Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 438

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 438

Episode 438

The remains of the molars were sticky.

This is because saliva and poison are mixed.

“It’s not a real molar.”

“Are you hiding your dogma in your false molars?”

“that’s right!”

“Then, did you commit suicide by biting your molars when you were confined to solitary confinement? I didn’t see them as such toxic people.”

“The material of the molar itself is made of something that dissolves in saliva. It probably melted in the mouth after a certain amount of time, and the dogma was exposed.”

“It makes no sense, right? It’s made of such a material, but it didn’t melt even though it came this far? And does it make sense that it melted just in time for being locked up in the gambling house?”

Eun-yo’s face was full of disbelief.

It was a natural reaction because it did not make sense to her common sense.

Pyowol explained to her.

“Perhaps they didn’t know that their dogma would melt away.”


“On the way here, he must have taken some kind of medicine that prevented his molars from melting. However, it is highly likely that they did not know that fact. So, in the first place, you would have only known it as an insoluble object. I just thought he had a dogma hidden in his mouth in case of an emergency.”

“What is it?”

“But since I stayed at the gambling house and didn’t take the medicine, my molars melted little by little.”

“oh my god!”

“I had this situation in mind from the beginning. It means you already knew their tendencies and were ready to exploit them.”

Eunyo couldn’t hide her surprised expression.

She was proud to have experienced numerous human groups and all sorts of conspiracies in So-roe-eumsa, but it was the first time that they played with people’s lives in this way.

If Pyo-Wol’s words are correct, Eunha-Pyo-Guk-Joo figured out the propensity of Seok-Pyo-Du from the beginning, and decided to use it for the purpose of covering his eyes and throw it away.

It was truly a cruel heart that made my teeth tremble.

“It’s my fault. If only I knew them a little more…”

“You didn’t do anything wrong. This feeling is something I didn’t expect.”

“But if I had been a little more careful…”

“Even if I had been careful, the result would have been the same. So stop beating yourself up.”


Eunyo nodded helplessly.

“Let’s go back to the red invoice for now.”

“yes! Brother.”

Pyo-wol and Eun-yo left the underground gambling den.

It was still raining outside.

The two walked through the rain.

The rain hit Eunyo hard on her head and shoulders. Still, Eun-yo did not know that she was sick.

It was the first setback I had since entering the church.

It was painfully painful to see how arrogant he had been.

‘not there yet. I thought I was the best…’

She bit her lip, vowing that this would never happen again.

Pyo-wol looked at Eun-yo in silence.

In order for a person to grow, he must taste failure and trials.

In that respect, Eunyo’s growth was from now on.

Pyowol and Eunyo passed by Seolunjang.

The flames that engulfed Seolunjang had long since been extinguished by the pouring rain.

Pyo-wol looked at Seol-un-jang for a while before entering the red corpse.

“brother! sister!”

Doyeonsan greeted Pyowol and Eunyo.

“What about ears?”

“I am in the basement now. When my older brother and sister come, I will take them with them for a long time.”

“Let’s go now.”


They headed to the underground space where the ears were.

In the basement, Gwian was looking down at the desk.

A huge map was spread out on the desk.

It was a map depicting Chengdu and Sichuan Province.

It was not a normal map.

It was a map made by Guian himself.

Of course, there was bound to be a difference in precision.

There were a lot of things marked on the map.

Gwian glared at the marked spot on the map as if it were going to eat it.

Pyowol asked.

“Did you find anything?”

“Oh brother!”

Gwian finally came to his senses and looked at Pyowol.

From the moment Seol Un-jang realized that he had been attacked by the Galactic Flag, Gwi-an activated all information networks in the city.

They started chasing the whereabouts of the Galactic Flag Country by mobilizing all available personnel.

The reason why Pyo-wol did not pursue him from the beginning was because he believed in Gwi-an.

As expected, Gwian has already activated all of his intelligence and identified their escape route.

Gwian explained.

“I’m in a hurry, so I’ll tell you the main story. At the time of the Seolunjang fire, there were suspicious movements on the east and south roads.”

“Have you ever split into two teams?”

“Exactly! There are only five people who directly committed the work at Seolunjang. The rest were divided into two groups and were waiting at the east and south gates.”

“Which side did the perpetrator join?”

“That’s the problem. Eyewitness statements do not agree. Some say they saw it from the south gate, others say they saw it from the east gate. It was raining so there weren’t many witnesses.”

He put on a look of indignation.

The pouring rain ruined everything.

It was a rainy day, so most of the people he planted as informants refrained from going out. As a result, the quality of information received was not good.

At least it was deaf, so I figured it out to this extent by combining it.

“It means that it is currently unknown which side those who took the Buddhist scriptures joined.”

“that’s right! He must have done it to evade his pursuers. The problem is that there are fifty of them.”


“Right now, we split into two groups, but we can split the group into smaller groups to confuse the pursuers. In other words, you can divide the group into groups of four or five. That would make tracking down even more difficult. If it were me, I would definitely do that.”

Pyowol nodded.

If he were leading a group of fifty people, he would do so.

It was clear that the purpose of bringing about fifty people in the first place was to disturb them.

“Where is the new moon field?”

“It’s in Hunan’s Giyang.”

“What is the Galactic Label?”

“Shaoyang, Hunan Province.”

“They are both in Hunan.”

“that’s right!”

“I guess we should split the pursuit team into two. Eun-yo and Yeon-san chase after those who escaped through the south gate. can you do it?”

“of course.”

“The two of you work together to catch them. If the Buddhist scriptures are there, be sure to retrieve them.”

“Then your brother is going to pursue those who fled toward the east gate?”



“Keep in close contact with Gwian. Because Eunyo knows the way. Hurry and track it.”


Do Yeon-san and Gwi-an answered and went outside.

Pyowol gave instructions to Gwian this time.

“You investigate blasphemy. Find out why they went so far to secure blasphemy. It’s too big and planned to see it done simply to donate to the temple.”

“Okay bro! I don’t know what secrets the Buddhist scriptures hold, but I will definitely find out.”

“Don’t believe me.”

“don’t worry.”

Gwian replied confidently.

Pyowol patted Gwian on the shoulder and came up to the ground. He was greeted by an unexpected person.

It was Dang Soqiu who gasped for breath while holding the long box.

“Prosecution! What are you doing?”

“I heard that Seolunjang suffered a disaster.”

“Has it reached your ears already?”

“Are you going to track down the pleural effusion? take this.”

Dang So-chu handed over the box he had brought to Pyo-wol.

Pyowol opened the box without a word.

Inside the box were a pair of Vambraces, daggers, and a Black Bloodskin.


First of all, Pyowol wore Vambraces.

Vambraces gently wrapped around the back of the hand to the forearm.

It was comfortable to wear, as if I was not wearing anything.


Pyowol gave a satisfied smile at the perfection that exceeded expectations.

He wore a dagger around his waist and finally put on a blood jacket.

“I’ve seen the dagger before, so I won’t explain it. Pipungui was made by mixing the spider webs of Cheonjamsa and Hwaryeongjiju. It has the strength of a decent amount of armor, and it has the supernatural ability of blood, water and blood, just like the Dark Dragon Cannon I gave you before.”


“That’s all I can do for you. Please, I hope you return safely.”

“okay! don’t come back.”

Pyowol nodded and went out.

When I put on the hat attached to the bloody wind, all the rainwater bounced back.

If your clothes get wet in the rain, you will consume that much energy. It’s unlikely that leaping is this hard, but moving with a skinny body is good for conserving stamina. Once again, I realized how good Dang Sochu was.

He did not simply handle metal well, but made the best instruments with any material.

It is the same with the blood wind that I just wrote.

Even though the rain was pouring down like poles, the inside was dry without any dampness.

Seeing that the bloodsucker’s supernormal ability was clear, it seemed that he could know the bloodsucker’s ability without checking.

Pyowol moved toward the east gate.

Rainwater accumulated on the floor and created puddles.

In front of the east gate, a middle-aged man was waiting for Pyowol.

The person who had been waiting with his hands together in a respectful manner hurriedly approached when Pyowol appeared.

“I see you, my master.”


“yes! Gwiannim told me to call him that.”

“Do you have ears?”


There was no more time to answer questions.

Most likely, the opponent was a person belonging to an intelligence organization within the Chengdu operated by Gwian.

Pyowol asked.

“What did you find out?”

“It has been confirmed that they are headed in the direction of the golden hall.”

“Golden party?”

Pyowol frowned involuntarily.

This is because a large river flows through the temple.

The origin of Sichuan was because of the four great rivers that flowed across Sacheon.

The four great rivers were connected like a spider’s web by smaller rivers and streams. Once on the river, there was no way to predict where to ride the river.

“Is there anyone on the Golden Hall side?”

“There is, but there is no way to spread the news right now. It’s raining so I can’t fly the pigtails.”

“How many docks are there in Golden Hall?”

“There are three, but there is only one place where you can secretly board the ship.”

“Where are you?”

“It is a small dock located downstream of Geumdang. Follow the pipe and there is a road that splits in front of the golden hall. If you go left, you will come out.”


“sorry. I couldn’t be more helpful.”

The middle-aged man bowed his head as if to apologize.

“This is enough.”

Pyowol moved out of the east gate.

As he left the gates, darkness without a single light greeted him.

It was the worst environment where you couldn’t light a torch because of the rain.

Pyowol flew without hesitation into the thick darkness where it was difficult to distinguish an inch from the pouring rain like a pole.

It was about a hundred li from Chengdu to the Golden Hall.

If you hurry, you can arrive within an hour.

Pyo-wol performed a light-gong technique and ran through the rain.


The pouring rain hit the bloody wind and bounced in all directions.

Heavy rain and darkness couldn’t disturb the sense of the moon that had been trained in the underground cavity.

Pyo-wol didn’t get lost even once and ran in the exact direction of the Golden Hall.

By the time he reached the golden hall, the rain had stopped and the sun began to rise.

Pyowol took the left at the fork in the road.

As the middle-aged man said, a small dock appeared after going a little further.

It was in such a secret place that anyone who knew it could not find it.

Perhaps because of the rain that had fallen overnight, the river was so full that the dock was half-submerged.

The boats were also washed away by the rain, so not a single ship was seen.

Pyowol looked at the floor.

Puddles were all over the place because of the rain that had been pouring all night. It was not easy to find traces of human beings in these places.

Quite a few people would have given up on tracking the trail altogether. But Pyowol was different.

He observed carefully without losing concentration.

‘More than 20 horses have moved. If they really came here, there must be traces left.’

After looking around for a while, Pyowol soon found a clear trace.

It was a trace of a hollow in the tree at the dock.

It was the mark of a large ship hitting the dock.

Considering the size of the dock, it was an overly large ship.

“It’s clear that the Unma Island is a river line.”

It was clear that the Unma Dogangseon was waiting here and then the horse was burned.

All that remained was to characterize the direction the ship was heading.

upstream and downstream.

The choice of Pyowol was downstream.

The heavy rain that poured through the night made the river swell and the current intensified.

Going upstream in these circumstances was a gamble with one’s life.

Pyowol did not think they would take such an adventure.

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