Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 469

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 469

Episode 469

So Yeo-wol frowned and closed his eyes.

I wanted to sort out the thoughts in my head, but the vibration that started from my hip and spread down my spine made it impossible to concentrate.

Eventually, Sawyerwol stopped thinking and opened her eyes. Then I saw Song Chun-wu sitting across from me.

Unlike her, Chun-Woo Song was concentrating with his eyes closed. Sawyerwol knew very well that the reason was because of him.

He raised his senses to protect himself.

They were sitting in a cramped wagon.

As the wooden wheels rolled down the steep mountain road, the wagon rocked greatly. Vibration spread through the body through the buttocks.

‘It would have been more comfortable to ride a horse…’

If she was the only one moving, she wouldn’t have to bother with the carriage. But today, not only her, but quite a few others were taking part in the procession.

There was no reason to show up and draw attention.


Soyeowol looked out the window and clicked her tongue.

The carriage was heading deeper and deeper into the mountains.

All I could see out the window was a bush.

The speed of the wagon, which had been going for a while, noticeably decreased.

At that time, Song Chun-wu opened his closed eyes.

“Looks like we’re almost there.”

“It seems so.”

Sawyerwol shook his head.

In life, there are things you have to do even if you don’t want to.

Today was such a day for both of them.


Finally, the sound of the carriage coming to a halt was heard. And a cautious voice was heard outside.

“Im here.”

The two opened the carriage door and went outside.

It was a large temple surrounded by green forest.

The temple was very clean, as if it had been recently built. Moreover, it was so large that it was difficult to see at a glance.

Even behind the large Daeungjeon Hall in the front, there were several evenly built palaces soaring high into the sky.


Soyeowol looked at the temple with an expression of disapproval.

Song Chun-wu whispered behind her.

“Take care of your expression.”

“ah! sorry.”

Sawyerwol soon realized his mistake and straightened his expression.

People’s voices came from behind her.

“Is this the temple built at Shinwoljang?”

“Cheonwonsa? Just like its name, it’s really grand.”

“Shin Woljang made an enormous investment. A temple this big?”

They were distinguished guests who rode in a carriage just like her.

The name of the temple they are looking at is Cheonwonsa.

It had an enormous scale befitting its name. At this scale, it seemed to be on par with Shaolin Temple, which is said to be the best temple in the world.

Today was the first day that Cheonwonsa Temple appeared in front of people after a long period of construction.

To commemorate this day, Cheonwonsa held a commemorative event by inviting distinguished guests from nearby areas.

So Yeo-wol was also one of the invited guests.

“Amitabha! Welcome, we warmly welcome your visit.”

An old monk who was appointed as the first abbot of Cheonwonsa welcomed the guests.

“Thank you for inviting me to such a meaningful occasion.”

“The temple is truly magnificent. I sincerely wish you prosperity for a hundred or a thousand years.”

The distinguished guests said good things to the old monk.

They knew instinctively.

This means that Cheonwonsa Temple will become the center of this region in the future.

Behind Cheonwonsa, there was a huge force called Shinwoljang. Shin Wol-jang would not have built such a huge temple for no reason.

It was the idea of the VIPs that Shinwoljang would promote something with the huge temple called Cheonwonsa, and so they considered it lucky to be invited on the first day of the opening of Cheonwonsa.

Being invited on the first day was proof that it was so special.

Only 100 people were invited today.

All 100 people were people with considerable influence in the area.

With a happy heart, they followed the head monk to the Daeungjeon Hall of Cheonwonsa Temple.

So Yeo-wol and Song Chun-wu followed them from the rear, but when the road forked in the middle, they quietly fell into a side road.

Unlike the distinguished guests who came for the first time today, they have already been to Cheonwonsa several times. Because of that, he was very familiar with the internal structure of Cheonwonsa Temple.

Suddenly, Sawyerwol opened her mouth.

“I heard that all people moved?”

“You should have come to the basics by now.”

“great job. But how did you move?”

“It was not as difficult as I thought. When I said that it seemed that the person who destroyed the fire ball had come to Soyang, they ran without hesitation.”


“I usually roll my head a lot, but once plugged in, I turn blind and it’s not difficult to handle.”


“If Pyowol really is in Soyang, Manin-sal will surely find it.”


Sawyerwol shook his head.

How nice would it be if everything in the world went my way? No matter how thoroughly you plan, one or two out of ten will get out of control.

It was not for nothing that there was a saying that people made things up and sacraments depended on heaven.

Once all the flesh was moved, there was no choice but to wait for good news to come.

Today, I had to put aside my worries about the moon and focus on the work in front of me.

Gradually, Sawyerwol’s complexion became noticeably stiff.

It meant that he was so nervous.

It was the same with Song Chun-woo.

The place where they secretly arrived was the most secluded space in Cheonwonsa Temple.

There was a small wintering gate at the entrance of the secret area surrounded by a high wall.


The moment the two arrived in front of Woldongmun, soldiers in white clothes appeared without a sound or sign.

They surrounded So Yeo-wol and Song Chun-wu.

‘White-clad ghost squad.’

Song Chun-wu’s eyes grew cold.

It was the escort of Zhang Zhu.

I don’t know the exact level of force nor the exact number.

They were like the shadows of Jangju, who had nothing known to the outside world.

Their strength and stealth were unusual enough to make Song Chun-wu of the world nervous.

The white-clad ghosts all covered their faces with a white cloth.

Because of that, I saw them several times, but I couldn’t tell them apart.

The head of the white-robed ghost squad said to So Yeo-wol.

“The Lord is waiting for you. Please go in.”

“thank you.”

Sawyerwol nodded and walked inside.

Song Chun-wu followed her as if it were natural.

At that moment, the white-clad ghost Daeju stood in front of him.

“Only the lady can enter.”

“I am her escort.”

“No one is allowed inside except those permitted.”

Song Chun-Woo’s eyes grew colder.

The white-clad ghost Daeju looked at Song Chun-wu’s eyes without blinking.

he continued.

“There are no exceptions.”

“I’ll go in alone.”

It was So Yeo-wol, not Song Chun-wu, who answered.

“A new moon?”

“It will be fine. don’t worry.”

After So Yeo-wol smiled at Song Chun-wu, he went inside.

Song Chun-wu silently looked at So Yeo-wol’s back as he walked away.

There was a small seal inside the beanie.

The door of the hall, where even the signboard was not hung, was wide open.

Soyeowol did not hesitate and entered the palace.

A large Buddha statue was placed in the center of the hall.

The floor beneath the statue was wide open. In the open space, there was a staircase leading to the basement.

Soyeowol went down the stairs as if it were natural.

After going down for a while, a huge underground space appeared.

Two torches hung on the wall.

The underground space was too wide to light with just two torches, but that was enough for Sawyerwol.

Even the presence of a dim light allowed her to see through the darkness.

A man was sitting in the center of the underground space.

Soyeowol quietly approached the man.

The man’s back was quite dwarfed.

However, Soyeowol did not dare to look down on the man.

A lot of emotions were swirling in the eyes of Soyeowol looking at the man’s back. She struggled to contain the turbulence of her emotions and took the gun.

“This is the girl Yeowol.”

“Are you here?”

The man responded and gestured.

Soyeowol cautiously approached the man.

The man did not even look at Sawyer Moon, only looking straight ahead.

Where his gaze was directed, there was an iron grate the size of a child’s forearm.

In terms of strength, it was an iron bar made of iron that lasted for 10,000 years and was said to be one of the three fingers in the world.

Inside the iron bars, a certain Inyoung was sitting cross-legged.

It was an old woman with white hair.

The old woman was clenching her teeth with her eyes closed tight as to what was so painful.

The old woman’s limbs were bound with thick chains.

The chains that bound her were also made of iron for 10,000 years.

Sawyerwol asked the man cautiously.

“Are you still not getting better?”

“The madness is getting worse.”

“What about the Buddhist scriptures you obtained from the Chengdu?”

“Thanks to that, I’m able to endure this much, and if it wasn’t for that thing, I would have been released already.”


As Soyeowol let out a sigh, the man turned his head and looked at her.

It was a dignified face in the early to mid-fifties.

“What’s up?”


“Tell me Yeowol!”

“I moved all the flesh.”

“You mean what you want?”

The man’s voice softened.

In an instant, Sawyerwol felt goosebumps all over his body.

Now, he is taking care of an old woman who is imprisoned in an iron bar at Cheonwonsa Temple, but he was one of the absolutes who moved the era.

With the ability he possessed, it was possible to make Soyeowol disappear without even a mouse or a bird knowing.

So Yeo-wol was also confident that he was bold, but he would shrink a little in front of the man next to him.

Sawyerwol said cautiously.

“I have a problem.”

“Is it a problem big enough to move all flesh?”

“It’s a matter involving the Shinigami.”

“The moon?”



This time the man sighed.

Sawyerwol looked at the man without a word.

After a while, the man opened his mouth.

“Can you handle him with just one thousand people?”

“It won’t be easy.”

“You know, but you send all people to death? Are you trying to use a car killing counter?”

“Please. You’ll have to be around 10,000 years old before you can bring him out of hiding beneath the surface.”

“It’s true that you used ten thousand flesh as bait.”

The man’s eyes grew more intense.

So Yeo-wol felt a burning pain in his eyes just by looking into his opponent’s eyes.

It was truly formidable.

Sawyerwol gritted it.

‘I tried so hard, but I still can’t reach him.’

The man’s name is a broken name.

He was the owner of the Shinwoljang (新月莊), one of the three chapters of the world, and the ruler of the shadows. However, the fault name was thoroughly hidden.

What the world knew about him was just the tip of the iceberg.

The hidden part is more scary than the part revealed on the outside, and the huge man was the name of the defect.

Sawyerwol said calmly.

“I don’t know what will happen when he arrives at Giyang, where the New Moon Market is located. If we want to find him before that, we will definitely need Manslaughter.”

“You were frightened.”


“I was scared of him. Like a dog that has been fed…”

“Who is frightened? I am not afraid of anyone.”

“Then why did you move all the flesh? You don’t go out on your own.”

“You are the one who taught me that moving others to see blood is far more effective than getting blood on your own hands. I’m just doing what I’ve learned from you.”

“Are you serious?”

“I am always sincere. father!”

“Father… It’s been a while since I heard you. So what do you want?”

“Give me permission to move the nine dragons.”

“You want what you can’t afford.”

“We’ll see if we can afford it or not.”

“No, you can’t afford it. Kowloon is too big and huge for a kid like you to handle.”


“Be quite. It’s hard to handle when my mother has a seizure.”

Gongjangmyeong’s gaze turned to the old woman.

just as expected.

The old woman’s trembling seemed like she would go into a seizure at any moment.

If she makes a fuss any more than this, her madness, which she is barely holding back, will explode.

“It is impossible to summon all of the Kowloon. Instead, I will give you the authority to move the Red King.”

“You mean the enemy king?”

“Yes, the enemy king, the strongest outside the new generation, has entered the main field.”

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