Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 439

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 439

Episode 439

The fairly large Unmado river ship fluctuated.

It was because the river had swelled greatly due to the rain that had fallen overnight.

The river, which turned into muddy water, showed a violent flow.

No sane person would have dared to think of floating a boat on such a river.

The same was true of the captain of the Unma Dogangseon.

Under normal circumstances, he would never have floated the Unma Dogangseon. It is good to receive money in return, but it is because life is more precious than that.

But he had no choice.

It was because there was too much money received from the other party.

Because he had received a large sum of money in advance, he had no choice but to float the boat even in the torrent.

“Fix the sail there.”

“There is a reef in front of twenty sheets to the right of the helmsman. Turn left.”

“Hey you kids! I can’t keep my mind straight. I want to end up overturned and die.”

The captain gave instructions while swearing.

The sailors diligently followed the instructions, as if they were familiar with such a sight.


Due to the rapid current, the Unmado riverboat bounced up into the air and then sank to the surface again. Fortunately, it did not capsize, but the shock caused the people and horses in the boat to roll over.

The woman jumped up and screamed.

“Captain! Can’t you navigate properly?”

“I’m sorry.”


The woman who was angry with fire was Ma Seo-won.

Her body was soaked from the rain that had fallen all night.

At that time, Ma Won-Ik touched her shoulder and said.

“Calm down.”


“Have you forgotten that you need to stay calm at times like this?”


“okay! it’s those eyes keep it going.”


After confirming that his daughter’s eyes had calmed down, Ma Won-ik looked around the deck.

On the deck, his men stood holding onto the railings.

All of them were unmanned soldiers, but they had a clear look of dismay. It was because I never expected that the ship would rock like crazy.

Downstairs, where the horses were tied up, was probably more messed up than here.

All the horses that the Galactic Empire rode were well-bred horses. He didn’t like this situation where such famous horses were injured. But he had no choice.

“By now, the person who bought it will find out and track down the accident.”

“Could he have already set out to pursue? He’s a human too, but he’s moving through the rain that fell like that just a moment ago?”

“Don’t judge him on the same level as the average person. He is beyond common sense. Always have the worst in mind and be prepared.”

“That’s why you divided the party into two and disrupted them.”

Half of the total of fifty people were sent out through the south gate.

After some distance from Chengdu, they will split into two groups and run in different directions.

All of this was to disrupt the pursuit of the transcendental moon.

It would be better if Pyo-wol went to the south gate, but the problem becomes serious if they track them out of the east gate.

Ma Seo-won thought Abi was overly worried.

The river leaves no trace.

Even if they arrived at the dock where they boarded the Unma Dogang Line, there was no trace of them, so it was clear that they would have difficulties in tracking them down.

‘No matter how much he is called a god of death, as long as he is human, the limits must be clear. My father thinks too much.’

But she didn’t speak her mind.

There were things to say, even between a father and daughter, no matter how casual they were.

Now was not the time to speak his mind, but the time to distance himself from the saints even an inch.

Ma Won-Ik ordered his subordinates.

“Check the blasphemy again. Check the tarpaulin carefully for any tears.”


The subordinate ran to the cabin with the answer.

It was a hard-to-find original Buddhist scripture.

As soon as the negotiations with Woo Jang-rak went to waste, he led a raid on Seolunjang with his men.

It just rained and helped them.

When it rained, people tended to become emotional without even realizing it, and tension was relieved.

Ma Won-ik was well aware of the tendencies of such people.

As he thought, the boundaries of Seolunjang were loose.

It wasn’t that difficult to kill Jangrak Woo and Yugicheon. Although Wu Jang-rak was a little troublesome, he was no match for him.

The problem happened at the last minute.

Yugicheon was seriously injured and set fire to Seolunjang right before collapsing.

He hoped that someone would see the flames and come running.

It was too late to put out the fire.

In the end, Ma Won-ik had no choice but to get out of Seolunjang with only Buddhist scriptures.

“Profanity is safe.”

The subordinate who went to check the Buddhist scriptures came up again and reported.

Ma Won-ik nodded and looked ahead.

The swollen river wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

As the current increased, the speed of the boat going down the river was also faster than usual.

Thanks to him, he was able to arrive at his destination earlier than expected.


The boat was docked at a dock far away from the Golden Temple.

said the captain with an exhausted face.

“It has arrived too.”

“Good job.”

“I kept my promise, so please pay me now.”

“of course.”

Ma Won-ik nodded and looked at his subordinates.

His confidant Jwa Se-gyeong approached.

In his hand was a rather large sack.

“Take it.”

Jwa Se-gyeong threw the bag at the captain.

The captain laughed at the heavy feeling in his hand.

It felt like the hardships I had been through had been fully compensated with just one pouch.

The captain shouted with the bag in his hand.

“What are you doing? Hurry up and don’t tell me?”


Sailors unloaded the horses that were loaded onto the ship with the answer.

As if proving that they had made it through the rough river, several of the horses had broken legs and could not get up.


Ma Won-ik clicked his tongue as he watched the words.

A horse with a broken leg could not be used after being treated. It was expensive, and there was no guarantee that even if he recovered, he would be able to run as before.

Killing it would have eased the horse’s pain and not wasted time on this side either.

When Ma Won-ik nodded, his subordinates swung their swords and killed all the injured horses.

hee hee hee!

The plaintive neighing of the horses resounded beneath the docks.

‘Cruel b*stards!’

The captain and crew looked at the unmanned soldiers of the Galactic Empire killing horses with eyes full of fear.

It was then.

Jwa Se-kyung secretly exchanged glances with other soldiers.

The warriors of the Galactic Empire near the sailors swung their swords like thunderbolts.



that was the signal

All the unmanned people of the Galactic Flag State rushed at the sailors.


“help me!”

The sailors screamed and fled. However, the warriors chased after them like tenacity and killed them.

“Why are you doing this? We certainly kept our promise…”

the captain shouted, holding his jacket tight.

Jwa Se-kyung walked towards him and said.

“We kept our promise, too.”


“Have you not paid the price? There will be no shortage of free money on the road to the afterlife.”

“It was meant to be like this from the beginning. You wicked b*stards!”


Despite the captain’s criticism, Jwa Se-kyung’s expression did not change. Rather, he walked quickly, full of ridicule.


The captain threw a bag at Jwa Se-kyung and tried to escape. But before he could take a single step, he felt a fiery pain in his back and screamed.


Jwa Se-gyeong’s sword cut deep into his back.

The captain fell to the floor and stopped breathing.

Ma Won-ik approached Jwa Se-kyung.

“Are you sure you handled it?”



With the answer, Jwa Se-gyeong stabbed the captain in the back of the head with his sword.

Ma Won-ik nodded as if he liked it.

He picked up the bag that had fallen on the floor and handed it to Jwa Se-gyeong.

“Use it for travel expenses until we rejoin.”


“Then take care of yourself until we meet again.”

“Kuk-lord, please be careful.”

Jwa Se-kyung took a hand on Ma Won-ik.

Ma Won-ik nodded and told his subordinates.

“let’s go!”


Half of the soldiers who landed on land and Ma Seo-won followed Ma Won-ik.

They left the dock with the original Buddhist scriptures.

Jwa Se-gyeong stared blankly at them as they walked away, then spoke to the rest of his subordinates.

“We are moving in the opposite direction. let’s go!”

They could have moved together, but the reason they moved separately was to disturb the pursuit of a possible leap.

Jwa Se-gyeong muttered as she mounted her horse.

“I want him to come after me.”

Pyowol was obviously a fearful existence. But on the contrary, it was also a coveted prey.

If he can stop hunting, Jwa Se-kyung will be able to climb higher.

Jwa Se-kyung suddenly laughed.

“Can I come all the way here?”

If it had moved by land, it would have left traces. But it moved along the river, so there was no trace left.

No matter how much it was, it was impossible to track it down to this place.

Jwa Se-kyung smiled and left.


Pyowol galloped along the river.


The river was flowing with such a force that it seemed to swallow the whole world.

From the outside, it looked like muddy water, but inside it was a mixture of rocks the size of houses, large logs, and all sorts of objects that had been swept upstream.

The swollen river rose to the point where Pyowol was jumping. Thanks to this, Pyowol’s ankles were submerged in water.

If you accidentally slip, you will lose your life by being crushed by the rocks before drowning. Nevertheless, Pyo-wol sprinted with all his might as if he did not feel any sense of danger.

As the sun rose in the middle of the sky, Pyo-wol found a large boat stranded on the other side of the river.

I felt it the moment I saw the ship.

The fact that it was the ship he was chasing.

The problem was crossing the river.

The distance from the place where Pyowol was now to the place where the ship ran aground was over three hundred feet. Even so, Pyo-wol threw himself into the river without any hesitation.


His body hit the ground and flew through the air like a bird. But after about a dozen chapters, it started to descend.

Just before falling into the river, Pyo-wol stepped on a tree that had been drifting away and jumped again.

The moon soaring high in the air scanned the surface of the river with the eyes of a hawk. It’s about looking ahead to where you’re going to land next.

Pyowol landed on a tree floating on the water again.

As he landed, the tree rocked and flooded. But at that moment, Pyowol was no longer there. He threw himself in search of the next float.


Pyo-wol did not hesitate or hesitate for a moment, and flung his body.

Lastly, Pyo-wol, who jumped into the air after stepping on an unknown floating object, performed a royal dance.

Drawing a long parabola in the air, the pyowol finally landed on the opposite land. It was the dock where the ship ran aground.

Pyowol looked inside the ship.

The body of the sailor and the body of the horse came into view.

‘They destroyed the evidence.’

It could be the sailor’s body, but I wondered why he killed the horse. After examining the horse’s carcass closely, I realized that all the legs were broken.

‘I killed him because his leg was broken and he couldn’t burn.’

Pyo-wol got out of the boat and examined the marks left on the floor.

Horseshoe prints and human footprints were mixed together.

Pyowol noticed that the party split in both directions here.

It was not even possible to know which way Ma Won-ik and Buddhist scriptures were headed.

All of them were riding horses on one side, and on the other side were many footprints mixed with horseshoes.

There seemed to be a mix of people who were speechless on board.

Pyowol decided to take a place with a slightly higher probability.

The place he chose was the side where everyone rode horses.

From common sense, it was correct that the one with better mobility transported important items. That’s why everyone is trying to track down the one who rode the horse.

Even Pyowol wasn’t sure if his choice would be correct. However, Pyowol knew that it would be much better to pursue it even a little faster instead of hesitating.

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