Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 473

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 473

Episode 473

The person who sent the letter to Jeon Seo-eung was Man In-sal.

“As expected, the symbol has entered Soyang.”

“Are you sure?”

“Everyone confirmed it.”

“Then you are sure.”

“It’s also a symbol. They’ve neutralized our surveillance nets and come close.”

Saw Yeo-wol put on an expression of being truly fed up.

This is why she was reluctant to seize the Buddhist scriptures from Chengdu.

It bothered me that the owner of the Buddhist scriptures was a person related to Pyowol. It was because the Pyowol she knew was never someone who would pass on provocations related to her. However, since it was an order given by Zhuang Zhu himself, he could not disobey it.

As she expected, Pyo-wol chased after those who stole the Buddhist scriptures, and even came to So-yang, who was close to her.

It was a matter of time, but it was a matter of course.

Chunwoo Song muttered.

“Pyowol you venomous snake! Once bitten, there is no way to let go.”

“What are you talking about? Pyo-wol is originally that kind of guy.”

“I should have killed him in an underground cavity. Looking back, that was the perfect opportunity to kill Pyowol.”

“It is already in the past. And if it wasn’t for Pyowol, we wouldn’t have been able to get out of the bloodyingdan’s hands and come back here.”

“So that doesn’t mean we should just leave him alone?”

“no way? We just have to make good use of this opportunity.”


“Crisis and opportunity always come together. Pyowol is both a crisis and an opportunity for us. If you use him well, you will be able to create a variable.”


Song Chun-wu let out a quiet voice.

Pyowol was an uneasy existence.

There was nothing related to it and not one that was properly resolved.

Thanks to him, he was able to safely escape the Chunrajimang, but on the contrary, without him, there would not have been such a hard time in the underground cavity.

The biggest problem above all is that you don’t know where the pyowol will bounce.

I also experienced it in the underground cavity, but it was impossible to control the transcendence as desired.

Even then, he failed to use the moon as he wished. However, it was unclear whether Pyowol and Pyowol would move according to their will.

“It won’t be easy. And it will be dangerous.”

“I told you. He said crisis and opportunity. You have to take that risk.”

“after! If that’s what you mean.”

In the end, Song Chun-wu gave up.

As always, Soyeowol’s will came first to him.

“thank you! For following my will.”

“What are you going to do? Are you planning on using the enemy king as well?”

“I’m thinking of investing not only the enemy king, but everything I can use.”

“Can you afford it? Even now, Damha Woo has her eyes wide open.”

“Then I should be more adventurous.”


“It’s going to make things big.”

Soyeowol’s eyes shone eerily.

She was confident that she knew more about the moon than anyone else in the world.

It’s because I’ve been watching his growth all the way from the underground cavity. So I knew how tenacious and venomous he was.

Even when Pyo-wol was a powerless child, he controlled the underground cavity with a single poison. It was a Pyowol that boasted equal or higher prestige than other factions without forming a faction.

Even after coming out to Gangho, that kind of personality hasn’t changed.

Just looking at the Qingsheng Faction and the Amifa, you could see how great he was.

What followed was also unbelievable.

Countless forces fell to his feet, and countless people lost their lives at his hands.

Among them, there were also a number of absolute masters who roared loudly.

It was a truly unbelievable move.

Pyo-wol was the only one who pulled out all the businesses that Shinwoljang or Guryongsalmak had been doing in the shadows of Gangho for a long time.

“Pyowol already knows that Guryongsalmak is another name for Shinwoljang. Our capture of the Buddhist scriptures should have made them more convinced. The longer we drag it out, the more disadvantageous we are.”


“So, even if Guryongsalmak puts more power into it, Zhang Zhu won’t be able to say anything. Because we are doing this to keep the secret of Guryongsalmak.”

Sawyerwol’s smile grew wider.

Song Chun-wu tightly closed his lips at her smile, which was as splendid as a rose, but with thorns.

It’s because he knows that No matter what he says, Soyeowol won’t listen.

If Soyeowol is proceeding with such confidence, it is useless to oppose it. Rather, I had to think about how to help her plan well at that time.

“Put in more firewood. It doesn’t matter if the entire material burns out.”

Song Chun-wu trembled at So Yeo-wol’s mad voice.




When Pyo-wol returned, Eun-yo and Do-yeon-san were the first to greet him.

He waited without a sigh of sleep until the moon returned.

Eunyo asked.

“are you okay?”

“are you okay!”

“thank god.”

Nyo let out a sigh of relief.

I believe in Pyowol, but I can’t help but worry about it separately.

As soon as Pyo-wol came inside with the two of them, abundance and faithfulness approached.

“Hao Mun was hurt?”

“It was annihilated.”

“Whose is this?”

“Everyone kills!”

“Everyone? Was it really the flesh?”

“I saw it with my own eyes.”


At Pyowol’s reply, Fengjon let out a sigh.

Having lived in the same era, he knew all too well how cruel and tenacious Mansal was.

God asked.

“Why did he attack the Haomen branch? Even if he is one of the Eight Constellations, Hao-wen would be uncomfortable.”

“I think it has something to do with the Guryongsalmak.”

“Guryongsalmak? Could it be that you mean the group that created that impregnable ball?”

“that’s right!”

“I thought Guryongsalmak was a real place.”

Faith shed a silent voice.

While treating Yoo Soo-hwan, who had been imprisoned for a long time, he naturally learned about Guryongsalmak.

I knew that Yoo Soo-hwan was not one to lie, but I still had a hard time completely believing what he said. Because it was such a shocking story.

It was hard to believe that there was a group that had been parasitized in the shadows of Gangho for decades and that he did not know about it.

However, until Pyowol mentioned Guryongsalmak, there was no way not to believe it.

The moment Pyowol mentioned Guryongsalmak, there was someone whose complexion visibly darkened.

It was the rich zone.

Pyowol did not miss the change in Pungjon’s expression.

“I will go for a walk.”

Poongjon left Gigauibang without listening to people’s answers.

god said

“You must be tired, but take a break today and talk again tomorrow.”

Shinui and Gigaui’s room willingly gave up a place for Pyowol’s group.

Giga’s room was much larger than it looked from the outside. Also, all the mooks near Giga’s room were owned by Giga’s room. All of the mooks were connected to Gigauibang by a side door.

From the outside, it seemed to have nothing to do with Giga’s room, but in fact it was a large mansion.

The Ministry of Defense, the owner of Giga Ui Room, gave away a shabby mother-of-pearl house attached to the east side of Giga Ui Room.

It was a shabby home that looked like it would collapse at any moment, but the inside was cleaner than it looked. There were three rooms, and Pyowol and Eunyo Doyeonsan occupied one and sat down.

Pyo-wol was lying on the bed with an arm pillow.

“Soyeo month!”

He remembered Sawyeowol.

Saw Yeo-wol, whom I met after a long time, showed a more mature appearance than before.

It was So Yeo-wol, who was in charge of a group even when he was young, when the blood on his forehead was not dry. It is said that there was help from Song Chun-wu, but it was entirely her ability that led the largest underground communal faction.

He controlled and moved the children with strong leadership and presence. It was hard to believe that such an ability was acquired innately. Because she was too young at the time.

It was clearly an innate ability.

His innate talent met the heavenly environment of an underground cavity and blossomed into full bloom.

A long time has passed since then.

I didn’t know how much further she would have progressed now.

Based on the hellish experience he had, he mass-produced assassins called blood demons.

Pyo-wol did not think that the only cards So Yeo-wol had prepared were blood ghosts.

‘If it was her ability, I would have prepared more things.’

Pyo-wol recalled the time he met So-yeo-wol a while ago.

Then she said clearly.

He said he belonged to Guryongsalmak before entering the underground cavity. It is said that he was kicked out because he was like a thorn in someone’s eyes. If what she said was true, there could be no good feelings in Guryongsalmak.

Of course, you wouldn’t even fully believe in Kowloon Slaughter.

If Pyo-wol had been in So-yeo-wol’s position, he would have developed his strength separately from Guryongsalmak. The blood demons she showed off were examples.

‘There must be more power besides the blood demons.’

The blood demons were obviously strong.

It was only natural that he was trained the way he and Sawyerwol were raised. However, it didn’t seem like Sawyeowol would be satisfied with just that much.

There must be more hidden power. And the hidden power was highly likely to be something separate from Guryongsalmak.

It was Soyeowol, who had been kicked out of Guryongsalmak and entered an underground cavity. It was impossible for her to completely trust and rely on Guryongsalmak.

Above all, if he knows the character of Soyeowol, he will definitely seek revenge on the person who made him that way.


Pyo-wol focused on So-yeo-wol’s revenge. And I thought about it from the position of Soyeowol.

For So Yeo-wol, the appearance of Pyo-wol will never be pleasant.

It’s because I’ve been together for a long time, so I know how tenacious and persistent you are.

Perhaps his own existence itself would shake the plans Sawyeowol had been making and proceeding with so far.

‘If I were her, I’d use me to shake the inside of Kowloon Wall.’

Sawyerwol will never miss the variable that is himself.

He will use himself to shake the inside of the Kowloon Salvage and achieve what she wants.

He didn’t want to admit it, but he and So Yeo-wol were surprisingly similar. So I was able to read her thoughts to some extent.

The outline of the picture that Soyeowol was drawing came to mind.


Pyowol stood up.

I wanted to get some cold air to cool my complicated head.

Pyo-wol quietly got out of the prison.

It was late at night, so the streets were quiet.

No one was walking around, no house lights were on.

It was natural.

The poor lived a hard life, earning day by day and enduring day after day. Rather than buying oil for the lamp, I would rather use that money to buy more rice.

As a result, once the sun went down, the slums became quiet, as if no one existed. Everyone goes to bed early.

Thanks to this, Pyo-wol was able to organize his thoughts while walking alone on the street.

Pyowol suddenly lifted his head and looked at the front.

A man with a complicated mindset was walking by.

It was the rich zone.

Poongjon also stopped and looked at the Pyowol.

A moment of silence passed between the two.

The first to speak was Pungjon.

“You don’t seem to be able to sleep either. Is it because of Guryongsalmak?”

“You seem to be familiar with Guryongsalmak, right?”


“How far do you know?”


Suddenly, Feng Zun let out a sigh.

His examination seemed very complicated.

In an instant, her face looked as if she had aged enough for ten years. It was proof that a lot of thought was put into it in such a short amount of time.

Fengzon said.

“Let’s talk while walking.”

Pyo-yue quietly followed Pung-jon.

Fengjon just walked without speaking for a while.

It was when he reached the edge of the slums that he opened his mouth.

“The story goes back to the end of the Macheon War.”

“Macheon War?”

“The last war between Shin Ma-ryun and Cheonui-myeong, which staked the fate of the strong. From there, the Guryong Slaughter began.”

Poongjon’s eyes were directed to the distant past.

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