Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 466

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 466

Episode 466

“Turn it off!”

Jo Jang-pyeong’s moans echoed throughout the room.

His condition was truly miserable.

His face was so mangled that it was hard to find his original shape, and his left arm was dislocated and dangling.

Both of his legs were broken, and his intestines were shaken, making it difficult to breathe properly.

It was the price of running into Poongzon.

If Jo Jang-pyeong was a master recognized only in Honam and Soyang, Pungjon was recognized as the best master in Gangho.

In the first place, he was not an opponent of Pungjon.

Feng Zun severely punished Cao Zhang Ping for fearlessly attacking him.

At least, Jo Jang-pyeong was still alive because he had quite strong internal skills, but even if he were a little weak, he would not have been a person of this world.

Feng Zun looked down at Cao Zhangping with cold eyes and said.

“If a moan comes out of your mouth, I will pluck out my tongue.”


Jo Jang-pyeong gritted his teeth and held back his moans.

I really thought I was going to die, but I couldn’t help it if I really didn’t want to die.

The Yayul family crawled over and asked.

“Are you okay? That person is rich.”

For a moment, it was too young to live in Zhao Zhangping’s eyes.

‘I should have told you that earlier.’

If I had known in advance that my opponent would be Poong-jon, I would never have rushed at him.

He, too, knew fractions.

The fact that no matter how ambitious he is, he cannot dare to stand up to true masters like Pungjon.

Fengzon said.

“Whose head was that?”


The Yayul family shook their heads.

Feng Zhen’s eyes shone eerily.

“Did you think of it?”

“I have committed a mortal sin.”

“If you commit a mortal sin, you must die.”

“omg! Please save me.”

The Yayul family grabbed Poongjon by the crotch of his trousers and begged.

Jo Jang-pyeong also hurriedly knelt down.

Both legs were broken and in pain. But I knew that if I couldn’t stand the pain now, I would really lose my life.

he said through the pain.

“Please save me. I was wrong.”

“What did I do wrong?”

At Feng Zun’s words, Zhao Zhang Ping hurriedly shook his head.

There was only one incident in which he and the Yayul family were involved.

“Isn’t it because of Giga’s suit?”

“like! Your eyes are pretty quick.”

“Does it have anything to do with Giga Uibang?”

“The former ark of Gigauibang is my old eraser.”

“Is it Ji-Woo?”

Zhao Zhangping thought he had stepped on poop.

‘Among many, many people, is it related to abundance?’

The opponent was one of the three zones.

He was a terrifying master who was counted among ten fingers in the world because of his high martial arts. If I had known that I was related to such a master, I would not have rushed into Giga’s room.

“sorry. We will compensate you and take action to ensure that this never happens.”


“And I will protect and support Giga’s room so that others do not touch it.”

Jo Jang-pyeong spoke incessantly.

I had no choice but to live.

He had to somehow please Pungjon.

Fortunately, his efforts worked, and Fengjon survived.

“You guys will take care of the breakwater called the Black West.”

“Of course.”

“I’ll leave it to your imagination what will happen if it comes out as a small gossip.”

“Do not worry. I will make sure not to say a word.”

“And I have never been here.”

“yes? Oh, I didn’t see anything.”

“If rumors spread that I’m staying in Soyang, I’d think you spread it.”

“That will never happen. Trust me.”

thump thump!

Jo Jang-pyeong lowered his head to the floor.

The Yayul family also joined him.

“Believe me. The fact that you are here will never leak out.”

“Don’t pay attention to where I am and don’t even look at me.”

“I will.”

“good night!”

Only then did Fengjian smile with satisfaction.

Both the Yayul family and Jo Jang-pyeong were quick-witted as much as they were ambitious.

In my heart, I wanted to end their breath right away, but if I did, I would attract people’s attention.

Getting people’s attention wasn’t what he wanted.

“I will watch.”

After saying those words, Poongjon disappeared.

Like a ghost, without sound or presence.



Only then did the two of them let out a sigh of relief.

Jo Jang-pyeong’s face twisted.

As soon as the tension was released, the excruciating pain came over me like a tidal wave.


“I’m sorry. Jo Jang Joo! I didn’t have time to warn you because I was caught suddenly.”

“no! Feng Zun performed it himself, what can Yayul Zhuang Zhu do?”

Absolute master was such an existence.

Masters who reached the level of Pungjon could only block masters of a similar level.

No matter how many soldiers there were in Cheongeumjang and Baekjeolmun Gate, it was impossible to prevent Pungjon.

Fortunately, Fengjon has no intention of taking their lives.

Yayul Ilmun said.

“I’ll pretend there was no plan to clear the slums.”

“I agree.”

“If you do, the only thing left to do is to organize the Black West.”

“Of course I have to sort it out.”

With that, the fate of the Black West was decided.

It is said that it is fate that the hunting dog is eaten after the hunt, but the Black West is not finished hunting and is about to be eaten.

It was two people who brought in the Black West. However, I did not feel any guilt in disposing of the Heukseobang.


Pyowol opened her eyes.

The room was dark before the sun had risen yet.

Pyowol got up from his seat and came out.

As expected, the world was still enveloped in darkness.

Pyo-wol went to the well and washed briefly.

After washing my face, my mind became clear.

Pyo-wol sat down on a bench and began to cloud the sky.

When he did the sky, Guia quietly crawled out.

Guia disappeared into the grass.

Pyowol knew that too. But I didn’t care. Because they know that the gwiah will come back when the time is right.

Pyowol focused only on cloud.

When it reached that level, it didn’t matter if it didn’t have to fly, but it was Pyowol’s creed that he had to fly air whenever he had a chance to keep his internal energy and body in the best condition.

While Pyowol focused on Ungong, Eunyo and Doyeonsan woke up and came out.

They washed, being careful not to interfere with Pyowol’s sky.

By the time both of them had washed up, Pyowol’s luck had ended.

Guia returned as well, wondering how he knew Pyowol’s cloud was over. The convex stomach seemed to have eaten something in the meantime.

When Pyowol stretched out his hand, Guia slipped into his sleeve.

It was then.

“It is a spirit.”

The voice of Fengzon was heard.

Soon enough, Poongzon came out and was watching the scene.

Pyowol looked at Pungjon without a hint of surprise.

There were two people by Pungjon’s side.

Both of them were people Pyowol knew.

It was Sinui and his granddaughter Ki Seon-hye.

Sinui glared at Pyowol’s sleeve, which had a ghost in it.

“Where did you get it?”

There was madness in God’s voice.

Since ancient times, snakes have been regarded as a nutritious food that protects the human body. In particular, those with weak energy found many snakes.

Some snakes were treated as precious medicines because of their special efficacy.

As a member of Shinui-do, I have dealt with many snakes. So, it was easy to know what kind of effect it had just by looking at the shape of the snake.

When he saw the red snake slipped into the sleeve of his coat of arms, he thought he was suffocating.

Red scales like ruby and small horns on the head.

He felt an aura that was incomparable to any spiritual creature he had ever seen.

A snake with that level of spirituality could be said to be a spiritual creature.

If such spiritual beings were made into medicine, many people could be saved.

Said God, striding forward.

“Show me the snake.”


“No, give it to me. I will buy it. Give it to me, I will buy it at any cost.”

“If you take one more step from there, I will take your breath away.”

“Don’t be stubborn. One snake could save countless lives.”

“I don’t know. Guia is my friend.”


It was the moment when faith screamed out loud.


Suddenly, a sound of metal exploded in front of his nose.

Sinui came to his senses and looked ahead to see that Pungjon was blocking him before he knew it.

I couldn’t tell his expression because I only saw his back, but Sinui thought that Pungjon was quite shocked.

Because Poongjon’s feet were planted on the ground up to his ankles.

Feng Zun glared at the moon and opened his mouth.

“Did you really mean to kill me?”

“I warned you.”

“You kill God just for that reason? Do you really have any thoughts? Aren’t you?”

“Is there a law saying that faith cannot die?”

“He is a person who can be of much more help to the world than you. Compared to that, you…”

“If you’re going to talk bullshit like that, leave here. It’s hard to listen anymore.”

There was a faint red light in Pyowol’s eyes.

The moment he saw the red eyes, Feng Zun’s heart was shocked.

He realized that Pyowol was sincere.

Just now, Pyo-wol gave Shin-eui a wedding ceremony.

The bridesmaid was aiming for Shinui’s throat.

Right before it hit the neck, Fengjian sensed it and managed to block it. However, the trust behind his back did not know that at all.

This is because it happened far beyond his level of martial arts.

If Pungjon hadn’t prevented the death of a married woman, Sinui would have died without even knowing she was dying.

It was only then that Shinui realized that he had barely lived after dipping one foot into the underworld.

An absurd light flashed on his face.

“You mean…you tried to kill me for just one snake? You guys are really insane.”

“What are you?”

“That means…”

“I don’t care how many people you saved, and how many more you will save in the future. Because you and I have nothing to do with each other. But ears are different. You could say he’s my only friend.”

“crazy! To barely put me and a snake on the same line…”

Faith’s beard trembled. However, because he knew that Pyo-wol had mercilessly sprayed him, he couldn’t act rashly any more.

It was then.


Ki Seon-hye, who had been silent until now, came forward shaking her head.

“sorry. I will apologize on behalf of my grandfather.”

“Are you saying I was wrong too?”

God’s faith was hot at the sight.



“No matter how important it is to save someone’s life, you have no right to ask your grandfather for someone else’s possessions.”


“You promised not to be dogmatic anymore. Saving people is good, but you said you would take care of your family and surroundings. But after less than a day, what is this? Are you going to fight with the people around you again because of your grandfather’s greed?”


“If Grandpa does as he pleases this time, I will also cut off the ties. Decide.”

“Keep it!”

God’s face twisted. I wanted to refute something, but Ki Seon-hye was absolutely right, so I couldn’t even make excuses.

Seonhye Ki spoke again.

“Please apologize.”


“Apologise that you are sorry.”

“Do you really have to do that?”


“Keep it!”

“If we can’t do it, our relationship ends here.”


“What did you say?”

In response to Seonhye Ki’s question, Shinui closed her eyes tightly and answered in a loud voice.

“Sorry. I was too hasty.”

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