Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 454

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 454

Episode 454


The woman let out a light sigh and got up from the bed.

The bright sunlight gently caressed her n.a.k.e.d body.

The woman frowned for a moment and looked out the window. Even though it was covered with a thick cloth, the sunlight crept in.

The woman immediately moved her gaze to the bed.

A man was sleeping next to her.

The woman’s fingernail marks were clearly visible on the man’s back. The man was still unable to get out of the soma, probably because he had loved so intensely last night.

The woman looked at the man’s face for a moment and then got up from the bed.

In one corner of the room, there was a pre-floated face wash.

After briefly washing her face, the woman walked to the dressing table and looked at her face in the mirror for a while.

Looking at himself, he saw a beautiful face on the other side.

Pure white skin and eyes full of decadence.

She looked at her face for a long time before starting to make up.

Even if it wasn’t, her beautiful face bloomed even brighter.

The woman smiled as if she liked her makeup today.

She got up and put on her clothes one by one.

The last time I put on my coat, the man who had fallen asleep in bed woke up.

“Did it happen already?”

The man quickly got out of bed.

The woman, Soyeowol, approached the man with a bright smile.

The man’s eyes were as sharp as knives.

The man’s name is Song Cheon-woo.

So Yeo-wol liked Song Chun-wu’s eyes.

Song Chun-wu was the only person in the world she believed in.

“Can I sleep more?”

“I’m all awake now.”

“Then let’s go outside. hungry.”


Song Chun-wu removed the blanket and stood up.

His n.a.k.e.d body was exposed, but Soyeowol did not blush.

It’s because they’ve already seen each other’s bodies countless times and made love.

Song Chun-wu’s n.a.k.e.d body was full of wounds.

Most of them were worn while fighting to protect her.

So Yeo-wol thought he owed Song Chun-wu a great debt.

It seemed that I would never be able to repay that debt in this life.

Sawyerwol picked up the clothes that had fallen on the floor and put them on one by one.

After putting her coat on and even touching her clothes, she smiled with satisfaction.

“let’s go!”


The two left the room shoulder to shoulder.

Their dwelling place was surrounded by a high wall.

Inside the fence, which was completely blocked from the outside, not a single common grass grew, making it extremely desolate.

The two opened the small winter door and came out.

The scenery outside the door was different from the inside.

Gasan and flower gardens were well maintained, and the people working were busy, so it was full of vitality.

The two came out, but no one even glanced at them. Because they completely erased their presence.

They were like ghosts in the manor.

They definitely exist and live with other people, but few people recognize them.

It was a very strange scenery.

Two people who had good looks enough to catch people’s attention were completely out of attention.

In the manor they were called ghosts.

It certainly exists, but few people recognize it.

They left the manor and headed for a nearby inn.

Their destination was an old inn without a proper signboard.

The owners of the old inn were an old couple.

The business was conducted in the traditional way, with the hostess cooking in the kitchen and the hostess serving customers at the checkout counter.

Now entering the age of twilight, the old master’s cooking skills were on a very high level.

It wasn’t flashy, but it was neat and less irritating, but it had a deep taste.

So Yeo-wol and Song Chun-wu disliked stimulating food.

This is because strong stimuli dull the senses. So I often found an old inn without a board.


The old mistress greeted them both.

It was when they were mixed with many people that the recognition of the two was hindered. If you face it head-on like this, the cognitive inhibition disappears.

As the two of them sat down, the hostess asked.

“Shall I bring you what you always ate?”


“Wait a little.”

The proprietress bowed her head to the two and approached the kitchen.

Soyeowol looked around the inside of the inn.

Perhaps because it was mid-hour, there were no customers in the inn.

Sawyerwol thought it was better. Eating with others was not her taste.

Song Chun-wu opened his mouth.

“I guess we can have a quiet meal today.”

“Would you like a drink?”

“it’s okay!”

“Not being flexible…”

So Yeo-wol shook his head slightly at Song Chun-wu’s answer.

Song Chun-wu stared blankly at So Yeo-wol.

“It must be because of the moon.”


“I understand! Because I too have a complicated mind. Even in the underground cavity, if only the leap was involved, the matter was complicatedly twisted.”

“What I don’t understand is that I don’t know where his strength comes from. He must have lived with us and learned the same martial arts as us. But how did you have such unrivaled martial arts?”

“He was a man of many secrets from the beginning. I don’t know if I learned it before I was trapped in an underground cavity.”

“Like us?”

“okay! like us.”

“no! You’ve already checked that out. He must have entered the underground cavity without really knowing anything.”

Saw Yeo-wol frowned at Goun Ami.

Pyowol has been like that since ancient times.

It was incomprehensible with common sense. So when I intertwined with him, my hair became complicated like a tangled thread.

Chunwoo Song said.

“Do you think he will come all the way here?”

“He will definitely come. Even if you die, you can’t live.”

“You placed guards on the road leading to Sichuan. News will come as soon as he shows up.”

“If he really decided to come all the way here, do you think the guards would be able to spot him?”


This time Song Cheon-woo also agreed with So Yeo-wol.

It’s not just the mark.

Any kid who learned how to kill in an underground cavity had that level of ability.

The bloodyingdan, who raised assassins in an underground cavity, was only a small and medium-sized group of assassins active in Sichuan Province, but the way they raised assassins was very efficient.

The time spent training in the underground cavity was a hellish experience for them too. However, their military strength proved that the training at the time was very effective.

A body developed to the limit, an infinitely keen sense of survival, and a killing method beyond imagination.

There was no better way to quench the human body than this.

At least, as far as they knew, it was. So, by reviving the experience at the time, the same environment was created and the blood demons were trained.

The good thing about training in underground cavities is that you can mass-produce blood demons at a low cost.

Thanks to this, the two were able to create their own territory in Guryongsalmak very quickly.

After a while, the meal came out.

It was quite a lot for two people to eat.

So Yeo-wol and Song Chun-wu also made news like Pyo-wol.

It is to be extremely wary of getting oil on the body.

The two of them played with chopsticks and ate the food little by little. I was chewing little by little, so I was eating very slowly.

It was then.

“It’s still the same as biting and eating.”

A tall man opened the door of the guesthouse and entered.

Her long hair hung down to her shoulders, making it impossible to identify her true identity, but her identity could be identified just by looking at her large torso wearing a long robe made of sea otter skin.

“Go… member?”

“A long time.”

A large man called Go Il-won sat in front of the table where So Yeo-wol and Song Chun-wu were eating without permission.

Ko Il-won looked at So Yeo-wol’s face and said.

“You are still beautiful.”

“Are you back now?”

“uh! It’s been a long time since I came up on the shore, and I’m dizzy. I guess I’m not of land type.”

“Isn’t it natural that you’ve been on a boat for so long? But what’s going on here?”

“What’s wrong with me coming to my house?”

Ilwon Go asked while shaking his head.

The impression of Ko Il-won revealed was very strong.

The angular chin, large features, and, above all, the ferocious eyes like those of a lion were impressive.

Because he had been at sea for a long time, Go Il-won’s face was tanned. But even that made his wild nature stand out.

So Yeo-wol thought Go Il-won was like a lion.

Those intense eyes, a warlike expression, and intense fighting spirit.

If a lion reincarnated as a human, it would look exactly like this.

Sawyerwol shook his head and replied.

“No problem.”

“That’s it.”


“Looks like I can’t eat all of this food, so can I share some?”


“thank you! I was hungry to come a long way.”

Ko Il-won took the food the two of them were eating to his mouth.

Song Chun-wu frowned for a moment at the sight of Ko Il-won putting food into his mouth with his bare hands.

Unlike the two newscasters, Ko Il-won was a huge glutton. At one time, I ate at least five servings of food.

Soyeowol called the hostess and ordered more food to be served.

“thank you! As expected, one eye is the best in the world.”

Ilwon Ko raised his thumb.

Sawyerwol asked.

“How long are you planning to stay this time?”

“I’m thinking of staying for a while. It’s because being on land doesn’t suit my constitution.”

“The Lord will be disappointed.”

“You might like it more.”

“But they are blood relatives…”

“You know? That blood relatives are a family that doesn’t mean much.”

Even in the middle of the conversation, his hand was constantly pushing food into his mouth. It could have seemed vulgar, but it fit oddly well.

“Big! good night.”

Ilwon Go wiped the grease from his mouth with his sleeve.

A look of satisfaction was evident on his face.

Enjoying the feeling of satiety, he opened his mouth as if he had suddenly remembered.

“really! That’s him.”

“Is that him?”

“That assassin who said he learned how to kill just like you guys.”

“Are you talking about the moon?”

“that’s right! They say they are called four gods in Gangho?”


“Do you know where it is?”


“That’s too bad.”

“Can you tell me why you are looking for him?”

Go Il-won smiled and answered So-yeo-wol’s question.

“I have a debt to pay.”


“I lost a boat because of him. That’s causing a huge disruption to transportation.”


“If you find out his whereabouts, let me know. Because I have to pay for at least one boat.”

“It won’t be easy. He’s not that kind of an opponent.”

“Even if it is, it is nothing more than an assassin. Oh sorry! Are you guys assassins too?”

“Thanks to the Ko clan, I was raised as an assassin. I appreciate that.”

“Hehe! If you want to resent it, resent your father and mother. Because it was your mother who sold you. No one could have predicted that she would sell you out like that and leave you unattended. But thanks to that, you learned how to kill an assassin and came back. It is rather good for you.”

“How can you say that? How… I had to endure that hellish time.”


In an instant, the atmosphere of Go Il-won changed.

The loose atmosphere so far had disappeared completely, and it seemed that an angry lion was opening its eyes.

His momentum was so great that Song Chun-wu secretly grabbed the handle of the sword without even realizing it.

Ko Il-won knew that, but he did not even pay attention to Song Chun-wu.

“Brother! Don’t expect any recognition from this family. Because it’s such a family. If you want to live a long time, you’d better throw away your emotions.”

“I know. Pretend you haven’t heard this now. I must have been very emotional for a while.”

“It should be. If you have at least half of the blood of the Go family, you should have that much self-control.”

Ilwon Go stood up from his seat.

He smiled at Song Chun-wu, who was still nervous, and moved toward the entrance of the inn.

Before leaving the door, he looked back and said.

“If you want to see the sea anytime, tell me. Still, since my older brother is the owner of the Ghost Fleet, can’t you take my younger brother on the boat?”

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