Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 458

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 458

Episode 458

The Blood Cloud Demon Lord has a strange feeling.

Because the rear was so quiet.

Heolungwimadae was basically trained to move secretly. It is training so that even if you run at full speed, you will not make footsteps like a cat.

Such light-gongbeop they called night-myohaeng (夜貓行).

Literally, as if the cat was galloping through the darkness, it made almost no sound. But I swear it wasn’t quite this quiet.

Even if it was quiet, it was too quiet.

It was as if no one was following behind.

‘no way?’

The Blood Cloud Demon Lord looked back.

For a moment, his eyes fluttered.

It was because half of the men who ran behind him disappeared without a sound. Instead, it was a white-faced woman who followed behind.

Blind girl with unfocused eyes.

The moment the belt in her hand flashed, the warrior of the Blood Cloud Demon Army who was running at the rear said ‘pick’ and fell down.

The blind girl silently took the body of the fallen soldier and laid it on the floor. And again, at a terrifying speed, he caught up with the tail of the Heolungwimadae.

“That’s that…”

Seeing that creepy appearance, the blood-luck demon lord couldn’t speak and opened his mouth wide.

It was only then that the warriors of the Blood Cloud Ghosts, who were running after him, sensed the strange atmosphere and turned around.



They also found the blind girl Eun-yo and spat out their guard.

I thought it was natural because I sent five of my colleagues. However, Eunyo was alive and well and was hunting her colleagues from the rear. And that too, while deceiving their senses.

“What is your year?”

The bloody cloud demon lord screamed and turned around.

The warrior warriors who followed him also changed direction and surrounded Eunyo.

Instead of answering, Eun-yo lifted the belt infused with air power.

A faint red light shone from the belt.

Her eyes were fixed on Nam Shin-wu, who was hanging from the side of the Healun Demon Lord.

Nam Shin-woo was completely treated like a piece of luggage. At least if you thought of them as equals, you shouldn’t have treated them that way.

Although yesterday was the first time I met Nam Shin-woo, I didn’t feel like a stranger.

Nam Shin-woo’s appearance reminded him of his miserable past.

Before he was saved by Pyo-wol, he himself was treated like that at So-ro-eum Temple.

That made me even more angry.


She burrowed through the blood clouds with terrifying speed.

The air-powered belt tore through the air like a sword. The blood cloud demons also swung their swords and attacked her.


A sound of metal exploded and they clashed.

Depending on how to inject air power, the belt became hard like a sword or soft like a whip.

It has all the tricks of sword and whip.


The warrior of the blood cloud demon band blocked the belt with a sword. In an instant, Eunyo changed the operation of gong power. Then the tight belt wrapped around the sword like a whip.


The warrior of the blood cloud demon raised his eyes wide.

The sword slipped out of his grasp before he had time to try. Eun-yo’s fingertips pierced his chest.


From her fingers to her wrists, she gently dug into Mu-ji’s chest like tofu.


The warrior screamed and sat down as it was.

He couldn’t survive even if his chest was pierced.

Muin just stopped breathing.

“This year!”

“Damn it!”

After seeing the deaths of their comrades, the warriors of the Blood Cloud Demon Corps attacked like crazy. However, Eun-yo avoided all of their attacks by a narrow margin. And attacked using the belt.


Sparks flew in all directions.

Having lost a comrade, the bloody cloud demons attacked regardless of fire or water.

Even though she was injured, Eun-yo was driven into a corner by the blood-cloud demons who rushed like demons.

Heolun Gwima Daeju threw Nam Shin-woo and threw himself at Eun-yo.

The sword in his hand aimed at Eun-yo’s neck.

By the time Eunyo noticed the surprise attack of the Healing Demon Lord, the sword had already reached his throat.

Eun-yo couldn’t react and just widened her eyes.


But the sword didn’t happen to touch her throat. A fist flew in from somewhere and struck the sword of Heolun Gwima Daeju.

“Let’s go together.”

In the darkness, someone who threw a fist appeared.

It was Doyeonsan who appeared in a hurry.

The whole body of Doyeonsan was covered with the blood of the warriors of the Heolungwimadae.

he asked Eun-yo.

“are you okay?”


“It was dangerous. Let’s go together next time.”


Do Yeon-san smiled as if she liked Eun-yo’s answer. But within a moment, his face turned cold as if it had been frosted.

If he had been even a little late to intervene, Eun-yo would have lost his life.

I don’t know anything else, but I could never forgive anyone who hurt Eun-yo.

Nam Shin-woo was already out of his interest.

His attention was focused on the Heolun Demon Lord.



A powerful fist flew towards the Blood Cloud Demon Lord.

The sword of Heolungwimadaeju also rose.


Martial arts and sword skills collided, and the forest shook greatly.

Eunyo muttered as she looked at Doyeonsan Mountain.

“That idiot!”

The order that Pyo-wol gave them was to save Nam Shin-woo. However, Do Yeon-san forgot Pyo-wol’s orders and was angry at the fact that he almost died, so he attacked only the blood-un-gwi-ma-dae-ju.

It was really stupid. But I didn’t like that blind tendency.

It made her happy that there were people in this wide world who lived looking only at themselves.


The fight between Pungjon and Baekhogyeong became more intense.

The area had already turned into ruins due to the confrontation between the absolute masters. At least, Pyo-wol threw them into the outskirts of Yeo-gyeong, so there were no victims, but if the fight continued in the downtown area, hundreds of people would have lost their lives by now.

Pyo-wol watched the two fight with his arms crossed.

At this point, I had no intention of intervening further.

Instead, what he did was observe.

Pungjon and Baekhogyeong are almost unknown to the world about their lives.

One was one of the Three Lords, and the other occupied one of the eight constellations.

For a long time to have reigned at the top of the stronghold, it was right that his life history should be revealed to some extent.

Even Pyowol’s life history was known to some extent. However, even the minimum information was not known about the two people fighting now.

If you reach the level of an absolute master and occupy a high position in the powerhouse, of course you will attract people’s attention.

Many dug into the past, and intelligence groups like Hao Mun attacked like a herd of wild dogs, biting and biting at the slightest suspicion.

If you dig like that, even small things will come out. But the two of them had none of that.

Even Haomen couldn’t figure out their personal history.

It was impossible with common sense of Pyowol.

In order to avoid the attention of Hao Mun, who is like a wild dog, he needed the protection of a force comparable to him.

If you find out the source of their martial arts, you will be able to find out the sect that protects them.

Pyowol focused his energy on his eyes and watched their fight.

Baek Ho-gyeong mercilessly attacked Poong-jon by using the Jeolhak called Baengnyeonsosu. His number of days contained incredibly powerful destructive power.

bang! bang!

Huge boulders shattered like sand, and the ground stirred, exposing the flesh.

It had unbelievable destructive power that could be exerted with bare hands.

On the other hand, Pungjon’s martial arts were blatant.

Like the nickname Pungjon, he freely roamed the wind.

It condensed the wind and flew like a blade against the white lotus.


Pyowol, who had been watching their fight for a long time, let out a quiet voice.

It was because the two of them seemed quite used to each other.

When Baek Ho-gyeong spreads a small number of Baengnyeon jeolcho, Pungjon countered by unfolding the best jeolcho as if he had promised.

Of course, it could have been because Pungjon’s martial arts were supreme.

When they reached that level, they were able to respond immediately just by seeing the opponent’s movements. However, no matter how fast the reaction was, it was not possible to match the sum as promised.

It was either one.

Either they have known each other for a long time and know each other’s martial arts, or they have recently clashed a lot and know each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Pyo-wol thought it was most likely the former.

Looking at the way they looked at each other and the contents of their conversation, it was clear that they had known each other for a long time.

‘Pungjon and Samseongjwa have known each other for a long time? Even Haomen didn’t have that kind of information.’

It was a time when the question of Pyowol grew.


Suddenly, the presence of Fengzon grew.

A raging wind that was incomparable to his body was raging through his whole body.

Poongincheon Hwansal.

It was the best season that Pungjon had.

A heinous trick that carries blade-like strong wind to the wind and blows it like a storm.

It was a reading technique that only Pungjon could use.

Baek Ho-gyeong’s hand against him shone white.

I felt an unprecedented amount of gong power gathering in my white hands.

It was Baeknyeonpahwang (白蓮破皇), the first cut plant of a small number of white lotus.


Along with his spirit, the two strongest supernatural powers collided.


It was a clash of strong and strong forces.

The aftermath was by no means light.

A dazzling light spread in all directions, and a hollow in the middle of the ground appeared as if a meteor had fallen.

A large tree was uprooted, exposing its roots, and a rock the size of a house flew away and rolled.

Both Poongjon and Baekhogyeong were pinned to the ground.

It was pitiful to see both of them struggling with severe injuries.

Among them, the one who suffered the most was Pungjon.

Fengjon’s side was split long, showing his internal organs.


Feng Zun desperately covered the wound on his side. Still, the blood continued to pour out.

If more blood was shed like this, his life or death could not be guaranteed.

Baek Ho-kyung’s wounds were also serious.

He was barely standing, covered in blood. But his eyes were still grim.

So it felt even creepier.

Baek Ho-gyeong staggered and approached Pung-jon.

“Hehe! You didn’t know that this day would come, right? Chang Angel.”

The moment his name was called, Fengjon raised his head and looked at Baekho-gyeong.

Even in a state of confusion, he reacted to his real name.

Jang Angel!

It was a name long forgotten.

For decades, he was called Pungjon instead of his real name, and he himself forgot his real name.

But now, for the first time in decades, I heard my real name from Baek Ho-kyung.

Feng Zhen asked with difficulty.

“How did you… do that?”

“Did you know that there are eternal secrets in the world? Chang Angel!”

Baek Ho-kyung’s eyes sparkled with life.

Even if it wasn’t so, there was no yaksha that came up from hell when the bloody face even contained the intent to kill.

Poongjon stared at the Baekho-gyeong approaching like a yakcha.

Baek Ho-kyung’s murderous intent was conveyed vividly through the air.

I could feel Baek Ho-gyeong’s anger, as if he had to take himself seriously to relieve his anger.

Poongjon understood Baekhojing.

If I had been in his position, I would have done the same.

Not far from him was an epitaph.

If you ask Pyowol for help, you will be able to escape this crisis. But I didn’t want to.

The moment he heard his real name Jangcheonsa, he lost his will to live.


He let out a deep sigh and closed his eyes.

He was about to accept death. But at that moment, the boy’s desperate voice was heard.


It was a familiar voice.

When I opened my eyes and looked, I saw Nam Shin-woo running with Doyeonsan and others.

Nam Shin-woo was shedding tears as he saw Poong-jon in a state of disrepair.

Seeing Nam Shin-woo calling him anxiously, Poong-jon felt something welling up in the depths of his heart.

It was a thirst for survival.

He turned his head and looked at the moon.

“Help me.”

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