Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 451

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 451

Episode 451

After a series of incidents, the gaze of the soldiers of the Zigong Corps toward Pyowol and the others changed.

Even before, if I had looked at them with a questioning look, ‘What are those humans?’, now I look at them with a look of fear.

The inaction shown by Doyeonsan, the youngest of the group, was scary, but I couldn’t even guess how great Pyowol’s inaction would be.

Only then did they know why Sinpil Lee, the owner of the Jagong Merchant, treated Pyowol with so much respect.

‘I shouldn’t even pay attention to that side.’

‘The secret to living a long life is to treat people who don’t exist at all.’

The soldiers of the Jagong Corps did not even look in the direction of Pyowol.

Pyowol and Doyeonsan Eunyo sat at a table by the window and watched the movements of the soldiers and workers of the Zigong Company.

They harnessed the horses to the wagon and loaded it.

is getting ready to leave.

They also loaded the wagon on which the leopards rode. In particular, the luggage was carefully tied so that it would not shake or fall.

Do Yeon-san asked if there was anything she could do to help, but she said it was okay and that resting quietly would help.

Do Yeon-san licked her lips and said.

“Did I touch you too badly yesterday?”

It was awkward because I wasn’t used to being looked at by people like this.

On the other hand, Pyowol and Eunyo’s expressions were calm.

I’ve been through too many messes in the meantime to be concerned about something like this. Their hearts were worn out, and they were less emotionally agitated than ordinary people.

When I was finally ready to leave, Sinpil Lee approached me and said,

“Now get into the carriage.”


Pyowol nodded and stood up, and Doyeonsan and Eunyo followed suit.

As if it were natural, Do Yeon-san got into the driver’s seat and Eun-yo sat next to him. And Pyowol lay down on top of the wagon.


At Lee Sin-pil’s order, the Jagong Company left the inn.

As the carriage moved, Pyowol’s body swayed as he lay on the load. However, Pyowol didn’t care and lay down on an arm pillow and looked at the sky.

Then, suddenly, I felt a warm gaze.

I turned my head to the side and saw a group of people standing on the second floor of a nearby building.

One of the men stared at him, and when his eyes met Pyowol, he hurriedly lowered his head.

Pyo-wol looked at the man’s face and then looked at the sky again.

click! click!

The carriage he was carrying slowly moved away from the building.

When Pyowol’s figure disappeared, the man carefully raised his head. His face was full of fear.

I still couldn’t calm down because I still had minor spasms in my shoulders.

“Huh! Huh!”

He involuntarily took a deep breath.

At that time, not knowing his speed, one of his subordinates by his side said.

“By the way, can we send the authors like this? Confucius suffered such disgrace, and we must avenge him.”


The man looked back. Then, the subordinate said with more fighting spirit.

“If we send the authors like this, people will look down on our opponents.”

His subordinate was Kang Shin-yeol, one of the leaders of the Red Army.

Kang Shin-yeol was famous for his fierce projection.

The man’s eyes turned cold as he looked at Kang Shin-yeol.

The man’s name is Kwak Ho-cheol.

It was the ark of the enemy room.

When Kwak Ho-cheol’s eyes were unusual, Kang Shin-yeol made a slightly intimidated expression.

“Why are you like that? ark!”

“Are you trying to kill me?”


“Are you so coveted for the Red Water Ark?”

“Ark! Absolutely not. I just had to avenge the fire lord so that the ark wouldn’t lose face…”


At that moment, Kwak Ho-cheol kicked Kang Shin-yeol in the stomach.

Kang Shin-yeol couldn’t even scream and fell back.

Kwak Ho-cheol snapped a finger at Kang Shin-yeol.

“Come on!”

“Bar Ark?”

Kang Shin-yeol staggered towards Kwak Ho-cheol.



At that moment, Kwak Ho-cheol’s fist hit Kang Shin-yeol’s face.

As Kang Shin-yeol’s head turned, three or four teeth protruded.

“Bar Ark! 왜 이러시는….”

“개새끼야! If you want to die, you die alone. Why are you dragging me too? You want to kill me and become the ark? yes! Is that why?”

“no. Ark! I never thought of that.”

“F*ck! Then it’s dented. Don’t encourage me for nothing.”

“yes! sorry.”

In the end, Kang Shin-yeol had to bow his head and apologize.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to take revenge on Do Yeon-san, who disgraced his son as Kwak Ho-cheol.

Even when the son returned last night, terrified, he had a desire for revenge. However, his vengeful spirit disappeared without a trace the moment he saw a man quietly visiting at dawn.

Kwak Ho-cheol gently caressed his neck. There was a red line on his neck hidden by his collar.


It was the mark the man had left behind.

With just a little bit of strength in his hands, his neck would have snapped off his torso.

“forget! children’s work. The fact that I visited.”

“yes yes! I will forget everything.”

“I’ll be back when the fact that I’ve been here leaks out. You know what I mean?”

“Of course. I will crack down on you.”

The man did not reveal his identity. However, Kwak Ho-cheol recognized the man’s identity at once.

A non-human appearance that glowed pure white in the dark.

A man with such an appearance could not be common in the world.

‘The moon!’

It was as if I had been visited by a god of death.

I couldn’t believe he was still alive.

Kwak Ho-cheol knew.

The fact that if you don’t want to be visited by the death god again, you have to keep your mouth shut.

Kwak Ho-cheol gave an order to the enemies.

“Keep quiet about the fact that the Jagong Corps stopped by. If the fact that they came leaks out, all of you will die by my hands. okay?”


“All right.”

Seeing Kang Shin-yeol beaten mercilessly, his subordinates responded in a loud voice.


The journey of the Zigong Corps, which left their enemies, went smoothly.

They visited several cities, each time buying goods made by the natives.

Instead of selling the goods they had brought in, they only bought new goods, and eventually the wagons reached a saturation point.

Sinpil Lee bought several new wagons and filled them up.

As the wagon increased, the speed had to drop. Still, no one complained.

Originally, this was the work of the top.

Even on the way, if there was something that could be sold at a high price at the destination, I had to buy it and sell it.

It was the essence of the upper class to extract the maximum benefit from a single upward move.

Pyowol also knew that, so he didn’t say anything even when the schedule was delayed.

It was Eunyo who showed interest in this.

In Chengdu, he managed numerous giru and touched many gold jewels, but he had never seen such a transaction at the center of the upstream.

Although he cannot see his eyes, he learned the basics of trading by listening to the voices of Lee Shin-pil trading with the natives.

I learned how to buy things as cheaply as possible and how to sell them as expensive as possible.

Every time a deal was made, Shinpil Lee put Eunyo in the negotiating position. Thanks to this, the magic of Eunyo also increased rapidly.

‘I can use this later.’

It was more useful than ever for her.

Of course, where Eunyo was, there was also Mt. Doyeon. However, unlike Eun-yo, Do Yeon-san was not very interested in the transaction.

His only interest was silver songs.

Thanks to this, Shinpil Lee had to make a deal with one more hump, but Shinpil Lee did not feel much pressure.

Rather, I felt reassured.

It was because he knew how great Doyeonsan’s inaction was.

Suddenly, Shinpil Lee raised his head and looked ahead.

Now the sun was sinking over Seosan, but I couldn’t see the shadow of the village, let alone the city.

Lee Sin-pil said to Sang-hak.

“It looks like I will have to sleep tonight, so hurry up and find a place to sleep.”

“yes! Sovereign Lord.”

With the answer, Ku Sanghak led his subordinates and ran forward.

Finding a place for this amount of people to camp was not an easy task.

It had to be easy to get drinking water, and it had to be a place where it was easy to discover possible raids by enemies.

If you are a place you usually pass by often, you will know such a homeless place, but this place was unfamiliar to them. So I had to find it myself.

Lee Sin-pil and his subordinates slowly rode their horses while waiting for the Ku Sang-hak and his subordinates to return. However, no matter how long they waited, the Department of Conception and its subordinates did not return.

There was a deep gap between Shinpil Lee’s forehead.

“Did you have an accident?”

Otherwise, there was no way I wouldn’t be back for so long.

On the one hand, I felt curious.

Conceptology was a master.

He is also a master Shinpil Lee can trust and rely on.

I couldn’t imagine that such a master had an accident.

‘What if I really had an accident?’

Sinpil Lee turned his head and looked at Pyowol.

The only thing he could count on at this moment was the moon.

Doo doo!

Then came the sound of horses hooves. Fortunately, the spherical science is returning with his subordinates.

“Why are you so late?”

“Sorry for worrying you. I found a homeless place.”

“Has anything else happened?”

“Ah, that’s…”

“Why is that?”

“You should go see it together. And if possible, Pyo Daehyeop too…”

Koo Sang-Hak noticed Pyo-Wol.

Shinpil Lee, who read the unusual atmosphere in his expression, looked at Pyowol.

“I am not one to talk nonsense. If you don’t mind, can you come with me?”

“egg plant.”

“thank you.”

Shin-pil Lee was relieved when Pyo-wol did not refuse.

Lee Shin-pil pointed to the subordinates who had followed Ku Sang-hak and gave orders to the soldiers of the Jagong Corps.

“You guys follow them and prepare for homelessness.”


As the subordinates left with the answers, Shin-Pil Lee and Pyo-Wol’s party moved along with Ku Sang-Hak.

The place where Ku Sang-Hak took them was a remote place far away from Guandu.



Upon arriving at the destination, Lee Shin-pil let out a sigh.

It was because there were dozens of corpses strewn about where Ku Sanghak arrived with them.

The condition of the corpses that were brutally slaughtered was gruesome.

“What is this?”

Sinpil Lee shuddered.

It was Lee Shin-pil, who traveled all over the world leading the upper ranks. I’ve seen so many rough things, but it’s definitely the first time I’ve seen anything as horrific as the sight in front of me.

The body had been cut into three or four pieces, as if a fish had been cut into pieces.

Arms and legs were strewn about, and some corpses had viscera leaking out.

A flock of crows and vultures were already circling in the air, as if they had smelled the body.


Sinpil Lee turned his head away, unable to bear the nausea.

Pyowol approached the place where the corpses were strewn about without a glance.

After examining the body closely, Pyo-wol came to a conclusion.

“Looks like bandits.”

“You mean plunderers? How?”

“I added leather to the inside of the pants so they don’t wear out. People who live on horseback usually do this. look at the top It’s comfortable to wield a weapon while riding a horse, and it’s got plenty of room. The callus on the left palm is also unique. These traces usually appear in those who hold a lot of reins.”


“It looks like he ambushed someone and then was killed in reverse.”

“someone? If so, does that mean that only one person dealt with them?”

“Two people to be exact. I used the same technique, but one is strong and the other is not up to it. There is a high probability that it is between a priest and a priest.

“Because he is a priest…”

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