Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 462

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 462

Episode 462

A carriage was passing over Guando.

The roof of the carriage was thickly covered with dust, as if it had come a long way, and the horse pulling it was clearly tired.

The driver from the coachman’s seat was a boy whose Attie hadn’t gone away yet. A mysterious girl sat beside him.

They were Doyeonsan and Eunyo.

On the roof of the wagon, Pyowol was lying on an arm pillow, looking up at the sky.

They broke up with the Zigong Corps in the female police and moved separately.

They deliberately stayed homeless without entering the city to avoid the prying eyes of Guryongsalmak. Thanks to that, I was able to get here without any problems.

Suddenly, Doyeonsan called Pyowol.


Pyowol stood up and looked at Doyeonsan. Then, Do Yeon-san pointed at the front with her finger and continued.

“It feels like a city.”



Pyowol looked in the direction Doyeonsan was pointing.

A fairly large city appeared on the horizon.

Soyang, the primary destination, was certain.

Then the carriage window opened and a young boy appeared.

The boy who looked younger than Do Yeon-san was Nam Shin-woo.

Pungjon was sitting next to Shinwoo Nam.

Feng Zun’s complexion was pale.

The wounds inflicted by Baek Ho-gyeong are still not healed.

While riding in a wagon, he focused on recovering from Ungong, but the internal wound was so deep that it was unreasonable to treat it completely.

For that reason, Feng Zun chose to move with Pian Yue.

It is true that Baek Ho-gyeong was seriously hurt by Pyo-wol and withdrew, but judging from his cruel and tenacious disposition, it was clear that he would not give up easily.

In that case, Poongjon thought that it would be better to move together using the Pyowol as a shield.

Pyo-wol accepted Pung-jon’s request and decided to move along with So-yang.

Soyang was a fairly large city.

Of course, there were quite a lot of members, and among them there were those who could be called names.

Feng Zun intended to receive treatment from them.

“There is a place called Gigauibang in Soyang. Giga Uibang is literally a medical room owned by Mr. Ki, and has been famous for its excellent medical skills since ancient times.”

“Was there such a place?”

“It is natural not to know. Because the owner of Giga Uibang has a strong sense of wanderlust, he is rarely in a state of sophistication. so it is not known Even if his descendants inherited only half of his medical skills, they would be able to easily heal my internal wounds.”

At Feng Zun’s words, Pyo Yue nodded.

There were many unknown factions in Gangho. Among them, there were places with mysterious abilities or great potential.

I thought Giga’s room was one of those places.

Pyowol said to Doyeonsan.

“Hurry up. Let’s go to Soyang today and sleep.”


At first glance, they look close, but in reality they are quite far away.

I had to move diligently to enter Soyang before the sun went down.

Do Yeon-san said to the horse pulling the wagon with difficulty.

“If you go there, I’ll give you good food and give you enough rest, so let’s work hard.”

His encouragement must have worked, and the horse gained strength and pulled the carriage.

Thanks to this, I was able to reach Soyang before sunset.

Soyang was a large city as seen from a distance.

It was surrounded by high walls, so you had to pass through the gate to get inside.

People were waiting in line in front of the gate to get inside. Officials and soldiers thoroughly checked their identities before letting them in.

Seeing this, Do Yeon-san put on a puzzled expression.

To avoid the eyes of Guryongsalmak, he has been hiding until now, but if he reveals his identity at the gate, all his efforts will go in vain.

Moreover, Pungjon was riding in the wagon.

When they find out that Fungjon has entered, the whole city will go into an uproar.

“brother? What do we do?”

It was when Do Yeon-san was making a gloomy expression.

Suddenly, someone approached his carriage.

A middle-aged man with a goatee who walked forward with a slight stoop.

He came naturally and looked up at the moon on the roof of the carriage.

“Pyo Daehyeop right?”

“Who is it?”

“Right. I am the golden coat of arms of Haomen Shaoyang branch.”


“yes! I was waiting for a communication from the Chengdu. You are here too.”

The golden skin smiled brightly.

He was the head of the Haomen Shaoyang branch.

It was fifteen days ago that Geumpisang received the letter from Gwian.

It was about when he would arrive, so he sent someone to cooperate.

The problem was the identity of the arriving person.

It wasn’t anyone else, it was Pyowol.

Pyo-wol was also a person who was particularly concerned with Hong Yu-shin, the superintendent of inspections.

If the person who really arrived was Pyowol, he could not send his subordinates. So, as the expected date of the arrival of the moon approached, Geumpisang came out to the city gate every day and wandered around.

Goldsmith said politely.

“Please follow me.”

He led the group in front of the city gate.

The soldiers did not stop him.

It’s because they know the identity of the golden skin.

He is a native of Soyang and has been managing it with great care since long ago. Thanks to that, I was able to pass through without incident.

Even though those who had never seen them before followed the golden coat and went into training, the soldiers did not even approach the wagon.

Thanks to this, Pyowol and his party were able to enter Soyang easily.

As soon as he entered Soyang, Geumpisang said.

“If you go inside along the main street, you will come across an inn street. Find the Hoyeongaek Cup among them. Since it is an inn operated by Haomen, you can go straight to the annex.”

“Thank you for your consideration.”

“no. It is a matter related to Pyo Daehyeop, so this is natural.”

In response to Eun-yo’s thanks, Geumpi-sang waved both hands.

Pyo-yue and Hao-wen were inseparable.

This kind of consideration was natural.

“You will be tired from coming a long way, so please rest. I’ll see you by myself in the evening.”

“yes! See you later.”


After Geumpi-sang gave Eun-yo a hug, he quickly disappeared.

Do Yeon-san drove the carriage as Geum Pi-sang had instructed.

After about a dozen or so horses, an inn street appeared. Among them, Do Yeon-san found the Hoyeon Gaek Cup.

It wasn’t too difficult to find a hoyeongaek cup. It was because I was standing in the best place.

As soon as they arrived, Jeomsoi came running quickly.


Jeom So-yi was also Hao-mun’s disciple.

He immediately recognized Pyowol’s true identity and continued.

“You can leave the horse to me and go into the annex.”

“Give me plenty of beans and oats because the horse is very tired from coming a long way. This can be happen?”

“sure. Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you.”

Jeom So-yi answered Do Yeon-san’s request with a bright expression.

“thank you!”

Doyeonsan threw a hermit to Jeomsoi.

Jeomsoi smiled brightly at the unexpected income.

While Jeom So-yi led the horse to Masa, Pyo-wol and his party went into the annex.

The outbuilding was surrounded by a high wall, so it was free from outside gaze.

It was like a place specially prepared by Haomen.

“Whoa! everyone suffered Have a good rest, everyone.”

Feng Zun spoke as if it were his own home.

As an outbuilding, the room was spacious.

There were enough left over even if each room was occupied.

Eun-yo and Doyeon-san Nam Shin-wu quickly occupied a room for themselves.

“I am here.”

“Sleep here.”

“ah! good night.”

All three of them were quite tired from the long journey.

Seeing the comfortable bed for the first time in a while, I already wanted to lie down.

Pyowol said.

“Let’s all wash up and rest until evening.”

“Your brother?”

“I’ll come and see the street atmosphere.”


Doyeonsan nodded, knowing that Pyowol had a habit of looking closely at the first place he came from.

Normally, he would have said that he would follow Pyowol, but now he wanted to take a rest after washing his body with cool water.

Then Feng Zun said to Pyo Yue.

“Good. I was going to go out too, let’s go together.”


“Now that I’m in Soyang, I’ll go to Giga’s room.”

“Go with me.”

Pyowol nodded.

I was curious about what Giga’s room was like.

Knowing a clinician with a mysterious medical technique was no different from carrying one’s own life as a spare.

Knowing this, he had nothing to lose, so he willingly accompanied Pungjon.

Pyo-wol left the annex with the hat attached to his blood jacket worn down.

Fengzon said.

“You must be tired too.”


“Because your face is so good. People remember it easily because it has such distinct characteristics, so shouldn’t you hide your face like that?”

“It’s okay to get used to it.”

“Girls must be very hot. When I saw your face, it was full of arrows.”

“Were you always that talkative?”

“Is it noisy?”

“that’s right!”

“The b*stard’s way of speaking… Tsk!”

He clicked his tongue with an expression that he did not like Fengjon. However, as I came with Pyowol, I understood what her temper was like, so I wasn’t particularly offended.

The two walked shoulder-to-shoulder along downtown Soyang.

The street was wide and clean.

Even the faces of the people passing by seemed full of vitality.

It was proof that the city system was well maintained.

“About here?”

Fengjon rummaged for a while at the center of the crossroads, then entered the western street.

As we went deeper into the west, a street with a different atmosphere appeared.

Shabby buildings on the verge of collapsing.

Pyo-wol noticed the identity of this place at once.

‘It’s a slum.’

In any city there are always slums.

On the outside, it looks just as glamorous, but on the other side, there are people who are struggling to live at the bottom of society.

Soyang was the same.

There were luxurious mansions and people wearing quality clothes around the main street, but there were poor people who were pushed helplessly on the back side of the city.


Poongjon also clicked his tongue as if he did not like the atmosphere in the slums.

“Is Gigauibang in a slum?”

“The moral of the Ki family is to practice ninjutsu at the lowest level. They have been here for generations and have never left. So it will still be there.”

“is it?”

“They are stubborn guys. If you possess that level of medical skill, you could go out to the downtown area and live comfortably in a decent house, but you continue to insist on living in the slums.”

It was a pungjon that looked down on everything in the world. However, even he put a ray of respect when he spoke of Giga Uibang.

It was a shocking sight enough for strong people who knew Pungjon well.

It was extremely unusual for such an arrogant and condescending person to rate another group so highly.

After wandering through the maze-like alleys for quite some time, Poongjon finally found Gigauibang.

“Here it is. Fortunately, it still exists.”

The place he pointed with his finger was a small motel.

Like any other house in the slums, the shabby mother-of-house looks like it could collapse at any moment.

The only thing left was the word “Uibang” written in bad handwriting next to the door.

It was to the point where I doubted whether this place, where the hinges were creaking as if the doors were about to fall, was indeed an intentional room.

Poongjon moved toward Gigauibang without hesitation. However, his steps had to stop after a while.

“Who are you?”


Dozens of poor people walked out from all over the slums and blocked Pungjon’s way. They surrounded Pungjon as if they were protecting Gigauibang.


Fengjon was stunned and let out a sigh.

It was because the behavior of the poor was funny and understandable.

For those living here, Giga Uibang was the only lifeline.

Giga Uibang provided medical treatment to the poor without any payment. It was to the extent that there was not a single person living here who had not been saved by Giga’s room.

So when a stranger approached Giga’s room, he blocked the way.

Among them, a particularly young and energetic-looking one spoke while scanning Poongjon and Pyowol’s body.

“I don’t think you’re suitable for this place. What brought you here?”

“I came to the doctor’s room to get treatment, why would you come?”

“No, you can get treatment at a good clinic in downtown, so why did you come all the way here?”

“haha! He’s a guy with a lot of spirit. Hehe!”

Feng Zhen laughed out loud.

For a moment, the poor people who had blocked his way all sat down, covering their ears. His brain was shaken after the lion’s death. It was no different from the young poor who talked to Poongjon.


Eyeballs bulged out as if they were about to pop out at any moment.

It was then.

“His temper is still the same. Stop harassing nasty people and come here.”

An old man walked out of the medical room, clicking his tongue.

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