Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 445

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 445

Episode 445


The dagger glided past Pyowol with a hair’s breadth.

Momentarily, two blood demons from behind put daggers into Pyowol’s blood.

There was no sign or sound.

The way they moved was strikingly similar to the moon.

If people other than Pyowol had been targeted, they would have been cornered. As much as that, their joint work was meticulous and deadly.

If you are human, you must have a fear of death. No matter how tough the battlefield was, even those who had fought to the death had no choice but to be afraid of death. However, the blood demons attacking Pyowol did not seem to feel any fear.

They attacked Pyowol like a pack of mad dogs.

I don’t know what So Yeo-wol and Song Chun-wu did, but it was clear that they had castrated their feelings of fear.

It was impossible with ordinary methods.

It is said that the back wave of the Yangtze River pushes the front wave away, and So Yeo-wol, who was raised with cruel methods in an underground cavity, created monsters worse than himself with even more brutal methods.

A hole was punched in the forehead of the blood ghost who rushed head-on into Pyowol’s suhonsa.

Even in that state, the blood ghost struggled with the hand holding the dagger to attack Pyowol.

The instinct deeply engraved in his bones made his body move even when his consciousness was blown away.

The blood ghost struggled like that until he completely stopped breathing.

Even as they watched their comrades die, the blood demons did not show any emotional agitation on their faces.

Shia! Hiss!

They attacked Pyowol again and again like mad.

Although the level of each individual fell far short of Pyowol, the miasma was truly amazing.

The sight of them rushing at Pyowol with only a dagger the size of a child’s forearm reminded me of a moth.

Pyowol took out a dagger and held it.

See it!

Every time his dagger cut through the air, the blood demon died. But no one let out a groan, let alone a scream.

Not only was the emotion of fear paralyzed, but even the sense of pain seemed to be paralyzed.

Can you say that you are a living human being simply because you breathe and move?

I thought it wasn’t the moon.

They were like puppets deprived of free will.

A doll controlled by a monster called Sawyeowol.

The only way to alleviate their suffering was to kill them as quickly as possible.


Three or four blood demons were skewered in the four rivers.

In that state, Pyowol swung Sasa River to the side. The side of the blood demons split and collapsed.


The moon jumped over them and attacked the blood demons behind them.

The cloth cracked and the blood demons collapsed.

Even as they watched their colleagues die, the blood demons rushed at Pyowol without a hint of fear.

Pyowol used his dagger to slash them, and then he pulled out the Sasa River and pierced it.

In the first place, the difference in power was too marked.

No matter how much bloodgwi is said to be the secret weapon raised by Saw Yeo-wol, the individual’s power could never be compared to that of Pyo-wol.

Furthermore, the helplessness and senses of Pyowol were at their peak right now. There were not many warriors in the world who could be compared to Pyowol, who gained enlightenment through numerous fierce battles and took a sufficient rest in Chengdu.

The power of the blood demons was obviously amazing.

The appearance of them throwing their lives to death without sparing their lives could frighten other warriors, but it could not have any effect on Pyowol.


Every time Pyowol swung the dagger, the blood demons lost their lives.

It was truly terrifying to see them die without screaming even once.

It was no different from the appearance of a non-human doll falling down when its string was cut.


Pyowol pressed the dagger into the blood ghost’s chest.

The blood demons behind them were pushed back.

He was pushed and fell, and his bones were broken when he was stepped on by Pyowol’s feet. In that state, the blood demons grabbed Pyowol by the ankle and tried to attack him with daggers again.

It was a sight that I feared to appear in my dreams. However, Pyowol was more venomous than them.


He released a suhonsal and made sure to suffocate those who fell under his feet.

I didn’t know how much we fought.

Now, the only ones living and moving on the land were Pyowol and the last Blood Ghost.

The blood ghost drew in a heavy breath.

No matter how human emotions were castrated, the body was still human.

In front of the fierce battle, he had no choice but to be exhausted.

The blood ghost must have felt frustrated and threw off his mask.

As Pyowol guessed, the Bloodgwi was still a young boy.

Given that at least ten years of hardening are required to be born as a usable assassin, the boy must have been raised as an assassin before he was at least ten years old.

That meant that So Yeo-wol started raising assassins right after joining Guryongsalmak.

At the time, So Yeo-wol was not that old.

Pyowol asked the blood ghost.

“name is?”


“What’s your name?”

“Joe… Ilseung.”

“I will remember.”

For a moment, the eyes of the bloody ghost who identified as Cho Il-seung shook.

Pyowol was the first person to say such a thing to him.

So Yeo-wol and Song Chun-wu, who raised Jo Il-seung as a blood demon, never asked for his name.

They were always called by numbers instead of names.

Because of that, he had to put a lot of effort into remembering his name.

The Blood Ghost gritted his teeth and attacked Pyowol.

I was trained and raised that way.

Kill your emotions and kill your opponent.

Although Pyo-wol asked for his name, he was shaken, but his body moved naturally as the phosphorus was sealed.

Pyowol also ran towards the blood ghost.


The blood demon’s dagger grazed his head with a hair’s breadth.

Pyolwol, which had dug into his chest, fed the blood demon’s heart with blue jade.


As the heart ruptured, the blood demon vomited fresh blood through its nose and mouth.

Finally, the blood ghost raised his head and looked at Pyowol.

“My name is?”

“Jo Il-seung!”


The blood demon made a grotesque expression. As if crying or laughing, the body of the blood ghost collapsed with a bizarre expression.

Pyo-wol looked at the body of the blood ghost in silence.

Pyowol, who had been looking at the corpses of the blood ghosts who were standing like stone statues, moved after a while.

The place he headed was the direction where Ma Won-ik and his wife disappeared.

Ma Won-Ik obviously hurt his leg from Pyo-Wol.

I wouldn’t have gone far with such a wound.

The problem was So Yeo-wol and Song Chun-woo.

They, too, were raised like Pyowol.

They knew all the assassin’s skills that Pyowol knew.

Everyone sees through the way the epitome traces its traces, so everyone knows how to disrupt it.

Pyowol thoroughly searched the area. However, no trace of Ma Won-ik and his daughter could be found anywhere.

Like his concern, So Yeo-wol and Song Chun-wu completely erased all traces.

It was impossible to track Ma Won-Ik and his daughter through the methods so far.

Pyowol looked at the night ball with both hands on his waist.


Ma Won-Ik and his wife completely disappeared in Sichuan.

Even Eun-yo and Doyeon-san, who joined later, were searched, but no trace of them could be found.

It was pointless to pursue further than this.

Pyo-wol returned to the red corpse with the two of them.

“brother! great job. You guys did a good job too.”

Gwian greeted them.

“You suffered too.”

“What have I done? My brother and the boys did everything.”

“Did you find out anything?”

“I’ll go into my room and tell you.”

“let’s go.”

They all headed for Gwian’s abode.

In the middle of Gwian’s room, there was a large table, and on it lay a map of Sichuan Province.

Sichuan evangelism was made by Guian with full operation of the information network, and it was very precise.

Needles were stuck all over the top of the conduction, and a red thread was connecting them.

Gwian said.

“The Milky Way marks the path it entered and moved in Sichuan.”

“You came in through Heungmun.”

“that’s right! I entered from Heungmun via Uibin, Aksan, and Misan.”

“It’s a path that the flag doesn’t choose well.”

“that’s right! The road is rough and not suitable for transporting goods. Passing through this road is impossible without the cooperation of those who are familiar with the situation on this side.”

“Are you saying someone is cooperating with them?”

“I think so.”

“You can’t say that without any basis. Tell me everything you find out.”

“There is a place called the Golden Horse.”

“A golden horse?”

“This is fun. It’s a manor in Heungmun, but it doesn’t do any outside activities. The owner of the manor is also not known at all, but the manor’s life is affluent. When I figured out their spending, it far exceeded the budget of a manor or school of a similar size.”


“In conclusion, they guided us to the Galactic Center and helped us in many ways. I suspect that these may be ghost manors built for someone to clean up in the first place.”

It wasn’t simply because they helped the Galactic Label.

Even Haomen was mobilized to dig it up, but the true nature of the Golden Horse was not found out at all.

It was impossible with common sense.

When people live together, stories like this naturally flow out. But there was nothing like that in the Golden Horse.

It was impossible without someone controlling the information.

If the golden horse had been around the saints, they would have found out right away. They were cleverly located on the outskirts of Sichuan, out of sight of Guian and Haomen.

Above all, the Golden Horse was closed immediately after this incident. As if the use had been abandoned, the people disappeared and only the buildings remained.

After hearing all of Gwian’s explanation, Pyo-wol was lost in thought.

Gwian and Eunyo Doyeonsan looked at Pyowol in silence.

All three of them were the second most sad people in the world to notice.

He knew at least that Pyo-wol had to be quiet when he was deep in thought.

After a while, Pyowol spoke.

“I am chasing the Guryongsalmak. They are…”

As Pyowol’s words continued, the three people’s expressions became more serious.


‘Those who received training like my older brother joined them?’

‘Is it like a secret society?’

The three of them were lost in their own thoughts.

Pyowol finally finished the whole story.

The first person to speak was Gwian.

“I really didn’t know that such a group was working secretly in Gangho. In a way, it was luck that my older brother found them. It would have been a disaster for them. I’ll ask you one thing bro! Are you going to keep fighting them? You might as well just step out of here. No matter how much they wreak havoc on the world, they will not be able to touch Sichuan Castle. Because we already have full control. Should I still fight them?”

Gwian’s expression was more serious than ever.

Even if it wasn’t so, the black eyes were stained even blacker.

Pyowol looked into the eyes of the ear and said.

“Eunwon is already deeply entangled. They suffered a lot because of me. Even if I step down, they will not forget the grudge.”

“In the end, you have to fight until one of them collapses. okay! I understand. I will do my best to help you.”

“You are quite active.”

“It’s your brother’s business.”

Gwian did not like to be stared at by others. So even after entering the red corpse, he stayed only underground and extremely refrained from going outside.

All he was interested in was building an information network in Chengdu. As if you think that’s the only thing you can do.

If it wasn’t for Pyowol, I would never have been interested in Guryongsalmak.

“From now on, I will focus on cooperating with Hao Mun and figuring out their true nature. If you start looking for the golden horse, you will find out something.”


“How great is the grace you received from your brother. There is nothing to be thankful for or burdened with. Your job is my job.”

Eun-yo smiled at Gwi-an’s assertion and stepped forward.

“that’s right! Without you, there would be no us. My brother’s enemies are our enemies.”

“I’ll help too bro!”

He went to Doyeonsan Mountain with a helping hand.

they were sincere

Pyo-wol showed great kindness to him, but Pyo-wol did not want anything in return. Now it was his turn to repay his kindness.

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