Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 450

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 450

Episode 450

The Zigong Merchants unpacked their luggage in the largest inn among their opponents.

It was an inn with a stable for horses and a large storage room. The horses were put in stalls, and the cargo they had brought was stored in the warehouse, and then the treasures were rotated to guard it.

Since it is such a precious item, even if it is stored in a warehouse, it is strictly vigilant.

On the first floor of the inn, the guards and workers were sitting and eating.

Do Yeon-san and Eun-yo were sitting in a corner of the inn.


“It’s crazy.”

Bo-pyo and the workers burst into exclamation while spying on Eun-yo’s appearance.

The face of Eun-yo, who was n.a.k.e.d, was very beautiful.

It was a flaw that his eyes couldn’t focus, but even that looked mysterious in the light.

Eunyo played with her chopsticks and took small bites of the food on the table.

Even though she couldn’t see her eyes, her behavior was no different from that of ordinary people.

The eyes are responsible for obtaining information that humans receive. However, Eunyo’s extremely developed senses replaced her eyes and made her daily life less uncomfortable.

“Delicious! Sooksu is someone who knows how to cook properly.”


“Look at the gyoza. The ingredients are neither too much nor too little. It is not easy to mix the ingredients in such a harmonious way.”

“It really is!”

As if he knew that Do Yeon-san didn’t know, he burst into exclamations.

It was then.

“greatness! Sozer.”

Someone cleared his throat and came to the table where the two were sitting.

It was a very large giant, but his gaze was fixed on Eun-yo.

Geohan was another guest staying at the guesthouse.

He pointed to the table behind him and said.

“The person I serve says he wants to see Sojeo up close. Let’s go together for a while.”

“Why me?”

“Our Confucius is a very influential person in the area.”



The giant’s brow furrowed at Eunyo’s answer.

He looked into the eyes of others and spoke politely.

“Didn’t you come with the Zigong Corps?”

“So what?”

“If you want the Zigong Corps to get out of the enemy safely, it would be good for you to give us some time.”

The words were polite, but what was contained was tantamount to threats.

“Our Gongjanim is the fire lord of the enemy room, the ruler of the enemy.”


“If the enemy room makes up its mind, no one can carry their burdens here. It’s not even a matter of tying up the self-gong top for a day or two. If a large top like the top of a jigong is tied up for two days, the damage will be considerable. However, if Soju gives us a little time, we will be able to easily get out of the enemy.”

The giant poured out smooth words as if his tongue had been greased.

It seemed like this wasn’t the first time he’d done something like this.

The firefighter of the enemy room was a well-known firefighter in the area.

I couldn’t use it when I saw a beautiful woman.

Eunyo was caught in the eyes of such a firefighter.

Eun-yo’s mysterious appearance was enough to attract the fire owner’s attention.

‘No matter how great the Jagong Corps is, it can’t do anything to the enemy.’

Kwak Ho-cheol, the father of the fire owner and the ark of the enemy room, was famous for his cruel temper.

Because of that, all the merchants and flags entering this place noticed Kwak Ho-cheol and the enemy room.

Gwak Ji-moon, the fire owner, observed Eun-yo closely.

Seeing that the papier-mâché of the Zigong Merchants did not approach at all, he was convinced that he was a guest. Sometimes that was the case.

It means that those who go a long way accompany the company or the flag.

Gwak Ji-moon thought the same was the case this time. That’s why he ignored Lee Shin-pil, the leader of the Jagong Merchant, and sent his subordinate directly to Eun-yo.

Outwardly, he showed a polite attitude, so there was nothing wrong with it.

Geohan looked at Eunyo with intense eyes.

He naturally assumed that Eun-yo would follow him. Just like most people he’s ever met. However, Eun-yo’s reaction was different from what he expected.

“I will decline.”


“You say you hate your sister.”

At that moment, Do Yeon-san intervened.

The giant’s eyes flashed.

“You be quiet.”

“Be quiet and go away.”

“This b*stard…”

“I know you won’t be able to chew food with your teeth again if you uselessly open your mouth again.”


It was the moment when the giant burst into anger.


Do Yeon-san’s fist was thrust into his mouth.

The jawbone was shattered and all the teeth were knocked out.


Geohan looked at Doyeonsan’s hand with an expression of disbelief and then moved back.



“What happened?”

The subordinates who were with Gwak Ji-mun jumped up in surprise.

At that moment, Do Yeon-san got up from her seat and walked to the table where Gwak Ji-mun and others were sitting.

The sight of the little boy trudging along gave off a strange sense of intimidation.

Gwak Ji-moon looked at Doyeon-san, who fearlessly approached him with a furrowed brow.


Sinpil Lee, who sensed that the problem would grow, rose from his seat to mediate. At that moment, Do Yeon-san waved her index finger at him as if to stop getting involved.


In the end, Sinpil Lee had no choice but to sit down again.

Gwak Ji-moon’s eyes slightly shook at Lee Shin-pil’s reaction.

It was because the attitude of the person who joined the upper ranks was too confident.


Do Yeon-san, who finally arrived in front of Gwak Ji-mun, pulled a chair and sat down.

Gwak Ji-moon glared at Doyeon-san and said.

“How dare you hurt an enemy soldier. It looks like the liver has come out of the stomach.”



“Since you’re older than me, I’ll just call you hyung. Hyung, if you want to die, just bite the knife upside down and put your head down. Then my brother will die alone and no one else will be harmed.”

“what? This young b*stard knows who I am and is fooling around. What are you doing? Don’t get rid of this b*stard.”

Gwak Ji-moon got angry at the subordinates standing on either side of him.


“You come out! kid.”

The subordinates stretched out their hands toward Doyeon Mountain.

At that moment, Do Yeonsan lightly scratched the plate with her fingernail.

What a profit!

A horrifying cutting sound echoed through the guesthouse.

In the next moment, the complexion of his subordinates and Gwak Ji-mun changed greatly.

This is because the empty bowl was cut in two as if it had been cut with a knife.

Although he was blinded by his female appearance and tried to do nonsense, he was also a warrior who had learned martial arts. So I could see how desperate Doyeonsan’s number was.

Even his father, Kwak Ho-cheol, could not reach this level.

Do Yeon-san said as she tapped the cut plate with her fingers.

“Would your brother’s neck be harder than this plate?”


“Is your brother’s neck harder than this plate?”


“I understand you bro. When you see a beautiful woman, your heart is drawn to you and you want to hold her hand. right?”


“But you have to do it while looking at people. My brother is really lucky today. Because it caught me If my brother had caught it, there would be no life in the enemy room tomorrow.”

Do Yeon-san was talking with a smile. However, the faces of Gwak Ji-mun and his subordinates were completely white.

It was because Doyeonsan’s momentum radiated from her chest and she couldn’t breathe.

My whole body trembled like an aspen tree.



Gwak Ji-mun and his subordinates squeezed their lips and moaned.

When they couldn’t stand it any longer and reached their limit, the momentum that oppressed them disappeared like snow melting.



“I just want to be quiet and go.”


“I want you to help us rest quietly.”

“I will.”

“thank you! After all, I knew my brother would communicate. Then please take good care of me!”

Do Yeon-san pushed her chair back and stood up.

It was still a smiling face. However, to Gwak Ji-moon, it seemed more terrifying than any demon.

‘what? That b*stard… Where did that b*stard come from?’

He dared not even dream of revenge.

It was because the cut bowl on the table seemed to see his future.

Do Yeon-san also possessed such formidable powers, but I had no idea how terrifying the older brother was.

“Come on, bring that b*stard.”

He ordered his subordinates to bring the giant lying on the floor.

The subordinates rushed and dragged the giant.

Seeing the giant’s miserable appearance, he didn’t want to stay here any longer.

They hurriedly left the inn, fearing that Doyeonsan would come after them.

Do Yeon-san smiled and sat down.

Eun-yo looked in the direction he was sitting and said.

“great job. You didn’t do it too badly, did you?”

“Because I don’t want to attract more attention.”

“good job!”


Do Yeon-san smiled brightly at Eun-yo’s praise.

Seeing the scene, the people of the Zigong Chamber felt goose bumps all over their bodies.

I guessed that Lee Sin-pil was a great person, but I really didn’t know that Do Yeon-san, who looked young, would possess such power.

‘I shouldn’t even look over there.’

‘If that child possessed such power, how much more frightening would that older brother be?’

It was then.


Someone opened the door and entered the inn.

The faces of the people who checked his outfit became more frozen.

The man wearing the cap on his blood jacket was Pyowol.

Pyo-wol took a quick look inside the inn and immediately walked to the table where Do Yeon-san and Eun-yo were sitting.


Doyeonsan waved her hand while looking at the moon.

Pyowol nodded and sat down next to him.

He read the atmosphere inside the frozen inn at once.

“Looks like something happened.”

“ah! Some guy sniffed at Eunyo noona…”

“Did you kill him?”

“No, I just gave you a harsh warning.”

“That’s it.”


When Pyo-wol didn’t question him, Do Yeon-san smiled knowingly.

Eunyo put down her chopsticks and asked Pyowol.

“Did your trip go well?”


Pyo-wol nodded, and Eun-yo smiled knowingly.

The scent of blood emanated from Pyowol’s body.

It was not a smell that could kill and bury one or two people.

It was clear that at least five or six people died at the hands of Pyowol.

Pyowol kills people easily, but he never kills carelessly. He killed people only when he had a good reason.

Pyo-wol tortured the monster using a suhonsa.

The monster gritted his teeth and endured, but to no avail.

I couldn’t bear the pain inflicted by the suhonsa as it moved through my veins. Unable to bear it, he tried to commit suicide, but Pyowol did not allow even that.

Pyowol tortured the monster while making it neither dead nor alive. In the end, the monster who couldn’t overcome the pain confessed what he knew.

As expected by Pyo-wol, the monster was one of the guards placed by So-yeo-wol.

So Yeo-wol dispatched monster-like people to each stronghold.

Those monsters stayed at the base and built their own information network. They usually go about their daily lives normally, but move only when Soyeowol orders it.

The Golden Horse Field, which cooperated when the Galactic Flag entered Sichuan Province, was also one of the strongholds of Soyeowol.

At least, they chose a base on the outskirts of Sichuan, far away from Chengdu because they were afraid of the rising moon.

‘You’ve worked diligently, Yeowol!’

It was clear that So Yeo-wol had been moving non-stop for a moment after escaping from the dream of heaven. Otherwise, it would have been impossible to build such an efficient information network all over the world.

Pyowol asked the monster.

Whether or not the information network they operate receives orders from Guryongsalmak.

The monster said that he only listened to Soyeowol’s orders.

In other words, it meant that Soyeowol was operating an information network separate from Guryongsalmak.

At that moment, Pyowol realized.

The fact that So Yeo-wol belongs to Guryongsalmak, but he is not completely submissive.

Come to think of it, So Yeo-wol had a rebellious temperament even in the underground cavity. It was not easy to draw a picture of her obeying someone.

So Yeo-wol was a woman who had to climb to the top no matter where she belonged or who she was under.

A poisonous mushroom called Soyeowol was growing in Guryongsalmak, which was thought to be perfect.

Pyowol’s job was to make the most of the poisonous mushroom called Soyeowol. And that was one of the things Pyowol did best.

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