch is rebuilt later.”

“How is Poyang Lake?”


“how much?”

“It’s already spreading to World War II.”

“Is that tidy?”

“Isn’t the person behind the Golden Heaven and Eunryeonhoe great? Until now, it was a proxy war, but now each of them sends their elites to clash. The Mugeomryeon received information that Dokgo Hwang was heading towards Lake Poyang with his own forces.”

“Dokgo Hwang moved directly?”

“That’s right.”

The situation was much more serious than Pyo-wol had vaguely imagined.

The reality is that it is not easy to make a name for yourself even if you spend your whole life struggling without reaching the level of the Palestinian Seat or the Triad. So most of the warriors disappeared without leaving their names in Gangho.

For them, Gangho’s turbulent times were a golden opportunity to make a name for themselves.

Regardless of whether the martial arts were strong or weak, the desire to blow up fame was the same. So they headed to Poyang Lake.

It’s been a long time since those who joined the Geumcheonhoe or Eunryeonhoe, or those who took advantage of the interests among them, and even thieves were rampant, and the area around Poyangho turned into a hell.

The fight that started at Lake Poyang took the form of a civil war and was spreading throughout the river.

Because of that, Haomen was also in an emergency.

Haomen calculated how far the impact of this crisis would reach and studied how to prevent it from escalating. Of course, it was not possible to prevent a riot by doing so, but the minimum measures had to be taken.

“Because of that, Hao Mun is not in a position to put all his energy into Soyang.”

Hong Yu-shin bit his lip.

Haomen was vastly lacking in masters compared to its vast size.

This has always been a pity.

In the meantime, Hao Mun also tried to raise masters, but the results were not good compared to the effort. Still, I was comforted by the fact that I had a lot more masters than before.

Haomen was overdoing it just by summoning the Black Tigers. One consolation, though, is that there is a pyowol here.

It was Hong Yu-sin who knew the relationship between Pyo-wol and Guryongsalmak better than anyone else.

Hong Yu-sin thought that Pyo-wol could not stay here close to the base of Guryongsalmak without any countermeasures.

“It’s the World War…”

“The chaotic times are unavoidable. Gangho people are already blinded by desire. No one intends to stop this war. On the contrary, I am anxious that I cannot make it bigger.”

“It is inevitable!”

“yes! Because those with power don’t want Fenghua. And Gangho is the world where most of them belong. If we don’t use up our strength in this war, we will be thrown into even greater chaos.”

People remember only major wars such as the Great War of Blood and the Great War of Macheon, but even before the two great wars, there were countless great battles that put the fate of Kang-ho in the spotlight.

When strength is accumulated to a certain extent, they collide and the rivers, which have been weakened by the Great War, enter a period of peace again. In the process, new literary factions emerge as the protagonists of Kang-ho, and they collide again, forgetting the past.

These things will repeat forever as long as the world of Kang Ho exists.

Now was the stage where the power that had been condensed for decades exploded.

No one could artificially stop the explosion.

The key was to keep the damage to a minimum.

If Guryongsalmak was left alone, it was clear that they would participate in this war and make a fuss. If that happens, the situation will get out of control.

Before that, the Guryongsalmak had to be sorted out somehow.

That was the reason Hong Yu-shin came here.

Fortunately, there is a pyowol here.

For some reason, I had faith that Pyowol would do something for me.


Hong Yushin sighed and took out a bottle from his waistband.

My mouth felt dry and I felt like I needed a drink.

He handed the bottle to Pyowol.

“Would you like a sip?”

“it’s okay!”

“Then I’ll just drink.”

Pyo-wol nodded, and Hong Yu-shin put his mouth on the bottle and gulped down.

Pyo-wol asked after seeing Hong Yu-shin wipe the liquor from his mouth with his sleeve.

“Did you say you mustered all your strength?”

“It is made up of the best masters in the main text called Heukhodan.”

“How many are there in all?”

“One hundred people.”

“Not a little.”

“Not many. However, I am proud to say that I am a master of the per diem.”


Pyo-wol rubbed his chin with his finger, deep in thought.

Hong Yu-shin quietly looked at Pyo-wol’s face.

Pyowol’s face, lost in thought, felt somehow frightening.

After a while, Pyowol opened her mouth.

“I need a map.”

“What kind of map are you talking about?”

“A map detailing the topography of the Soyang area. Can you save me?”

“What do you think of me? Of course you can.”

Hong Yu-shin confidently replied.

“Save me as soon as possible.”

“All right.”

Hong Yu-shin’s voice trembled slightly as he answered.

Pyo-wol was Hong Yu-sin, who thought he knew more about humans than anyone else. I don’t know what Pyo-wol is planning, but the plan he made will not be ordinary.

The usual Hong Yu-shin would never agree to such a plan. Because it goes against his beliefs. But this time, he decided to sympathize with Pyo-wol.

Hong Yu-sin was also a victim who had been imprisoned in a prison run by Guryongsalmak. It was the reason why it couldn’t be rational.

“Let’s go all the way. Even if the end is in the fire of hell…”


Ten thousand people groped their necks.

I could feel the skin on my fingertips.

This is the place where the noose that Pyo-wol made from the suhonsa was tightened.

Had he reacted just a little longer, his head would have been severed.

Even now, thinking of that time, a chill runs down my spine.

It was the first time I had ever been as dangerous as I was back then.

‘The moon!’

He already knew that it was not a simple assassin, but the force of the leap he had actually experienced far exceeded his expectations.

“If I had known it would be like this, I should have removed it right away.”

Mansal clicked his tongue.

Clearly, there was an opportunity to remove the epitaph.

When he didn’t have a lot of strong experience yet.

If I had mobilized all my power when I first got entangled with the Guryongsalmak, I would have been able to easily get rid of it. However, Guryongsalmak missed the opportunity because he had to hide his identity, and Pyo-wol grew up to be an absolute warrior.

Now he wasn’t an inexperienced rookie, nor was he a naive man obsessed with a cause.

He was like a venomous snake capable of resorting to any despicable means for his own ends. It even has absolute invincibility.

Dealing with such a person was never easy.

“Tsk! I guess I’ll even have to bring out the death shrine.”

It was then.

“What are you talking about all alone?”

Suddenly a low voice was heard.

Maninsa raised his head and looked in front.

I saw a red figure walking in the distance.

The moment I saw him, I immediately recognized his identity.

“The enemy… the king?”

“Long time no see. Eulmok.”

“Didn’t I tell you not to call me by that name?”

“Kkeuk! Why do you want to deny the past?”

“Shall I tear that mouth open right now?”

It was too young to live in the eyes of all people.

The man called the Red King did not change his expression even though he was so powerful that ordinary people could not even breathe.

He took a stride and came closer to Mansal.

His whole body was red as if he was covered in blood.

Her hair was red and her eyes were red too. Her lips were red, and the clothes she was wearing were also red. Even the ax worn around the waist must be red.

He looked like he was in his early to mid-40s, but he was actually much older than that.

The man’s nickname is Red King.

He was a person who thoroughly concealed everything and lived like a man-in-law.

The Red King smiled.

“Why do you want to try it?”

“Will you kill me?”

“try! This time, I won’t end it with just facial scars.”


“Hehe! Don’t you like that scar? Still, I made it with great care.”

“I am different now than I was back then.”

“Then shall we prove it?”

Despite the enemy king’s provocation, Manslaughter did not move easily.

The enemy king was not afraid.

As promised, he is different now than before. But even so, it was not enough to overwhelm the enemy king.

If you fight the enemy king, you will definitely think of both sides.

It was never what everyone wanted. And the enemy king didn’t want it either.

Now it’s just a battle of egos.

They have been active outside the world for a long time.

There were many things to do with the bad relationship, and sometimes they pointed a knife at each other because of the disagreement.

The scars on Manslaughter’s face now were obtained at that time. In return, the Red King also received a fatal wound on his side.

Fortunately, his life was saved, but because of that, the Red King also had to suffer for several months.

The two gained momentum little by little.

“We bumped into each other grossly outside of the family, but I really didn’t know that we would be together here again.”

“Neither do I.”

“Did the last week send it?”

“That b*tch.”

“girl? Sawyer month?”


“What is Makju thinking? To hand over so much authority to that girl.”

“You have to admit what you have to admit.”


“Honestly, don’t you understand why Makju is using that girl moderately? Hehe!”

The enemy king grew up.

Man-in-sal frowned and looked at the enemy king.

The enemy king laughed and said.

“I don’t know what you think, but I think that girl is amazing.”


“Think about it. He was sold to a place where he would die, but he came back alive. It also contains a lot of poison in it. Where is that? The girl who had nothing had definitely secured her territory in a short time. Not everyone has that ability.”

“So you’re supporting her?”

“I am not supporting anyone. I don’t want to be enemies with someone else I didn’t choose.”

“Like a bat…”

“Hehe! Didn’t you come here because of that girl? Let’s admit what we have to admit. that she is great She probably won’t end there.”


Maninsaal pursed his lips.

I hate to admit it, but I had to admit it.

That Sawyerwol’s ability is beyond his imagination.

Among the people he knew, the person who looked down on others the most closely was the Red King.

If even the enemy king thought that way, there was no need to listen to the thoughts of others.

everyone asked.

“What did she say?”

“They told me to take out the moon.”

“You’re not looking for it?”

“He knew it well, but he said that if he decided to hide, he would never find it. The only way to catch him is to let him come out himself.”

“How are you going to bring it out?”

“They told me to start a fire. A fire so hot that I couldn’t stand it…”

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