Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 452

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 452

Episode 452

Pyo-wol and his party returned to the homeless place of the Zigong Merchant.

Even after joining the subordinates, the expressions of Lee Shin-pil and Ku Sang-hak did not know how to straighten.

‘It’s between a priest and a priest.’

I was surprised once that the priests who slaughtered countless bandits were priests, and twice that their hands were brutal.

‘Is it fortunate that this person is with me?’

Sinpil Lee turned his head and looked at Pyowol.

Pyowol and Eunyo Doyeonsan were sitting by a bonfire. Just by looking at his face, I couldn’t tell what he was thinking. But one thing was certain.

It was reassuring because Pyowol was with them.

I thought that no matter how scared the unknown priest was, if it was the moon, I would be able to handle it.

Lee Shin-pil shook his head, shaking off the thoughts that were weighing heavily on his shoulders.

he shouted at his subordinates.

“Is the meal ready yet?”

“It is done.”

Those in charge of the meal answered in a loud voice.

They carried large pots and distributed porridge to members of the upper ranks. Pyowol, silver yoda, and Doyeonsan were also given a bowl each.

The porridge made by soaking beef jerky and dried grains was only salted. Still, the three of them emptied the bowl without complaining.

Doyeonsan put down the bowl and looked at Pyowol.



“The one who made the bandits like that must be strong, right?”


“I’ve never seen such scars before.”

Doyeonsan’s voice trembled slightly.

It was because he felt a creepy feeling from the scars of the bandits.

It was Doyeonsan who lost the emotion of fear after gaining some of the power of the ghost king. However, he was shocked the moment he saw the scars of the bandits.

It was because he instinctively felt that he was an opponent he could not handle.

He was strong because he gained some of the might of the ghost king, not because of his own strength.

The moderately strong warriors could easily be subdued, but they were inferior to real warriors who became stronger with their own power like Pyowol.

The one who killed the bandits was the one with that kind of strength. That’s why I didn’t even know that Doyeonsan felt fear instinctively.

Doyeonsan muttered as she tossed dry twigs into the bonfire.

“I need to systematically learn martial arts.”

“Good idea.”

Pyowol agreed with Doyeonsan’s opinion.

If Doyeonsan systematically learns martial arts, he will become much stronger. Doyeonsan still had plenty of room to become stronger.

Eunyo asked.

“Your brother knows, right?”


“The one who killed the bandits. My older brother was aware of it.”

“Some have guesses, but it’s not yet certain.”

“As expected.”

Eunyo shook her head.

She didn’t ask any more.

It was because I thought that Pyowol would naturally tell me when the time came.

Pyowol stared at the blazing bonfire.

Overwhelmed by his atmosphere, Do Yeon-san and Eun-yo could not speak.

Then, Pyowol’s expression suddenly turned cold.

It was Eunyo who first sensed his change.

“Why are you like that? Brother!”

Instead of answering, Pyowol looked beyond the bonfire and into the darkness.

Eun-yo and Do-yeon-san also looked at the place where Pyo-wol’s gaze was heading.

Do Yeon-san frowned.

I raised my senses, but I couldn’t feel anything.

It was the same with silver yo.

It was a silver yo with extremely developed senses other than eyes. But there was no sign of anything in his senses.



It was time for their doubts to deepen.

“Aww! It is an ear ghost.”

“A ghost appeared.”

The people near the place where Pyowol’s eyes were directed suddenly screamed in fright.


“A ghost?”

A puzzled look appeared on both of their faces.

Still, nothing was caught in their senses, but it was because the soldiers of the Jagong Corps were making a fuss.

It was then.


Like a lie, someone suddenly appeared.

Like a ghost, an old man appeared through the darkness. The old man’s wavy hair was shining silver.

Because of the silver hair, those who first saw the old man mistook him for a ghost.

The old man looked around the homeless.



People who made eye contact with him bowed their heads.

It was because the moment I met the eyes of the old man, I felt a burning pain.

The intense light in his eyes was like a torch.

No one dared to make eye contact with the old man.

Suddenly, the old man’s gaze met Doyeonsan.


Do Yeon-san’s face twisted.

Our eyes met, but I felt my heart skip a beat.

The old man opened his mouth.

“You’re a funny guy. Obviously, there is only one body, but you can feel the remnants of someone else’s soul.”

His eyes lit up as if he had found an interesting toy.

Doyeonsan gritted her teeth and tried to endure the old man’s eyes. But the more he did, the more he felt the pressure.

Then Eun-yo stepped out.

She said, blocking the front of Doyeon Mountain.

“Please stop it.”

“like! Are you a blind b*tch this time? The combination is fun.”

The old man smiled.

He simply laughed, but everyone who saw his smile felt the chill of icy water.

‘Who is that old man?’

‘Coriander is also a great master.’

No one dared to open their mouth to the old man’s tremendous presence.

The old man gestured to Do Yeon-san and Eun-yo.

“Come here, both of you.”

For a moment, Do Yeon-san and Eun-yo felt a strong temptation to listen to the old man.

The power in the old man’s voice made him want to obey them.



Regardless of their will, their bodies tried to move on their own.

The two of them gritted their teeth and tried to hold on, but the more they tried, the more the temptation got stronger.

Do Yeon-san bit her lip until it bleed.

I was awakened by the pain and freed from the old man’s temptation. He quickly grabbed Eunyo’s hand. Then Eunyo also barely escaped the temptation.


Seeing this, the old man was a little amazed.

It was time for him to speak to the two of them again.

Suddenly someone picked up a twig that was burning in the campfire and threw it in his face.


The old man hurriedly closed his eyes at the strong light and hit the tree with his hand.

Thanks to the old man’s nerves, Do Yeon-san and Eun-yo are completely free.

cried the old man.

“What kind of guy are you?”

“Do that. Don’t argue with the uninvited guest.”


The old man found the owner of the voice.

At that moment, Pyowol stood up.

A puzzled light flashed in the old man’s eyes.

Rather than the fact that he threw a burning branch at him, the fact that Pyowol didn’t recognize it until he got up was what puzzled him.

The moment the old man set foot in the homeless house, he raised his senses and grasped everyone inside.

His senses were so sensitive that he was able to identify threats at once just by raising his senses once.

Obviously, when he raised his spirits a moment ago, there was no one who could threaten him.

There were a lot of people, but they were all stubborn.

The only thing that could pose a slight threat were Doyeon Mountain and Eunyo in front of them. So, he deliberately treated the two people roughly, but unexpectedly, there was someone who could be a threat by their side.


The old man asked, his eyes shining fiercely.

“Who are you?”

“Who is the old man like that?”

“You b*stard know who I am and do such a foolish thing?”

“How do I know if you don’t tell me?”

For a moment, the old man’s speech was blocked.

Although he has been touring Gangho for a long time, Pyowol was the first to do such a foolish thing to him.

According to his original nature, he would have killed Pyo-wol in one fell swoop.

He had the ability to turn any warrior into fish meat in a single day.

The handiwork he learned was processed into threads, and he never allowed any enemy to survive. But he was reluctant to use his hands.

The unusual atmosphere of Pyowol made it uncomfortable.

The old man and Pyowol looked at each other with the campfire between them.

In their confrontation, only the soldiers of the Jagong Corps swallowed dry saliva.

Instinctively, he sensed that something big would happen if the two collided.

It felt like an eternity of time to breathe.

‘It’s a big deal.’

‘If those two fight, disaster will come.’

It was then.

Sinpil Lee broke through the crowd and came forward.

He said politely, holding his hand.

“The small person is Shin-Pil Lee, the owner of the Jagong Chamber of Commerce. The young man here is called Pyowol Daehyeop, the absolute master of Gangho.”

“Pyowol? The kid called the god of death was you.”

That’s what he said, but the old man’s expression was genuinely admiring. It was because Pyowol’s prayer was inferior to his own.

he continued.

“My name is Baek Ho-kyung.”

“Baek Ho-kyung?”

“I don’t really like it, but some guys call Nobu Samseongjwa.”

“Samsung seat? It was one of the eight constellations.”


Samsung Jwa Baek Ho-gyeong.

That was the identity of the old man.

The nickname of Baekho-kyung was Guyu-gwima (九幽鬼魔). However, in front of the Baekho-gyeong, not a single one said the nickname of a guyu-gwi-ma.

It was because Baek Ho-gyeong hated it terribly. Whoever said that nickname was killed without exception.

Only then did Pyo-wol understand Baek Ho-kyung’s strength.

Everything was explained with just the word one of the eight constellations.

The most mysterious master following the ghost king was Baek Ho-gyeong.

He doesn’t show up in the river for a while, but once he does, he turns the whole area into a sea of blood.

It was for this reason that he earned the eerie nickname of Guyu-Gwima.

Even though Pyo-wol knew Baek Ho-kyung’s true identity, he was not much agitated.

I’ve also met the Ghost King, who is higher in rank than him in the Eight Constellations. Although Baek Ho-gyeong’s military power was great, he was not superior to them.

There was no reason for Pyowol to shrink.

Baek Ho-kyung said.

“There must be a reason why you have such a stiff head. Why are you here?”

“If you’re going to talk like that, go the way you were going. Don’t disturb other people’s rest.”


Anger flashed on Baekho-kyung’s face. But it wasn’t as rash as before.

That’s how the nickname “Sashin” was made.

Pyowol was the hottest name in Danggeum Gangho.

The evaluation of strong people is cold.

At first glance, it seems to be roughly building a special issue, but it contained a lot of information.

It is not likely that the strong people gave Pyo-wol the nickname of Sasin for nothing.

It was a special nickname given to him for being the best at killing people in the world.

No matter how much Baek Ho-kyung is an absolute master who has reigned over Kang Ho for a long time, he was reluctant to clash with Pyo-wol.

Besides, it was night now.

Night is the time of the full moon.

Fighting in the dark was extremely unfavorable to the White Tiger.

Baek Ho-gyeong said, killing his pride.

“Let’s take care of you for just one day.”

It wasn’t something he said to Pyowol.

These were the words to Shin-Pil Lee, the owner of the Jagong Merchant.

“It is an honour.”

Sinpil Lee did not dare to refuse his request.

I was afraid of Pyo-wol, but I was also afraid of Baek Ho-gyeong.

He had no choice.

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