Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 470

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 470

Episode 470

The gold-covered statue rubbed his neck as if tired.

“It is not easy.”

As the head of Haomun’s Soyang branch, he was a goldsmith who handled various tasks.

Because I have the ability, I am in charge of an important branch like Soyang. What he was most confident about was collecting and processing information.

A lot of information gathers in a city that is at the heart of transportation like Soyang.

Many people, including merchants, visitors from out of town, and representatives of the country, visit Soyang and make noise.

Haomen’s eyes and ears were wide open to them.

They do not omit anything that people carelessly talk about and report it to the goldsmith.

Geumpi-sang listens to a lot of information from his subordinates and chooses useful ones. Among the selected information, select the net exhaust and dig into it again.

The information obtained in this way was so great that Hong Yu-sin, the chief inspector, acknowledged it. However, after the meeting with Eun-yo, such a gold skin fell into exhaustion as soon as it was exhausted.

“How can such a young woman…”

Eun-yo was unbelievably good.

The analytical power of the blind wife overwhelmed him.

Because of that, I was overwhelmed throughout the conversation.

He couldn’t even remember when he had been so overwhelmed by an opponent.

I was exhausted as much as I could, but I still enjoyed it.

It was because it had been a long time since I had talked with people who had similar knowledge or eye level.

I learned a lot from talking with Eunyo.

Eun-yo was fluent in everything, but was particularly sensitive to the flow of funds.

After talking with her, I was able to see things I hadn’t seen before.

Thanks to that, I felt my eyes widen.

“Whoa! I’ll rest at this level for today and start moving again tomorrow.”

Geumpisang returned to the Soyang branch.

On the outside, the Soyang branch was no different from any ordinary mansion.

He deliberately chose a mansion that was not noticed by others as his base.

Upon returning to the Soyang branch, Pisang Geum immediately began writing letters.

It was a report sent to superiors.

I briefly summarized the discussion with Eun-yo and the information received from Hao-mun today.

I hung the compiled report on the bridge of the Jeonseo-gu next to it.

Geumpisang opened the window and blew out the wire.

The trained Jeon Seo-gu flew through the night sky and disappeared in an instant.


Only then did the goldsmith let out a sigh of relief.

It felt like the long, long day was over.

It was then.


I heard someone’s groaning outside.

In an instant, the golden skin felt goose bumps all over his body.

He hurriedly looked out and listened.


Someone else’s voice was heard again.

‘surprise attack?’

It was Hao Mun disguised as an ordinary mansion.

The number of people inside the mansion was always kept to a minimum, avoiding public attention.

The people inside the mansion always acted cautiously, conscious of the gaze from the outside. Of course, there was no need to raise your voice or scream for no reason.

It was clear that someone had raided the Soyang branch.

The gold-covered statue pushed the bookshelf on the wall. Then the hidden space appeared.

It was an emergency passage leading to the outside.

When the Haomen branch was attacked by surprise, the branch manager’s job was not to fight back.

It was the branch manager’s duty to escape safely even if he sacrificed all of his subordinates.

He did not know what kind of disaster would befall the area if the information that Haomun’s branch manager knew was leaked.

In particular, the more important a branch like the Soyang branch is, the more valuable the information the branch manager knows.

Even if all of his subordinates were sacrificed, he had to live.

Before entering the emergency passage, Golden Skin looked back.


Another scream was heard.

It was only a short scream, but Geumpi-sang recognized the owner of the voice.

‘So girl!’

It was a soldier guarding the outside of his residence.

I don’t know who the ambush enemy was, but it was approaching his residence at a very high speed.

I couldn’t afford to hesitate any longer.

Geumpisang entered the emergency passage and closed the door disguised as a bookshelf.


Leaving behind the dull sound, Golden Skin ran through the underground passage.

The underground passage led to the basement of the mansion, which was about 20 feet away from the Soyang branch.

The mansion that led to the underground passage also belonged to Hao Mun.

It was bought to escape in case of an emergency.


The golden skin opened the door and came out.

Fortunately, no one was inside the mansion.

The enemies who came in ambush didn’t seem to notice until this point.

Goldsmith pondered for a moment.

‘Where are you going?’

He knew the safest place in Soyang.

It was the Hoyeon Gaek Cup where Pyowol stayed.

Dodging yourself with a hot-air cup will save your life. However, if that happens, the fact that Pyowol is in Soyang will be exposed.

As Haomun’s branch manager, he couldn’t do anything to reveal the customer’s identity.

His choice was the opposite of Hoyeongaekjan.

Geumpisang ran at full speed through the night streets of Soyang.

It was late at night, so not even the shadows of people could be seen on the street. So it made me even more appalled.

‘I have to get away from here as soon as possible.’

Geumpi-sang raised all his strength and spread light air.

It was then.

“Where are you running so breathlessly?”

A voice came from right next to him.

Geumpisang looked to the side and saw someone running at the same speed as himself.

Geumpisang was so surprised that he was out of breath.

It’s because the monster didn’t notice until he opened his mouth.

Even if it runs right next to it.

His messy hair and beard covered his chest. All that can be seen on the face are the eyes and nose that radiate ghastly light.

The dark red uniform he was wearing gave off an eerie scent of blood. It was originally a different color, but it was evident that it had been stained dark red with a lot of blood.


Geumpisang did not answer the monster’s question and increased the speed. Then the monster muttered.

“As expected, the Haomun ones are rude.”

The monster waved his hand.

Then, a strong wind blew and hit the golden skin’s back.



The golden skin statue screamed and fell to the floor.

His back was cracked to the point of exposing his bones.

It was truly enormous power.


The golden statue fell to the floor and only moaned.

The monster approached the gold-covered statue and squatted down.

“Haomun Soyang branch manager golden coat, right?”

“Who are you?”

“Who do you think you are?”

“How do I do that?”

“Your name is Haomen’s branch manager, but even the old lady doesn’t know? Do you know how to do this?”

Suddenly, the monster raised his hand. Then, the gentle blue light on the monster’s hand shone like a jewel.

The golden skin widened its eyes.

‘Blue… strong water?’

Cheonggangsoo was the season of a military man’s statement that resonated all over the world.

“Are you… ten thousand?”

“You know that, too.”

The monstrous Mansal grinned.

On the other hand, the face of the golden skin was dying.

If the opponent was really ten thousand people, there was no chance that he would survive here.

Among the eight constellations, it was ranked fourth, but Manslaughter was the number one as much as its cruelty.

everyone asked.

“You know?”

“What do you mean?”

“The Shinigami’s whereabouts.”

“I don’t know.”

“Hehe! But why are your eyes shaking so much? The old lady doesn’t really like children who lie.”


Instead of answering, the golden skin clenched his teeth. It was an expression of his will not to say anything.

Seeing such a golden skin statue, everyone laughed.

I couldn’t tell if he was really laughing, but I could only guess that from the twitching whiskers around his mouth.

Mansal said.

“Looking at Nobu’s search for Qinggangsu, Haowen’s intelligence is quite useful. But do you know? That Nobu has other things he is good at besides Cheong Kang-soo.”


“Hehe! You guys will definitely tell me. everything you know.”

In an instant, the golden skin bit his tongue.

It is to be self-determined and to preserve immortality. But before he could bite his tongue, Manin’s flesh caught and dislocated his jaw joint.


“Unless I allow you to die, you are not allowed to die.”

Everyone laughed.


Leopard got up from the bed.

When he got up, the figure of a woman lying right next to him was revealed.

The woman covering her chest with black hair flowing like a waterfall was Ki Seon-hye, the granddaughter of Shinui.

As Pyo-wol stood up, Ki Seon-hye also raised her upper body.

Ki Seon-hye got out of bed with a blanket covering her chest. Her appearance was surprisingly voluptuous.

It was Ki Seon-hye who always took care of patients in shabby clothes. No one knew that she was hiding such a tempting body under baggy clothes.

Ki Seon-hye went behind Pyo-wol’s back and hugged him.

A feeling of tingling was transmitted to the back.

Pyowol stayed still in that state.

Seonhye Ki whispered.

“Are you really this rough?”


“I was surprised that it was so different from what it looked like.”

“So you didn’t like it?”

“No way?”

Ki Seon-hye smiled.

It was quite different from the first impression, but Pyo-wol was not surprised.

This is because he knows very well that the appearance of most of the women he has met is quite different from how they appear when they are together.

Ki Seon-hye always tried to save sick patients, but she was also a woman.

Of course, there was a desire to date someone and to share love. However, the situation was not good, and I was conscious of the eyes of others and refrained.

Pyo-wol was a very good partner for her, who had no particular intention of getting married.

Pyowol was so handsome that it shook her cold heart. There was even a decadent atmosphere.

The moment Seonhye Ki saw her face for the first time, her heart trembled.

Most of all, I also liked the fact that I didn’t feel like I was going to be arrested for sleeping one night. So she seduced Pyowol, and Pyowol accepted her temptation.

The young man and woman lusted after each other all night long.

Seonhye Ki knew for the first time that she had such a passion. She harassed Pyowol like a person with no tomorrow.

Seonhye Ki said while hugging Pyowol tightly.

“I won’t bother you about today. So you’d better not even think about demanding anything from me today.”

“There will be no such thing.”

“Don’t forget that.”

Seonhye Ki smiled and stepped away from Pyowol.

When Pyowol turned around and looked at her, she blushed. It was because Pyowol was still n.a.k.e.d.

Seonhye Ki said with an effortless expression on her face.

“I have to go now. If you go in late, Grandpa will be suspicious.”

She put down the blanket that was covering her chest and put on her clothes.

Traces of the love they shared a while ago were left everywhere on her immaculate body.

Finally, Ki Seon-hye, who was fully clothed, kissed Pyo-wol’s lips. She kissed her deeply and smiled.

“I will go. See you next time.”

She just opened the door and went outside.

Pyo-wol, who had been looking at Seon-hye Ki’s visit for a while, also put on her clothes.

By the time I was all dressed up, a ghost appeared from somewhere. As if it were natural, Gwia climbed up to her chest on Pyowol’s legs.

Gwia’s stomach was convex, as if she had eaten somewhere.

Pyo-wol put Guia in his arms and came out.

He and Ki Seon-hye slept in a different inn rather than the one in Hoyeon. It was because they had no choice but to be conscious of the people around them.

It was still before sunrise, so there were no people on the street.

Pyowol walked alone on a deserted street.

The morning wind blew.

The scent of blood was carried in the wind.

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