Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 441

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 441

Episode 441:

The Jin and Gold Heads swung their swords at the same time.

The black sword and the white sword flew to Pyowol tearing the air.

Pyowol evaded their attack by meandering.

With the difference of a hair’s breadth, two swords passed by the Pyowol.

Pyo-wol tried to pass the two people with momentum.

His goal was Ma Won-ik on the boat and the Buddhist scriptures he robbed.

After passing the bend in front of you, the river widens again. When the boat enters a wide river, the pursuit becomes dizzy again.

Even if it was an adventure, I had to catch up. So, instead of dealing with Jin and Gold, Pyowol tried to pass them. However, both Jin and Gold were masters who exceeded Pyowol’s expectations.


“No way.”

Chow ha ha!

They rotated their bodies in place like a top and threw pottery toward Pyowol’s back.

The two pottery crossed each other so exquisitely that they could not be ignored or avoided.

Pyo-wol had no choice but to turn around and slash the pottery with both hands.


With a metal sound, the two blown pottery bounced off.

The two pyo-du raised their eyes wide when they saw Pyo-wol kicking the pottery off with his bare hands.



The surprise they felt was even greater because they had not expected that they would bounce off the pottery with their bare hands.

It was the common knowledge of Gangho that it was impossible to block pottery with bare hands unless one mastered a special handicraft, but Pyowol completely denied it.

They found Vambraces on the back of Pyowol’s hand and forearm.

“You’re wearing props.”

“joy! To use residual water.”

The two were furious at the fact that Pyo-wol had bounced off the pottery with his Vambraces, not his bare hands.


Pyowol ran close to the ground like a swallow.

The performance of the Vambraces made by Dang Sochu was confirmed by cutting pottery.

Even though the pottery was cut without using air power, there was not a single scratch on the armour.

At this level, he was not afraid of any famous sword in the world.

Jin Pyo-du and Geum Pyo-du spread out their studies.


The air burst out of the black island and the white island.

Pyowol dug in, deflecting all those attacks using his armour.


A consort was released.


At that moment, Jin Pyo-du and Geum-pyo-du flew backwards.

He had already obtained information that Pyo-wol was using a mysterious attack called the Suhonsa, so he was fully prepared.

They waited for the suhonsa to pass and then fought back.



At close range, it was common sense that a short soldier like a sword or sword would be more advantageous than a long soldier like a whip or thread.

Shh shh!

Darkness and whiteness dizzy split the air.

They were deadly herbivores, like the fangs of a beast.

The two have known each other for a very long time and have been working together that much.

You could tell each other’s thoughts just by looking at their eyes and gestures.


The two swords and moon gauntlets collided with each other.

Sparks flew in all directions.

Pyo-wol noticed that their do-cho was extremely realistic.

Originally, swords were more practical than swords.

It takes a lot of time to fully understand the art of the sword and apply it in practice. However, the Tao was much more intuitive than the sword, so it was easy to learn.

Even considering those characteristics, the attack they unfolded was very bloody. It contained the wildness that only those who polished it in real battles could have.



It is drawn horizontally and cut longitudinally like a sword fight.

The black and white guide light disturbed Pyowol’s eyes.

Pyowol checked their faces while blocking their attacks.

They were plain, featureless faces.

A thief with this level of skill should have a reputation for being strong. However, Pyowol had never heard of a thief with a face like this.

Then there was only one possibility left.

“You guys came out of Guryongsalmak.”



At that moment, Jin Pyo-du and Geum Pyo-du felt a shock as if their hearts were dropping.

They had a lot of experience, but at this moment, they couldn’t hide their puzzled expression.

From their responses, Pyowol was convinced that his guess was correct.

‘Then, the Galactic Flag, maybe the Shinwoljang has something to do with Guryongsalmak.’

It was a Guryongsalmak that had never been captured like a floating cloud.

I confirmed that it existed, but I couldn’t find the real thing, so I was at a loss. However, in this unexpected place, I got closer to their reality.

Pyowol asked.

“Why is Guryongsalmagi aiming for Buddhist scriptures?”


“Shut up!”

The Jin and Gold heads went mad and attacked more fiercely.


The bloody Docho aimed for the blood of the stretching Pyowol.

A fierce attack raged like a storm, cutting off all useless twigs and leaving only large stems.

At first glance, the moon looked like leaves swept away by a storm.

It seemed to be swept away by the attack of the two and scattered here and there. However, there was no sense of danger to be found on Pyowol’s face.

Rather, it was the two attackers who were nervous.


‘Is it a ghost?’

All of their attacks missed by an inch.

It was like dealing with an insubstantial ghost.

They had gone through countless battles, but this was the first time they had faced such an enemy.

Cold sweat ran down his back.

He realized that the reason Pyowol didn’t fight back was because he was observing them, not because he was cornered.

“Noh Ohm!”

“Don’t look at me lightly!”

They burst into a roar and each unfolded the strongest jeolcho.

Shh shh!

Doyoung was created to fill the empty space.

Hundreds of black and white Doyungs were slammed straight into Pyowol.

In an instant, Pyowol spread black lightning.

As the brain power stimulated his nerves, his body’s reaction speed increased many times faster than usual.

Kwak Kwa Kwak!

In the place where the Pyowol had been, the rain of Tao poured down. However, the mark did not exist in its place.

Pyo-wol went around Jin-pyo-head and Geum-pyo-head once and fell in a distant place.


At that time, Jin Pyo-du’s eyes saw the gift flowing from Pyo-wol’s hand.

It was only then that they remembered the fact that Pyowol had circled around them.

“no way?”


At that moment, Pyowol pulled the silver thread.

Jin Pyo-du and Geum-pyo-du raised their eyes wide.

I felt a burning pain in my lower back.

Looking down, a ray of grace was digging into their waists like cutting a rotten radish.

It was the Sasa River.

The pyowol made a loop around their bodies and made a snare with the sasa river.

The noose cut their backs in an instant.

The upper bodies of Jin Pyo-du and Geum-pyo-du slipped from the waist and fell to the floor.

After Pyo-wol reaped the Sasa River, he ran after the boat.

I wasted a lot of time dealing with them.

He caught up with the boat with all his might.

In the meantime, the boat carrying Ma Won-ik and others got away from the bend and was entering a wide river.

This was the last chance to board the ship.


Pyowol kicked off the ground and threw herself.

His body flew through the air like a bird.

It was then.

Suddenly, arrows flew from the ship with ferocious force.


Just the sound of the air bursting out made it possible to tell how powerful it was.

It was too late to dodge through the air.

Pyowol blocked the arrow by crossing his Vambraces.


With an explosion, Pyowol’s body was thrown backwards.

Pyowol fell to the shore.

He wasn’t hurt, but his wrists were cold.

Pyowol stood up and looked at the ship moving away.

It was Ma Won-ik who shot the arrow.

In his hand was a long bow the size of a child. He shot Pyowol with his longbow.

While Pyowol crashed, the ship was further away.

It was impossible to get on the ship at once, even if I blew myself up again.


Pyo-wol exhaled lightly and glared at Ma Won-ik.

Ma Won-ik also took a deep breath and looked at Pyo-wol.

The great bow he was holding was a vessel called the Black Heaven Great Bow. It was a device whose destructive power was equivalent to that of a battering ram. However, the problem was that it consumed a lot of internal energy and mental strength.

After firing one shot, my whole body was exhausted and I no longer had the strength to pull the string.


Ma Won-ik threw the Heukcheon Daegung to the floor.

It was a weapon that could only fire one shot at a time anyway, so there was no point in holding it any longer.

Two steel arrows left.

There was no guarantee that he would be able to shoot head-on like this next time. Even then, it was unknown whether Pyowol would reveal itself like this.

Ma Won-ik said to the captain.

“Drive the ship at full speed.”


All sails are wide open.

The boat, full of wind, went down the river at a frightening speed.

Ma Seo-won approached Ma Won-ik.

“father! Are you okay?”

“I don’t think I’ll be able to shoot the Heukcheon Great Bow again.”

Ma Won-ik answered with a frown.

“Still, I think I can be relieved now that we’ve spread this distance.”

“Do you really think so?”


“Look over there.”

Ma Won-ik pointed in the direction of Pyowol.

Ma Seo-won’s eyes widened as he followed him.

It was because Pyowol, who seemed to have been greatly shocked by Heukcheon Daegung, was seen running along the boat.

The distance widened considerably, but Pyowol did not give up and pursued.


“I heard that it was poisonous, but I thought it would be this much. You really have the momentum to follow me to the end of hell.”

Ma Won-Ik’s beard trembled.

He was also a soldier who had listened to the sound of poisonous bells when he was young. Otherwise, it would not have been able to create a large corporation like the Galactic Flag. But even he was fed up with Pyowol who followed him like a leech.

Both Jin Pyo-du and Geum Pyo-du, who blocked Pyo-wol, were great masters, but they broke into two pieces after only a few seconds of stopping.

It was a feat beyond imagination.

The problem is that he is still being pursued.

Ma Won-ik asked the captain.

“Is there a section where the river width narrows from the front?”

“It’s over two hundred li ahead.”

“How narrow is it?”

“As the width of the river decreases to about 50 feet, the current speed increases rapidly.”

“Fifty sheets?”

Ma Won-ik gritted it.

Because it was an ambiguous street.

It is too far to jump over at once, but it is a distance that can be reached by throwing water rain or trees as a stepping stone.

I had to get out of the narrowing section before the pyowol followed. However, when I saw the Pewol that was following me like a dog, I couldn’t seem to shake it off.

Ma Won-ik had to make a decision.

After thinking for a while, Ma Won-ik looked back.

“The main table!”

“yes! Lord of the country.”

A soldier called Zhu Pyo-du stepped forward.

“I think you will have to sacrifice.”

“All right.”

Joo Pyo-du answered without the slightest hesitation.

Ma Won-ik’s face as he looked at him was full of painful light.

The main head was weaker than the gold head or Jin head that died first.

Asking him to stop the leap was tantamount to forcing him to commit suicide. But now he had no choice.

Ju Pyo-du had a trump card besides martial arts, and that was the only means to hold Pyo-wol at his feet.

The captain stuck the boat to the river and Joo Pyo-du jumped down to the sandy beach.

The ship left and quietly disappeared.

Joo Pyo-du gritted his teeth and looked at the front.

A demon-like human was approaching at a frightening speed.

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