Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 442

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 442

Episode 442

“Your flesh is shaking.”

Joo Pyo-du muttered as he looked at Pyo-wol’s face.

Although he was wearing a bloody cap, he could feel Pyowol’s cold eyes.

It would have been less frightening if the eyes were full of madness, but the eyes that did not show any signs of excitement made him goosebumps.

He is currently working as the head of the Galactic Bureau, but he was a soldier with a lot of bones on the battlefield.

I have been through countless harsh situations and have overcome many bloody situations. But, to be sure, my heart had never been beating as violently as at this moment.

The closer he got to the moon, the clearer his face became.

A new, yet yo-yo, face that seems to be out of this world.

It was a beautiful face that I would have mistaken for a woman if I had met her elsewhere. However, in the eyes of the chief pyo-du, it looked more terrifying than any evil killing.

He killed a lot of people with that beautiful face.

Among those who died at his hands, there were few worse than himself.

Truly, a man who suits the nickname of death god.


A ray of grace was extracted from his hand.

It was a gift so minute that it was almost indistinguishable with the n.a.k.e.d eye.

‘Is that the name of the Shinigami?’

He knew that Pyo-wol used a suhonsa as his main weapon. This is because many of his colleagues have already lost their lives to Pyowol’s wedding.

Pyowol’s unique season in which swords and earthenware are condensed and used as thin as thread. I don’t know how that was possible, but Pyolwol casually used skills that the culprit couldn’t even imagine.


A silver thread wrapped around his body.

Still, Zhu Pyo-du did not resist.

Pyowol flicked his finger, and his body floated into the air and carried away.

Kwa Dang Tang!

His body tumbled wildly in front of the moon.

Pyowol raised her foot and stepped on his chest.

For a moment, my breath caught in my throat and my mouth hung open.

Pyo-wol opened his mouth while stepping on Joo-pyo.

“Where are you moving the Buddhist scriptures? Are you really moving to New Moon Market?”

“Kkeuk! What are you going to do?”

Joo Pyo-du let out a mute sound and held on to Pyo-wol’s foot, which had stepped on his chest.

The moment Pyo-wol frowned, something exploded in Ju Pyo-du’s chest.


The black smoke scattered in an instant and covered the Pyowol and Jupyodu at the same time.


The moment the smoke reached his body, Ju Pyo-du let out a desperate scream.

The black smoke that hit them was poisonous smoke.

It was an extreme poison obtained from the natives of the place when Ju Pyo-du was active in the western region. When the poisonous smoke touches the body, the flesh melts and the bones crumble in an instant.

As a human being, it is to die while feeling the pain that is hard to bear vividly with the whole body.

Zhu Pyo-du used poison on his enemies several times. So I knew how great the effect was.

After returning to Gangho, he hid it as a trump card.

It was carried with the purpose of getting along with the enemy in the worst situation that could not be handled.

Even in the pain of melting flesh and bones, Joo Pyo-du shouted.

“I’m going with you, God!”

In an instant, the flesh on his face melted away, exposing his inner flesh. Still, with his eyes wide open, he held Pyowol’s ankle tightly.

As much as he holds on and endures, more poisonous smoke will penetrate Pyowol’s body.

It was then.

Suddenly, a snake with horns on its head stuck out its head from Pyowol’s bosom.

Joo Pyo-du thought he was looking at something in the pain.

The snake flicked its tongue, seemed to taste the poisonous smoke, then opened its mouth wide. And inhaled poison.


I couldn’t believe the suction power of a small snake, and the poisonous smoke was sucked into my mouth terrifyingly.

The poisonous smoke that covered Pyowol disappeared in an instant into the snake’s mouth.

Joo Pyo-du opened his eyes and trembled.

“It’s crazy… How can it be a mere little thing…”

The little snake flicked its tongue as if it was satisfied with poison, then went back into Pyowol’s arms.

The snake was a ghost.

To Guia, poison was a delicacy.

The more rare it was in Germany, the more delicacy it felt.

“What the hell… what the heck…”

Those were the last words Joo Pyo-du left to the world.

His body instantly melted into a handful of blood.

Pyowol took his gaze away from Ju Pyodu and looked at the river.

While the ankle was caught by Pyo-du for a moment, the ship was further away.

If he was an ordinary person, he would have broken his heart and given up at this point, but Pyowol was different.

He never intended to give up the chase.

Even if he pursued it over a thousand li like this.

The run of Pyowol continued.


A ghost stood in the middle of the ruined Seolunjang.

The scenery of the burnt down Seolunjang was bleak.

In addition, heavy rain fell and the Seolunjang was ruined even more miserably.

The bodies of the people who lived in Seolunjang were all collected by Gwian.

In particular, the bodies of Yoo Gi-cheon and U Jang-rak were carefully buried.

Gwian murmured in the middle of the Seolunjang.

“Why are you being so pushy? After only taking this kind of adventure on Buddhist scriptures…”

It was something that Gwian’s common sense couldn’t understand.

No matter how precious the Buddhist scriptures that came from the West Station were, but even so, it was only a mere Buddhist scripture.

It wasn’t even a martial arts book where martial arts were hidden, so they didn’t value it much unless it was a Buddhist school like Shaolin Temple.

“You really did this to donate money to the temple?”

Guan shook his head.

No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t understand it.

It was clear that something else was hidden.

Gwian took a close look inside the Seolunjang.

All was burned, but Gwian did not give up.

As he made his way through the charred remains, his body was covered with soot before he knew it. Still, Gwian persevered through the wreckage.


Gwian’s eyes shone as he pushed through the rubble.

This is because the underground space that was hidden under the rubble has been revealed.

Gwian entered the basement without the slightest hesitation.

Unlike the completely burnt ground, the underground space was scorched black only at the entrance, but the inside was intact.

“It was here.”

Gwian realized that this was a place where Buddhist scriptures were stored.

This is because there were papers with notes on the interpretation of Buddhist scriptures on the walls.

It was clear that one side of the shelf was empty, containing the originals of Buddhist scriptures.

Whenever he had free time, Yu Gi-cheon opened the Buddhist sutras and interpreted them in his own way.

Like many successful people, he too wanted to leave a meaningful legacy. It was the interpretation of the original Buddhist scriptures.

So whenever I had time, I came down here and interpreted the Buddhist scriptures in my spare time.

Fortunately, it was delayed to get the Buddhist scriptures from Shaolin Temple, so I was able to interpret them more leisurely.

Gwian carefully examined what Yoo Gicheon had interpreted.

There was a twinkle in his eyes as he watched for a long time.

It was not a passage that interpreted Buddhist scriptures, but a writing of Yu Gi-cheon’s personal thoughts.

[I felt the deepening of my heart subside while reading the sutras. No matter how mad a person is, if he reads this sutra, his heart will naturally be purified.]

‘Purification of madness?’

Guan rubbed his chin with his hand and murmured.

I could have just skipped over it, but oddly enough, it got stuck in my mind.

“Hasn’t it been necessary to disrespect someone’s madness?”

It was still only speculation.

Gwian felt the need to investigate a little more closely.

He came out, clearing out his confused mind.

It was then.


Jeon Seo-eung flew over his forearm with a violent flap of his wings.

It was the message sent to Pyowol.

Seo-eung Jeon’s leg contained a letter from Pyo-wol.

After reading all the letters, Gwian murmured.

“There is a high probability that the one my brother is tracking has the original Buddhist scriptures. In that case, it would be better to send Eunyo and Yeonsan to my brother.”

Gwi-an immediately returned to the red corpse and began writing a letter to Eun-yo and Do Yeon-san.

After hanging the note on his leg, he whispered to Jeon Seo-eung.

“You know what? I’m going to Eun-yo.”

As if Jeon Seo-eung understood his words, he moved his head up and down.

Gwian sent Jeon Seo-eung away.

Jeon Seo-eung, who hovered over the red corpse for a while, soon flew to the southern sky at a terrifying speed.

Left alone, Gwian had no time to rest.

“I’ll have to work with Hao Mun on this one.”

If you leave Sichuan, Guian’s information network loses its power.

Now was the time to need Hao Mun’s strength.


Pyowol ran through an unknown mountain.

Rivers don’t flow straight. If a mountain blocked it, it would turn back and sometimes it would bend here and there across the vast plain.

The mountain where Pyowol now runs was such a place.

The ship carrying the unmanned soldiers of the Galactic Empire was spinning around the mountain where Pyowol was now speeding.

It’s an environment where you can’t run to the riverside like before. So Pyowol chose to cross the mountain.

I’ve been running all day without a break.

I couldn’t even take a break.

It’s because the ship disappeared from sight if I rested even for a moment.

A river never flows in one stream.

There are tributaries and sometimes they are connected to small rivers.

When it disappeared from sight, it was a long way to find it again if it disappeared into another tributary.

Because of that, Pyo-wol had no choice but to run without rest.

No matter how strong Pyowol’s martial arts was, it was not easy to run for a full day without rest. However, Pyowol ran without a change in expression.


After breaking through the grass, a wide open area appeared like a lie.

The boat with the unmanned people of the Galactic Empire was approaching a river crossing an open area.

For a moment, Pyowol’s eyes were bright.

It was because I could see the narrowing of the river in the distance.

‘This is the last chance.’

No matter how good his stamina was, he couldn’t just track his boat for days and days. Since he was also human, there were bound to be limits.

I had to catch up before the limit came.

The narrowing section of the river seen far away was the only opportunity to get on the boat.

Pyowol raised his air power and spread light air.

After the sandy beach, a field of reeds blocked him.

Pyowol ran by stepping on reed leaves.

The funeral monument was opened.

Pyowol had never learned any special light craft. However, as I sprinted with all my might to chase the boat, I learned it naturally.

Papa pat!

The reeds bent loudly. But there were no broken reeds. This is because Pyowol exquisitely controlled his power.

People were busy moving on the deck of the ship, as if he had seen Pyowol spread out his funeral.

Pyowol made the speed faster.

Now the boat was approaching a place where the width of the river was decreasing.

I had to catch up before I could get out of there.


Pyowol sighed and kicked off the last reed leaf and flew into the air.

When he reached the top, Pyo-wol performed a royal court dance.

I thought my waist was bending like a bow, but I took advantage of the elasticity and went forward like a darling. However, there was still a considerable distance left from the ship.

At that moment, Pyo-wol issued a wedding speech.


The suhonsa wrapped itself around the mast.

As Pyowol grabbed his arm, his body flew toward the ship.



The warriors who saw the moon flying away drew their swords in surprise.

They spread their ceremonies toward the falling moon on the deck.

The entire deck was covered with sword spirits.

Shh shh!

Dozens of sword spirits hacked at Pyowol.


“I got it.”

The warriors who attacked Pyowol made faces of joy.

It was because the seals on their swords seemed to have been torn into dozens of pieces.

But the next moment, a look of astonishment flashed across their faces.

It was because the mutilated body of Pyowol disappeared right in front of his eyes.

“What is it?”



At that moment, the moon quietly landed behind them.

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