Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 457

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 457

Episode 457

The black shadows smelled like a white tiger.

All of them smelled of insincerity and danger.

Blood cloud demon band (血雲鬼魔隊).

They were the limbs of Baek Ho-gyeong.

Normally, it was a military organization that tours the river alone, but only accompanies it when there is a special event.

Poongjon was never an easy opponent.

His strength was equal to Baek Ho-gyeong.

Even Baek Ho-kyung was a strong enemy who could fight on an equal footing even at the risk of his life.

If it was a fight of pride or a public match, I would have dealt with him alone. He was also a warrior whose pride pierced the sky.

However, what he was doing now was a very cowardly act, and he decided to be a little more mean because he had become cowardly.

There are a total of 20 Blood Cloud Ghosts.

Each of them were masters possessing the ultimate in power.

What is particularly frightening about them is that they are proficient in both group and interpersonal warfare. In particular, deep night when the darkness fell was the time when their power was maximized.

Baek Ho-gyeong threw Nam Shin-wu, who was wearing it on his side, to the bloody cloud demon.

“Give me that child.”

Poongjon threw his body and tried to snatch Nam Shinwoo from the middle. But the white tiger stood in his way.

“Your opponent is me.”

“Are you going to see blood? The manger!”

Poongzon’s long cloth swelled up.

I felt a tremendous sense of intimidation from him, whose hair was scattered and shimmered like seaweed.

Baek Ho-kyung’s expression darkened.

It was because the momentum felt from Pungjon was no joke.

Baek Ho-gyeong gave the order to the blood-cloud demon corps.

“You take the child and get out of here.”


Heolun Gwima Daeju replied with Nam Shinwoo wrapped around his back.

He immediately left the battlefield with his men.


Feng Zun unfurled his Feng Yang sword at him.


It didn’t happen that the sword of Poongyang touched the sword of blood. Before I knew it, the Baek Ho-gyeong blocked it.

“Did you tell me? Your opponent is me.”

“Are you going to see the end?”

“I always didn’t like how you pretended to be aloof. You pretend to be noble and clean by yourself, but in the end, isn’t your foundation the same as ours?”

“Shut up!”

Baek Ho-kyung’s words must have touched Yeok-rin, and Pung-jon was very angry.

He rushed at the white tiger without hesitation.


A raging wind whistled through his whole body.

As it was, he collided with the White Tiger.

Quaang! bang!

A continuous explosion rang out.

Poonyang’s Poongyang Sword White Tiger’s White Lotus Handful.

All of them were among the best scholars in the world.

Their clash brought disaster to the policewoman.


The huge palace collapsed and the wall collapsed.


“help me!”

There was no Asura Hell Road.

People screamed and ran out of collapsing buildings.

Eunyo said to Pyowol.

“Brother, will you just watch?”

She had a distressed expression on her face.

Ominous air waves filled the sky over the policewoman. For her, who has more sensitive senses than anyone else, this ominous atmosphere was very painful.

Do Yeon-san also looked at Pyo-wol with the same expression as her.

“calculation! What!”



“You guys, come find Shinwoo.”


“all right.”

The two jumped at the same time as they answered.

In an instant, they disappeared in the direction where the Heolungwimandae disappeared.


Even at that moment, Poongjon and Baekhogyeong were fighting fiercely.

They were two people beyond human limits.

The fight between the two strong men with the best armed forces was destroying the downtown area of the city called Yeo-gyeong.

If left as it is, not a single building in the area would remain intact.


Sasa River was extracted from Pyowol’s hands.

An intangible force that cuts through the darkness.

Poong-jon and Baek Ho-gyeong immediately noticed the subtle power that ordinary people could not detect.



Although the two were surprised by the sudden intervention of Pyowol, they raised their self-defense and protected their bodies. However, the reason Pyowol flew the Sasagang was not to attack.


Sasa River wrapped the two in self-defence.

Pyowol swung the Sasa River with all his might and threw their bodies far away.



Fengjon made a puzzled expression, and Baek Ho-gyeong was furious.

It was because he never imagined that he would be thrown like this by a young warrior like Pyowol.

As absolute masters, both of them did not suffer any injuries. But it was enough to crack his lofty pride.

Fengjon and Baekhogyeong landed on the outskirts of Yeogyeong.

Pyowol also threw herself away and landed lightly near them.

Baek Ho-kyung rolled his eyes.

“What are you doing? bantling!”

“If you are going to fight, fight so as not to harm people.”


Sparks flew from Baekho-kyung’s eyes.

No one had ever dared to say such a thing to him.

“When Gangho praises you as the god of death, you don’t know how scary the sky is. Do you think I am afraid of you and leave you alone?”

The life in Baek Ho-kyung’s voice was truly frightening.


“100 million!”

People living on the outskirts of Yeo-gyeong collapsed foaming at the mouth just by hearing his voice.

When martial arts reach the highest level, a person can be killed with a single word.

The Roar of the Lion that Baek Ho-kyung is currently playing was similar to him.

However, the lion’s roar could only work for those with weaker internal energy or those who had not mastered martial arts.

Both Pungjon and Pyolwol were masters with military power that rivaled him.

Although his heart was slightly shaken, he was not particularly affected.

Pyowol opened his mouth.

“If you are going to fight, fight where no one is.”


“Because of you, the inn is broken and I have to sleep.”

“You mean you intervened for just that reason? dare! In this event of the body…”

Baek Ho-kyung’s anger soared to the top of his head.

He couldn’t hold back his anger and rushed at Pyowol.

“Your opponent is me.”

At that time, Pungjon blocked the gap between Baekhogyeong and Pyowol.

“Get out of the way!”


Poongzon unleashed the Poongyang sword with all his might.

It was quite far from the private house, so I was able to fight with all my might without neglecting the situation.

Just before Pungjon clashed with Baekhogyeong, he glanced at Pyowol.

‘If you’re the author…’

I don’t know Pyo-wol well, but I knew that he cared for Nam Shin-woo.

Even if it wasn’t fair, he certainly cared for and protected the people within his fence.

If he had that type of personality, he would never leave Nam Shin-woo alone. That’s why he was able to stop worrying about Nam Shin-woo and do his best.




A storm raged on the outskirts of Yeogyeong.


“My God!”

“What kind of lightning is this?”

Lee Shin-pil and Ku Sang-hak looked at the half-destroyed inn and muttered devastatedly.

The guesthouse, swept up in the fight between Poongjon and Baekhogyeong, was no longer in a state where guests could sleep.

At least the pillar was endangered, but I did not know when it would collapse.

No one expected that the inn, which had come to sleep comfortably, would break like this.

Lee Shin-pil said to the upper rank soldiers.

“Come on, check the condition of the horses and goods.”


The soldiers at the top were busy moving.

Fortunately, they learned martial arts, so they reacted quickly and were able to escape. Among the general public, there were many people who were crushed under the wreckage of the inn.

“You guys rescue the wounded with me.”

Geoseohak took some of his men and rescued those who were under rubble.

Sinpil Lee looked around with a tired expression.

The battle between Fengjon and Baekhojing here was only for a brief moment. However, in that short period of time, the downtown area was completely destroyed to the extent that it was impossible to find its former appearance.

If the moon hadn’t intervened and blown them away, there would have been huge casualties.

Sinpil Lee sighed.

“Isn’t it against the logic of the world that such people exist? Why did Heaven give such power to an individual?”

Even though it was strong, it was too strong.

The power of one individual can shake the order of the world.

It was questionable whether a single warrior could have such power.

“However, Pyo Dae-hyeop intervened, and without him, this street would have been completely destroyed.”

He was grateful that Pyowol intervened, even if belatedly.

Under his command, the people of the Zigong Corps managed to resolve the situation in an orderly manner.

Fortunately, all things and words were fine.

If I endured well tonight, I felt like I could leave right away.


Sinpil Lee let out a sigh of relief.

Now, I thought I would just have to wait for the return of Pyowol and Doyeonsan in peace.

“Are the kids okay anyway?”

He recalled Eunyo and Doyeonsan, who tracked down the bloody cloud demons.


Doyeonsan ran through the darkness at a terrifying speed.

The traces of Heolungwimadae escaped from the police station and continued deep into the mountains.

Heolungwimadae was secretive like a snow leopard.

As soon as they escaped, they sprinted with all their might.

Keeping up with them was never easy.

It was all the more impossible for an idiot warrior like Do Yeon-san who had not learned a single follow-up technique to pursue.

Even so, it was entirely thanks to silver that I was able to track without falling behind.

Eunyo was running through the darkness at such a terrifying speed that it was hard to believe that she was blind.


As Eunyo said, I turned left.

“I crossed the creek here.”

She traced the hemorrhoids precisely as if she were seeing them with her own eyes.

Do Yeon-san did not have the slightest doubt and moved as Eun-yo instructed.

It was when I jumped over a fairly wide stream at once.


Suddenly, black air came flying.

The tail of the blood cloud demon band noticed the pursuit of the two and attacked.


Five people broke away from the group and ran towards the two.

Their momentum breaking through the darkness and running was unusual.

Do Yeon-san condensed her energy into her fist and threw it out.


With an explosion, the three of them were thrown back. However, they soon rushed back to Doyeonsan as if nothing had happened.

He swung his sword to dissipate the energy before the fist hit.



Their eyes flashed fiercely.

While dealing with them, Do Yeon-san glanced at Eun-yo.

I was worried about Eun-yo.


At that moment, a sharp cutting sound was heard.

At the same time, the warriors who rushed at Eun-yo fell down with blood spattering from their necks.

Eun Yao killed them all at once.

A belt was in her hand.

A black belt was no ordinary item.

Dangsochu is a cavalryman made by mixing Cheonjamsa and silver thread with strong elasticity.


Eun-yo chased after the rest of the blood cloud ghosts and disappeared into the darkness in an instant.

“Go with me!”

Doyeonsan hurriedly shouted.

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