Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 443

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 443

Episode 443 Pyo

-wol was able to land safely on the ship thanks to the magic spirit illusion that dispersed the enemy’s gaze.


“Damn it!”

The unmanned soldiers of the Galactic Empire rushed at it with terrifying momentum.

A glimmer of light flashed from the swords in their hands.

The pyowol burrowed into the chest of the person standing in the lead and fed the paok.


With a dull sound, the drone flew off and fell into the river. And it didn’t come back.

It was an instant death.


Seeing the death of his colleague right in front of his eyes, Pyo-du screamed and rushed at him.


But with a firing he was thrown back.

A dagger was stuck to his forehead.

Pyo-wol threw the dagger made by Dang So-chu.

The warriors who saw two people losing their lives in an instant hesitated without realizing it.

At that time, Pyowol flew the Sasa River.

The Sasa River penetrated the warriors all at once.



The unmanned people screamed and collapsed.

“oh my god!”

The faces of the captain and sailors who saw the scene turned white.

Even the unmanned soldiers they boarded possessed extraordinary powers. In front of Pyowol’s formidable martial arts, who overpowered them like catching flies, nothing could be said.

Pyowol looked around the deck. However, Ma Won-ik and Ma Seo-won were nowhere to be seen.

Pyowol asked the captain.

“Where did the boss go?”

“What are you talking about? Wow!”

Suddenly the captain screamed.

A handkerchief was pinned to his shoulder.

The pierced hole was the size of a needle’s eye, but the pain was incomparable to any other wound.

Pyowol asked again.

“Where have you been?”

“Ah, I got off while turning the mountain earlier.”

Pyowol slightly bit his lip at the captain’s answer.

At that time, Pyo-wol was galloping through the mountains, so he couldn’t keep an eye on the boat. In the meantime, Ma Won-ik and Ma Seo-won abandoned the boat and escaped.

“Please save me. We only get the hermit…”


The captain couldn’t finish talking.

Pyo-wol had cut her throat with a suhonsa.



The sailors who saw it covered their mouths with both hands.

Their eyes, looking at the moon, were filled with a light of fear.

Some were urinating down the crotch of their pants.

The captain and crew were just hired by the Galactic Flag Bureau and had no connection whatsoever. So, to be honest, Pyowol knew how to forgive them.

If you get down on your knees and bow your head. But Pyowol was relentless.

See it!

His fiancée danced.

Four of the five crew members died in an instant.

The lone surviving sailor froze.

Pyowol said to him who was pale.

“Tell me smart. What will happen if you help them…”

“Yes yes!”

The sailor nodded absently.

Pyo-yue’s words were a warning to everyone in Sichuan.

Sailors trembled at the declaration that they would never let those who help their enemies go unnoticed.

Pyowol finally asked.

“Where did you get off the ship?”

“I am over there.”

The sailor pointed with his finger at a point on the other side.

There was not a single lie in his words.

Even with the corpses of the captain and his colleagues in front of him, he had no courage to lie.

He earnestly prayed that the non-human being in front of him would disappear as soon as possible.

Fortunately, his wind worked, and Pyowol flew in the direction he pointed.


Only then did the sailor, whose legs gave out, sat down in place.

“I bought and lived. that he lived Heh heh heh!”


Ma Won-Ik and Ma Seo-Won did their best to spread the light.

It was Ma Seo-won’s opinion that the ship was lowered in the middle.

No matter how you calculated, it seemed that Pyo-wol would catch up with the narrower river.

Ma Won-ik accepted his daughter’s opinion.

Even in his thoughts, it seemed that he would catch up by a narrow margin. So, after instructing his subordinates to block the leopard, he got off the ship while the leopard disappeared from sight.

I couldn’t believe the reality of abandoning my cherished Heukcheon Daegung and running away with a box containing Buddhist scriptures on my back.

Before entering Seongdo, I studied Pyowol.

In addition to Pyowol’s martial arts tendency, he studied and dug up many other things.

As a result, it was judged that there was a good chance of winning.

He was confident that if he planned it right, he would be able to shake him off. But the reality he faced was different.

Pyowol had more abilities than he thought.

The sight of Pyowol pursuing him without being fooled by any disturbances or traps made him drool.

Not only Ma Won-Ik, but also Ma Seo-Won’s face was white.

She continued to look back.

Fortunately, the figure of Pyowol has not yet been seen.

Thanks to an early decision, we are still at a considerable distance. However, the fact that she didn’t know when the pyowol would appear out of nowhere and grab her by the neck made her even more afraid.

I’ve heard a lot about the death god, but I didn’t know that it was such a terrifying existence until I encountered it myself.

Beads of sweat trickled down her back, and breath mixed with sweetness was expelled from her mouth.

“Father, can you shake him off?”

“We just need to go a little further.”


“By now they should have noticed that a change had occurred. We’ll just have to hold out until they come. So don’t give up.”

“all right.”

Ma Seo-won nodded and made up his mind.

Her father was never one to talk nonsense.

He had better judgment than anyone else and always maintained a cool rational mind.

His judgment was never wrong.

So it will be this time too.

Ma Seo-won raised his air power and gave strength to both legs.

The father and daughter spread their light air with all their might and ran at full speed.

I ran for almost three o’clock without stopping.

The sun was slowly sinking over Seosan, and the surroundings were covered with darkness.

The city was visible in the distance.

In an instant, a light of hope flashed in Ma Won-ik’s eyes.

Once in the city, they could find some secret place to rest for a while.

No matter how well Pyowol is proficient in follow-up, it will take quite a while to find them in a city where many people come and go.

In the meantime, Ma Won-ik was thinking of finding a new escape route.

If Pyowol was good at tracking, he was good at escaping. His ability to find an escape route in any situation was definitely one of the best in the episode.

“A little more strength…”

Ma Won-Ik stopped talking and kept his mouth shut.

It was because something ominous had crept into his brain.

He hurriedly wrapped his arms around Marseowon and rolled on the floor.


At that moment, the dagger was pierced where Marseowon had been.


The frightened Marseowon let out a scream without realizing it.

If Ma Won-Ik’s reaction had been a little later, it was clear that the dagger would have been lodged in his back.

“It’s a b*stard. He’s been chasing you.”


“Calm down.”

Ma Won-ik calmed down Ma Seo-won and looked at the dagger.

At that moment, the dagger stuck in the ground returned to the direction it had come from, like an iron drawn by iron.

It was retrieved by Pyo-wol through a marriage ceremony.


With a spirit, Ma Won-Ik’s hand went to his waist. He came out again, holding a small hatchet in his hand.

Ma Won-ik threw the hatchet with all his might in the direction where the dagger was retrieved.

Hung Hung Hung!

The hatchet spun with terrifying speed and disappeared into the darkness.


The moment a metal sound exploded in the darkness, Ma Won-ik grabbed Ma Seo-won’s hand and ran with all his might.

‘Colliding with him now is an act of suicide.’

It wasn’t far from the city.

Once inside the city, Pyowol will not be able to freely spread his wings.

Ma Won-ik gritted it.

I was afraid.

I was terribly afraid.

It is the first time in my life that I have been so afraid.

Even when he was wandering between life and death on the battlefield, he was not so afraid even when he encountered numerous enemies.

Ma Won-ik admitted.

That Pyolwol was more fearful than any warrior he had ever faced.

If only martial arts were strong, I wouldn’t be so afraid.

I was afraid of that persistence.

Pyowol was the only warrior with the tenacity, patience and endurance to not give up until he died once he had decided on a partner.

It was then.


Suddenly, he felt a fiery pain in his calf and his body collapsed.

Pyowol pierced the calf with a suhonsa and snatched it.


Ma Seo-won stopped in surprise.

At that moment, Pyowol stepped out of the darkness.

Just by looking at his face, he couldn’t have looked like someone who had been sprinting for days and days. That made it even creepier.

“This goblin…”


Marseowon floated into the air and swung his twin swords.


A tension of tremendous power was released.

It was a tension that had the power to distort even a three-inch-thick iron plate at once, but unfortunately it did not work on Pyowol.

Pyo-Wol used his hand in the glove to deflect all the tension from her, then dug into her chest.

The moment Ma Seo-Won raised her eyes wide, Pyo-Wol’s fist struck her in the stomach.



Explosions and screams rang out at the same time.


Ma Won-ik’s eyes turned over and he punched Pyo-wol with all his might. His fists were clenched.

At that moment, an invisible noose tightened his wrists.

It was Pyowol’s betrothed.



Ma Won-ik’s right hand was cut off at the wrist.

Ma Won-ik, who lost his hand in an instant, had no time to be in pain. Because the full moon is approaching.


He looked up at Pyowol while holding onto his severed wrist.

Saliva was dripping from his mouth, but he didn’t even have the mind to wipe it away.

I could feel Pyowol’s gaze.

I would have been less afraid if it contained emotions such as anger or contempt, but his eyes looking down at himself and his daughter showed no emotion whatsoever.

Just like the eyes of a master who catches cows and pigs, those eyes that exclude human emotions scared Ma Won-ik and his wife.

Pyowol opened her mouth for the first time.

“Is Shinwoljang the body of Guryongsalmak?”

“What nonsense are you talking about? A pitiful b*stard assassin…”

Seeing Ma Won-ik screaming, Pyo-wol waved his hand.



Marseowon screamed.

A handkerchief was pinned to her shoulder.

Pyowol said.

“You will have to be careful with your next answer. Because the life of my only daughter might be lost.”


Ma Won-ik gritted his teeth at Pyo-wol’s threat.

Both of his eyes were bloodshot red.

He knew best that Pyowol never spoke nonsense.

If he tries again, his daughter will surely lose her life. I couldn’t even tell the truth.

Pyowol asked again.

“Is Shinwoljang the body of Guryongsalmak?”

“I don’t know what bullshit you are talking about.”

His choice was to keep it a secret.

I was so scared that I couldn’t even look at my daughter’s face. I was afraid of what kind of expression she would make. But it was an inevitable choice for him.


Pyowol waved his hand.

It was to issue a courtesy marriage ceremony.

Ma Won-ik closed his eyes tightly. It was because he had no confidence to see his daughter’s death with both eyes open.

He thought he would hear Ma Seo-won’s scream.


However, the sound that came was not a scream from Ma Seo-won, but a metal sound.

Shh shh!

Then, a sharp crackling sound rang out.

Only then did Ma Won-ik widen his eyes to see what had happened.

Memorization was stuck in the place where Pyowol stood. Pyowol had stepped back to avoid Memorization.

Ma Won-ik carefully looked at his daughter.

In front of Ma Seo-won, I saw a man and a woman wearing a bang-rip.

It seemed that the man who was aiming for Ma Seo-won’s life had stopped it with a dagger.


Only then did Ma Won-ik let out a sigh of relief.

His legs gave out and he collapsed in place.

Pyowol did not even pay attention to Ma Wonik.

His gaze was fixed on the newly appeared man and woman.

Bang Rip covered his face, but Pyo-wol recognized them at once.

Because their bodies smelled familiar.

The smell of a damp, dull shade like yourself.

Pyowol remembered this smell clearly.

“Long time no see!”

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