Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 433

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 433

Episode 433

Seolunjang was one of the mansions located on Sincheon-ro.

When the slums originally located here were destroyed by fire and rebuilt, they quickly came in and took up the site.

Thanks to this, I was able to secure a large and good site much faster than other mansions.

Along with red corpse, the site of Seolunjang was so good that it was called the best place for two generations of Sincheon-ro.

Yugicheon, the owner of Seolunjang, walked around the garden alone.

The full moon shone above his head.

“Feel so good!”

He enjoyed the moonlight with his eyes closed.

I loved these peaceful moments. So, he handed over the entire family business to his children and settled in this remote place.

I suddenly felt empty.

She didn’t miss her children that much, but she did miss one boy.

“I wonder if Soma is doing well…”

The boy who used to come and call me ‘installment’.

I missed the boy who left the long way with Pyowol.

The boy was no ordinary person.

Because of that, every time Soma suddenly came to Yugicheon, he would get nervous without realizing it. But after a long time, he didn’t come, so I missed him now.

I didn’t know if it was a dangerous existence to others, but it gave him the feeling of a grandson.

“Tsk! He said he came back, but why didn’t he come…”

It was when Yoo Gi-cheon shook his head and turned around.

“Were you here alone again?”


Woo Jang-rak, the second-in-command of Seol Woon-jang and Yu Gi-cheon’s confidant, appeared.

Wu Jang-rak smiled and said.

“It seems that the elder is also old now. You prefer to spend time alone.”

“Yeki! Do you think you won’t age? As we get older, everyone likes to spend time alone.”

“I still prefer to have several.”

“Let’s see. Maybe even when I get older…”

“Live a long, long time until then.”

“He gave me sickness, medicine, and everything. yeah what’s going on I don’t think he came here for no reason.”

“A guest has arrived.”

“customer? At this late hour?”

Yugicheon tilted his head.

I would never have met him normally.

This was because he valued politeness very much and was reluctant to meet unless they had made an appointment in advance.

The problem is that Jang-Rak Woo knows that too.

Most of the people who came and asked for a meeting without manners were mostly organized in his line. Nevertheless, the fact that Woo Jang-rak made such a difficult expression meant that the people who came to him were difficult for him to deal with.


“These are people from a place called the Galaxy Mark.”

“The Galactic Label?”

“It is one of the businesses in Shinwoljang.”


Yugicheon let out a silent voice.

It was only then that I understood why Jang-Rak Woo couldn’t get the customer out.

If it was Shinwoljang, it was one of the three.

Igang Sammun Sampae Samjang.

It occupied one of the eleven strongest forces in the world.

If the Eunha Flag Bureau was one of Shin Wol-jang’s businesses, even Woo Jang-rak could not easily refuse the meeting.

“The owner of the Milky Way Table has come directly. What should I do?”

“Do we have a choice? Get inside. I will see you in person.”

“Even if it’s not, I’ve already been invited to the guest office.”

“Let’s go.”

The two walked shoulder to shoulder to the guesthouse.

Inside the guesthouse, a man and a woman were waiting for them.

They were Ma Won-Ik, the national owner of the Galactic Empire, and his daughter Ma Seo-Won.

Ma Won-Ik greeted Yoo Gi-cheon with a hug.

“My name is Ma Won-ik, the national owner of the Galaxy. I came here out of the blue, and thank you for your hospitality.”

“If you are the lord of the Milky Way, you should give even the time you don’t have. It is called Seolunjangju Yugicheon.”

“Nice to meet you. Lord Yu!”

“haha! Nice to meet you too. Ma Guk-lord!”

“This is my girlfriend Ma Seo-won.”

“I thought we looked alike, but it turned out to be your daughter.”

“Because I insisted on following. sorry.”


Yugicheon shook his head.

At that time, Ma Seo-won got up from his seat and took a fist.

“It’s called Marseowon. I wish you well. Lord Yu!”

“haha! nice to meet you Do not.”

Yugicheon thought that Ma Seowon was very bold.

His eyes and expressions overflowing with confidence were similar to those of children from other prestigious families.

These were the expressions and impressions usually found in young people who have never experienced failure.

Yoo Ki-cheon asked Ma Won-ik, hiding his true feelings.

“So, what did the Eunha Flag State Lord come to the head office at midnight?”

“I am thirsty. I want you to have a cup of tea…”

“Look at my mind. A guest came, but you didn’t serve a cup of tea. What are you doing? Hurry up and tell the ladies to bring the tea.”


Woo Jang-rak answered and called the fight and gave an order.

Meanwhile, the three of them sat down and chatted.

“When I came, I saw that the streets were really clean. I heard that this place used to be a slum?”

“you’re right. Originally, it was a place where the poor lived, but a big fire broke out and burned everything.”


“After that, this street entered.”

“The poor must have been pushed to the outskirts again.”

“It is unfortunate. In my case, I paid quite a lot of compensation to the people on my site, but I heard that I bought the land at a low price and drove out the poor like other mansions.”

“Originally, the human heart of the world is heartless. Still, there are people like Jangju, so I think the world is still worth living in.”

“It’s an overstatement.”

“no. The voices praising Yu Jang-ju were heard throughout the church. I was really impressed with this Ma Won-ik.”

“Oops! What are you talking about…”

Yugicheon lowered his head as if to apologize.

‘What on earth is Lee Ja trying to say?’

Although he retired a long time ago, he was Yu Gi-cheon, who had gone through all kinds of hardships as a merchant.

With just a few words, you could guess that the other person was hiding his true feelings.

“I heard that Jangju Yu did a lot of good things. During a drought, he harvested a lot of crops and helped a lot of people in need… He is truly amazing.”

“It is not something to be praised for. It’s definitely something you have to do.”

“And I understand that you donated the Buddhist sutras that were hard-earned to the Shaolin Temple. It must not have been an easy decision…”

“I just went to see my owner. Since it is the original Buddhist scripture, it is only natural that it be placed in Shaolin Temple, the head of Buddhist scriptures.”

“It’s easy to say, but how many people in the world can do that? You are so amazing.”


“However, I heard that not all Buddhist scriptures were donated. Is it true?”

“Why are you asking that?”

In an instant, the light of the boundary passed by Yugicheon’s eyes.

‘For some reason, the story of Buddhist scriptures is emphasized, so it seems that the real purpose is Buddhist scriptures.’

The retired merchant’s intuition was telling.

As if he had read his caution, Ma Won-ik burst out laughing.

“haha! You don’t have to be so wary.”

“As you get older, you only become needlessly wary. Please understand.”

“I understand everything.”

“By the way, why did you bring up the Buddhist scriptures?”

“Actually, it’s because we also want to do something good.”

“Good things?”

“We are building a big temple this time at New Moon Market.”

“You mean me?”

“yes! Indeed, an enormous amount is invested. I don’t know if you know, but Shinwoljang Lord’s mother is a devout Buddhist. He is planning to build a large temple nearby in honor of his wife.”


“We also want to join Norma-nim’s will.”

“If you join?”

“It would be a meaningful thing to donate the original Buddhist sutras from the Western Region to the temple Noma will build. So, if you haven’t donated all the Buddhist scriptures, please sell us the remaining originals. Of course, I will pay for everything.”


Yugicheon let out a silent voice.

That’s because Ma Won-ik’s words caught him off guard.

Ma Won-ik was asking for Buddhist scriptures in the name of building a large temple and donating. In addition, Norma, the eldest of Shinwoljang, was put forward.

It was a proposal that was not easy for Yu-gi-cheon to refuse.

As you know, Shinwoljang was one of the most powerful manors in the world.

It is not known for certain how much power they have as they rarely engage in outside activities, but the fact that they possess tremendous power is well known.

Norma, who founded Shinwoljang, was a mysterious person.

He built a huge manor with the body of a woman, but little is known about his personal history.

She rarely did outside activities.

External activities were taken care of by her son.

The son said he was filial and would do whatever she wanted.

Perhaps the same will be true of this Buddhist temple.

He said that he was going to build a big temple to honor his wife, not anyone else, so it was clear that his son, Shinwoljangju, would rush ahead of everything.

If Yoo Gi-cheon did not provide Buddhist sutras, he might harbor a grudge and retaliate.

Yugicheon and Seolunjang in Seongdo may be safe, but his son and Taewon Sangdan did not know what kind of damage the Shinwoljang would suffer.

Yugicheon asked cautiously.

“Does Norma-nim want Buddhist scriptures? Or is it a proposal from the heart of the Ma Daehyeop?”

“You can think of it as a mix of the two.”


Yugicheon let out a quiet voice once again.

Because if it was what Norma wanted, he had no choice.

‘They are threatening me with their polite attitude and face.’

The value of the original Buddhist scriptures could not be converted into gold.

Since each volume is a treasure with only one copy in the world, there were many people who were after it.

Because of that, after donating some of them to Shaolin Temple, they couldn’t even set a date to transport the rest of the sutras.

Yugicheon shook her head for a moment before speaking cautiously.


“Are you refusing?”

“It has already been talked about donating all Buddhist scriptures to Shaolin Temple. I’m keeping it, but it’s no different from Shaolin Temple, so I can’t decide on my own.”

“If so, why not just send a letter to the Shaolin Temple and ask for their understanding?”

Ma Won-ik was persistent.

For a moment, Yu-Chun got the feeling that Ma Won-Ik might want to disobey the scriptures for other reasons.

he said carefully.

“If you really want to have the original Buddhist scriptures, how about you send a letter to Shaolin Temple and ask for permission? If you ask in the name of Shinwoljang, Shaolin Temple won’t just refuse.”

“That’s… I’ll think about it.”

“If so, today’s story will end with this.”

At Yugicheon’s words, Wonik Ma and his wife stood up. It was noticed that he had issued a celebration order. In addition, a clear intention was also conveyed that they would not hand over the Buddhist scriptures to them.

I knew for sure I couldn’t get what I wanted, but there was no reason to be here any longer.

Yugicheon gave them a hug and said.

“haha! I won’t go out to see you off, so please go carefully.”

“I am grateful for the heart of Yu Jang-ju. If so, good bye until we meet again.”

“Be in peace, Master Yu!”

Ma Won-Ik and his wife also smiled and took the throw.

Although the negotiations broke down, no one showed a bad expression.

As such, they were good at hiding their emotions.

Ma Won-ik said.

“We will stay in Chengdu for a while. If you ever change your mind, come back anytime. It won’t be too difficult to find our place.”

“I will.”


After saying goodbye for the last time, the two of them left the Seolunjang.

The faces of the two hardened as Yugicheon was nowhere to be seen.

Marseowon opened her mouth.

“It’s also a refusal.”

“It is not an easy task. Did you observe the internal structure well?”

“sure. I already roughly figured it out.”

“That’s it.”

“But wouldn’t it be too much of a burden to really do it?”

“Because of the death?”

“yes! Isn’t his residence just a stone’s throw away?”

Coincidentally, Seolunjang was right next to the red corpse.

They were so far apart that they could hear each other if they shouted.

It was too much of a burden to do anything in a place like this.

Seolunjang was literally a fortress blessed by nature.

You are protected by the scariest person in the world.

Ma Won-ik looked back and said.

“Let’s watch for now. It seems that there is still room for negotiations.”

“In the meantime, I will gather information about him.”


“I mean, he’s dead. I heard he’s so beautiful?”

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