Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 444

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 444

Episode 444

The man and woman who used to suppress the liberation flinched.

Their agitation was very weak, but Pyowol did not miss even such a subtle response.

The man said to Ma Won-ik with his eyes on the moon.

“What about disrespect?”

“I got it.”

“If you run like this, there will be someone waiting for you. Follow them.”

“yes? Oh, thank you.”

Ma Won-Ik hurriedly thanked me. But the man still didn’t even look at him.

His eyes and all his senses were open to the moon.

He knew the moon better than anyone else.

Not even a moment of inattention was tolerated.

The moment your nerves are distracted, Pyowol will burrow like a poisonous snake. Once you allowed him some space, that was it.

The moment the poisonous snake’s teeth pierce the body, any resistance becomes meaningless.

Ma Won-Ik and his wife stood up again holding the Buddhist scriptures.

The moment Pyo-wol’s gaze turned to them, a woman wearing a bang-rip this time stood in front of them.

Ma Won-Ik and his wife hurriedly ran away after being captured by them.

The sight of Ma Won-ik running away with a limp on one foot was miserable.

If you track it now, you can easily catch it. But Pyowol couldn’t do that.

This is because the two people who stood in the way of Ma Won-Ik and his wife were not easygoing beings.

Pyowol opened his mouth.

“How long are you going to cover your face like that?”

“You talk as if you know us.”

The man replied in a cold voice.

In an instant, a smile appeared on Pyowol’s lips.

“You are the problem.”


“They all know the sinister inside, but they mistakenly think that they are hiding it well.”


“Song Chun-woo!”

In an instant, the man’s shoulders trembled.

Pyowol’s eyes turned to the woman next to him.

“Sweet month. Long time no see.”



The two of them fell silent for a moment at Pyowol’s words.

The first to respond was a woman.

she took off her booty Then, like a waterfall, black hair flowed down, revealing a dazzling appearance.

Dark eyes that contrasted with pure white skin, as if it had not seen a single bit of sunlight like the moon. And a temperament similar to Pyowol.

Only those who grew up in the same environment could have such a similar temperament. There are very few people left in this world with a temperament similar to Pyowol. One of them was Soyeowol, the woman in front of him.

Pyo-wol’s gaze turned to the man next to So-yeo-wol. The man let out a light sigh and took off his jacket.

The man who appeared in the subtle darkness was Song Chun-wu.

Chunwoo Song asked.

“How did know?”

“Is that so curious?”

“Answer me. A leap!”

“You just stand out. Whatever face you have turned into, I can recognize it.”

“This b*stard…”

“It seems like he’s still licking Soyeowol’s butt hole. I see you are still hanging around.”


The moment Song Chun-wu was about to have a seizure, So Yeo-wol raised a white hand to block him. Then Song Chun-wu calmed down his excitement and regained his cold expression.

Pyowol felt a little regretful at that appearance.

It was because the attempt to stimulate Song Chun-wu was canceled because of So Yeo-wol.

Sawyerwol opened her mouth for the first time.

“long time no see. I have been hearing good news about you.”

“However, you never contacted me. I’m sorry.”

“We’re not really in touch, are we? Even in the underground cavity, I lived like a cow and a chicken.”

Soyeowol didn’t change a single thing.

Only his appearance has matured, but the way he speaks and the atmosphere that oppresses people with his eyes has not changed at all.

Quite a few men seemed unable to breathe properly in front of her.

“Does it seem unexpected? We show up.”

“Actually, it’s a bit complicated in my head.”

“It will. We are also complicated because of you. So let’s make it a draw.”

“Since when?”


“Joining the Guryongsalmak means that. Did you join right after leaving Sichuan?”

“It looks like you’re pretty sure we belong to Guryongsalmak.”

“is not it?”

At Pyo-wol’s words, So-yeo-wol stopped laughing.

Because I felt like nothing had really changed.

Only the appearance has become more beautiful, but nothing has changed from the appearance in the underground cavity. Eyes that see through everything and a cynical tone. And the unique rebellious temperament and even the heart that digs loopholes like a snake.

Others may think that Pyo-wol becomes more and more bitter as time passes, but Saw Yeo-wol was well aware that Pyo-wol was such a person.

A lot of lies don’t work for Pyo-wol.

No matter how perfectly it is decorated, if there is a slight gap, the truth will be found.

Pyowol was such a person.

There was no need to lie and appear unsightly.

“that’s right! Cheonwu and I entered Guryongsalmak.”



“I thought you guys would go into the Hundred Ghosts.”

“You might think so. Because all I learned was assassination. But even then, nothing changes. Above all, I belonged to Guryongsalmak from the beginning.”

“Then why did you enter the underground cavity?”

“Perhaps my existence was like a thorn in someone’s eye. The words of such a person are obvious. Death or confinement…”

With Soyeowol’s answer alone, the whole situation was understood.

“Is that why you came back to life like a vicious man?”

“Thanks to you! It would have been impossible to get out of Sichuan if you hadn’t shaken Chunrajiman very much.”

Sawyerwol had an alluring smile.

It was so full of base that any man could not but be bewitched. However, Pyowol was not captivated by her smile.

He was the one who knew the true face of So Yeo-wol better than anyone else in the world.

He knew better than anyone that a Sagar-like mentality was hiding behind that beautiful smile.

If you are enchanted by her smile, you will end up like a male praying mantis that gets eaten by the female after mating.

No one could be an exception except for Song Chun-wu, who sticks around like a limb.

Pyowol asked.

“Is it your fault that Shin-ok was on the ghost fleet?”

“Ho Ho! I think you overestimate me too much. Guryongsalmak is not such an easy place. I can’t put it in if I want to. I later found out that Shin-ok was in the Ghost Fleet.”

“It has nothing to do with you guys.”

“that’s right! It’s a coincidence.”

“Since Shin-ok is in the same group, why didn’t you contact him?”

“Ho-ho-ho! you said Guryongsalmak is not such a green place. No matter how much I am, I can’t break the chain of command and approach him. If I had had a little more time, I would have met him and resolved the issue, but unfortunately I lost my chance because of you.”

It was Pyo-wol who killed Shin-ok Go.

If Pyo-wol hadn’t killed him, he would have met Go Shin-ok by now. I didn’t know if the future would be different again.

As the moon appeared, everything was twisted.

To be precise, all plans went awry when he intervened in the affairs of Guryongsalmak.

The appearance of So Yeo-wol and Song Chun-wu here was also unexpected.

When he heard the news that Ma Won-ik and his wife were being chased by Pyo-wol, he had no choice but to rush.

Pyowol asked.

“Why are you aiming for disrespect? Is that paper book or something important enough for you guys to show up?”

“The value of a thing is determined by someone’s need.”

“I mean, it’s important.”

“that’s right!”

Despite Soyeowol’s cool reply, Pyowol’s expression did not lighten. It is because Sawyerwol is still avoiding the core.

Pyowol said.

“Now that you think you’ve had enough time, can you step aside?”

“Why did we meet after a long time? It would be a pity to break up like this.”

“Weren’t we that close?”

“oh? okay? I thought so. You must have thought otherwise. I’m disappointed.”

“Sorry to disappoint you.”

That’s what he answered, but Pyowol didn’t look apologetic at all. It was the same for So Yeo-wol and Song Chun-wu.

They talked like friends they haven’t seen in a while, but they didn’t neglect each other for a moment.

They knew each other better than anyone.

They know that even a single moment of inattention can lead to death.

Pyo-wol had to pass the two people, and the two had to wait as long as possible to give Ma Won-ik and his daughter time to escape.

Sawyerwol suddenly said.

“Don’t you miss it?”


“That was the time.”

“An underground joint? You’re crazy.”

“I miss you sometimes. I don’t think I’ve ever lived so intensely in my life.”

“So you raised your kids the way we were raised back then?”

“oh! did you notice Also great.”

Soyeowol widened her eyes.

In an instant, Song Chun-wu raised his hand. Black shadows abruptly rose around them.

All of them are wearing black masks.

While Pyo-Wol was talking to So-Yeo-Wol, they sneaked in and completely surrounded the surroundings. At first glance, the number was well over a hundred.

A musty smell emanated from them.

It was a very familiar smell to Pyowol.

It was the kind of smell that only those who grew up in a closed space like himself or Sawyeowol could have. So he guessed that he was raised the same way as himself.

Everyone was wearing a mask, so I couldn’t guess their age, let alone their faces. But I could tell that they weren’t that old.

Pyowol’s eyes turned dark.

“Why did you do that?”


“You also had a hellish time. You have experienced how painful it is to survive there. But why did you let these kids have that experience?”

“Because it is efficient. Acknowledge what to admit Because of that hellish experience, we have become this strong. If you didn’t have that time, do you think you would have been able to instill fear in people with the nickname Shinigami? He must have died in a guesthouse while wandering around the world as a slob.”

A young smile formed on Soyeowol’s lips.

Raising children in a closed space like an underground cavity doubles the poison. They will do anything to survive and will not hesitate to endure any hardships to complete their mission.

I have already verified the effect myself.

There was no reason to refuse such an efficient method.

“We named them Blood Ghosts to commemorate the blood spirits who raised us. I hope you like it.”

“Do you like it.”

“I’m glad. for not disappointing. You won’t be disappointed when you see their skills.”

“Moon! I don’t often say things like this, but I promise you this much.”

“oh! thrill your heart What are you promising?”

“I will kill you with as much pain as possible.”


Soyeowol widened her eyes. But it wasn’t a frightened look at all. Rather, the smile on the corner of his mouth was clearly ridiculed.

she said, waving her hands.

“Ho Ho! Thank you for your sincerity, but I will decline. First of all, have a good time with these children.”


At that moment, the sound of metal exploded right in front of Sawyeowol’s nose.

Standing in front of her was Chun-wu Song with his sword drawn.

He blocked Sasa River, which was secretly blown by Pyo-wol, with his sword. Before I knew it, Song Chun-wu’s sword had a clear sword steel.

It was a truly superhuman feeling.

Chunwoo Song glared at Pyowol and said.

“I thought so. Coward!”

“I was originally raised to be cowardly, so what?”


Song Chun-Woo snorted at Pyo-Wol’s natural and virtuous answer.

Sawyerwol smiled and said.

“Then we’ll go see it, so have a good time with the guys. Bye!”

She waved her hand and disappeared.

Song Cheon-woo disappeared while protecting So Yeo-wol.

The moon did not follow them.

I couldn’t.

It was because at that moment, the blood demons attacked silently.


A shady tidal wave rushed towards him.

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