Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 437

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 437

Episode 437

Pyowol looked up at Doyeon Mountain.

Doyeonsan’s face was flushed red.


“I need to go outside now.”

The atmosphere at Doyeon Mountain was unusual.

Pyowol went outside instead of asking why.

When I came out of the red body, I could understand why Do Yeon-san was making such an urgent expression.

A fire was burning not far from the red corpse.

The flames soared high into the sky with terrifying momentum.

The raindrops were getting thicker, but not enough to quell the flames.

The problem is that the place where Hwa-gwang is charging is a place that Pyo-wol also knows.


Pyowol flew away without thinking further.

“let’s go together.”

Doyeonsan followed Pyowol.


Pyowol broke down the door of Seolunjang and stormed in.

The inside of the Seolunjang had already been completely swallowed up by the fire.

Red-hot flames and black smoke obscured all sight.

Pyowol stopped breathing and looked around.

It was already impossible to see anything with the n.a.k.e.d eye.

The moon raised other senses.

His senses were so sensitive that he could detect even the slightest change without missing it. However, even with that sense of transcendence, I couldn’t detect any vital signs.

It meant that there was no one alive in the seolunjang.


Pyowol waved his hand toward the place where the flames were the most frightening. Then a strong wind rose and instantly extinguished the flames.

Pyo-wol found people lying in the middle of the extinguished flames.


Pyowol screamed and ran towards them. But they didn’t even flinch.

Pyowol checked their faces.

One was Woo Jang-rak, whom I met not too long ago, and the other was Yoo Gi-cheon, the owner of Seolunjang.

Neither felt the slightest movement or breathing.

Pyo-wol hurriedly examined the bodies of the two.

There was a sword scar on Wu Jang-rak’s neck.

The sharpness of the sword was to the point that you could never recognize it unless you had eyesight equivalent to that of the moon.

‘I stopped breathing with a single sword.’

Woo Jang-rak was also a warrior who could be called a master.

Such a master lost his life without a trace of rebellion.

‘A frightening quick sword.’

It was such a delicate quicksword that Woo Jang-rak could not resist properly.

Wu Jang-rak’s open eyes were filled with a light of disbelief.

It meant that he hadn’t anticipated the opponent’s quick sword.

Pyowol turned his gaze to Yugicheon.

Yugicheon was already in a desperate state.

On his neck, the same sword marks as Wu Jang-rak remained.


Pyowol called, but Yugicheon did not move.

Pyowol frowned slightly.

He had no sympathy for Yoo Gi-cheon. However, he knew that Soma liked Yugicheon quite a bit.

It was clear that Soma would be sad when she found out that Yugicheon had died.

Pyo-wol carried the bodies of Yoo Gi-chun and U Jang-rak on one shoulder and came out.


Shortly after he got out, the flames grew stronger.

Pyo-wol laid the bodies of Yoo Gi-cheon and Woo Jang-rak on the floor and looked at Seol Un-jang.

Even in the pouring rain, the fire did not seem to be extinguished.



Belatedly, Eun-yo and Gwi-an ran toward Seolunjang.

A look of bewilderment was evident on their faces.


“What happened? Brother!”

Eunyo blocked the heat with her sleeve and looked at Pyowol.

Her face was full of despair.

Pyowol replied.

“I was attacked by someone. General Yu Jang-ju and Wu are all dead.”


Eun-yo couldn’t say anything and only kept his mouth shut.

She was on her way back from going to the underground gambling house.

He never expected that Seolunjang, who was right near the red corpse, would be angry while he was away.

“Everyone got stabbed. He died without being able to resist.”

“What about chest water?”

“I don’t know as of now.”

Pyowol looked at the burning Seolunjang.

A fire that does not go out even when it rains.

It was the worst.

The flames erase all traces. If water is added to that, even the remaining evidence is ruined.

It really had all the bad conditions.

Nyo shouted.

“Could it be the Galactic Label?”

“What are you saying?”

“That’s it.”

Eun-yo told Pyo-wol what she had learned so far.

Everyone told how they came to know about the Galactic Flag and whether they were suspicious of their activities.

Pyo-wol suddenly remembered his last conversation with Woo Jang-rak.

“U Jang-rak also said he was going to meet the Galactic Representative.”

“Is it? The Galactic Label is more suspicious.”

“Where are they now?”

“It’s in the ballpark guest cup.”

“Let’s go there.”


Pyo-wol left Gwi-an and Do-yeon-san to take care of Seol-un-jang, and went to the gujang gaekjan with Eun-yo.


As she approached the ballroom, Eun-yo frowned.

No matter how late it is at night, the inn is bound to light a few lanterns.

There are also guests who come late at night or early in the morning.

If the lights are completely off, such guests will turn away even if they come. For that reason, it was common to keep one or two lanterns lit at the entrance of the inn until dawn.

But now the fire in the ballpark was completely off.

If at least one light had been turned on, I would have felt at least a tiny bit of warmth, but the air was just cool.

Eun-yo hurriedly opened the door of the ballroom and went inside.

“Jang Noya!”

But Jang Noya did not answer.

Searching the ground floor, Eun-yo soon found Jang No-ya and Jeom-soi. They lay unconscious behind the counter.

Someone pointed out their blood transfusion.

It was fortunate that he did not lose his life.

Pyowol said after looking around the inn.

“There is not a single person inside.”

There was not a single movement that caught his senses.

It’s not that people are sleeping deeply and don’t feel vital signs, it’s that people themselves don’t exist at all.

It made no sense that there were no guests at all in this large and spacious inn.

Eunyo hurriedly woke Jang Noya.

“Jang No-ya! Jang No-ya!”

“Oh, miss?”

“What happened?”


Jang Noya looked confused for a moment. But he soon came to his senses and said.

“That’s because the Lord of the Eunha Pavilion suddenly asked to see him… I can remember that far…”

It seemed like he had a blood transfusion all of a sudden.

Jean Noya couldn’t remember anything more. Still, this was enough.

It was because it became clear that it was the Galactic Flag Wine that pointed out Jang No-ya’s blood transfusion.

Pyowol said.

“Let’s go to Martha.”


The two headed for Martha, who was protecting the horses.

It was as expected.

I couldn’t see a single horse the Galactic Flag had ridden on.

“What about luggage?”

The Galactic Signature returned with wagons and wagons full of luggage. As far as Eun-yo knows, they haven’t disposed of the items yet.


When the warehouse door was opened, the tokens brought by the Galactic Label were stored there.

Eun-yo said with a frown.

“Did you leave all your luggage behind?”

Pyowol approached Jim and waved his hand.


A large box shattered with an explosion.

The inside of the box was empty.

Another box was also broken, but it didn’t contain any tokens.

It came in an empty box in the first place.

The mark was merely a blindfold to attract attention.

From the beginning, it was clear that they had come with the intention of abandoning the cart and wagon.

“Galaxy Label. Did you say that it is a representative country under Shinwoljang?”

“I said so, but there’s a chance it’s camouflage.”

“I guess so.”

Pyowol shook his head.

Eunyo said.

“Should I pursue it?”

“I have to.”

“Then let’s go.”

“not now.”


Eun-yo opened her eyes wide, not knowing what to say.

“The rain erased all traces. If you try to track it now, it will only cause confusion and it will be difficult to achieve any results.”

“You can’t just give up, can you?”

“of course.”

A cold smile appeared on Pyowol’s lips.

Seolunjang, like no other place, was harmed.

If you think about the relationship between Jeoksongjang and Seolunjang, it was no different from a challenge to yourself.

Pyo-wol was not the one to put up with someone’s attack.

“really! Brother. In fact, we are holding a few representatives of the Galactic Flag Bureau in the underground gambling hall.”

“What happened?”

“What is that…”

Eun-yo said that some of the representatives of the Galactic Empire lost all their fortune while gambling in an underground gambling place.

“Did you work at the gambling house?”

“yes! I got rid of a huge amount of debt and got hold of it. I was going to use their debt as an excuse to put pressure on the Galactic Empire, but they were one step faster.”

Eunyo bit her lip.

Seok Pyo-du was not alone in visiting the underground gambling hall.

I took a couple of gyoza and entered the underground gambling den. And I gambled happily.

I won a lot at first, probably because of my luck. However, the end of those who entered the gambling hall was always the same.

In the end, he robbed all the hermits he had brought and borrowed a large amount from a gambling house. And even that was all taken away.

No matter how good Seok Pyo-du was at gambling, he could not defeat the gamblers at the casino.

Because of that, Seok Pyo-du and the others were all caught in a gambling den.

It was Eunyo who commanded it all.

It was no different than taking Seok Pyo-du and others as hostages, so Eun-yo was somewhat careless.

This was the price of carelessness.

They abandoned Seok Pyo-du and his companions and attacked Seolunjang.

Needless to say, at that moment, Pyo-wol was so engrossed in martial arts that he did not notice it.

Coincidence and inevitability overlapped to create today’s Sadal.

“You’re taking them to the underground gambling house?”

“yes! Would you like to go?”

“Let’s go.”


Eun-yo took the lead with an answer.

Chow ha ha!

The raindrops were getting thicker.

The two of them walked through the pouring rain to reach the underground gambling den.

As I opened the door and entered, I sensed a strange atmosphere.

There are no customers and gamblers are watching her.

Eunyo asked.

“What? What is the atmosphere like?”

“Sorry girl!”

At that moment, a stranger appeared among the gamblers.

He was Geum Jo-gyeong, the owner of the underground gambling house.

“What are you sorry about?”


“Please tell me.”

“The head and the head of the Galactic Flag State that were held captive are all dead.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“sorry. They were obviously locked in an alcove, but they all died.”


“I don’t know why. It looks like he was poisoned, but I don’t know how he got poisoned.”


While Eun-yo was making an absurd expression, Pyo-wol stepped forward.

“The corpse?”

“Oh, there it is.”

Geum Jo-gyeong directly guided Pyo-wol to the corpses.

Pyo-wol got down on one knee and examined the body.

“The dogma was hidden in the molars.”

All of the corpses were missing one of their molars.

It wasn’t that it didn’t exist from the beginning, but that the molars had completely melted away just before Pyowol arrived.

As evidence of that, the melted remains of the molars were still left in the mouth.

Pyowol murmured as he touched the remains of his molar teeth with his fingers.


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