Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 464

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 464

Episode 464


The poor people learned for the first time today that a pig’s gnawing sound can come from a person’s mouth.

The man who poked Pyo-wol’s chest with his fingers was flying in the sky while letting out a scream.

The man who had been blown away by as many as five pieces was pinned to the wall of a house.

All of this happened after being slapped by Pyowol.

The man who tried to hit Pyo-wol on the cheek was beaten back.

The man who was slapped on the cheek by Pyo-wol lost consciousness and lowered his head. At least, the slight ups and downs in his chest didn’t seem like he had stopped breathing.

“What are you?”

“You dare to attack the Black West?”

The soldiers of the Black West looked at Pyowol with shocked expressions.

He spoke ferociously, but he did not dare to draw his weapon.

Mu-in, who was slapped on the cheek by Pyo-wol just before and flew away, was a top-three master in the Black West. At least in the slums, there is no one to do with him.

Such a master became incapable of resisting in a single blow.

Just by looking at this one move, it was clear that Pyowol was a master who could not be compared with them.

The problem was why such a master guarded the front door of Giga Hospital.

As far as Heukseobang knew, Gigauibang had no ties to this level of master. At least that’s what they figured out.

The black westerners could not rush forward and only looked at each other’s faces.

Then one of them cautiously came out. His demeanor was extremely polite, as he had just seen the man suffer.

“Can you guess who it is?”

“I have no reason to tell you.”

“If so, what about Giga’s room?”

“What are you going to do with that?”

Despite Pyowol’s insincere reply, the man did not get angry.

he spoke carefully.

“If you have nothing to do with Giga Uibang, I would like you to step down. If you do, we will disregard the fact that you hit someone on our side.”

“No matter?”

“Isn’t it better to be nice to each other? Our Heukseobang came to Giga’s room to negotiate, not to collide. If you have nothing to do with Giga’s room, wouldn’t it be good for both of you to step away from this point?”

The man’s speech was very subtle.

They said it was for each other’s sake, but in reality it was just an attempt to remove the pyowol without causing any damage.

The man’s eyes were constantly scanning the surroundings.

It was proof that he was constantly aware of the situation around him.

Just by looking at it, you could tell how quick the man was.

‘Where did such a master come from?’

The man was a second-in-command in the Black West. But the martial arts were not strong.

It was just that he was favored by the Black Western Lord with his brilliant brain and clever speech.

The seat of Giga Uibang was in the center of the slums.

In the slums, it was a good place in all directions.

If only this place could be occupied, the slums could be wiped out and a new mansion could be built.

Because of that, I threatened several times to sell Giga’s room, but he didn’t listen at all.

As the negotiations slowed down, it was the Black West that suffered losses.

That’s why the man who couldn’t stand it appeared with his subordinates. If the conversation doesn’t go through, they’re trying to steal Giga’s room by force.

I had heard rumors that the Ark of Gigauibang had learned quite a bit about martial arts, but I still thought that there was no business to be defeated by the side.

If you are really good at martial arts, there is no reason to stay in a slum like this.

However, an unexpected obstacle appeared.

It was just the moon.

The man once again cautiously suggested.

“If you step back from this point, I won’t be sorry for the recompense.”

“What kind of reward?”


“I hate being so broad-minded. Be specific.”

“Oh, then…”

The man rolled his eyes.

A smile crept across his lips. It was because I thought it was more than half over.

“We plan to push this place and make a street lined with large mansions. If things go well, I will give you a luxurious mansion.”

“What about the poor who live here?”

“We have to kick them all out. Many of them have already sold hermits to us.”

“Did the Black West have that much money? Enough to buy all the mooks in the slums here.”

“haha! There are reliable water owners and people who look after you. So don’t worry.”



“Who are the people watching?”

The man’s face hardened.

It is strange that Pyo-wol pries.

It was only then that the man noticed that Pyowol was not at all favorable.


he cursed.

Of course, I did it inside so that Pyowol couldn’t hear it.

He said, trying to hide his hard expression.

“Until I hear a promise, I cannot say more.”


“Promise me to step down if you want to know more.”

“I promise. who is this? The person involved…”

“You must keep your promise. Cheongeumjang and Baekjeolmun. These two places are looking after us.”

Cheongeumjang was a battlefield that tightly gripped the Soyang region, and Baekjeolmun was the largest clan in Soyang.

It could be said to be the most powerful group in Soyang.

Because they look after them, the Black West can move so boldly.

“Cheongeumjang and Baekjeolmun?”

“I told you the truth, so please step back. I believe that a master like Daehyeop will not break his promise.”

“Go in.”

Pyowol obediently left the place.

“Let’s go in.”

The man vigorously led his men into the Giga Room.

One of the men whispered to the man.

“Are you really thinking of giving the author a mansion? Do you not even know the identity of the author?”

“What do you know? Cheongeumjang or Baekjeolmun will take care of it.”

“He is also my brother.”

Subha raised his thumb so that Pyowol could not see it.

Baekjeolmun Gate had many masters like Soyang’s largest school.

I didn’t know the identity of Pyowol, but I believed that Baekjeolmun’s masters would be able to handle it.

Right now, the priority was to threaten the Ark of Giga and steal the building.

They galloped into the room.

The poor, who watched from afar, cursed Pyowol.

“That me…”

“What are you doing? You say you get out of the way that easily?”

“There is no one to trust in the world.”

Even when he heard the accusations against him, Pyo-wol did not blink an eye.

Pyo-wol crossed his arms and leaned his back against the pillar at the front door. And I counted the numbers in my head.

‘One two three…’

It was that moment.


The lion’s roar reverberated through the slums in the Giga Room.




“Buy and save me!”

Following this, along with heavy drinking, the gruesome screams of the Black Western warriors who had entered the Giga Room with great vigor flowed out.

Only then did Pyo-wol take his back off the pillar and enter Giga’s room.

In Giga’s room, a truly gruesome scene unfolded.

All the warriors of the Black West were sprawled on the floor with their limbs grotesquely bent.

Pungjon stood in the center of them.

Pungjon’s face was full of anger.

This is because the treatment of Shinui was hindered.

It’s a pity that the soldiers from the Black West came in at the moment of faith, but if they were interrupted when the treatment was at its peak, the internal wounds would have been more severely slashed.

His rage was at its peak when he almost interrupted an important moment.

He neutralized all the Black Western soldiers in a single day.

There was no way that the warriors of Sadobangpa, parasitized in the slums, could not handle the hands of an absolute master called Pungjon.

“These guys! Whose order did you receive it from?”

Poong-jon grabbed the man by the collar who was lying close by and met his gaze. But the warrior could not answer.

Because he’s already lost his mind.

He was frothing at the mouth as his intestines and heart veins were convulsed.

Poongjon grabbed another man by the collar. But he too had lost his mind.

Pungjon’s gaze turned to Pyowol.

“You know? What kind of guys are aiming for Giga’s room?”

“They say it’s called the Black West Cheongeumjang and Baekjeolmun Gate.”

“Why are they?”

“They said they would kick out all the people living here and build luxurious mansions.”

“You’re in trouble with the doctor’s office for such a trivial reason?”

“Because human desires are endless.”

“ha! Indeed, the laws of heaven have fallen to the ground. You want to take away the clothes that save people’s lives just for that reason.”

Feng Zun was genuinely furious.

“They couldn’t negotiate, so they showed off their skills.”

Defense Minister Ki Seon-hye, who was taking care of the patient, came out.

Their faces were full of anger as they looked at the black western soldiers scattered on the floor.

Then faith came out.

Faith, which had been looking at the soldiers scattered on the floor for a while, looked at the Ministry of Defense.

Perhaps the fact of being attacked was shocking, but the Ministry of Defense was biting its lip.

god said

“If this had happened, why didn’t you ask me for help right away? Why did you bring up this problem?”

The Defense Ministry’s anger exploded at the tone of trust that seemed to be criticizing.

“I raised the problem? Do you know how much I’ve worked to resolve this issue peacefully? Do you know how many times I visited and talked with my daughter at the black bookstore?”


“My father was always like that. When he felt like it, he would come to me from time to time, nag me, and leave. Then it was all my responsibility to fix it. Do you know how much Seon-hye and I struggled to deal with what my father said without knowing the circumstances? don’t you know? may not know. Irresponsibility is the essence of a father.”


Shinui widened her eyes at the unexpected scolding of her son.

She had no idea that her son would react this way to what he said without thinking.

“While my father comfortably practiced medicine outside, Seon-hye and I have never tried to run a gigi room. Even though all the people who believed in and supported Giga Uibang left and even poured out their own money, even though my life became so poor, I never had any complaints. Because I thought this was my calling. You can’t say that to us. Other people may not know, but my father shouldn’t say things like that to us.”

There were veins on the forehead and neck of the Defense Ministry.

Seeing his son for the first time in his life, Shinui could not say anything and only licked his lips.

I really didn’t know that my son, who I thought was only mild-mannered, would have such a big anger deep in his heart.

To make matters worse, even her granddaughter seemed to agree with the words of the Ministry of Defense.

Their appearance was unfamiliar.

The fact that those who shared his blood showed this kind of appearance was a big shock to him.

“Have you raised a problem? yes I raised a problem. why? I don’t want to ask for help from my father. You’re leaving like that again. What to consult and seek a solution for, irresponsibly, someone who doesn’t know when to leave? If your father commits a problem to solve it, it will be up to the person left to deal with it.”


Faith couldn’t say a word.

I never dreamed that my son and granddaughter would think of me this way.

I thought everyone would understand, of course, because it was about honing the medicine to save people. However, the son and granddaughter harbored resentment against themselves deep in their hearts.


Sinui didn’t say anything and just looked at the sky.

the Ministry of Defense said.

“Just don’t do anything. we’ll solve it We’ll take care of whether you’re taken away or moved to another place. So please don’t do anything. Please.”

“sorry. I really didn’t know you guys would think that.”

“You weren’t interested. So please, let’s live as if we didn’t know each other.”


Sinui called out sadly, but the Ministry of Defense and Seonhye Ki went inside without answering.

Fengjon approached Shinui, who was left alone.

“Come on, follow me.”

“They don’t want to talk to me.”

“The more I do, the more I need your courage.”

“Do you think I was wrong too?”

“What can I say, since I can’t even start a family? But I know that if I don’t talk now, I won’t even have a chance to talk to you forever.”


“Give me courage.”


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