Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 459

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 459

Episode 459

He was a rich man who lived through the world with only his pride.

In any hopeless situation, he never once bowed his head or asked for help from others.

I would rather have bitten the knife backwards and hit my head to death. I never wanted to kill my pride.

If it was his own life at stake, he would not have asked Pyowol for help even if he died. However, Nam Shin-woo’s life was at stake, so he killed his pride and begged Pyo-wol.

Pyowol thought it was unexpected.

It was because he never thought that Pungjon would give Nam Shin-wu this much affection.

Nam Shin-woo was the same.

His face as he gazed at Pungjon contained a sense of desperation.

Pyowol blocked Pungjon’s way without thinking about it.

Baek Ho-kyung looked at Pyo-wol with angry eyes.

“Wouldn’t it be better not to?”


“You will regret it.”

“I already live with a lot of regrets. It doesn’t matter if it increases by one more.”

“Do you know who the author is?”

“Isn’t it rich?”

“The author’s name is Jang Cheon-sa.”


“You really don’t know. haha! This is so…”

Baek Ho-gyeong made a puzzled expression.

A sneer, as if he didn’t know that, naturally came across his lips.

Pyo-wol did not like Baek Ho-gyeong.

I didn’t like it from the start, but I didn’t like the looking down eyes even more.

Pyo-wol moved to Baek Ho-gyeong.

Like a stray cat, Pyowol’s footsteps made no sound, and the ridicule on Baek Ho-gyeong’s face disappeared.

A master can tell the level of his opponent just by looking at his movements.

Just by looking at Pyowol’s steps, one could grasp his martial arts characteristics and old age.

Baek Ho-gyeong spoke again.

“It is the last warning. If you step back from this point, I’ll do something that never happened. Do not regret and make the right choice.”


Pyowol did not reply.

Baek Ho-kyung’s expression darkened.

It was because he felt that his proposal hadn’t worked.

This was the first time in my life that I had been so thoroughly ignored. So, more anger erupted.

A hot fire soared in his chest, but his head was calm.

Apart from his anger, he is aware in his head that Pyowol is not an easy opponent.

While the opponent is conserving his strength, his internal strength has been depleted by more than half while dealing with Pungjon.

Regardless of the original inaction, the disadvantage was himself.

It will get worse as time goes on.

‘It ends with a quick decision.’

Thoughts were short, actions were quick.


Baek Ho-kyung spread out the cutting grass of Baengnyeonmancheon (白蓮滿天), a small number of white lotus flowers.

In an instant, countless dazzling white lotuses bloomed in the night air.

The petals of the white lotus fluttered as if they were blown away by the wind, and then landed on Pyowol.

It was similar in shape to the Tang Dynasty’s legendary memorization technique, Manchuriau (滿天花雨), and its power was also comparable.


Rivers formed in the form of petals penetrated Pyowol.


In an instant, Baekho-kyung’s expression softened.

This is because the figure of Pyowol, which was pierced by the strong wind, disappeared like a mirage.


In an instant, I felt the presence of Pyowol behind my back.

He stretched out his demonic illusion, tricked Baek Ho-gyeong’s eyes, and moved behind his back.

Pip Pip!

Like a poisonous snake, the three snakes aimed at Baek Ho-kyung’s throat. However, Baek Ho-gyeong was not an absolute master for nothing.

In an instant, self-defense flags swirled around his body.

The suhonsa, blocked by self-defense, lost her strength and bounced to the side.


Baek Ho-kyung dug into Pyo-wol’s arms and spread a handful of white lotus flowers.

It was a small number of white lotuses that could destroy anything.

Baek Ho-kyung was confident that he could make Pyo-wol unable to resist with just one blow.

White lotus water is a Jeolhak made to destroy the human body.

Its power was enough to tear apart even a three-foot-thick steel wall.

Pyo-wol did not avoid Baek Ho-gyeong’s Baek-ryeon small number and punched him in the face.

It was prison.

Baek Ho-kyung’s hand and Pyo-wol’s fist collided in the air.


With an explosion, the two were thrown back.


Baek Ho-kyung let out a quiet voice and balanced himself.

They were pushed back by ten paces from where they first collided.

This was the first time I had suffered such a loss in a head-on collision after learning the white lotus hand.

The hand that collided with Pyowol’s fist felt as if it had been crushed.

There was no way the hand trained with white lotus water would actually be crushed. But it was also true that he was shocked enough to feel pain.

‘What about him?’

Baek Ho-gyeong searched for Pyowol and blinked his eyes. But the moon was nowhere to be seen in his field of vision.

‘Did he collapse?’

Baek Ho-gyeong thought that couldn’t be the case.

Pyowol would have suffered as much as the shock he received, but he was not a human to fall down just that much.

If he was a person who would collapse so easily, he would not have earned the nickname Shinigami. To that extent, Pyowol was tenacious like a wolf and deadly like a poisonous snake. There was no way a being like that would back down from just this amount of damage.

See it!

Just then, a small crackling sound echoed from the side.

Baek Ho-gyeong opened the white lotus handful to the side.


At that moment, a strong wind like a thread hit his palm.

The finely condensed strong air pierced the palm and flew to the forehead.


Baek Ho-kyung gritted his teeth and waved his hand outward. With a hair’s breadth, the sasa river brushed his temples.

I could see Pyowol holding the Sasa River beyond the palm of my hand.

A white face that stands out even in the dark, more beautiful features than a woman, and a ray of red light shimmering in black eyes.

It was a look that fit the nickname of death.

If Shinigami really existed, it would be exactly like this. But I couldn’t stop admiring it.

Pyowol was an enemy that must be defeated.

It’s a tough enemy to the point where you have to risk your life to fight.


Baek Ho-kyung and Noseong spread out the elongated jeolcho.

Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam!

The air was torn and the earth exploded.

It was truly terrifying power.

However, Pyo-wol avoided all of his jeolcho by a hair’s breadth.


Pyowol came running, lying low on the ground.

The sight of Pyowol running in a curve like a poisonous snake moving was terrifying.

When the meandering walk, darkness, and black bloody clothes were combined, it was difficult to recognize the shape.

If it wasn’t for the red light that occasionally shines in the dark, it would have been impossible to even identify Pyowol’s whereabouts.

bang! Quaang!

Darkness was ripped apart from the white lotus handful. However, none of his attacks were properly heavy on Pyowol.

The moon was like a ghost.

Even the white tiger of the world felt chills down the spine at the movement of Pyowol.


The Sasa River pierced through the darkness and flew.

It was surprising that strong energy could be condensed like a thread. If the moon had not been his enemy, he would have genuinely admired it.

Baek Ho-kyung felt the need to bring out the secret number he had kept secret until now.


The air around the area has changed.

A tremendous weight weighs down the air as if the sky were collapsing.

It was hard to breathe, as if I was drowning in a swamp.

Baek Ho-kyung’s momentum was so great that even an absolute master like Pyo-wol felt the pressure.

The realm of public silence.

It was another fist that he learned.

It was the name of a legendary martial artist called Black Wu in the old days.

It has been honed and polished for a long time, and its power was close to that of Pacheonhwang (破天荒).

“Chaa! Heavenly pressure, heavenly world.”

Baek Ho-kyung shouted loudly and spread the best of the public domain to Pyo-wol.


In an instant, tremendous pressure was applied to Pyowol.

To weigh down the world with the weight of the sky.

That was the trick of Cheonjung Apcheon Ha.


The rocks and pebbles in the area under Heaven and Earth were crushed by the formidable pressure.

Rocks scattered to dust.

At the center of it was a pyowol.

“Damn it!”

The lion’s roar of the white tiger resounded.

He even operated a mysterious attack called latent power amplification grand attack.

The latent ability amplification grand ball is a monster that instantly extracts latent powers, and the aftereffects were severe.

It was a terrifying method that could lead to ruin if done wrong.

Even Dark Lady, who created the Potential Amplification Grand Duke, became a crippled person after using this technique. After that, through long-term research, she significantly reduced the harmful effects of potential amplification. Still, I couldn’t completely escape from the aftereffects, but at least it prevented me from becoming a disabled person.

The pressure pressing down on Pyowol doubled.

It felt like being crushed by a huge mountain.

Pyowol was unable to move even a single step and was frozen in place.

Baek Ho-gyeong smiled coldly.

It was worth the adventure.

It was then.

Suddenly, his gaze landed on Pyowol’s hand.

From Pyowol’s hand, a branch of the Sasa River stretched out. However, the direction Sasa River headed was strange.

It is not where the White Tiger is standing, but is extending in the wrong direction.

‘Didn’t it unfold because of the pressure?’

For a moment, I thought it wasn’t.

The Pyowol he experienced was not a person who could not spread his food under the pressure of just this much. If so, there will be other targets.

Baek Ho-kyung focused his eyes and scanned the Sasa River that stretched out from Pyo-wol’s hand.

The Sasa River continued to stretch.

The river, which was connected like a thread, was tightly wrapped around him like a spider’s web.


Instantly, a chill went down his spine, and a sense of extreme danger swept over him.


Then Pyowol pulled her hand.


The strong net that had spread around Baekhokyung was tightened as it was.

It was the technique of the landlord’s silver net (蜘蛛銀網).

Pyo-wol circulated around Baekho-gyeong and secretly laid out a silver net for Jiju.


Baek Ho-gyeong hurriedly pulled out his body into the air, demonstrating self-defence.

The reaction that reaped the heavenly pressure and the latent ability amplification grand attack came over.

The intestines and head were shaken. Still, he did not stop and threw himself with all his might.


Baek Ho-gyeong, who had barely escaped the favor of the landlord, let out a desperate scream.

He got out by a hair’s length, but his left wrist was cut off and he suffered long cuts to his side and shoulder.

The landlord’s silver net even cut off the self-defense.

Despite the excruciating pain, Baek Ho-gyeong hurriedly got up.

It’s because you know that it’s the end if you lie down in pain.

He hurriedly picked up his severed arm and flung himself backwards.

It was only after landing on a tall tree that was fifty feet away from Pyowol that he glared at it.

“You b*stard! I will never forget today.”

He didn’t even listen to Pyowol’s answer and threw himself into the darkness and disappeared.

Pyo-wol said to Do Yeon-san and Eun-yo.

“You guys take care of the rich.”


Pyo-wol hurriedly chased after Baek Ho-gyeong.

He never left any aftertaste.

Leaving an insignificant foe alone would lead to great regrets. Not to mention, in the case of an absolute master like Baek Ho-gyeong, there was no point.

I had to see the end when I could end it.

That was the nature of transcendentalism.

Pyo-wol disappeared in an instant in the direction where Baek Ho-gyeong disappeared.

“That, that…”

Seeing the scene, Fengjon gaped his mouth.

I had heard rumors that Pyowol was tenacious, but I really didn’t know it would be to this extent.

It was a tenacity beyond imagination.

If you become enemies with such a person, it will be impossible for the rest of your life to sleep with your legs stretched out at night.

“This is really absurd.”

Feng Zun shook his head.

Shinwoo Nam ran to Pungjon.

“Are you okay, Master?”

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