Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 449

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 449

Episode 449

Go Soo-gyeong stiffened as she took off her clothes.

There were several traps set around her room. It’s simple, but it’s the kind of thing normal drones will never find. It was that efficient, and if someone had fallen into the trap, it would have signaled her right away.

The opponent infiltrated after neutralizing all the traps she had set. Such a man could not have been an ordinary existence.

Whiter skin than a woman and a beautiful face.

The moment I saw him, I immediately recognized his identity.


“Did Soyeowol buy it?”

“You are impatient. Women don’t like men who are in such a hurry.”

“The women I’ve met say otherwise.”

“ha! Well, if you whispered with that face, everything would have passed. How many women have fallen for your face?”


Her half-n.a.k.e.d clothes fell to the floor.

Go Soo-gyeong said while placing both hands on her narrow waist.

“How am I? Compared to the women you hugged.”

“It is beautiful.”

“Is it worth having?”

Go Soo-kyung came to Pyo-wol, untangling the clothes he was wearing.

A seductive smile appeared on her face.

It was a beautiful face and expression that any man would be attracted to.

The closer I got, the stronger the fragrant scent became.

Go Soo-gyeong stretched out her white hand and wrapped it around Pyo-wol’s neck. And I met my gaze.

“how is it? Don’t you want to hold it?”

“I want to hold you.”

“Then take it. I will be your woman tonight.”

“I can’t do that.”


“I’m afraid of the spit on your ring.”


Go Soo-gyeong’s expression changed for an instant and she stabbed Pyo-wol’s nape with her ring finger.

Inside the ring, there were tiny needles protruding that were difficult to distinguish with the n.a.k.e.d eye.

The stinger was coated with poison, so once stabbed, it was an instant death.

It was for this moment that Go Soo-kyung seduced Pyo-wol in an unsuitable way.

The poisonous saliva was about to stab Pyowol’s throat.


Suddenly, something jumped out of her collar and bit her finger.


Go Soo-kyung’s face instantly turned black.

Suddenly, my head spins and my vision blurs.

It was a phenomenon that appeared when you were poisoned by extreme poison.

It was Guia who bit Go Soo-kyung’s finger.

Go Soo-kyung, who was bitten by a gwi-ah, was unable to stab Pyo-wol with a poison needle and collapsed to her knees.


Go Soo-kyung grabbed his neck with both hands.

His throat was swollen and it was difficult to breathe.

Pyo-wol got down on one knee and met Go Soo-gyeong’s gaze.

“Did you receive Soyeowol’s orders?”


Go Soo-gyeong breathed heavily and looked at Pyo-wol. Her eyes were congested, as if they would spill blood at any moment.


Go Soo-gyeong bit her lip at Pyo-wol’s cold words.

I couldn’t come to my senses from the pain that felt like my whole body was being burned by fire. She instinctively realized that she couldn’t survive.

It was impossible to survive even after being poisoned by this extreme poison, unless it was an elixir of the level of Great Hwandan.

In common sense, such an elixir was not common.

Her death was a foregone conclusion.

Death was certain, but there was no reason to tell the truth.

Go Soo-gyeong spoke with difficulty, revealing her blood-stained lips.



In an instant, she vomited black blood.

He shook his body several times, but there was no movement.

it’s obvious

It was a poisonous end.

Although nothing was found out about her death, Pyowol was not disappointed.

The body told me more than I thought.

Pyowol opened her palm and examined it.

There was a lot of calluses on the part of the palm that extended from the little finger. It was a common mark of warriors holding a sword in reverse.

There weren’t that many people who held a sword in reverse in a strong game.

One of them was an assassin like Pyowol.

The traps that Go Soo-gyeong set up around her room were mainly set up by assassins to protect the residence.

Judging from her age, she may not have learned how to kill directly from So Yeo-wol, but it was clear that she too lived a life as an assassin.

Pyo-wol searched for Go Soo-gyeong’s arms and whereabouts.


At that time, Pyowol heard the cry of a dove in his ears.

There was a hidden space behind the wall.

I saw a dove locked in a cage there.

It was a common phrase used when communicating.

It seemed to be used by Ko Soo-gyeong when reporting to a superior.

It was when Pyo-wol took out the cage and put it on the table.

“What kind of guy are you?”

“Oh! captain.”

Suddenly the door opened and the sound of security guards was heard.

Turning their heads, Go Soo-gyeong’s subordinates were looking at Pyo-wol and the corpse alternately with surprised expressions.

They clenched their fists when they saw Go Soo-gyeong’s already discolored body.

“Why is the captain?”

“The author is…”

The man who was watching the top of Jagong on the seat board was surprised to see Pyowol’s face.

It was because the face was painted on the face.

“It’s table crossing.”



That was when the other men took out their weapons in surprise.

Puppy pew!

Pyowol issued a marriage ceremony.

The thread made of ki penetrated the foreheads of the other men except for the man who laid the seat.

They couldn’t even scream and died.

Only one survived.


The man’s eyes shook like an earthquake.

All of his colleagues died in an instant and he was the only one left alive, so he lost his senses.

The moon approached him.


The man let out a pained groan and stepped back.

His body was shaking like an aspen tree.

The fear he felt was even greater because he recognized Pyowol’s identity.

“Burn and buy…”

“Who is it? The one who ordered me to keep an eye on him.”

“I don’t know anything.”

“Is it Soyeowol?”

“I do not know.”


At that moment, I felt a burning pain in my shoulder.

Pyo-wol had pierced his shoulder with a suhonsa.


The man belatedly let out a desperate scream.

At that moment, Pyo-Wol released a handfull thread again and penetrated his thigh.

The man could not stand it and fell to his knees.

“Do you think I will speak?”

If the man was also an advisor, he had a history.

I was able to endure the slightest amount of pain with a smile.

Pyo-wol smiled at the man who spoke confidently.

In an instant, the man felt goosebumps all over his body.

Pyowol put his index finger on the man’s palm and said.

“Recently, I discovered a new use for the suhonsa. Aren’t you curious?”

“I am not curious at all.”

“doesn’t care. You will find out now.”



At that moment, the bridesmaid dug into his palm.

The suhonsa stuck in the middle of his chest pierced his veins.


A ghastly scream escaped the man’s mouth.

The conspiracy flowed through his veins to his torso. The pain of the suhonsa’s blood vessels was more excruciating than any pain he had ever felt.

“Buy and save… rather kill me!”

The man struggled and begged.

Pyowol said with his index finger on his heart.

“If you want to die, tell me everything you know.”


Tears flowed from his nose, and the man nodded his head frantically.

Only then did Pyo-wol take the wedding ceremony.

The man hurriedly said, fearing that Pyo-wol would torture him again with a conspiracy.

“I don’t know anything. The manager handles everything. The team leader reports to the superior by mail once every five days. And today is the day.”


“It is true. Just let me live, and I will help.”



the man stuttered.

At that moment, Pyo-wol pointed out the man’s bloodletting.

The man closed his eyes and stopped breathing.

At least killing him painlessly was the best mercy that Pyowol could do.

Pyo-wol looked at the man’s body for a while and then came out with the cage.

When the cage door was opened, Jeon Seo-gu flew into the sky.

The Jeon Seo-gu, which hovered in the air for a while, soon began to fly in one direction. Pyo-wol spread light air towards the direction where Jeon Seo-gu disappeared.

Jeon Seo-gu escaped from the enemy and headed for the mountain.

Originally, pigeons do not fly well at night. It feeds only during the day and rests at night.

Even if you have been trained in the electronic language, such a tendency is not easily changed. So, it was clear that Go Soo-gyeong’s superior, who was receiving reports from Jeonseo-gu, was not far from the enemy.

A place where Jeonseo-gu can fly and arrive even at night.

The mountain where Jeon Seo-gu entered was such a place.

Pyowol climbed to the top of the tallest tree in the neighborhood.

In the distance, I could see the jeonseogu disappearing into the forest.

Pyo-wol stepped on a tall branch and followed Jeon Seo-gu. That’s how we arrived at a small cabin deep in the woods.

The pigeons that flew into the cabin were not just one. Three or four pigeons were sitting by the cabin window and crying.

At that moment, the window of the cabin opened and a Bongdunanbal monster appeared.

He inspected the legs of the flying pigeons.


Suddenly, the monster burst into security.

All the other messengers had small boxes with letters hanging from their ankles, but only one had nothing on its ankle.

In an instant, the monster’s face contorted.

“no way?”

He hurriedly looked around.

At that moment, Pyowol kicked off the tree and flew toward the monster.


The monster belatedly found Pyowol and hurriedly raised his hand. In his hand was a small cylinder.

Puppy pew!

Amgi was fired from the cylinder.

Pyowol drew the dagger vertically and horizontally.


A memorization so fine as to be invisible to the n.a.k.e.d eye collided with the dagger and bounced off.


The monster who saw the scene hurriedly threw himself out of the prison.

He realized that the identity of the opponent was Pyowol.

‘How to become an author?’

The monster stood up with all the hairs on his body.

It was such an intense feeling of fear.

The monster was Soyeowol’s henchman.

He had the ability to specialize in information gathering.

So Yeo-yue ordered him to keep an eye on whether there was a pyowol coming out of Sichuan.

The monster placed people like Go Soo-gyeong all over the road leading out of Sichuan.

All the telegrams that flew to his mother’s house were sent by his subordinates.

‘I never thought I’d come after Jeonseo-gu. The author, on the other hand…’

I was well aware that Pyowol was a great warrior. However, he really did not know that he would find himself by chasing the flying Seogu.

‘I have to let him know.’

Fortunately, it was a dark night now.

If he escapes into the thicket of darkness, Pyowol will not be able to catch him easily.

Under such calculations, the monster ran with all his might.


However, before taking ten steps out of the prison, he fell forward. His foot was cut off at the shin.

The monster endured the fiery pain and looked at the place where he had fallen.

There were so fine threads that it was impossible to distinguish them with the n.a.k.e.d eye.

Pyo-wol had spread out the silver net of Jiju.


The monster gritted his teeth and tried to stand up. However, it was impossible to stand up with his shins cut off.

Meanwhile, the moon came down in front of him.

The monster froze the moment he saw the white face contrasting with the darkness.

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