Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 440

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 440

Episode 440

More than ten horses galloped.

There was no trace left.

The only problem is that since he rode a horse and ran at full speed, his speed was much faster than that of Lei Yue.

No matter how excellent Pyowol’s light engineering was, his speed was bound to be slow because he had to carefully examine the traces left on the floor.

Those who rode horses ran almost non-stop, probably thinking that a pursuer might be attached.

Because of that, the distance between the galactic reference station and the Pyowol did not easily decrease. Still, Pyowol did not give up and followed the traces of the galaxy.

‘If you go this way, Namchung will appear.’

The Namchung area was especially rich in waterways.

Not only large rivers, but also small rivers and artificial channels were intertwined. Once you get back on board there, you really have no way to track it.

They had to catch up before they reached Namchung.

It was then.


Suddenly, a cry was heard from the sky.

As Pyowol looked up, the falcon that had been circling the air descended at a frightening speed. However, Pyowol raised his hand without panic. Then, the hawk spread its wings wide, slowed down, and landed on Pyowol’s forearm.

It wasn’t a normal hawk.

It was a spirit creature that Gwian raised for the purpose of communicating. Since it is a spiritual creature, it was possible to accurately identify and retrieve the moon from the air.

A box containing letters was hanging from Jeon Seo-eung’s ankle.

Pyowol took out the letter from the box and read it.

[Those who escaped through the south gate divided into two groups and escaped.

Eun-yo and Do-yeon-san pursue and annihilate each.

No blasphemy found.


It was a message from those who fled to the south gate that they could not secure Buddhist scriptures.

They were just bait to divert attention.

If so, it was clear that those whom Pyowol had tracked down possessed Buddhist scriptures. The problem is that those whom Pyowol is tracking are divided into two groups and do not know which side has the Buddhist scriptures.

Pyo-wol simply wrote down his situation and put it in a box tied to Jeon Seo-eung’s leg.

After blowing Jeon Seo-eung into the air, he started tracking again.

Pyowol, who had been running for a while, stopped in front of a fork in the road.

The horseshoe print was towards the left.

If you just followed the horseshoe tracks as before, you could just turn left.

The problem was the traces in the middle of the crossroads.

They were human footprints.

I must have stayed there for a while, so my footprints were messy.

Pyowol knelt down on the floor and began to distinguish the footprints. Because so many people gathered, most of the footprints were crushed. However, Pyowol mobilized his excellent powers of observation and concentration to find out that more than twenty people had gathered here.

It was clear that those from the left fork and those on horseback had met here and had stopped for some reason to talk.

After that, the warriors of the Galactic Empire rode horses to the left fork, and those who came from the left fork went to the right fork.

It seemed that the people I met here had a conversation and went their separate ways. Even so, it was because it felt strange to carefully examine the traces left by Pyowol on the floor.

Among the footprints heading to the right fork, Pyo-wol paid attention to the ones that remained especially clear.

Because none of the footprints from the left had gone so deeply.

You have to carry something heavy to make footprints like this.

‘Then did you take over the goods from this place?’

Pyowol made a slight impression.

He looked again at the footprints at the fork in the road to the right.

At the beginning of the fork in the road, the clear footprints gradually faded.

It was proof that light work had been carried out.

This time I looked to the left where the horses had run.

Horseshoe prints were messy.

These traces are left when beginners riding horses for the first time drive them.

A picture was drawn in Pyowol’s head.

‘Those riding horses met a group of people coming from the fork in the road on the left. Here they are troubled. Should I keep riding my horse or should I disturb the pursuers who may be at this point?’

Surely, they would know that the moon would come after them.

It doesn’t make sense that he didn’t have Pyowol in mind when he committed such a thing in Seolunjang, which is no different from Pyowol’s front yard after entering Chengdu.

‘I know I’m being pursued. Just keep riding your horse? I wouldn’t do that. I’m sure he’ll try to buy time by disrupting it at this point.’

I didn’t know if it was a coincidence that I met the group coming from the other side. However, the moment they saw them, someone from the Galactic Label must have rolled their head.

Hand over the horses to those coming from the left fork to disturb Pyowol.

A real leap might come after him, but there was nothing wrong with securing a minimum safety valve.

It must have been an unexpected windfall for those who came from the left fork.

They got on their suddenly won horses and excitedly went back the way they had come. However, because I was clumsy in handling the horse, it left a messy mark on the floor like this.

It was speculated that the warriors of the Galactic Empire who passed the words in that way carried the Buddhist scriptures on their backs and spread the light.

Pyowol trusted his intuition and headed for the right fork.

‘It’s better.’

Had they continued to flee on horseback, it would have taken them a long time to catch up. However, if they were really escaping with light tactics, as Pyowol predicted, they would be able to quickly close the distance.

They were planning to buy more time by disrupting Pyo-wol, but their choice was rather a golden opportunity for Pyo-wol. Of course, this is under the premise that the presumption of leap is correct.

Pyowol spread light air with all his might.


Leaving only a remnant behind, Pyowol sprinted at a terrifying speed.

Resting was minimal, and meals were prepared in advance with beef jerky.

It was when it had been gone for such a long time.

The sound of water came from somewhere.


Needless to say, the footsteps were bent in the direction of the sound of the water.

Pyowol hurriedly flew toward the river.

The footprints disappeared and the field of reeds blocked the view.

As soon as I went through the reed field, a river appeared. And I saw a boat floating in the middle of the river.

There were quite a few people on board.

The moment he saw them, Pyowol recognized that they were the ones he was tracking. It was not the momentum that an ordinary fisherman or sailor could exude.

It naturally gave off a refined spirit that only well-trained warriors could have.

In the middle of the crowd was a middle-aged man with unusual eyes.

The middle-aged man looked at Pyowol with a surprised expression as soon as he came out through the reed field.

He was Ma Won-ik, the national owner of the Galactic Flag.

Ma Won-ik couldn’t help but be astonished.

“That me?”

He was covering his face with a hat attached to his blood jacket, but he knew it the moment he saw it.

That he is the Pyowol.

As soon as I saw the coldly shining eyes under the hat, the blood in my whole body cooled down.

A man who made him feel this way couldn’t be normal.

‘Did you really follow me? Reaper!’

It was Ma Won-ik who handed over the horse to a group he happened to encounter despite the objections of his daughter and subordinates, not knowing that he might be tracked down.

I thought that even if Pyowol really pursued it, I would have no choice but to follow the horse’s hoofprint.

Later, when he caught up with the horsemen and found out the truth, the Galactic Flag would have disappeared without leaving a trace in a boat. After that, I didn’t have to worry about tracing the moon any more.

That was Ma Won-Ik’s plan, but everything went awry.

Pyo-wol saw through all the traps and disturbances he had arranged and followed him all the way to this place.

It was only now that I could understand why the warriors of Gangho were so excited when mentioning Pyowol.

If you become the target of such a person, you will really not be able to sleep at night.

“Why are you like that? father!”

Ma Seo-won asked with a puzzled expression.

I can’t understand the appearance of Ma Won-ik, who suddenly stares across the river with a hard expression.

Ma Seo-won’s expression stiffened as he looked at the place where Ma Won-ik’s gaze was heading.

“no way?”

“He died!”

“How is he? oh my god!”

Ma Seo-Won covered his mouth with both hands.

She was full of dissatisfaction even when she handed over words to people she happened to meet and performed light-gongsul.

I thought Abby was reacting too sensitively. But I can understand it when I see it directly like this.

It means that the leap-following technique is beyond what they had imagined. If so, it was clear that his killing method would be just as frightening as the rumors.

“Move the boat fast. Quickly…”

she urged the captain.

The distance from the riverside where the pyowol stood to the boat they were riding was over a hundred feet.

No matter how skilled he was, he could not cross this distance at once. Still, he was anxious, so Seo-Won Ma brushed up on the captain and crew.

The ship moved away from the star moon at high speed.

Pyowol soon started pursuing.

It spread light air in the direction the ship was going down.

Seeing this, Ma Won-ik’s expression hardened even more.


“What should I do? father! I don’t think the author will ever give up.”

Marseowon’s eyes shook.

There was a considerable distance between Pyowol and the boat they boarded.

The boat riding the current was moving away at a high speed, and it seemed difficult to catch up with light maneuvers.

Even so, Pyo-wol was running along the boat without giving up.

The sight made her sick.

If you think about it, Pyowol saw through all the various traps and disturbances arranged by Ma Won-ik and tracked them all the way to this place.

It was unimaginable that he would give up just because of such an obstacle.

Ma Won-ik suddenly looked back.

All the men on the boat with him were clearly shocked. But there were also those who were not agitated.

Jin head and gold head.

All of them were those who had joined the galactic label right before this trip.

They have always acted like normal voters.

Because of that, others didn’t notice anything strange about them.

Ma Won-ik told them.

“I don’t know if you two should step up.”

It was absolutely not the way Pyo Guk-ju spoke to Pyo-du.

Rather, it was closer to the way a lower person speaks to a higher person.

Because of that, even the people next to him made a puzzled expression.

At that moment, the expressions of Jin Pyo-du and Geum Pyo-du changed.

The smile on his face disappeared and his eyes sharpened, and the atmosphere completely changed.

Jin Pyo-du spoke first.

“Looks like it should.”

“You truly are a wicked man. It’s like a poisonous snake that doesn’t let go once bitten.”

Geum Pyo-du also shook his head slightly while looking in the direction of the moon.

Pyowol was still tracking the ship.

To make matters worse, the river passed through a straight section and entered a meandering section.

The course of the river was bent in the shape of a wriggling snake, so the speed had to be slowed down. The width of the river was narrow, so if you did well, you could jump onto the boat.

Jin Pyo-du said.

“I’ve been curious since before. Is the author really as great as the rumors say? I’ll take this opportunity to address my curiosity.”

“Me too. It was an order from the superior, so I followed it, but I didn’t like it at all.”

Golden Pyodu nodded and approached the railing.

He flung himself in the section where the river narrowed as the river curved.

The gold pyodu flew like a bird and landed lightly on the floor.

Before jumping after him, Jin Pyo-du said to Ma Won-ik.

“While we stop him, you take the goods to Dalju by any means. There will be someone to meet you.”

“Do not worry.”

“I trust you.”

Jin Pyo-du left the last word and flew to the place where Geum Pyo-du landed.

Golden Pyodu, who landed lightly on the floor, looked back.

The ship ruthlessly left them and walked away.

Jin Pyo-doo abandoned his lingering feelings and looked ahead.

Pyowol was running from afar.

In terms of speed, it will arrive in about one to one day.

Jin Pyo-du said.

“You really are a terrible person.”

“When Hoeju mobilized us, I thought it was too much to worry about, but now I understand. If someone like that follows, no one will be able to shake it off easily.”

“Haven’t several people already been frustrated by the author and the companies that worked hard did not collapse? It was a natural step for the ruler of the society.”

“Tsk! After all that hard work, I thought I would be able to live comfortably now, but I thought I would be fighting a monster like that here.”

“Maybe today will be our last day.”

“Are you afraid of death?”

“I’ve lived my whole life in the firing line, are you afraid? It’s just a waste of not being able to properly use the wealth I’ve earned.”

At Jin Pyo-du’s words, Geum Pyo-du giggled and laughed.

At the same time, they took out swords from their waists.

Jin Pyo-du held a black sword, and Gold Pyo-du held a white white sword.

At that moment, the moon came crashing in.

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