Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 471

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 471

Episode 471

Pyowol looked up and sniffed it.

It was such a subtle smell that normal people would never be able to smell it. However, Pyowol’s extremely developed sense of smell clearly recognized the faint scent of blood.

If it only smelled like blood, Pyowol would have no reason to care. This is because Soyang was a very large city, and it was not unusual for any rough things to happen in it.

However, the current blood fragrance felt different.


Gwiah pricked his collar and came out.


There was fishy poison in the scent of blood.

It’s diluted a lot in the air, so it’s just a headache right now, but it must have been terrible originally. That’s why the ear is responding.

Pyowol moved to the place where the scent of blood emanated.

The place where the scent of blood came from was the back alley of Soyang.

In a corner of a back alley, a body was dumped like garbage.

The moment he saw the corpse with his face and body half melted, Pyo-wol recognized his true identity at once.

“Golden skin award!”

The gruesome corpse was none other than the head of the Haomen Soyang branch, Golden Skin.

Pyo-wol knelt down in front of the gold-covered statue and inspected the scar.

A painful light was evident on his half-melted face.

The pain was such that all the teeth in his mouth were crushed.


The condition of the golden coat was so pitiful that Pyowol’s mouth came out with words that it was cruel.

Simple torture cannot leave such scars.

A foul stench emanated from the half-melted body. The poison was so strong that the body melted.

A poison like this is not easily available.

Above all, the dragon poisoning technique was amazing.

It wasn’t that difficult to stop breathing with poison. If it is extremely poisonous, even a small dose will lead to death.

The problem is to keep breathing as long as possible while using extreme poison. It was truly difficult to inflict hellish pain, but to hold your breath and make you feel the pain for a long time.

The man who overpowered and tortured the golden skin did just that.

It made me feel the pain of hell by holding my breath for as long as possible.

All of my teeth were grinding out and all of my fingernails scratching the floor fell out from the pain.

His eyes were bloodshot red, and blood was oozing out of them, and his hair was half missing. All of that happened while he was alive.

Just by looking at the condition of the golden coat, one could tell how cruel and skilled the person who overpowered and tortured him was.

Some tortured for fun, but most did the sadistic act in order to find out something from the other person.

The same would be true of the person who tortured the gold statue.

It was clear that he had been tortured to find out what the golden skins knew.

‘Haomun’s branch manager is a burdensome being to kill carelessly. Even so, he killed the golden coat mercilessly. In other words, it’s a big enough to ignore Haomen’s threat to some extent, or a desperate situation enough to risk Haomen’s wrath.’

Killing Hao Mun’s branch manager was just as dangerous.

Even more so, they didn’t just kill him, they tortured him to death.

No matter how strong-willed Geumpi-sang was, he did not think that he had kept the secret even after undergoing such torture.

If people are in too much pain, they would rather die.

It would have been the same for the golden skin.

There was a high probability that he would have confided everything he knew in order to die at once.

Pyo-wol left the body of the golden skin and woke up.

I didn’t have time to be here.

Pyo-wol ran to the Hoyeon Gaek Cup.

Fortunately, nothing seemed to have happened to the Hoyeongaekjan yet.

“Everyone wake up.”

Pyo-wol woke up Eun-yo and Do-yeon-san.

“Why are you like that?”


The two woke up rubbing their eyes.

Pyowol told them.

“The golden skin statue is dead.”

“yes? What is that…”

Eunyo widened her eyes in surprise.

I met and discussed with Mr. Geumpi until yesterday evening, but he is dead, so I am confused.

Eunyo quickly came to her senses and asked.

“What happened?”

“I found a body in an alley. There were clear signs of torture.”

“There is a high probability that they blew us.”


“First, we move from the dorm. It’s after that to figure out the situation.”

Eun-yo was cold-hearted.

After a while, he came to his senses and came up with countermeasures on what to do next.

Do Yeon-san asked.

“Where are you moving? If you move to another inn, you’ll be caught right away.”

There were many guesthouses in Soyang, but it was easy to find if you set your mind to it.

Eunyo said.

“There’s only one place they won’t find.”

“Is there such a place?”

Instead of answering Doyeonsan’s question, Eunyo looked at Pyowol.

“I need to go to Giga’s room.”

“I thought so.”

Pyowol nodded.

Gigauibang was in the middle of the slums.

Unlike downtown, in the slums, when a stranger enters, it becomes evident quickly.

Moreover, Gigauibang was the spiritual support of the poor. Whenever strangers or people who could harm Gigauibang appeared, people immediately informed them.

Moreover, Pungjon was staying in Gigauibang.

Currently, the safest place in Soyang is Gigauibang.

“Do you know where the Giga Room is?”


“Leave right away.”

“What about my brother?”

“I will stay here.”

“all right.”

Eun-yo nodded her head without asking why.

Do Yeon-san put on a puzzled expression for a moment. However, he soon nodded his head in agreement.

“Watch out brother!”



Do Yeon-san left the annex with Eun-yo.

The two quickly disappeared into the darkness.

Pyo-wol stood with his back leaning against the wall in a dark place.

The warmth disappeared from Pyowol, who stood motionless like a stone statue. Then his figure melted into the darkness. It is perfectly assimilated with the surrounding landscape.

The annex where Do Yeon-san and Eun-yo left was quiet.

It was after the separation that the change occurred.


Some subtle noise came from around the outbuilding. And after a while, a group of shadows appeared on the wall.

A shady smell emanated from the men all dressed in black uniforms.

Silently, they climbed over the fence and approached the annex.

The intruders searched the outbuilding in perfect order.

As they opened the door and checked the room, an embarrassing light flashed in their eyes.

Of course, I thought there would be people, but the inside was empty.


At that moment, a monster appeared on the wall.

A man with disheveled hair and a beard that covered his chest.

He was just a million years old.

At that time, one of the soldiers who was searching the annex shook his head toward Manslaughter.

It was a sign that no one was inside.

Mansal frowned.

“Nobody inside? You mean he lied to me?”

He threw himself into the outbuilding.

There really was no one in the annex.

I saw the futon scattered all over the place. When I touched the bottom of the blanket with my hand, even a slight warmth remained.

It was clearly proof that someone had been here a while ago.

Everyone looked around the room and murmured.

“What happened? Was the information leaked beforehand?”

But he soon shook his head.

It was true that a lot of time had passed while torturing the golden skin. But it was worth it.

Geumpisang was a very patient person.

He persevered through the torture of all mankind. So it took longer than usual to break him down.

In the end, Geumpi-sang said that the people he had contacted were staying in the Hoyeongaek Cup.

“I didn’t tell you what kind of guys are staying at the end…”

If he had been alive a little longer, he would have told us the identity of those staying here. Unfortunately for him, however, the golden coat of arms died before that.

After the death of Jinpixiang, he returned to the Haomen Shaoyang branch and summoned his subordinates. And I ran right over here.

Very little time was wasted. Even so, they couldn’t catch those who were in the annex.

It was the first such failure.

“What happened? Did you know we were coming?”

Mansal shook his head.

Because I thought there was no possibility.

Man-in-sal gave orders to his subordinates.

“Catch the owner of the inn and the fortune teller.”

“Honorable name!”

The subordinates ran to the main building of the inn with the answer. But after a while they returned empty-handed.

“Not all.”

“What happened?”

“It looks like you left in a hurry a while ago.”

When Eun-yo and Do-yeon-san left the annex, they gave Jeom-soi a word.

Knowing that Jeom So-yi also belonged to Hao-mun, he was considerate.

Jeom So-yi hurriedly woke up the owner and left the inn, leaving the servants of Manin-sal in vain.


Man-in-sal could not hold back his anger and threw a ticket at the annex.


With the explosion, one side of the wall of the outbuilding collapsed.

Mansal, who had been gazing at the collapsed wall for a while, turned around.


“Honorable name!”

Manin-sal and his subordinates fled their bodies and escaped the outbuilding.

“what’s this?”

“What happened?”

Surprised by the explosion, the guests staying in the inn ran out. They made absurd expressions as they watched the building collapse.

They looked around to find the cause. But at that time, Manslaughter and his subordinates had already disappeared.

After exiting the outbuilding, Mansal and his subordinates ran through the streets at high speed.

The place they headed for was a fairly large mansion far from where the guesthouse was.


As they entered the mansion, the door closed as if they had waited.

This mansion was the base of Manslaughter’s Soyang.

As soon as Manin-sal entered the mansion, he went into his room.

“You did a good job in vain.”

he muttered, shaking his head.

I felt completely fooled.

It’s the first time I’ve felt this way since I went to the fire house a few months ago.

When I heard the news that the impregnable prison was dangerous, I ran to it after everything was over. He knocked down the entrance to the pit of fire and made it impossible for those who entered to escape, but even then I felt this dirty.

I couldn’t get used to the uncomfortable feeling, as if I hadn’t wiped my back after doing errands, no matter how many times I experienced it.

“He’s clear.”

Song Chun-wu asked me to confirm that there might be an envoy here.

Although I couldn’t confirm his face, it was clear that the messenger was staying in the annex. There was no one other than him who would make fun of him like this.

“Whoa! I should get some rest.”

There was no way my body would be tired from just staying up all night.

However, the reason why his body was so heavy was because the opponent he was chasing was Pyowol.

On the table by the window was a washbasin full of water. It was prepared in advance by Sibi.

Man-in-sal suddenly thought his face was stuffy. He raised a small dagger and shaved off the beard that covered his face. Then, the scars covering his face were revealed.

The scars that ran across his face like a checkerboard were truly horrific. However, I didn’t think it was a big deal.

“Good luck!”

Manin-sal rubbed his face and lay down on the bed.

Manin-sal, who was trying to sleep, suddenly opened his eyes to the tickling sensation he felt on his neck.

It was then.


Suddenly something choked him and pulled him up into the air.


Manin-sal widened his eyes at the feeling that his throat was about to break.

An invisible noose was tightening around his neck.

A normal person would have suffered the same way, but Manslaughter was different.

He kicked the top of his right foot with his left foot and lifted his body into the air. Then, he rotated his body in the air and drew blue river water over his head.


In an instant, the sound of the noose that had been tightening his neck snapped and he found freedom.

Mansal was not content to have just found freedom.

He spread the water towards the ceiling where the noose was presumed to have descended.


The roof of the dwelling was blown off with the explosion.

A white-faced man was looking down at Manslaughter through the broken roof.

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