Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 435

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 435

Episode 435

Eun-yo quietly walked the streets.

Do Yeon-san was with her.

Do Yeon-san thought Eun-yo was strange. Even though I can’t see my eyes, it’s because I walked the streets of the saints without hesitation.

No matter how many people passed by, no one bumped into her shoulder. It was as if people were avoiding her on their own.

However, Eunyo did not avoid people. However, the fact that he never bumped into people was just amazing.

It was then.



Do Yeon-san made a slightly surprised expression at Eun-yo’s words, which saw right into her mind. Then Eunyo smiled softly and continued.

“Nothing to be so curious about. It just comes naturally.”

“I think that’s more bizarre.”


“Is it true that you are really blind?”


“I just feel like I can see everything…”

“It’s not something you can only see with your own eyes.”

“Sim…isn’t it the same?”

“You can see that they are similar.”


Do Yeon-san unknowingly burst into exclamation.

Although he did not systematically learn martial arts and did not know the theory well, Shim An knew that it was an achievement that only the best masters could achieve.

It was not an achievement that could reach the age of Eun-yo.

Eunyo lowered her head as if she was ashamed.

“It’s not that great.”

“why? It’s the mind…”

“When one sense degenerates, the other senses bloom. Instead of losing my physical eye, I only gained my mind’s eye. It has nothing to do with martial arts. If I hadn’t received the Dafa at Soroeeum Temple, I wouldn’t have been able to open my mind like this.”

The Dafa that they were forced to receive at Soroeumsa greatly changed the lives of Eunyo and the children.

Instead of losing her eyesight, Eun-yo came to see the world through the eyes of her heart.

Thanks to that, I naturally read other people’s emotions and thoughts, but because of that, I couldn’t trust people easily.

There were only a few people she believed in.

Pyowol and friends, and now Doyeon Mountain have been added.

Do Yeon-san followed Eun-yo around like a puppy.

In the evening, Eunyo went around and managed the giru she owned.

The reason she bought Giru was simple.

It was just to help Pyowol.

Giru was the place where the most information in the world was gathered.

The information collected through the mouths of gisaengs was gathered in Eun-yo. Then, Eun-yo handed over the information she had identified to Gwi-an.

The decision was up to you.


When we arrived at the giru called Hwaseonru, a middle-aged woman came out to greet her.

The middle-aged woman is a retired courtesan and is currently in charge of Rouge at Hwaseonru.

It was entirely up to her to run Giru.

Eunyo did not participate in the operation of Giru.

Instead of guaranteeing autonomy, they only obtained information.

Rouge took the two of them to a quiet room inside Giru.

Eunyo asked.

“How is the atmosphere of the church these days?”

“You know everyone is holding their breath.”

“Is it because of your brother?”

“yes! After his return, all non-military munpa of the saints were completely banned from outside activities. I was afraid of getting caught by him. Maybe that’s why the number of Giru’s customers has drastically decreased.”

“There must be a blow to the operation of Giru.”

“Instead, the number of guests from outside the Chengdu has increased and it is bearable.”

“is it so? Did a lot of people come in from outside?”

“It is unusual. And many of those who come in that way are interested in what he is doing right away.”

“Looks like they’re the ones sent to keep tabs on my older brother’s movements.”

“yes! Not all of them, but I think a lot of them came in for that purpose. Even after inviting gisaengs into the room, most of the conversations they share are about him.”

“Which ones stand out the most?”

“The Galactic Label’s actions are unusual.”

“The Galactic Label?”

“yes! It is the latest mark to enter the Chengdu.”

“Why do you think it’s unusual?”

“The target country makes money by delivering the goods to the destination and receiving payment.”

“So what?”

“The Galactic Label Bureau has yet to release the marks brought into the Chengdu. I haven’t heard of any of the upper ranks of the Saints receiving items from them.”

Eunyo caressed her chin with her white fingers.

It was a habit that appeared when there was something to think deeply about.

“It’s definitely not a normal movement.”

“yes! That’s why I think I came to the church because I had a different purpose. I’ll have to do a little more research to find out the details.”

“Where is the Galactic Table located now?”

“I understand that you borrowed the entire ballpark guest cup.”

“If it’s a gujanggaekjan, it’s a place run by Jang Noya, right?”

“yes! you’re right.”

“Jean Noah, please tell me to come in here.”

Eun-yo casually made Jang No-ya call. As if it was natural, Rouge called the general and asked him to bring Jean Noya.

Jang No-ya was in charge of the operation of the Gujanggaekjan, but Eun-yo was the actual owner.

The year before last, the operation of the stadium was difficult due to debt.

At that time, it was Eunyo who paid off the debt and took over.

The owner changed to Eunyo, but Jang Noya continued to operate the restaurant. So, people did not know that the true owner of the gujanggaekjan was Eun-yo.

The reason Eun-yo took over the ballpark guest cup was simple.

It is said that it is the largest in scale in the city and is located at the main point.

The size of the attached massa was also large, and it also had a huge storage room to safely store luggage.

Among those who came a long way, groups with a large number of people had no choice but to stay at the gujanggaekjan.

Seeing through this fact early on, Eun-yo took over the ballroom guest cup. And now I was seeing the benefits.

‘It’s amazing.’

Do Yeon-san admired Eun-yo.

I’ve watched her do it a couple of times already, but every time I see it, I’m in awe.

When it comes to Giru’s Rouge, there is no such thing as a serpent. No matter how different the owner is, he could hide his true intentions and hide information for his own benefit.

But none of Giru’s Rouge under Nyo’s care dared to trick her.

It is because Eunyo sees through their inner thoughts with his mind’s eye.

At first, some tried to trick her a few times. However, Eun-yo saw through all of their intentions and dealt with them mercilessly.

Those who saw her determined appearance were terrified and trembled.

I thought it was funny because I was young, but I found out that it was actually a nine-tailed nine-tailed fox.

After that, no one dared to deceive her.

After a while, Jang Noya followed the general into the room.

“Did you call? miss!”

Noya Jang prostrated himself in front of Eunyo.

“Sit comfortably.”

“How dare you tell my lady. This is comfortable for a small person, lady!”

“Jang Noya!”

“Really. Soin is comfortable being like this. So don’t mind my lady, just tell me.”


Eunyo shook her head as if she couldn’t help it.

Jang Noya’s stubbornness was so great that I always adhered to this attitude whenever I met her.

“Why did you call the small man? miss!”

“I heard that the Milky Way is staying at the gujanggaekjan.”

“you’re right.”

“Are there any unusual trends or anything worth noting?”

“Even otherwise, there was something strange, so I was going to report it to the lady.”

“What’s strange about it?”

“If it is a mark country, there must be a lot of stories about the mark, but unusually, there are a lot of stories about Buddhist scriptures.”


“yes! At the meeting of the leaders of the country, the word disrespect comes out a lot. I heard that at Jeomsoi, and I heard it when I brought food.”

Jang Noya was a meticulous man by nature.

He listened intently to every word the guests had to say. So it was very reliable.

“It’s disrespectful…”

“Shall we take a closer look?”

“Is that possible?”

“Becoming the leader is not easy, but there are people worth approaching among the leaders.”

“is it so?”

“My name is Seok Pyo-du, and I like gambling and women. The leadership prohibits going out of the inn, but we sneak out and have fun.”

“Please recommend an underground gambling place to him.”

“You mean the underground gambling house? All right.”

Zhang Noya politely replied.

‘The lady made up her mind.’

The Underground Gambling Ground, as the name suggests, was a secret gambling hall in the underground space.

Originally, it was run by Haomen or underworld warriors, but now it is occupied by Yinyao.

Originally, Eunyo tried to get rid of the underground gambling hall. However, I left it alone because I knew that people would find other places to gamble if I got rid of the underground gambling hall.

Underground gambling grounds were the destination for those addicted to gambling.

There was no limit on the amount and no discrimination of status.

You could be rejected overnight or you could lose everything and fall into abyss.

The underground gambling hall was literally a swamp-like place where those who were addicted to gambling finally gathered.

If the underground gambling house decided to rob an individual, it was an instant. However, there was no intervention at all. Unless there is a special instruction from Eun-yo.

“Tell it to Geum Jo-gyeong. Take it off thoroughly.”

“All right.”

Zhang Noya backed away with an answer.

Geum Jo-gyeong was the owner of an underground gambling house.

Originally, he was just a gambler, but Eun-yo recognized his talent and made him the owner of an underground gambling house.

It was no exaggeration to say that he had the best skills in the world when it came to gambling.

If he decides to rob, no gambling addict in the world can stand it.

Seok Pyo-du was like an ant caught in a spider’s web.

No matter how hard he struggles, the spider’s web will tighten with even greater force.

Eunyo muttered.

“Do you think I will just sit and watch the people who have other ideas run amok on my brother’s land?”

If Pyo-wol hadn’t saved him, he would still be living a miserable life at So-ro-eum-sa, being treated as less than human.

Thanks to Pyowol, she and Gwian Soma were able to live like humans.

For that reason, Eunyo prioritized Pyowol above all else.

She considered the saints to be the land of the moon, and defined all those who went against her will as her enemies.

Suddenly, Eunyo looked at Doyeonsan.

She asked Do Yeon-san.

“Do you think I am too much?”

“no! I feel the same way as my sister.”

“I knew it.”

Eunyo smiled.

Do Yeon-san gently grabbed Eun-yo’s hand. Eunyo was startled, but did not remove her hand.

Doyeonsan held her hand with even more strength.

“An enemy to my brother is also an enemy to me.”

It was the same with Do Yeon-san who was saved by Pyo-wol.

The world’s definition of good and evil did not apply to him.

Even the munpa who emphasized justice like that thoroughly turned a blind eye to his misfortune.

Justice is what the powerful claim, but to the powerless, it is no different from an empty echo.

Pyowol was the only one who showed interest in him and reached out his hand.

For the sake of Pyowol, he was prepared to do anything that would be criticized in Gangho.

Eun-yo stood up from her seat and said.

“Let’s go back to the red corpse. I need to meet Gwian.”

If Eunyo was a limb directly active in Seongseong, Gwian was the brain.

Although he refrained from going out to the extreme and confined himself to the underground space, he saw and coordinated everything inside.

If it was a ghost eye, he might be able to see through the movements of the Galactic Flag.

Nine out of ten I thought that would be the case.

Because Gwian was such a person.

It should not be judged by common sense.

‘I don’t know what purpose they came here, but I’ll shake off all their underwear.’

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