Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 472

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 472

Episode 472

The moment he saw the white face that stood out even in the dark, Manin-sal felt goosebumps rising all over his body.

It was a man-in-law who met and killed countless warriors.

The scars on his face were also obtained in the process of killing the warriors.

What saved him was his powerful martial arts and extremely developed sixth sense.

‘It’s a b*stard. Reaper!’

The man looking at him didn’t say anything, but Manin-sal instinctively noticed his identity.

Sasin Pyowol.

He was the pursuer.

Everyone shouted.

“Pyowol! How are you?”


Pyo-wol looked down at Man-in-sal without a word.

That look made everyone angry.

It was because the way he looked down on himself seemed scornful.



Man-in-sal shouted and spread the blue river.

The roof of the mansion, which was barely holding on to the river he opened, collapsed.

Manslaughter soared through the rubble and dust into the air.


“It’s an assault.”

At the sound of the mansion collapsing, the servants of Ten Thousand Killers rushed out.

Usually, when there is such a big fuss, it is normal to be cluttered. However, the servants of Manslaughter were different.

They immediately scattered in all directions and completely surrounded the mansion.

After a while, the dust settled and the figure of Pyowol was revealed.

Mansal sat down in front of the pyowol.

“How dare I appear in front of all people. You’re really crazy! Pyowol!”

“Was it ten thousand years old?”

“Then did you come all the way here without knowing it was me?”

“It’s the first time I see you today, how do I know?”

Pyowol and Manin-sal were in the same place twice.

The first time was when Xue Dojang and Jinjie collided, and the second time was at the Fire House. However, both times, the situation ended without seeing each other’s faces.

Because of that, this was the first time they saw each other’s faces in person.

everyone asked.

“How did you find this place?”

“You guided me.”


“I didn’t even know I was chasing you from the inn.”

At Pyowol’s words, Mansal’s face was horribly distorted.

It was hard to believe that he, an absolute master, had not noticed Pyowol’s tailing.

There was nothing more disgraceful than that if Pyowol really followed behind him.

It’s like opening your eyes and cutting your nose.

When Gangho’s peers find out about this fact, they will laugh at him.


The anger of the massacre exploded.

He spread the blue water toward Pyowol.


The place where the pyowol had been was exploded with an explosion.

Everyone shouted.

“Get him!”


The servants of Manslaughter rushed toward Pyowol all at once.

Their movements were like wasps.

Each one possessed the strength of one hundred and one hundred, and above all, he knew well how to inflict fatal wounds on the opponent.


Every time they moved, the wasps flapped their wings. That’s how fast it moves. However, the speed at which the pyowol moved was much faster than the speed at which they moved.


As Pyowol waved his hand, the warriors who rushed from the front collapsed with blood spraying on their necks.

They cut off their heads with a water marriage.

Even though his comrades died right in front of his nose, the men of Manslaughter rushed at him without blinking an eye.

They were the ones who could ignore the death of their comrades in order to kill their target.

I was raised and trained that way.


Sword energy flew like a storm from all sides.

Pyowol pulled his body up into the air.

Manin-sal did not miss the opportunity.


He went back behind the moon and made a surprise attack.


Pyowol’s body was thrown out with an explosion.

The servants of Manslaughter threw their bodies in pursuit of Pyolwol.


Mansal also hurriedly followed.

There was no feeling in my hands even though I opened the blue river with all my might.

The reason Pyowol flew away was not because he was hit by the blue river. It flew itself in the opposite direction.

He suffered no damage whatsoever.

The servants of Manslaughter did not know that fact and threw themselves in the direction where Pyowol fell to finish it off.

“Back off! It is a trap.”

All the people hurriedly shouted.


At that moment, a strong blow sounded and three of his subordinates bounced out.

Pyowol fed Paok to those who were nearby.

All of the men who jumped out were in a desperate state.

Pyowol threw herself onto the roof of a nearby mansion.

The servants of Manslaughter did not dare to rush at Pyowol and only glared at him.

Pyo-wol looked down at Man-in-sal and said.

“I think this is enough in return.”

“Is this a return?”

“Because I was greeted.”

Since Manin-sal killed the golden skin first, it means that they responded in the same way.

Pyowol knew.

It means that if you lose your spirit in this fight, it will be over. That’s why he dared to show himself and ruin the living quarters of all people.

Mansal said.

“I acknowledge your talents, but I couldn’t do that. You should have been hiding more thoroughly.”

“I decide whether to hide or not. not you.”

“Your foolish decision will hasten your life.”

“You’ll know whose name will be cut first by watching.”


Everyone screamed and ran. But before he could reach it, Pyowol flew away first and disappeared in an instant.

Mansal and his subordinates quickly became like dogs chasing chickens.

Man-in-sal looked at the direction in which the Pyo-wol had disappeared, stunned.

“bloke! They will surely bite your neck and drench your neck with blood.”


So Yeo-wol and Song Chun-wu returned to Shinwoljang.

Shinwoljang was truly gigantic.

Shinwoljang was a much bigger and more complex place than it looked from the outside. So many interests were intertwined.

Sawyerwol looked at the inside of the New Moonjang with eyes full of hatred.

Song Chun-wu put his hand on So Yeo-wol’s shoulder.

“let’s go!”


Sawyerwol nodded and moved on.

It was then.

In front of me, someone walked in their direction.

A beautiful lady who blocks the pouring sunlight with a big umbrella and walks with dozens of escorts.

The moment he checked her face, Sawyeowol’s eyes glowed with a bleak murder.

Song Chun-wu quietly called her.

“Moon Moon!”

“are you okay! Although it’s annoying to have to see her so often.”


“You’re not even a child anymore.”

Sawyerwol smiled.

The murderous spirit that dwelled in her eyes disappeared before she knew it and was invisible.

The lady approaching in the direction of Soyeowol was indeed elegant.

Despite her middle-aged age, her white skin did not have a single blemish, let alone wrinkles. Her eyebrows were curved like a crescent moon, and her enchanting eyes were full of hatred toward Soyeowol.

She stopped in front of Sawyeowol.


Even the voice that leaked through her red lips was bewitching.

Sawyerwol lowered her head slightly.

“Meet my mother.”

“It’s a really messy mouth. You still call me mother.”

The lady’s name was the wife of Koh Go-myeong, the owner of Udamha Shinwoljang.

“Because I am a mother, I call her mother.”

“I want to cut out that lip.”

“How can you think the same as me? I think we are similar in this way.”

“You dare!”

Udamha’s shoulders trembled.

She glared at Sawyeowol as if she were going to eat it. But the grown child was no longer intimidated or intimidated by the look in her eyes.

That fact made her even more angry.

Soyeowol was still looking at her with an expressionless face.

When So Yeo-wol’s gaze met, Woo Dam-ha’s face became more distorted. Just being in the same room as her made her feel uncomfortable.

U Dam-ha suppressed the revolt and approached So Yeo-wol. Then, those accompanying her all glared at Sawyeowol.

If Sawyeowol acted in the slightest nonsense, he was ready to slaughter him.

At that, Song Chun-wu’s eyebrows twitched.

He was raised as an assassin with So Yeo-wol, but he thought of himself as an escort.

An escort warrior who sacrifices his life to protect Soyeowol.

Of course, he was more sensitive than anyone else to hate or kill Soyeowol.

Song Chun-woo reacted unconsciously to the hostility towards So Yeo-wol.

The sudden change in his eyes contained the intent to kill.

Those who accompanied the lady also radiated a stronger murderous intent.

An atmosphere of impulsiveness hung between the two sides.

The corners of Udamha’s mouth went up.

“Our hound is still full of blood.”


“Ho-ho! it should be A hunting dog should show that level of loyalty to its owner. It’s nice to see.”

At Woo Dam-ha’s insulting words, Song Chun-wu bit his molars tightly.

Sawyerwol said.

“This man is not a hunting dog.”

“Is that so? But to me it looks like a hound.”

“Your eyes are the wrong shape.”

“good night! If you’re saying that, it doesn’t seem like an ordinary hunting dog. don’t correct As a little ferocious wolf.”


“Relax your eyes. Still, isn’t the name between mother and daughter? I am afraid that no one will see.”

“It’s a normal look.”

“joy! I hope you keep that gaze.”

“I will. From now on…”

“There is no such thing as eternity in the world. Still, I hope that your will will continue unbroken.”

“thank you.”

So Yeo-wol, who responded calmly, was nasty to the point of wanting to kill him. But I couldn’t get my hands dirty like in the old days.

Soyeowol was no longer a child, nor was he a powerless weakling. The hidden molars were sharper than those of wild beasts.

Previously, Soyeowol’s memorization had only lost his subordinates.


He passed by Soyeowol with a sneering snort.

When Woo Dam-ha and all the attendants disappeared, So Yeo-wol raised her head. Her face was full of life.

“Soon. Even the days when you walk around with your head upright like that.”

“sorry. I just wanted to live…”

Song Cheon-wu put on an expression of sincere regret.

After telling So Yeo-wol to calm down, he got excited first. It was a disqualification as a guardian of Soyeowol.

“no. Because I felt the same way.”

Sawyerwol bit his lip until it bled.

She struggled to hold back her anger.

It was not yet the time to get excited.

It was a battle in which the one with more patience won.

Fortunately, she and Song Chun-wu developed patience to the limit in the underground cavity. There was only one person more patient than them.

‘The moon!’

It was then.


Suddenly, a hawk’s cry was heard in the air.

As Soyeowol raised his head, a falcon that was circling the air flew like a darting arrow and landed on her arm.

It was a trained Jeon Seo-eung.

Seo-eung Jeon had a letter hanging from his ankle.

Soyeowol opened the letter and read it.

Her face, which had been calm even in front of Udamha, went through cracks.


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