Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 447

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 447

Episode 447

The Zigong Merchants mainly dealt with silk and paper gifts.

All three were specialties of Chengdu, but the one handled by the Zigong Association was the best among them.

The guild outside Sichuan was a treasure that could not be obtained even with gold. From the beginning, the Zigong Chamber of Commerce did not deal with these products.

The barrier to entry was so high that it was impossible for a new guild like the Jagong guild to save. They were able to handle these three specialties because Seolunjang Yugicheon helped them.

He introduced his client to the Jagong Merchant, and thanks to that, Lee Shin-pil was able to handle specialty products with high entry barriers.

The silk of Chengdu has been known for its good quality since ancient times.

Merchants from the West Station came from afar, and the high-ranking officials of Gangho would buy and see silk from Chengdu.

The craftsmanship made with silver thread and the quality of the paper were also of the highest quality, so they sold like hot cakes when they were put out.

Since it is a precious item, the treasures of the Zigong Merchants were covered with a tarpaulin on the wagon.

It would be a big deal if things get damaged in the rain, so it’s better to prepare in advance.

There were more than forty workers in the Merchant Pao Pyo accompanying the Zigong Corps on this trip.

This could be said to be a large number of people.

Lee Shin-pil said to the chief assistant, Ku Sang-hak.

“A few more people will be participating in this ascent.”

“yes? what?”

Sanghak opened his eyes wide.

It was Lee Shin-pil, who did not involve outside personnel in the ascending route. It is surprising that such a man would involve an outsider.

“They are going all the way to Soyang, but it happened to be our stopover, so we allowed them to participate.”


“These are precious people. Tell the staff to never lose their manners.”

“All right. I will make it clear.”

Sanghak lowered his head and replied.

It was then.

The three opened the door to the top of the jar and came inside.

Sinpil Lee ran to them.

It was a man and a girl wearing a hat on a bloody coat, and a young boy standing close to her as if escorting her.



The man in the hat shook his head.

He was just Pyowol.

Sinpil Lee spoke carefully.

“I have prepared an empty wagon, so you can ride comfortably.”

“A mixture of human carriages in the upper procession will attract attention.”

“yes? Then…”

“Just take the rear wagon and go.”

“But how?”

“Don’t treat us special just because you care about us. Rather, it stands out.”

“All right. If you do, get on the cart in the rear.”

“thank you!”


Sinpil Lee took immediate action.

Those who drove the rear wagon were assigned to other wagons to adjust the number of people.

The people at the rear looked at the newly joined Pyo-wol group with puzzled expressions.

No matter how you look at it, it was because they were people who did not fit in with this kind of business. However, since they were brought by Lee Shin-pil himself, they just watched.

“I’ll drive the wagon!”

The boy sat in the driver’s seat as if it were natural.

He was Doyeonsan.

Eunyo sat beside Doyeonsan.

Eun-yo looked at the front with the hat attached to the blood-punched clothing deeply pressed down.

Her face was red with excitement as it was her first time going outside after entering the Chengdu.

‘What will the outside world be like?’

It was a pity that the eyes were not intact at this time.

I couldn’t imagine how beautiful the world would be when I saw it with my own eyes. Still, just being able to experience the outside world was meaningful enough.

Pyowol climbed on top of the wagon and lay down.

All right! All right!

The carriage rocked as it passed over the uneven ground. Still, Pyo-wol did not change his expression and went to sleep with his eyes closed.

The schedule went smoothly.

The Zigong Sangdan moved along the Guandu.

Sichuan Province was a basin terrain surrounded by high plateaus.

Of course, in order to get out of Sichuan, they had to pass through a rough plateau.

The road through the plateau was incomparably rough with a well-paved Guando.

It was dangerous enough to risk one’s life to go on this road in a wagon.

Because of that, the moment they entered the rough road, Lee Shin-pil and Bo-pyo had no choice but to be on edge.

This is because the moment you make a mistake, the carriage and the person will fall to the ceiling.

“Everyone, stay alert.”

“Check the width of the road. Be careful not to let the wheels of the wagon come off.”

Shin-Pil Lee and Sang-Hak Lee shouted at the same time.

He was usually tolerant of his subordinates, but he couldn’t do that in front of such a rough road. Because carelessness is directly related to life, I had no choice but to keep shouting to wake up.

The carriage Pyo-wol was riding in was also dangerously climbing the mountain road.

The wagon was loaded with a lot of luggage, so it looked more dangerous. Because of that, Lee Shin-pil also looked sideways and paid special attention.

Driving a wagon on such a rough mountain road required special skills. I wonder if young Do Yeon-san has such skills. However, Do Yeon-san drove the carriage well, putting his worries to shame.

Although the wagon swayed precariously because it was loaded with luggage, it still managed to get through the dangerous area well.

The Zigong Corps finally entered the safe zone.

The rough road ended and a well-paved road appeared.

After going a little further along the road, a spacious space appeared where you could take a break.

It was only then that the people of the Zigong Chamber breathed a sigh of relief.


“I will die.”

My legs were shaking because I had been through such a rough road.

In particular, the people who drove the wagons could not move because their legs were weak as the tension was released.

Sinpil Lee clapped his hands and said.

“Everyone suffered. It’s already late, so I’m sleeping here today. Everyone, get some rest and prepare for homelessness.”


“All right.”

The workers responded vigorously.

There were smiles on their faces.

Anyway, now that I’ve passed the hurdle, I’ve had some room in my heart.

After a short break, the workers started moving.

They gathered twigs to build a bonfire and prepare a meal. In the meantime, the staff inspected the surroundings to see if there were any danger factors and checked the luggage on the wagon.

Pyowol and Eunyo Doyeonsan also got off the wagon and approached the bonfire.

Eun-yo took off the hat he was wearing on his head. Then her beautiful face was revealed.



People who happened to see it burst into exclamations without knowing themselves.

The bonfire light doubled her beauty.

Only then did Eunyo realize her mistake and hurriedly put on her hat. But it was after everyone had already seen her face.

Pyowol told her.

“It’s okay to take off your hat.”


“The only person here who knows your true self is Sang Sangju. So it doesn’t matter if you take off your hat.”

“all right.”

In the end, Eun-yo lit a bonfire with her hat off.

Do Yeon-san smiled beside Eun-yo about what was so good about it.

Pyowol was still wearing the hat attached to his blood jacket.

His appearance was already widely known, and even strangers could easily recognize him. That’s why I never took off my hat for a single moment, and even now I’m pressing it deeply so that others can’t recognize it.

Sinpil Lee approached Pyowol and asked cautiously.

“How did you not feel uncomfortable?”

“are you okay!”

“All right. I’m just worried…”

“From now on, you don’t have to ask me one by one.”

“I will.”

“Does this road lead directly to Guizhou?”

“That’s right. Apparently, the fastest way to Hunan is through Guizhou.”

Guizhou Province was composed of quite a variety of ethnic groups.

The Han people, the Miao people, the Toh family, and so on, lived in a mixture of countless ethnic groups.

“If you’re good at it, you might be able to buy some useful stuff here. Minority people tend to make unexpected things because they are good with their hands.”

“is it?”

“yes! Because of this, the itinerary may be delayed by a day or two. Please understand this.”

“Did you tell me? I have no intention of getting involved in the course of the upper ranks. Act as you normally would.”

“yes! I will.”

Sinpil Lee lowered his head and stepped back.

Pyowol thoroughly adhered to the position of a guest.

This is because Shin-Pil Lee’s range of motion is narrowed when he intervenes.

Pyowol’s gaze suddenly turned to Eunyo.

A soft smile appeared on Eun-yo’s lips as he warmed himself by the bonfire.

Everything was good, from the fragrant smell of the wind blowing, to the loud buzzing of insects.

Eunyo stopped humming softly and looked at Pyowol.



“Can you play the pipa?”

“A pipa?”

Pyowol put on a look of surprise.

It was because he did not know that Eun-yo would ask such a favor.

Pyo-wol studied music under the music teacher at Cheon-eum-gwan (天音樂館).

Thanks to that, he had high-level tanju skills.

After being saved by Pyo-wol, Eun-yo also learned gold from the band teacher. But she had no talent at all. Eventually, the band teacher gave up teaching her.

Although he gave up learning gold due to lack of talent, he still had many regrets.

“You don’t have a pipa?”

“I brought it.”

She rummaged through the bundle that Doyeonsan had been carrying and took out a bipa.

“Did you bring the pipa?”

“yes! I thought it would be nice to listen to it when I’m homeless like this…”

“Let’s see.”

Pyowol was handed the pipa.

When I was studying gold from a band teacher, I also learned to play the pipa as a side branch.


Pyowol plucked the strings of the pipa once.

Everyone stopped working at the sudden tanjueum and looked at Pyowol. However, Pyowol didn’t care and plucked the string a few more times.

Pyowol, who caught his senses, soon began to sing a song called Yangchun Baekseol (阳春白雪).

Follow me!

Pyowol’s white fingers flamboyantly plucked the strings.

Although it has been a long time since I’ve been in the middle of a long time, Pyowol’s hand movements were unstoppable.

A beautiful tanjueum resonated in the homeless area.

People stopped in place and closed their eyes.

The sound of the lute was melancholy and made the listeners naturally sentimental.

Like the people present here, he pierced the hearts of those who had to go a long way away from their hometowns like a dagger.

Some of those who were engrossed in Tanjueum even stole tears.

“Tears come out without hesitation.”

“Phew! Your skills are amazing.”

“I never thought my heart would swell like this.”

The burning of Pyowol continued.

I thought that my skills might have rusted because I hadn’t picked up an instrument for a long time, but it was all over.

Once the tanju started, the hands moved on their own.

Eun-yo closed her eyes and immersed herself in Pyo-wol’s tanju.

‘As expected, my older brother is amazing.’

When she was learning gold from the band teacher, the thing she heard the most was about Pyowol’s tanju skill.

The band teacher said that if Pyo-wol focused only on gold, he would be able to compete for the best place in the world. At the time, it didn’t touch my heart, but when I heard Pyowol’s performance, I understood what the band teacher said.

Pyowol’s tanju had the power to move people’s hearts.

The tanju reached its climax.

At the same time, people’s hearts were lifted. Then, at some point, the sound of the rain stopped. The tanju was finally over.



People cheered and clapped.

Eun-yo also clapped generously, but Pyo-wol, the person in charge, did not waver at all.

He carelessly returned the pipa to Eun-yo.

“Can you play one more song?”

“Later, when I have time…”


Eunyo obediently returned the pipa.

Pyowol pushed his hat deeper and looked at the blazing bonfire.

After a long time, the tanju caused a stir not only in others, but also in his heart.

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