Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 460

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 460

Episode 460

It wasn’t until after an hour that Pyo-wol returned after chasing Baek Ho-gyeong.


Doyeonsan welcomed Pyowol.

“What about Pungjon?”

“I’m struggling with luck.”


“Baek… Hogyeong?”

“I missed it.”

“Did you miss your brother?”

Do Yeon-san was surprised.

This is because the picture of Pyowol missing the target was not drawn.

Once set as a target, Pyowol was the one who pursued it even to the edge of hell. It was hard to believe that such a Pyo-wol had given up on its target and returned after just one look.

Pyowol said.

“He wasn’t alone.”


“There were helpers. They stole the white tiger.”


“I need to wash up and get some rest. Tell me when Fengjon is finished with the ghost.”


Pyowol left Doyeon Mountain behind and went to the well behind the inn.

The front of the guesthouse, which was caught up in the fight of the absolute masters, was broken, but the back side was still intact.

Pyowol drew water from the well and washed his face.

As the cold water touched my skin, my mind became clear.

‘Baek Tiger!’

Pyo-wol chased after Baek Ho-gyeong with the determination to kill him. However, there was a group of people protecting Baekho-gyeong.

They stole the Baekho-gyeong, thoroughly erasing its traces.

Pyowol overpowered some of them and tried to torture them. But before that, they all committed suicide by bursting their heart veins.

Other than Guryongsalmak, I had never seen anyone throw away their lives like straw. But it didn’t seem like he belonged to Guryongsalmak.

If they belonged to Guryongsalmak, they would never have left Pyowol and escaped.

Pyowol roughly wiped the water off his face and sat down on a nearby rock.

Guryongsalmak alone made my head explode, but when Baek Ho-gyeong was involved, it became more complicated in my head.

Pyowol shook his head and checked his body condition.

No matter how much he said he lost his strength against Pungjon, his opponent was Baek Ho-gyeong, one of the eight constellations. His physical condition was not bad for facing such an absolute master.

It was then.

“Brother! Fengjon has finished the fairy tale of luck.”

Eunyo sang Pyowol.

Pyowol nodded and rose from his seat.

He followed Eun-yo to the place where Poong-jon was doing a fortune-telling.

Feng Zun stood up and greeted Pian Yue.

“Are you here?”

“Looks like you’re feeling fine.”

“I got better after doing Ungongyosang. thanks. Thank you for helping me…”

Pungjon greeted Pyowol with a fist.

It was unconventional for him to be so polite.

Fengjon was truly grateful.

If it wasn’t for Pyo-wol, not only himself but also Nam Shin-wu wouldn’t have been safe.

Because he had lived a long time, he had no regrets in life, but Nam Shin-woo was a flower that hadn’t yet bloomed.

If he had been harmed, Fengjon would not have forgiven himself.

“Thank you bro!”

Shinwoo Nam thanked Pyowol.

He was sitting next to Fengzon.

Pyowol brought a nearby chair and sat down.

“Is that the reason Baek Ho-kyung wants to capture Shin-woo?”

“right! He knows this child’s secret.”


“The dream of immortality is the final goal of all powerful people. It’s virtually impossible to capture the demon king, so we aimed for this child.”

“They will never be able to catch the ghost king.”

“what? That’s…”

Momentarily, Poongjon’s eyes shook.

He understood what the word Pyowol meant.

“Could it be that the ghost king is dead?”


Pyowol nodded wordlessly.

“Did you kill him?”

“I made friends with the life and death guest.”

“You mean you died together with the police officer? Huh!”

Fengjian let out a sigh.

He closed his eyes and was speechless for a while.

Both the ghost king and the living and dead were figures contemporaneous with him.

All of them enjoyed an era and were admired as masters of the river.

Their deaths felt like the end of an era they dominated.


Feng Zhen sighed once more.

They were two people who had hardly ever communicated.

Of course, I didn’t really make any friends. Even so, it was because of the homogeneity of living in the same era as them that did not feel like a stranger.

It was long after that that Fengjon spoke up.

“Are you aware of the bad relationship between them?”


“The Life and Death Man made the Ghost King, but he couldn’t completely control him. That’s why I’ve been chasing the ghost king for the rest of my life. Even he didn’t fully understand how the Demon King got such ability. In a way, the ghost king is like a mutant that appeared in Gangho. But he was able to survive so far because his martial arts were very strong. But CNU is different. Not yet weak.”

If the ghost king is a very artificial being, Nam Shin-woo was a special being that occurred naturally.

The secret of immortality he kept was rather closer to the source than the ghost king. There were quite a few people who thought they could become immortal if they could solve his secret.

“You have to protect Shinwoo from them. If Shinwoo’s ability is passed on to them, terrible things will happen. Immortal powers… What could be more terrible in the world?”

“Is that why Baek Ho-kyung is targeting Shin-woo?”

“Yes. He is the one who hired the Chilseongdang you killed before.”

Pyowol frowned slightly.

A long time ago, when he had just settled down in Seongdo, there were seven warriors who came to Seongdo following Shin-Woo Nam.

They called themselves Chilseongdang. And they all met their end at the hands of Pyowol. So, it has been connected with Pyowol for a long time.

“If Shinwoo falls into the hands of Baekhogyeong, terrible things will happen.”

“If it’s your strength, you can fight him on an equal footing, right?”

Today, he was defeated by Baek Ho-kyung, but it wasn’t because Feng-jon was weaker than him.

Pungjon was distracted because of Nam Shin-wu’s safety and was not in a situation where he could exert his full strength.

If Nam Shin-woo was hidden in a safe place and he fought with Baek Ho-gyeong, he did not know what the outcome would be.

“As you can see, Baek Ho-gyeong is not alone. There are forces that protect him. I can’t fight the White Tiger with all my might because I care about them.”

“Who are the asylum seekers?”


Suddenly, Feng Zun let out a sigh.

In an instant, his face was full of wrinkles, as if he had aged enough for ten years.



At that moment, Fengjon suddenly raised his head and looked up at Pyowol.

“Looks like your real name is correct. What secret is there in that name that you keep so tightly hidden? Do those who protect the White Tiger have anything to do with that name?”

“You really are…”

He shook his head as if he was fed up with wealth.

He was at a loss for words when he remembered the name that Baek Ho-kyung had said in passing, and when Pyo-wol mentioned it at this moment.

It was a name long forgotten.

I tried to erase it from my memory and never mentioned it.

When the names that had been sealed were mentioned by Baek Ho-gyeong and then by Pyo-wol, Poong-jon’s expression cracked.

His expression changed several times in an instant.

Pyowol captured every change that took place in his face.

Negative emotions such as regret and remorse came to mind in a row.

I don’t know what the story behind the name is, but it doesn’t seem like there are very good memories intertwined.

After thinking for a moment, Fengjon opened his mouth.

“Forget my name. Don’t even mention it anywhere. If you do something wrong, you will only get angry with you. Of course, I know you’re not afraid of such things, but it’s best to avoid problems if at all possible.”

“You don’t want to talk.”

“Tell me something else instead. Have you ever heard of the name Wuhu (血武后)?”


“I guess so. It’s a name that has been inactive for decades. Her original nickname was Dark Lady. But people remember her as the bloody warrior.”

Feng Zun paused for a moment and was lost in thought. Old memories that had been buried a long time ago came to mind.

It was difficult to bring it out, but once the memories surfaced, they came back as vividly as if they had happened yesterday.

“In the past, there was an organization called the Changchun Meng (蒼天盟). The Changchun League was a Moorim alliance created to fight against Shin Ma-ryun. At that time, Jahongcheon, the leader of the Changcheon, had three disciples. Among them, the youngest disciple is Dan Li-Yeon, the Dark Lady. She was truly a possessor of great talent. Above all, he was very chivalrous, so he was loved by everyone.”

“It has a long tail. Simply put.”

“bouncer! I don’t know the exact reason, but there was a time when Dark Lady Dan Li-yeon went crazy. He killed many enemies as well as allies. That’s why her nickname became Wu Hui. Because it killed so many people. In any case, the traitorous Heolmuhu disappeared after the fall of Xin Ma Lian. And secretly raised disciples and power.”

“Is Baek Ho-gyeong her disciple?”

“Yes. He is her only enemy.”

“Then, his subordinates must have been raised by the Emperor.”

“Accurate. Everything she left behind went into Baek Ho-gyeong’s hands.”


“He hates Cheonmujang and Gwangmumun.”


Pyowol did not change his expression at all. Then, Feng Zun thought that Pyo Yue did not understand what he was saying, so he supplemented his explanation.

“Do you understand why he hates Cheonmujang and Gwangmumun?”

“Is it related to Cheonmujang being the successor to Shin Mo-ryun?”

“Did you know that far?”

Pungjon was astonished.

It was because Pyo-wol casually told Kang-ho a secret that only a few knew about.

“How do you guys know that?”

Pyowol did not answer.

Because there is no reason to explain it to Poongzon.

The reason he found out about this was because of a police officer who was a life-and-death traveler. This is what he told me before he died with the ghost king.

Poongjon, who did not know that fact, could not help but be surprised that Pyowol knew the secret history.

“Shin Ma-ryun, the predecessor of Cheonmu-jang, was the enemy of Heolmu-hu in the first place, and Lee Gwak, the leader of Gwangmu-mun’s opening, gave her a big defeat. Due to a series of events, Wu Hui had great hostility towards the two factions, and those feelings were passed on to Baek Ho-gyeong.”

“It’s bad luck!”

“It’s bad luck. Bad ties formed once in Gangho are accumulated over several generations like this. So, you too, be wary of building bad relationships. Even at this moment, someone might be sharpening a knife to get revenge on you.”

After saying that, Feng Zun turned around.

In the end, Feng Zun didn’t say anything about himself. Still, Pyowol did not feel sorry for him.

The secret history of Baek Ho-gyeong and Cheonmu-jang was not known to Kang-ho at all. Knowing such a secret story meant that Pungjon was also a person related to it.

Poongjon’s efforts to hide his name as Jangcheonsa must be for a similar reason.

‘Ms. Jang…’

Pyo-wol quietly looked at Chang’s back.

The rear view was quite stubborn.

Pyowol got up from his seat and came out.

At that time, Lee Sin-pil, the owner of the Jagong Merchant Company, approached cautiously.

“Are you okay? Great deal!”

“What is the damage to the Zigong Merchant?”

“Very few.”

“I’m glad.”

“If Daehyup hadn’t blown Poongjon and Baekhogyeong out of the police station, the damage would have been greater.”

The time that Fengjon and Baek Ho-gyeong fought in the provincial district was only about one-on-one. In that short time, half of the downtown area collapsed.

It was a power beyond imagination.

If they continued to fight on the main street, the entire district would have been devastated. If that were the case, the Jagong Corps would never have been safe. So Sinpil Lee was infinitely grateful to Pyowol.

“sorry. The inn is broken, so I think I will have to sleep outside today.”

Sinpil Lee didn’t know what to do, as if the half-destroying of the inn was his fault.

Others were already setting up barracks in the yard of the inn and preparing to sleep.

Pyowol said.

“I don’t care, so you don’t have to be sorry.”


“And starting tomorrow, we’ll move separately.”

“yes? No matter what mistakes we make…”

“The reason we moved together with the Jagong Corps was to avoid the eyes of the watchers and move quietly.”

“I know.”

“But since you’ve been swept up in such a big incident, there will be people who will pay attention and dig into it.”

It was a major incident in which the provincial policewoman’s downtown broke up.

It was only a matter of seconds for Pyowol’s whereabouts to be exposed if a Munpa with some information was determined to dig up.

If they move together with Zigong, the traces of Pyowol will also be easily exposed. It was better for each other to move separately.

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