Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 436

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 436

Episode 436:

Ma Seowon walked the streets of Chengdu.

Behind her, a normal-sized man quietly followed. A sword was hung from his waist.

It was Jwa Se-kyung, her bodyguard and the leader of the Galactic Empire.

Jwa Se-kyung was one of the top three masters in the Galactic Empire.

He followed her while maintaining a reasonable distance so that Ma Seo-won did not care.

Ma Seo-won’s face was slightly distorted.

Because things didn’t work out the way we wanted.

Just before, she stopped by the Haomen Chengdu branch.

First of all, I was thinking of collecting information about Pyowol through Haomun. However, the Chengdu branch refused to give her any information.

Their excuse was that giving information about transcendence in Chengdu would hasten death.

It was Ma Seowon who toured all over Gangho with his father since he was a child. It was her job to gather information on behalf of her father.

Thanks to that, I had a lot of experience in this kind of work. But never once had I hit a wall like this from the start.

It wasn’t just Haomen.

Everyone she met to gather information declined to provide information.

There were no exceptions for those with strong martial arts, the extremely wealthy, and the poisonous species that rolled from the bottom.

As soon as the name Pyowol was mentioned, they looked around and trembled with fear.

It was the first time he had ever seen such a terrified expression on his face just by hearing his name.

Marseowon did not know.

The weight of fear given by the name Pyowol in the holy city.

Pyowol did not simply enshrin the Ami faction and the Qingseong faction.

In order to catch that one person, the cheonrajimang-Eun was unfolding.

It was a cheonrajimang that all martial artists from Chengdu and Sacheonseong participated.

Once the Chunrajimang was activated, it was difficult for any unmanned person to endure. Numerous warriors rush at it like a herd of wild dogs, but there is no business to deal with. But Pyowol was different.

Pyowol played with Cheonrajimang and silently killed countless soldiers.

Chunrajimang collapsed and the soldiers who tried to hunt him were killed by Pyowol in reverse.

Many of the warriors in Chengdu witnessed the scene.

Even now, if you close your eyes, the scenery at that time was good.

The sight of his colleagues right next to him turning into corpses in an instant.

I didn’t even see the moon.

All they saw was a colleague whose breath had stopped before he knew it and his body temperature was getting cold.

It was not known when, at what moment, the Pyowol’s dagger would cut their throats.

The memory of that time was so intense that some warriors could not sleep properly for more than a year.

It was like an implicit taboo to mention the things of the time among the warriors of the saints.

I was afraid that if I talked about the moon, I would receive his visit.

It was only natural that Ma Seo-Won, who did not know such a fact, kept his mouth shut when he inquired about Pyo-Wol.

Marseowon murmured.

“It seems impossible to obtain information about him by ordinary means.”

Ma Seo-won gave up cleanly.

I don’t know if there are any other places, but I don’t think I’ll be able to get any more information about the epitaph in Chengdu.

Of course, if you do too much, you will be able to gather a little useful information. But it didn’t seem like the kind of information worth risking to find out.

‘I was really curious about who he was.’

I wanted to see with my own eyes whether it was as beautiful as rumors had it. However, I didn’t want to expose this side’s information by provoking more than this.

Ma Seo-won returned to the ballpark.

As if proving the fact that the entire galaxy was borrowed, the inside of the ballroom was full of people from the galaxy.

In the center was Ma Won-ik.


“Did you have a good trip?”

Ma Won-ik raised his head and looked at Ma Seo-won.

Ma Seo-won noticed that Ma Won-ik’s atmosphere was different from usual.

“What happened?”

“The commander-in-chief came from Seolunjang.”

“Looks like we haven’t reached an agreement.”

“Even though it was roundabout, it was as if they rejected our offer.”

“It is not easy.”

“Have you had any achievements?”

“Not at all.”

“As expected.”

“People in Saints think him more scary than we think. Just mentioning his name sparks a game.”

“Is that enough?”

“It’s actually more intense. Seeing it in person, even my father won’t be able to ask any more questions.”


Ma Won-ik let out a quiet voice.

I thought it wouldn’t be easy, but I didn’t know that the stumbling block would be so high from the beginning.

Ma Won-ik said cautiously.

“Maybe we should use our last resort.”

“Are those original Buddhist scriptures worth that much? If we do something wrong, we could suffer great damage.”

“The damage we suffered will be compensated from above. You have nothing to worry about.”


“Don’t worry about the damage, just focus on securing the original Buddhist scriptures.”

“I was short-tempered. You are right.”

“So she is my daughter.”

Ma Won-ik smiled.

Ma Seo-won also smiled and looked around.

Suddenly, a strange light appeared on her face.

“Can’t you see Seok Pyo-du and a few others? Didn’t your father give an order to forbid outside entry?”

“Things without a mental head exist everywhere.”


“It’s obvious. I must have found Giru or the gambling house.”

“Are you going to leave me alone?”

“Garbage has a role to play. I’ll take care of it, so don’t worry about it.”

“all right.”

Marseowon shook his head.

She knew best how meticulous Ma Won-ik handled his work. Interfering further than this was tantamount to ignoring his father.

“Then when?”

At Ma Seo-won’s question, Ma Won-ik smiled slightly.

“The faster something goes, the easier it is to outwit.”


“Older brother! You are back.”

As soon as he heard the news from General Goh that Pyo-wol had entered the red corpse, Eun-yo ran to him.

Eun-yo’s face was full of welcome.

He already knew that Pyo-wol was staying at Manhwa-ru. It was she who instructed Manhwaruju to honor Pyowol.

“Thanks to you, I rested comfortably.”

“thank god.”

Pyo-wol’s gaze turned to Do Yeon-san, who was beside Eun-yo.

“How is life in Chengdu?”



“It couldn’t be better.”

“Looks like it.”

Do Yeon-san stared into the air, wondering if Pyo-wol’s words stung her.

Eun-yo naturally intervened in their conversation.

“I’m glad you look good, brother.”


“Today, after a long time, we all eat together.”

“So be it.”

“I’ll ask the late general to prepare it.”


“Then get some rest, brother.”

Eun-yo left the palace with a smile on her face.

Do Yeon-san followed her as if it were natural.

It was quite cute to see Pyo-wol’s face blush while looking at Pyo-wol’s eyes.

‘This is how the relationship continues.’

Even Pyowol did not know that Do Yeon-san liked Eun-yo and that Eun-yo would also accept his heart.

I thought the pyowol was good.

He had no intention of settling down with anyone, and the conditions were not available, but they were different.

He wasn’t exposed to strong forces like himself, so if he lived as he is now, he would be able to live a normal life like everyone else.

“I guess I’ll have to tighten myself up, too.”

After returning to the red corpse, he continued to live a life of freedom.

In order to give rest to the tired body, he took his hands off martial arts altogether. But there was no eternal rest other than death.

If you are alive, and if you live in a river, you must always sharpen your martial arts.

If you let go of a day, you have to practice for two days to find the original sense of martial arts.

Now that the rest was over, I had to practice to regain my senses.

Pyowol headed to the gymnasium.

The floor of the gymnasium surrounded by a high wall was covered with hard bluestone.

Pyowol stood in the middle of the gymnasium and closed his eyes.


Once I took a deep breath.

He exhaled a deep breath and twisted his body around.

It is to loosen the hardened body first.

After relaxing for a while, Pyowol began to move in earnest.


He started to run around the gymnasium.

He slithered like a snake and stepped on his footsteps.

It is to spread the meandering news.

Even when I first learned the meandering steps, the movements were monotonous. It was swift, but there was no change other than the gliding movement. But now it was different.

It was as if dozens of snakes were scattered and gathered again.

The biggest feature of the sahaengbo is that it does not make a sound.

Not even the sound of footsteps, or even the puncture sound when cutting through the air.

In the Sahaengbo, Pyo-wol’s personal gains were fully reflected.

The foot law contains the identity of martial arts.

The characteristics of Sahaengbo were the characteristics of Aguido Island.

It’s stealthy, snake-like, and never misses a loophole.

After the sahaengbo, it was black lightning.

As I unfolded the black lightning, the brain power stimulated my nerves.

The reaction speed of the body is several times faster, making it possible to eliminate latecomers.

Next to black lightning was jade.


The empty space that had been punched was ruptured.

The air burst out all the time.

Pyo-wol, who was relieved by the paok, pulled out the suhonsa.

Ten fingers were accompanied by ten strings of hand wedding threads.

See it!

Ten strands of hand-made hair were dizzyingly crossing the air.

Now, even if you maintain ten strands of suhonsa, it won’t be that hard. I felt like I could maintain it all day if I was in my current state.

She collected all nine strands except for one. And I focused my energy on one strand. Then, the faint suhon became clearer.

It has passed from the Suhonsa to the Sasa River.

See it!

Pyowol spread out his meandering steps and swung Sasa River.

Darkness was torn to shreds in the Sasa River.

Pyowol was not satisfied with that


Brain power was loaded into the Sasa River.

The black thunderstorm is unfolding.

A faint thunderbolt in the Sasa River lit up the darkness.

The Heukroesasa River spread by Pyowol was dazzlingly beautiful.

It was so elegant that if a stranger saw it, they would say they saw a mysterious dance. However, its power was lethal.

Pyo-wol drew a picture in his head as he unfolded the Black Thunder Saga.

Devil’s Hell (蚂蚁地狱).

It was Pyowol’s unique fighting method that exposed loopholes little by little and made the enemy feel that they could win if they got a little closer.

Pyo-wol tried to harmonize the devil’s hell and the black thunder saga.

There were no enemies and no sparring opponents.

However, the opponent clearly existed in Pyowol’s head.

The strong men he had fought so far resurrected in his head and attacked him.

Pyowol performed martial arts against them.

If others had seen it, it would have seemed like she was dancing alone, but in Pyowol’s eyes, the attacking enemies were clearly visible.

He mixed up Ma Yeong-hwan’s stomach and even spread the favor of Ji-ju.

In this way, Pyowol practiced all the ceremonies he had learned and realized.

Pyowol forgot everything and focused on martial arts.

He forgot the flow of time, the place he was in, and even the fact that he was performing martial arts.


What brought him to his senses was the water droplets hitting his skin.

The cold feeling broke my immersion and returned to my senses.

It was pouring rain.

The rain that fell one or two drops soon became thick like a pole.

Pyowol was caught in the pouring rain in the middle of the back garden.

A thick layer of steam rose above his head and shoulders.

Although the rain broke the sense of immersion, I felt very good.

It was because I felt as if the seasons that I had been playing separately had merged into one.

It felt as if the individually shining beads had finally been pierced with a single thread and completed into a necklace.


It was time for Pyowol to breathe out.


Do Yeon-san called him with an urgent expression.

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