Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 448

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 448

Episode 448

Red Water was a city at the beginning of Guizhou.

It was a gateway city that must be passed through to go from Sichuan to Guizhou.

Most of the corps or flags that came from Sichuan Province take a day off in Jeoksu to check if there is anything wrong with the goods they brought.

As the circumstances were, there were several large guesthouses for the upper ranks or the flags in the opponent’s ranks.

It was around sunset when the Zigong Corps entered the enemy.

In order to sleep comfortably in the inn of the opponent, the Zigong Sangdan did not take a break all day.

“The enemy.”

“OMG! You can sleep on a soft bed today.”

The staff and workers were delighted.

Their faces were full of tired looks.

No matter how successful they were in the long journey, they had no choice but to be exhausted from such a forced march.

Sinpil Lee summoned one of the treasures and gave an order.

“You run first and see if there is an inn where we can stay.”

“All right. It’s not a time when the upper class moves a lot, so there must be a lot of empty inns.”

“Go check it out for yourself.”


Bopyo rode the horse first and entered the enemy.

The Zigong Corps leisurely followed him.

Pyowol sat on top of the carriage and looked at his opponent.

It was clear from afar that the opponent was a lively city.

It was because I could see people moving busily even from a distance.

Pyowol came down to the coachman’s seat.



Do Yeon-san and Eun-yo welcomed them.

Pyowol told them.

“Let’s go together for a moment.”



On the way to this place, Pyowol barely came down to the coachman’s seat. It was because he did not want to interfere with Eunyo and Doyeonsan.

Do Yeon-san eagerly explained the surrounding scenery to Eun-yo while riding the horse. It is a vivid description of the landscape in place of the invisible silver yo.

His description was so realistic that Eunyo had the illusion of seeing it with her own eyes.

Pyo-wol looked straight ahead with the cap attached to his blood jacket deeply pressed down.

Finally, the Zigong Corps entered the enemy.

The moment they entered the enemy, many people looked at the top of Zigong.

Most of them looked at them without thinking, but there were also sharp eyes hidden among them.

Eyes looking intently and intently.

They looked at the faces of the members of the Jagong Sangdan with sharp eyes.

The gaze of Lee Shin-pil, who had been looking at the faces of the treasures, including Ku Sang-hak, gradually turned to the rear of the upper part.

Their eyes were focused on the moon.

This is because Pyowol was the only member of the Jagong Sangdan to cover his face with a hat.

At that moment, Pyowol took off his hat.

However, the appearance of Pyowol had changed slightly. Reverse osteotomy caused a change in facial features.

Those who secretly checked Pyo-wol’s face soon gained their nerves. It was because the face hidden by the hat was more normal than I thought.

Pyowol pressed his hat down again.

‘One behind the wall over there, one behind the stall. Both of them are holding papers.’

They acted naturally, but they couldn’t fool Pyowol’s eyes.

Pyowol whispered to Doyeonsan.

“Could you check the papers in the hands of a man in his mid-40s on the wall and a man in his 30s sitting at a stall? I think it’s a disgrace.”

“Okay brother!”

With the answer, Doyeonsan naturally got off the carriage.

Do Yeon-san pretended to buy a gift for Eun-yo and approached the stall pointed out by Pyo-wol.

“How much is this?”


“Aren’t you selling this hairpin?”

“Oh, of course they sell it.”

The stall owner looked visibly embarrassed.

At that moment, Do Yeon-san peeked at the paper in the owner’s hand.

The paper had someone’s face drawn on it. But the face was familiar. Pyowol’s face is drawn.

‘Your guess is correct.’

If that were the case, the paper held by the person watching Pyowol from behind the wall would surely be a dignified figure.

Doyeonsan bought a hairpin by throwing a hermit to the stall owner. And naturally, I headed towards the man behind the wall.

Fortunately, the man was distracted by other things and did not even pay attention to Do Yeon-san.

Do Yeon-san confirmed the man’s disfigurement in his hand.

The epitaph was certain.

Doyeonsan nodded slightly towards Pyowol. Pyowol also responded by nodding slightly.


Even if he was Sawyeowol, he would have left a watcher here.

Pyo-wol had an appearance that could not but stand out.

If I had come in with my true form, I would have been caught in their eyes.

They didn’t even care about young Do Yeon-san. It wasn’t even the face drawn on the face, and it was because he was too young to be wary.

Being young was good for this.

Because most people are careless.

Do Yeon-san smiled and returned to the driver’s seat.

He handed Eun-yo the hairpin she had just bought.

“It’s a gift!”


Eunyo was surprised.

Because he was blind, he did not notice that Do Yeon-san had bought a hairpin.

It was an ordinary hairpin that was too much to buy for a single hermit. However, Eun-yo’s shoulders trembled as she held the hairpin in her hand.

It was the first gift I ever received from someone.

Doyeonsan was given unintentionally, but there was a big ripple in Eunyo’s heart.

Doyeonsan said with a smile.

“I’ll buy you something better next time.”

“Are you buying it again? why?”

“I just want to give you anything.”


Eunyo lowered her head.

Even the nape of her neck was red. However, Do Yeon-san did not notice that fact and looked at Pyo-wol.

“I’m sure you’re destroying your appearance.”

“You go first.”


Do Yeon-san answered without asking why.

Because he knew what Pyowol would do.

When it got out of sight of the watchers, the moon naturally got off the wagon.

No one in the Zigong Association noticed that the pyowol disappeared.

Pyowol got off the carriage and quietly approached the place where the watchers were.

Upon seeing the two figures, Pyowol went up to the roof of a nearby building.

There, he monitored the movements of the two.

The two were busy checking the faces of the people entering the enemy, not even knowing that Pyowol was watching them.

Finally, when the sun went down, no one could be seen entering the adversary.

‘It seems that everyone who will come today has entered.’

‘I can withdraw now.’

The two exchanged glances.

The two agreed to pack up their belongings and evacuate.

“You have suffered a lot.”

“You too.”

They got out of their watch and joined.

They comforted each other for their hard work and moved side by side.

They had a conversation without even dreaming that Pyowol would be following them.

“What kind of mission is this? Waiting for someone who may or may not appear. I’m going to be bored all day long.”

“Let’s work hard for a fortnight more. Didn’t I tell you to withdraw if you don’t show up by then?”

“Seeing that he hasn’t appeared yet, I don’t think he’ll come this way.”

“I don’t know. Anyway, we just have to keep an eye on this place until the deadline.”


They chatted without knowing that Pyowol was secretly following them.

Pyo-wol walked on the wall looking down at them.

No one noticed him walking silently like a cat.

After walking for a while, the men arrived at a dead end and looked around. After confirming that no one was around, the two carefully pushed a part of the wall. Then the whole wall was pushed back and a secret space appeared.

The two entered the secret space without hesitation.

After they disappeared, the wall gradually returned to its original state.

Pyowol, who had been hiding before the wall was completely blocked, flew inside.

Pyo-wol, who entered without a sound, looked around the inside.

It was a dark space without a single torch.

It would have taken a long time for a newcomer to get used to the darkness, but Pyowol got used to it in no time.

‘Is it a warehouse?’

Leather sacks were piled up on one side, and various tools were hung on the wall.

Pyowol found a door in the opposite wall.

The door was locked from the outside.

Pyo-wol pulled out the sasa-gang and pushed it through the crack in the door.


The sound of the lock being cut was heard.

When I pushed the door, it opened without a sound.

After leaving the warehouse, a mansion surrounded by a high wall appeared.

It was a typical northern style structure surrounded by warehouses and houses with a yard in the middle.

It was a structure chosen to prevent the strong wind and cold in midwinter, and it did not suit the hot southern region here.

There was only one reason to build a house like this in the south instead of the north.

It was just to avoid the eyes of others.

The structure, which is completely blocked by buildings on all sides, perfectly protected the inside from the eyes of others.

At least, it meant that I could live in this place without worrying about the eyes of the outside world.

The inside of the mansion was quiet, as if no one was there. It was a spectacle that a stranger would mistakenly believe that there were no people living there. However, Pyo-wol saw people enter this place with his own eyes.

Above all, he felt the presence of several people in his senses.

It was a room in the farthest corner of the mansion.

There were four men and one woman gathered in the room.

The men who came through the emergency passage reported to the only woman.

“First of all, we checked all the people who came in today, but there were no suspicious ones.”

“Are you sure? Did you check all of them?”

The woman’s voice was very sharp.

She was in charge here.

She was in her early 30s and her name was Ko Soo-kyung.

She boasted of her peak beauty for a long time, but no one in this room harbored a crush on her.

Because I know very well how much she has a Sagal mentality.

If he had a wrong intention, he could have melted into a handful of poisonous water. In fact, one person died.

The man who watched Go Soo-gyeong’s question answered on the seat.

“Actually, there was a suspicious guy, but it wasn’t the result of checking.”

“A suspicious person?”

“yes! Contrary to the bloody wind, the hat was pressed down deeply, so I became suspicious. But later, when I took off the hat, it was a completely different face.”


“I am sure. There was no one like him among those who came in today.”

“Then I’m glad.”

Only then did Ko Soo-gyeong let go of her hard expression.

The man on the floor carefully opened his mouth.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been settling down and watching. I don’t know if I’m just fooling around.”

“Don’t think about it.”


“I mean, don’t think with a bad head. All you have to do is do as you are told.”


The man answered helplessly.

Go Soo-gyeong snorted at the man.

‘joy! Things that don’t even have the slightest amount of patience.’

There was no way she would enjoy this kind of life. However, since the order was given from above, what had to be done was the duty of an unmanned man.

“Just in case you don’t know, go out later tonight and ask if he came in.”

“Do I have to go that far?”

“Your opponent is a reaper. I don’t know what kind of face I will come in with.”


The men answered helplessly.

His face was full of displeasure, but he did not protest.

When Go Soo-gyeong gave an order, what they had to follow was the rule.

Go Soo-kyung stood up from his seat.

“I’ll go to my room and report anything unusual.”

“All right.”

Go Soo-kyung left the man behind and returned to her room.

The sticky wind made his whole body sticky.

It was time for her to take off her outerwear to take a bath.

Feeling strange, she cautiously looked back. Then, she saw a man with a particularly white face standing there.

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