Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 456

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 456

Episode 456

Eunyo kept her mouth shut.

It was because he instinctively felt that Pungjon was different from ordinary people. It was the same with Doyeon Mountain.

‘The interest is dangerous!’

Both of them had one thing in common: they were not normal people.

Eun-yo received an unknown great law at So-roe-eumsa, and Do-yeon-san was encroached on by the ghost king.

It is far from ordinary.

On the other hand, Pungjon’s identity is unclear, but his essence was on the Taoist side. Because of that, he feels uncomfortable with the two people who are inconsistent with the logic of the world.

The emotions the two felt were similar.

If it hadn’t been for Pyowol in this place, they would all have escaped. To that extent, Pungjon was an uncomfortable existence.

An intrinsic sense of rejection that has nothing to do with martial arts.

That was how they felt for each other.

Pyo Yue asked Feng Zun.

“Where to sleep?”

“I couldn’t find a place to eat, so would you have asked for a place to sleep?”

“Sleep here. I’ll get you a room.”


Instead of answering, Pyowol called one of the soldiers from the Jagong Corps.

“If you have a spare room, give me one.”

“All right.”

Mu-in answered without asking why.

Anyway, this inn was no different from having been borrowed by the Zigong Corps in its entirety. It wasn’t even a matter of removing one room.

When Mu-in stepped back to report to Shin-pil Lee, Pung-jon said.

“thanks! To be honest, it was an embarrassing car.”

“It wouldn’t have been difficult to find a room if you were as strong as you.”

“If everything is solved by force, how is it different from Sapa’s group?”

“But it is also true that it is useful.”

“Don’t say anything you don’t mean, just be honest. What are you doing here?”

“Then why did you come here?”

“Did you tell me? Somehow it came all the way here.”

Pyowol stared at Poongjon.

Except for the nickname Pungjon, everything is hidden behind a veil of secrecy.

No one in Kang-ho knew Pung-jon’s past and true identity.

Pyo-wol also once asked Hong Yu-sin of Hao-mun about the identity of Pung-jon. However, Hong Yu-sin also did not know the identity of Poong-jon.

“How long are you going to stay here?”

“It will depend on the situation. Then why are you with them? Of course he didn’t get a job at the upper ranks.”

“It’s just that we have the same destination, so we’re just going together.”

“Where is your destination?”

“We’re not close enough to talk openly.”

“but! It’s been so long since I’ve seen you, so I was a bit mistaken. We were never good friends.”

Feng Zhen’s eyes sank deeply.

It was Pungjon who once contemplated whether to kill Pyowol for the sake of the world. Even now, I didn’t think of Pyowol so well.

Pyo-wol was one of the names I heard the most while touring Nam Shin-woo and Kang-ho.

Sasin Pyowol.

The name was now synonymous with fear.

As far as Pungjon knew, it was the first time that an assassin-turned-warrior had fully revealed his presence in the world.

It was truly an unprecedented event.

Nam Shin-woo said excitedly, not knowing his complicated intentions.

“How is Sochu-hyung doing?”

“I am doing well.”

“thank god.”

“Stop by the saints sometime. Because prosecution is waiting.”

“I want to do that too, but…”

Nam Shin-woo glanced at Pung-jon.

It meant that he could not go without Pungjon’s permission.

Pyowol’s gaze suddenly turned to Poongjon’s sleeve.

His sleeves were stained red. It was clearly bloodstained.

Blood stains were also visible on Nam Shin-woo’s sleeves and clothes.

‘They were the ones who killed the bandits.’

The scars left on the bodies of the bandits were caused by the Poongyang sword, the name of the Pungjon.

It was clear that Nam Shin-woo had inflicted the wounds that seemed immature.

Perhaps Poongjon was conscious of Pyowol’s gaze, so he hid the bloody part.

At that time, Nam Shin-woo asked cautiously.

“Who is that brother and sister?”

“ah! say hello Do Yeon-san and Eun-yo live with me.”

“Nice to meet you, Yeonsan-hyung! Eunyo sister!”

Nam Shin-woo first pretended to know the two.

“hi! nice to meet you.”

“Did you say Shinwoo? nice to meet you!”

Do Yeon-san and Eun-yo also greeted Nam Shin-woo.

Although Pungjon was a bit annoying, I felt a strange sense of affinity with Nam Shin-woo.

They laughed and chatted as if they had known each other for a long time.

Pungjon’s complexion darkened when he saw Nam Shin-woo’s normally dark face full of laughter.

‘I don’t know if I’m really good at it.’


Feng Zun unknowingly let out a deep sigh.

If Jeom So-yi hadn’t served the meal at that moment, the atmosphere would have sunk heavily.

“Let’s go eat.”

“looks delicious.”

“thank you for this food.”

The three children hurriedly started eating.

Although they came separately, all three children had come a long way and were very hungry. They hurriedly stuffed the food into their mouths.

Because of that, the conversation was interrupted for a while.

Poongjon looked at the children for a while and then spoke to Pyowol.

“Would you like a drink?”


“Then I will have to drink alone.”

Despite Pyo Yue’s refusal, Feng Zun did not put on a bad expression.

Because they know that alcohol is taboo for assassins.

Fengjon called Jeom Soi and ordered a bottle of wine.

Pyo-yue ate quietly, and Feng-jon did his own work alone.

The night went on like that.


The room assigned to Pyowol was quite large.

There were three bunks, each occupying one.

Even without checking, I could tell that Lee Shin-pil was considerate.

Lying on the bed, Eun-yo turned her head and looked at Pyo-wol.

“What kind of person is my brother Pungjon?”

“The most secretive person in the world.”

“As expected. Somehow I couldn’t read anything.”

It was Eun-yo who learned the mind.

Quite a few people could tell what kind of intentions they were harboring even if they met just once. However, even with her mind’s eye, she could not read Poongjon’s true intentions.

It was as if a huge barrier had been erected in my heart.

The barrier was so high and so hard that she couldn’t see through. It was the first time since Pyowol that the mental barrier was so strong.



“I have a bad feeling.”



Eunyo blurted her horse’s tail.

I wondered if it was not for nothing that I mentioned something that could not be explained in words.

Pyowol said.

“People who have many secrets are hard to believe easily. There is nothing wrong with your feelings, so there is no need to blame yourself.”

“Does your older brother feel that way too?”

“I didn’t like him from the first time I saw him.”

When he first met Pyo-wol, Poong-jon had a murderous intent.

At that time, the achievement of Pyowol was not up to Plenty.

Had he confronted him head-on, he would have died at the hands of Feng Zun.

Fortunately, it passed without incident, but Pyo-wol never forgot the memory of the time.

Even so, he endures because Nam Shin-woo is still alive thanks to Pungjon.

Regardless of personal feelings, Nam Shin-woo was able to breathe and live because of his abundance.

Pyowol looked up at the ceiling with his arm pillow on.

Doyeon-san must have been tired and fell asleep already.

I couldn’t concentrate because of his snoring.

Suddenly, Eun-yo became quiet.

She, too, fell into a daze.

However, Pyowol could not easily fall asleep.

For some reason, my heart was confused.

Whenever he felt like this, Pyowol knew that something bad had happened.

Pyowol eventually gave up sleeping and came out.

After coming out, Pyo-wol walked around the guesthouse yard alone.


As if noticing that there was no presence, Gwia rode down to the floor.

Guia moved along the leopard and inhaled the outside air.

Pyowol noticed that Gwia’s appearance had changed a little.

The small horns on his head grew a little bigger and the color became clearer.

When Pyowol stretched out his hand, Guia naturally came up on top of his palm.

Guia stared at Pyowol with bright red eyes. Pyowol also looked into Guia’s eyes.

Pyowol and Gwiah looked into each other’s eyes and communicated.

Ordinary people would think snakes are disgusting, but Pyowol didn’t think of anything like that. On the contrary, it felt very lovely.

Gwia used Pyowol’s body as a playground equipment and whirled around freely.

Pyo-wol closed his eyes and enjoyed the feel of the glaive on his skin.

I didn’t know how much time had passed.

Suddenly Guia raised her head and looked at Ya Gong.

At about the same time, the moon also looked in the same direction.


Immediately after that, an explosion broke out in the inn.

As if a meteor had fallen, the roof of the guesthouse where Pyowol had been staying had burst open.



Shortly thereafter, two men came out through the gaping hole.

An old man with flowing silver-white hair and a man in his early fifties.

They sprayed water at each other.


“Don’t be afraid. Chasing them all this way…”

They were Pungjon and Baekhogyeong.

Baek Ho-gyeong sprayed Pungjon as if he had met Cheolcheon’s enemy.

The problem is that the power of the grass he spreads was so heinous that all the buildings in the area were destroyed.



All the guests staying in the inn came out due to a sudden thunderbolt. Most of them had learned martial arts, so they reacted promptly, otherwise they would have died from being crushed by rubble.

In the dark, Baek Ho-kyung’s hands glowed white.

Baek Ho-gyeong’s non-jeolhak was Baekryunsosu (白蓮素手).

Baengnyeonsosu had tremendous destructive power to the extent that it was ranked within three fingers among all handicrafts.


Every time Kyung Ho Baek swung his hand, the entire area exploded like a thunderclap.

It was truly formidable power.

However, Pungjon’s martial arts against the Baekhogyeong were never far behind.

He brought his index and middle fingers together and took the sword grip.

Powerful energy gathered above the sword.

It was the Pungyang Sword, the name of the Pungjon.

Fengjon swung the Fengyang sword as it was. Then, a blade-like wind arose and clashed with the white lotus minority.


An unprecedented explosion occurred.

Fortunately, this clash took place in the air and did not damage the guests.



Do Yeon-san and Eun-yo escaped from the inn and joined Pyo-wol.

At least they reacted quickly, so they didn’t suffer a single wound.


“Oh! Is that person yesterday?”

Do Yeon-san recognized Baek Ho-gyeong.

Eun-yo also frowned and said.

“Why is that person?”

One was one of the Eight Constellations, and the other was a master who belonged to the Triad.

Both of them were absolute masters who commanded the strong.

Although he did not belong to a special force, he reigned at the top of the stronghold with only his own strength.

Suddenly, Pyowol frowned.

I saw that Baek Ho-gyeong was carrying someone by his side.

Seeing his limbs swaying helplessly, he seemed to have lost his mind.

The problem is that In-young, who is shaking so weakly, is a person that Pyo-wol also knows.

“pelvis of the kidney!”

The person who was subdued by Baek Ho-gyeong and lost consciousness was Nam Shin-woo.

Fortunately, the chest ups and downs didn’t seem to be dead.

Poongjon reached out his hand to Shinwoo Nam.

“Give me the Shinwoo.”

“Pungjon! I will take this child.”


Feng Zhen was very angry.

At that moment, Baek Ho-kyung raised his hand.

Black shadows rose on the roof of the mansion around the inn.

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