Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 474

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 474

Episode 474

There was a woman.

She was admired by people for her good heart, beautiful appearance, and ability that surpassed those of others.

The woman’s name is Gu Guo-hye.

People called her a saint.

Goo Geom-hye was the closest aide and lover of Goh Geom-wol, the master of Shin-Ma-ryun.

“She was really beautiful. He was also very wise. It was thanks to her wise advice that Gogeomwol Daehyeop was able to lead Shinbu-ryun well.”

Koo Hye-hye was able to foresee the future to some extent as a saintly woman. Thanks to this, Goh Geomwol was able to worry only about external matters with peace of mind.

At that time, Xin Ma Lian was located deep in Yunnan Province.

They destroyed the Jeomchang Sect, which was a strong force in tradition and one of the Old Daemun Sect, and made the whole of Yunnan Province their domain.

“The problem arose when the new arrangements became overweight. Since the scale is so large, the gaze naturally turns to the outside. Besides, Shin Ma-ryun-ju Gogum-wol Daehyeop always dreamed of Gwontojungrae. When the power of new preparation reached its peak, he advanced to the midfield to achieve his dream.”

Feng Zun spoke as if he had seen it all with his own eyes.

Pyo-wol listened to Feng-zon without a word.

“No one could stop the new arrangement. there was no hesitation okay! In a state of disarray, the new arrangement moved toward its goal. At that time, the place that stopped them was Chang Chun Meng.”

The Chang Chun Meng possessed great power.

It was largely composed of four temples, including Naewon, Oewon, Wonwon, and Milwon, and each one possessed tremendous power.

Even the main temple, one of the temples, had armed organizations of two sects, three generations, and four groups within it.

At that time, Changchun Meng was also enjoying the greatest prosperity in history.

Of course, their power was not pushed back by the new preparation.

“However, there was a big difference between Shin-preparation and Changchun-maeng. That is whether or not there is a great agreement with Gogumwol. Shin Ma-ryun had the Gogeomwol Daehyeop, and the Changchun League did not.”

Gogeomwol drove the Changchun Meng with terrifying momentum.

Due to his formidable inaction, the Chang Chun Meng was terribly pushed back.

It seemed that no one could stop Gogeomwol.

In fact, it was.

No one dared to block the first second of Gogomwol.

At that time, it was Lee Gwak who suddenly stepped out.

He led his followers into battle.

That was the beginning of Gwangmumun, the absolute leader of Danggeum.

Lee Gwak was a warrior at the lower end of the Changchun League.

The unremarkable third-rate warrior overcame the hardships that heroes usually go through and grew into an absolute master of the strong.

With one sword, he defeated countless absolute masters.

The clash between Gogeomwol and Lee Gwak was a natural process.

Gogeomwol welcomed the appearance of Lee Gwak.

He has been watching this for a long time. That’s why I knew the growth process of Lee Gwak better than anyone else.

He looked forward to the showdown with Lee Gwak.

He acknowledged it as his last opponent.

That’s how powerful Lee Gwak’s martial arts was.

“He was terribly strong. I’ve never seen a more powerful sword in my life. Once his sword was swung, the skilled master would surely lose his life.”

Goh Geomwol wanted to fight Lee Gwak.

At the top of the final battlefield where the winner is determined.

“But the saintess who assisted the Gogeomwol Daehyeop was different. I don’t know what kind of future she glimpsed, but she didn’t want Li Guo to fight Gao Jie Yue Da Xiu. So I sent my closest aide, Wolyeong Yukseonja, to kill Lee Gwak.”

Of course, Lee Kwok didn’t die.

If he had died, Gwangmumun would not have existed.

In the end, Lee Gwak beat Wolyeong Yukseonja and arrived at the battlefield.

“The fact that the saintess sent Wolyeong Yuk Seonja to kill Lee Gwak made Gogeomwol Daehyeop angry. He was greatly disappointed in the saintess and ordered her to retire.”

“Hiding? During the war?”

“okay! It completely forced me to take my hands off the new arrangement. Gu Guo-hye belatedly regretted it, but by then it was already too late. Goh Geomwol Daehyeop was determined and never changed his words. Eventually, the saintess went into hiding. The place where she retired is Shinwoljang.”


Pyowol let out a quiet voice.

Even he didn’t expect that such a secret story was hidden at all.

“The Battle of Macheon ended with the victory of Gwangmumun led by Lee Gwak. Gogeomwol Daehyeop was defeated by Lee Gwak, and Kwonto Jungrae’s dream collapsed like a sand castle.”

Upon hearing the news that Goh Geomwol had died, the saintess Koo Mun-hye wept for days and days. He could not forgive himself for going against the will of Gogeomwol.

Koo Hye-hye, who spent several years like a dead person, comes to her senses one day. From then on, she was frantically immersed in outside work. It’s as if that’s how you can be forgiven for your wrongdoing.

“That is the beginning of Guryongsalmak. The saintess raised the family in earnest by attracting those she came into contact with among the remnants of the new party. I chose Sae-Oe as the stage because I can’t raise Sei in Gangho. She would do anything for money. It was like a ghost mad with gold.”


“She did a great job in the Shinjo-ryun. It wasn’t that difficult for her to get married outside of the family. That’s how Guryongsalmak was born. One woman’s regret and resentment obsession created an enormous group. After the Guryongsalmak was built to some extent, she handed over everything to her son and went into hiding. As if he had finished all his work.”

“Is your son the current Shinwoljang owner, Koh Jang-myeong?”

“Exactly, the adoptive son. He took an orphan with great talent as his adoptive son and gave him his lover, Goh, the saint of Gogumwol Daehyeop. Even so, he must have wanted to atone for the Great Swordsman.”


Pyo-wol was silent at the unexpected Kang Ho-bi.

I really didn’t know that there would be a story like this in the birth of a huge shadow force called Guryongsalmak.

Even at that moment, Fengjon continued to speak calmly.

“In the end, everything that happens in Gangho today is linked to the past. The Great War of Macheon completely changed the existing order of the rivers, and in the midst of chaos, various forces grew up.”

“you are?”


“What are you who knows all of those strong guards? What’s the story, why do you know so much detail about an incident unknown to Gangho? As if I saw it with my own eyes.”


Fengjon blurted out.

His face was full of conflict.

Pyowol asked again.

“Pungjon Jangcheonsa. Who are you? Why do you live without intervening when you know all about Gangho’s history?”

“I am a bystander.”


“Yes. A courageous bystander. That is me.”

“Do you consider yourself courageous?”

“If I had courage, I would have been called a nickname other than Pungjon. A cowardly old man who is called Pungjon not because he lives freely like the wind, but because he avoids the truth like the wind. That is who I am.”

He didn’t say a few words, but in them was a feeling of self-loathing and bitter self-reflection.

Feng Zun turned around and said.

“Now is not the time to speak. And even if I don’t bother to tell you, if you act like you do now, you will naturally know all the secrets.”

“like now? What do you mean?”

“Pyowol! The one who instinctively penetrates the center of the river. The river’s flow will lead you to the truth. Live like that now.”

After saying that, Poongjon walked to Giga’s room.

Pyo-wol quietly watched the back of Poong-jon, who was moving away.



A man pushed through the rusty hinges and entered the mansion.

He looked around the inside of the mansion with his arms resting on his waist.

The inside of the mansion, which did not even feel like a crowd, was in a mess.

Bloodstains were clearly visible all over the mansion, as if to prove the horrors that had occurred not too long ago.

The man looked at the bloodstains on the floor and walls with a grim expression.

“Twelve people died here.”

There were a total of 12 warriors who normally stayed here.

they all lost their lives.

My chest was stuffy.


Anger flashed across the man’s face as he sighed.

Those who died here had no face to face with him. Even so, he is angry because the dead were all members of the Hao Mun family.

The man’s name is Yushin Hong.

The mansion he entered was the Shaoyang branch of Haomen.

It was only yesterday that the regular news from the Soyang branch was cut off.

Hong Yu-shin was staying not far from Soyang at the time.

After tracking down Guryongsalmak, he came to Hunan naturally.

As soon as the Soyang branch lost contact, he instinctively sensed that a change had occurred. So I beat everything and ran to Soyang.

The body could not be seen as the officials had already removed it. However, only traces of their gruesome death remained.

Just by looking at the bloodstains left on the walls and floor, you could tell how brutally the people in the Soyang branch had died.

“You mean like this? How the hell do you think Haomen is being laughed at?”

Hong Yu-shin gritted his teeth.

Haomun was often beaten like a neighborhood drum. This is because they have the largest number of people, but they do not possess the measurable force.

Of course, there were many branches where elites resided, but most of them did not. Still, nothing really mattered.

This is because Haomun was not a faction that stood up by force like Gwangmumun or Cheonmujang.

Haomen was a group that collected information with a large number of people and tried to survive based on the information obtained.

Because of this situation, powerful clans and warriors tended to look down on Haomen. However, it was a story that he did not know the true nature of Hao Mun.

Haowen never forgets the grudge.

Even if it takes a long time, it finds and punishes those who have harmed it.

It’s just that the method is so secret that people don’t recognize it well.

“I guess I’ll have to summon the Black Tigers.”

Black Tiger Dan was a kind of beheading table run by Hao Mun.

The Black Tigers were an extreme military organization that tracked down and beheaded those who had caused great harm to Haomen.

In Haomen, he gathered the warriors with the most tenacious and cruel nature and trained them severely. As much as that, their hands were also cruel.

Hong Yuxin had the authority to summon the Black Tiger Corps as the superintendent of Haomun.

“If you want a war, I will accept it.”

When Hong Yu-sin came out of the mansion, guardsmen greeted him.

The deputy commander of the inspection team asked cautiously.

“Have you looked?”

“It was terrible.”

“I also checked the body. As expected, it was placed in a coffin.”

“What about the golden skin?”

“It was like being tortured with poison.”


“yes! All major organs were melted.”



“Is there only one chest beast?”

“no. Judging from the scars on each corpse, it seems that the organization has moved.”

“As expected!”

Hong Yushin shook his head.

It was something I had already guessed. So there was nothing particularly surprising.

Hong Yu-shin ordered the vice-owner.

“Summon the black tigers with knowledge.”

“All right.”

The deputy leader answered without hesitation because he knew the seriousness of the matter.

“Until the Black Tigers join, the surveillance team collects information on those who raided the Soyang branch.”

“I take orders.”

The guards scattered with the answer.

Hong Yu-shin, who was left alone, moved on.

‘The moon!’

He already knew he was staying here.

It was because Geumpi-sang reported as soon as Pyo-wol came in.

The problem is that we don’t know where the leap is now.

Since the Soyang branch was wiped out, finding Pyowol’s whereabouts was even more distant. However, Hong Yu-shin did not worry too much.

Not many people in Gangho knew that much about Pyowol.

‘He prefers the slums.’

Looking at his handsome appearance, he would never go to such a dirty place, but in reality it was different.

Pyowol did not think the environment was that important.

If it’s for the purpose, no matter how dirty it is, I don’t mind it.

What Pyo-wol needs now is to block the leakage of his own information. Then the slums were perfect.

Most people were reluctant to approach the slums themselves.

If it were Pyowol, he would use people’s psychology to hide.

As we approached the slums, a musty smell stung our nostrils.

The smell was so disgusting that I felt like I was about to vomit. However, Hong Yu-shin did not change his expression and moved on.

Haomen natives were all too familiar with this smell.

Haomen was not qualified if this amount of vomit came out.

Hong Yu-shin felt that this place was his hometown.

The slums were very large and complex.

The slums that had been introduced over a long period of time gradually expanded their territory, and the slums that expanded without any regularity resembled a labyrinth. But Hong Yu-shin was not worried.

He believed that if the pyowol was here, he would surely be able to find it.

I saw the poor people gossip after seeing Hong Yu-sin appearing in their territory.

They will inform Pyowol that they have appeared.

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