Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 463

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 463

Episode 463

An old man who looked to be in his seventies.

His face was full of wrinkles and beard. However, his eyes were like that of a young person.

The moment he saw the old man, Fengjian was delighted.

“Why are you here?”

“What’s wrong with the owner of the doctor’s room being in the doctor’s room?”

The old man replied bluntly.

If an ordinary person had said this, Fengjon would have been angry or punished at once. However, Fengjon did not dare to treat the old man carelessly. Because he knows the identity of the old man.

“her! I thought I would see you here.”

“Tsk! What nonsense are you talking about? Looking at your face, it looks like you have internal injuries, but if you want to be treated, come in and get out right away.”

“This old man…”

“Are you coming in? will you speak?”

“Go in. Go in!”

“joy! Who’s the young guy next to you?”

“It is my companion.”

“Then come along.”

The old man turned around and went into the medical room.

“Anyway, not a single bit of his nasty temper has changed. Let’s go in.”

Feng Zun grumbled and walked to the medical room.

The poor, who had blocked his way, stepped aside with fearful expressions on their faces.

He recognized the fact that the slums would be swept away if Pungjon made up his mind to do harm. However, contrary to the worries of the poor, Poongjon did not even pay attention to them.

Pyo-wol followed Pung-jon into the Ui-bang.

Contrary to what it looked like from the outside, the inside of the room was quite spacious. There was even a separate living room in the back where patients could stay.

Patients were lying in each room, and apprentices whose Atty had not gone away were busy moving around and treating them.

The old man went into an empty room where there were no patients.

There was a strong smell of medicine in the room.

The old man, sitting in the seat of honor, looked alternately at Pungjon and Pyowol before opening his mouth.

“Pungjon, you know it well, and what is a young guy?”

“I’m sure you’ve heard of it too. He is a guy named Pyowol.”

“Pyowol? Are you a god of death?”

The old man’s eyes lit up.

“You seem to have heard of it.”

“How can you not know? That’s how you go around provoking gangho. Come to think of it, that guy also talked about that guy. I don’t know if he’s alive.”

“That guy?”

Feng Zhen put on a puzzled expression.

The old man asked Pyowol.

“Do you know that Yoo Su-hwan?”

“I know.”

“He talked a lot about you. He is someone you can trust and follow. I tried my best to restore martial arts, but the poisonous b*tch came to visit…”

“Are you… trustworthy?”

Pyo-wol recognized the identity of the old man.

The only doctor who could restore Yoo Soo-hwan’s martial arts was faith. Yoo Soo-hwan himself said that he was looking for faith.

“That’s what some guys call it.”

The old man Shinui snorted.

His real name was Ki Joo-yul.

Ki Joo-yul was the third great ark of Gigauibang. However, after handing over the position of the ark to his son a long time ago, he wandered the world.

If there was a good herb, he ran to it, and if there was a mysterious doctor, he asked for instruction.

After wandering around the world like that, I ended up staying in Namhae for a long time and came into contact with Yoo Soo-hwan. However, his roots were right here at Giga Uibang.

Pyowol asked.

“A poisonous b*tch came?”

“okay! So, that b*tch came to see Yoo Soo-hwan.”

“Is Yoo Soo-hwan all right?”

“I do not know either. Because she got out right after the attack. However, with Yu Su-hwan’s martial arts, he would not have been easily defeated.”

Pyo-wol could not easily solve his hard expression.

Although I didn’t have a special bond with Yoo Soo-hwan, it was because I felt different because I went through life and death together.

It was Yoo Soo-hwan who did not break his heart even when he was locked up in prison with his martial arts closed. It was unlikely that such a fat-hearted man would have been lethargic by Eom So-so just after recovering from martial arts.

‘I’ll get through it. Because he has that much ability.’

For now, I had to trust Yoo Soo-hwan.

Right now, I had to focus on what was right in front of me.

Sinui asked Pyowol.

“What’s your relationship with that old man? That old man has an eccentric personality and never goes out with anyone.”

“We met by chance.”

“by chance? Bad luck.”

At the words of Shinui, Poongjon became furious.

“A bad relationship? Be careful with your words.”

“Be careful with your words. If you’re here to get treatment, be polite.”

“Keep it!”

Feng Zun’s face contorted.

If anyone else had said this to him, he would have been mashed up like fish meat. However, as long as the opponent was faithful, he had to endure.

Only Shinui was able to completely cure his internal wounds in a short period of time without any aftereffects.

There was nothing scary in the world, but he was the only one who gave up on Shinui.

They were the same age and had similar eccentric personalities.

There was no one to talk to so comfortably other than each other.

Pungjon changed his words to lighten the mood.

“The children?”


“Are you busy taking care of patients?”

“Then it’s better.”


“It looks like some guys keep coming and trying to sell clothes.”

“Which ones?”

“I don’t know! don’t talk to me Perhaps the father who returned after a long time is not trustworthy.”

He said it as if his faith was insignificant. However, Pyowol did not miss the bitter light passing across his face.

There was no way the children would like a head of household who wandered around the house saying he didn’t know how to do housework.

No matter how much it was said to be for the sake of medical practice, there was no child who would like a father who stopped by once every few years and left without showing his face.

Shinui-ya was devoting himself to medicine to save more people, but from the point of view of his children, he must have resented such a father. Of course, seeing each other’s faces after a long time, it was clear that they would be awkward with each other. That’s why I don’t tell Shinui the details of the circumstances.

Faith said to Fengjon.

“Take off your shirt and lie down. I’ll put you down for now.”

“Are you going to do it right away?”

“I have nothing to do, so I’m going to spend my time putting acupuncture on you.”

“her! I’m good, but…”

I didn’t even expect to be healed by Shinui. He could be satisfied with just receiving treatment from his son. However, I had no choice but to be happy that God would treat me directly.

No matter how good his son’s medical skills were, they could not compare to Shinui.

Feng Zun hurriedly took off his coat and lay down on the floor before Shin Yi changed his mind.

Sinui took out a saliva and said to Pyowol.

“You guys should go outside. Because it interferes with concentration. If you’re bored, take a look around the doctor’s room. I don’t know what to see.”

Pyowol came out without saying anything.

Even if Shinui didn’t say so, I didn’t intend to watch.

It was not polite to peek at the secret acupuncture. Even if the moon has nothing to do with medical science.

It was time for Pyo-wol to look around the room.

“Who are you? I don’t think he’s a patient.”

Suddenly a cold voice was heard.

I turned my head and saw a woman in a suit walking into the dressing room with a middle-aged man.

The face of the beautiful woman, who appeared to be in her mid-twenties, was as cold as ice.

She glared at Pyowol with eyes as cold as her face.

“If it’s from the Black West, go back. Because we have absolutely no intention of selling Giga Uibang.”

“Even if the Black Western Ark comes directly, I can’t sell it, so stop your vain ambitions.”

The middle-aged man next to the woman also raised his voice.

Pyowol looked at their faces for a moment before opening his mouth.

“I have nothing to do with the Black West.”


“I’m not a guest, but I’m not an uninvited guest either.”

“How can you believe that?”

“Ask your grandfather when he comes out later. Because he came with the person he is treating.”


“I won’t lie to you as soon as I get caught.”

Pyowol’s answer softened the woman’s icy expression. But it didn’t completely loosen his mind.

“I’m sorry if you’re Grandpa’s guest. However, please understand our position, which has no choice but to be like this. As you can see, my nerves were on edge.”

The woman was Ki Seon-hye, the granddaughter of Sinui. The middle-aged man next to Ki Seon-hye was the Ark of the present Giga Uibang and her father, the Ministry of Defense.

The Ministry of Defense said while looking at the room of trust.

“Did your father have guests?”

The undesirable emotions were revealed in the eyes of the Ministry of Defense looking at the room.

If the medical science is a father who has reached the level of a god, it would be right to respect him. However, while Abi wandered around the world to devote himself to medicine, he was left alone at Giga Hospital to take care of patients.

Even when I got married, I was alone, and even when Ki Seon-hye was born, my father did not appear.

There was no way he would have good feelings for his father, who would appear whenever he could be forgotten, stay in the doctor’s room for a while, and then disappear suddenly.

While his father roamed the world, he received and taught disciples. He had been running Giga’s room with such difficulty, but one day even the sadobangpa called Black Seobang appeared and made it difficult for him.

Because of that, his mind was in a very impoverished situation.


The Defense Ministry sighed and entered the room where the apprentices took care of patients.

Ki Seon-hye looked at her father’s back for a while and then said to Pyo-wol.

“I don’t know what your relationship is with your grandfather, but please be quiet while we are inside. As you can see, there are many patients in critical condition, so stability is the top priority.”

“I will.”

“I will watch.”

Ki Seon-hye said coldly and went into the patient’s room.

I was treated badly unexpectedly, but I didn’t feel too bad.

“It seems that brusqueness runs in the family.”

Pyowol muttered and left the Gigaui room.

As soon as I stepped out of the shabby door, I felt numerous stares.

It was the look in the eyes of the poor, who had blocked the moon and prosperity a little while ago.

It didn’t show itself openly like before, but it was hiding and watching secretly.

If Pyowol or Pungjon did something stupid, they would risk their lives and jump out.

Just receiving this level of support from the poor showed how devoted Giga Hospital has been.

It’s been a long time since those who sacrificed like this for nothing.

Pyo-wol sat with his back leaning against the pillar next to the front door of Giga Hospital.

The sun was warm.

Pyo-wol took a rest with the hat attached to his blood jacket deeply pressed down.

I didn’t know how much time had passed.

The poor, who had been wary of it, no longer cared about pyeongwol, as if they were exhausted.

It was then.

Suddenly, a group of people appeared from the other side.

They roamed like wolves and walked straight toward Giga’s room.


“It’s the Black West.”

“Those scoundrels again?”

The poor were startled and whispered.

They spoke quietly, but in Pyowol’s ears it sounded like thunder.

‘Black West?’

Pyowol raised his head and looked at the approaching people.

twenty in all.

It gave off quite a ferocious spirit, but even so, it was a skill that did not reach the third class. Even if there was only one person called Gosu in Gangho, he could wipe them all out in an instant.

But even that level of force would pose a great threat to the poor. It was not for nothing that leisure reigned as king in a place where there were no tigers.

The soldiers from the Black West flocked like wild dogs and surrounded the front door of Giga Hospital.

They found Pyowol sitting with her back leaning against a pillar at the front door of the hospital.

“What is this again?”

“hey! What are you?”

The black western warriors looked at them with bewildered expressions.


Pyowol brushed his butt and stood up from his seat to look at them. Then, a man with a face resembling a mouse came out from among the black swords.

“What are you? The elders ask.”

He lifted his finger and tapped Pyowol’s chest.

In my opinion, it was an act of trying to look intimidating. The problem is that Pyowol’s body doesn’t move backwards at all even when he presses hard with his finger.

It was like poking a finger through steel.

“This baby ….”

The guy in the rat made his face and raised his hand.


At that moment, a light blow sounded.

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