Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 461

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 461

Episode 461

A hill surrounded by a fairly large pond with all kinds of beautiful flowers. There was a stylish pavilion in the center of the pond. A beautiful woman was sitting in a gorgeous pavilion.

The woman sat in the middle of the pavilion and stared blankly at Gasan.

It was an artificial addition.

I made it as natural as possible, but I couldn’t fake the human touch.

“Well-made is like me.”

He also did not learn martial arts naturally and accumulate achievements. made by force

Of course, she eagerly took advantage of the environment to enhance her achievements. Without that experience, she wouldn’t be where she is today.

Her name was Soyeowol.

So Yeo-wol looked at Gasan without moving, as if he had become a stone statue.

She moved when she felt someone from behind.

Someone was walking across the bridge connected to the pavilion.

A beautiful middle-aged lady approaching with four escorts.

The middle-aged lady, who adorned her body with all sorts of fancy ornaments, suddenly stopped and looked at Soyeowol.

The lady’s expression changed drastically.

“Why are you here?”

Her voice was clear.

Her eyes looking at Soyeowol were full of life as if she were looking at Cheolcheon enemy.

Soyeowol was a little surprised by the unexpected appearance of the lady, but soon returned to her original calm expression.

“Are you out?”

“Are you out? Do you think you dare to say such things to me?”

“There is nothing I can’t do.”


At Sawyerwol’s calm reply, the lady’s eyebrows rose to the sky. It was a look full of hostility.

If a person could be killed with just a glance, Soyeowol was no longer a living person. To that extent, her eyes were full of venom and murderous intent.

An ordinary person would have been intimidated by such a lady’s eyes, but it was not enough to shake Soyeowol’s heart.

Sawyerwol said calmly as if nothing was wrong.

“If you want to take a break here, I’ll drop you in. So let go of your anger.”

“You are really crazy. What are you entitled to say that you will yield to me?”

“Your heart is so full of anger. It would be nice to have it fixed. mother!”

“Who is your mother?”

The lady burst out screaming.

At her angry cry, the leaves fell and the fish swimming in the pond were startled and hid in the crevices of the rocks.

But Sawyerwol was still calm.

“I don’t want to call you mother either. But his name is so it can’t be helped, right? Please understand.”

“You must have greased the tongue for four years. Naughty b*tch!”

“Thank you.”


“Thanks to my mother, I came here. So, I am always grateful to my mother. I’m still thinking about how to get people to hear that I’ve repaid them well.”

“you you?”

The lady’s face reddened.

Sawyerwol looked at the lady with a cold smile on her lips.

In the past, noble ladies were so frightened.

When she got angry, he shrank, and when she was outraged, he was afraid and was busy hiding. However, looking back after a long time, the lady’s outbursts were nothing.

It was probably because he had grown up that much, but he didn’t know if it was because the lady hadn’t changed at all.

She was still the same as in Sawyeowol’s memory. didn’t grow at all. So I didn’t even know that she looked funny.

The lady said to her subordinates.

“What are you doing? Hurry up and don’t kneel for that insolent b*tch. I will punish myself.”

At her command, the subordinates looked at each other’s faces.

A puzzled look appeared on their faces.

It seemed hesitant to anyone.

But the lady gave the order, so I had to follow it.

They approached Sawyerwol and said.

The leader of the subordinates said.

“Please understand that we are also forced to do this because of orders.”


“You know? That we cannot disobey orders.”

In an instant, a line of iron caught the corner of Sawyerwol’s mouth.

That smile was so terrifying that the leader’s body stiffened.

Sawyerwol muttered.

“I can’t say anything about a dog obeying its master’s orders. But that doesn’t mean that there is no responsibility.”


In the unusual atmosphere of Soyeowol, the head soldier nodded to his subordinates.

They rushed at Sawyeowol with all their might.



Swords were pulled from their waists.

The four straight swords flew with the momentum to hack Sawyerwol’s whole body.

Even then, Soyeowol did not move. In a way, it seemed that he had no intention of avoiding it.

With her eyes half-open, she watched the Tao flying by.


Sawyerwol moved just before Jikdo touched his body.


She raised her white hand and shook it.

It seemed idle, as if chasing mosquitoes or flies. But what happened next was not so peaceful.


With a slight firing, the warriors wielding straight swords suddenly rolled their eyes and collapsed.

There were no screams.

Like a puppet whose thread had been cut, the warriors fell to the floor all at once. And never moved again.

In the foreheads of the warriors, silver needles were so fine that they were difficult to distinguish with the n.a.k.e.d eye.

It was an ox hair needle as thin as a cow’s hair.

The soldiers’ complexions turned black in an instant, as if the feathers were stained with poison. It was a typical symptom of poisoning.


The lady was startled and staggered back.

It was because he had never expected that So Yeo-wol, whom he had ignored so much, would have such a terrifying memory technique.

“you you?”

She was speechless and stuttered.

Saw Yeo-wol took a quick look at the men who had fallen on the floor and then approached the lady.

As Soyeowol approached, the lady withdrew.

The smile on Sawyerwol’s lips grew colder.

The moment she saw that smile, the lady felt a pain in her chest as if stabbed by a dagger.

Sawyerwol opened her mouth.

“mother! Oh, I know my mother doesn’t like to hear it, but I don’t have a proper title, so please forgive me for calling her that.”


“I know you hate me because I am the son of a concubine. Still, it was too much for my biological mother to sell her into slavery as soon as she died. Of course, a slave trader sold me to the bloody gang and raised me as an assassin. Do you know what I was thinking in that underground cavity where no sunlight shines?”

“How do I know that?”

“Thank you, Mother.”


“Thanks to my mother, I was able to develop a reading mind. I also gained a useful skill for killing people like this. It was the best training ground to train me.”


The movement of the noblewoman, who was pushed back by Soyeowol’s momentum, stopped. Her face was full of shame.

The fact that she was pushed back by So Yeo-wol, whom she used to look at lightly, made her feel ashamed.

The lady burst out screaming.

“Wouldn’t you rather just die? No, if you survived, why didn’t you live hiding out of my sight? Wouldn’t it have been so uncomfortable with each other?”

“My mother may be uncomfortable, but I am not uncomfortable at all. You have no idea how happy I am to see your face again.”

“You b*tch like Sagar!”

“That is the highest compliment for me. To expect. I will show you what a real Sagar is.”


As if to shake off her fear, the lady waved her hand at Soyeowol’s cheek. But it didn’t happen that her palm exploded on Sawyerwol’s cheek.

“It will end there.”

The lady’s actions came to an abrupt halt with a ghastly voice.

A cold touch was felt on the lady’s neck.

A dagger was placed against her neck.

The owner of the cold dagger is Song Chun-wu.

Before I knew it, he was standing behind the lady like a ghost.

“you you? Dare…”

“Please be polite.”

Song Chun-wu brought the dagger closer.

The lady’s complexion turned pale.

“You lowly b*stard…”

“You can curse at me as much as you like, but please refrain from talking to her. As you know, I’m a lowly guy and I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

Song Chun-wu’s tone was very polite. However, the meaning contained in it was not so kind.

Song Chun-wu removed the dagger from the noble lady’s neck and approached So Yeo-wol.

The lady, who looked at So Yeo-wol and Song Chun-wu with a contemptuous expression, turned and went back.

Sawyerwol looked at the back of the lady with a cool gaze.

“Even if I stay still, I will visit you someday, but you dare to come and argue with me.”

The lady was the hostess of this huge manor.

Except for Jangju, it could be seen that he had invincible power. But that was a story from several years ago.

Until she was sold to a slave trader, So Yeo-wol was just a helpless little girl. But now, having gone through years of hardship, she was a sharp sword sharpened in blue.

He could have killed the lady if he wanted to. However, the reason why he hasn’t touched it yet is because he has no choice but to look at Jang-ju to some extent.

The man who shared half his blood with her.

He was a cold-blooded man who neglected even though he clearly knew that he had been sold out by a noble lady.

In my heart, I wanted to win him right away, but I had to admit that I was still lacking in ability.

That was why she persevered.

So Yeo-wol looked at Song Chun-wu.

Song Chun-wu’s expression visibly hardened.

“Release your expression. It’s no big deal… Now that woman is no big deal.”

“It’s not because of her.”

“Then why?”

“The moon!”

“Pyowol? Why is he?”

“It seems he is in Guizhou.”

“What are you talking about? You mean you escaped from Sichuan to avoid our surveillance?”

Sawyerwol’s voice naturally rose.

“It seem to be like that.”

“Tell me clearly.”

“We have completely lost contact with those who have been placed on the road in the southern part of Sichuan Province.”

“Are you sure?”

“There has been no regular report coming in for several days already.”


Only then did Soyeowol’s expression turn serious.

It was an information network she had built with great care.

The absence of regular reports meant that a serious problem had arisen. If there was at least one survivor, a report was sure to come.

The fact that no report has come yet means that the information network in southern Sichuan has completely collapsed.

Song Chun-wu continued talking.

“And there was a clash of absolute adherents in Guizhou.”

“Absolute adherence? Are you sure?”

“It is certainly. Due to their fight, the downtown area of police officers was destroyed in half. It is impossible unless you possess the level of absolute mastery of force.”


“I wonder if one of them is Pyowol.”

“Why do you think so?”

“It is a feeling.”

“It’s a persimmon…”

If someone else had said this, I would have disbelieved. But knowing how keen Song Chun-wu’s intuition was, she couldn’t laugh it off.

“The Policewoman’s Street was half-destroyed?”


“Who is near the policewoman?”

“Everyone lives.”

“Can you move?”

“Are you going to use him?”

“If I could…”

“I’ll try to figure out a way.”


“i get it.”

Despite Song Chun-wu’s answer, So Yeo-wol did not let go of his hard expression.

“You mean the moon is coming?”

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