Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 432

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 432

Episode 432

Manhwaru was a Giru located in the southern part of the city.

Recently, it was known that the level of gisaengs was very high as a famous giru. Maybe that’s why the flying flies were toxic.

There was usually no problem.

This is because the generals and soldiers guarding Manhwaru had formidable force.

All of them were warriors who had learned martial arts, and had the power to subdue even a fair number of parakeets or drunken people with just one finger.

Trusting them, even the gisaengs could easily sell their smiles. The generals and warriors who protected the gisaengs were now spread out on the floor.

“Kaak! Wow!”

A large man spat at the sight of guns and unmanned soldiers.

He was the main culprit in this situation.

Cheolsan Leafbu (鐵山獵夫) Mt. Geumbusan.

Geumbusan was a military man active in the western part of Sacheon Province.

Just like the word ‘yeopbu’ attached to the special issue, he was from a hunter.

However, when he was young, he studied with a virtuoso who recognized his talent, and came to possess strong bones and tremendous divine power.

Thanks to that, he was able to blow his reputation in the west of Sichuan Province, and he had younger brothers who followed him.

All of the tall men around him now were younger brothers following him.

“Hehe! Brother, do it in moderation.”

“My older brother is mad at you.”

“Uh hee hee!”

They didn’t think to stop them even while watching Geum-Bu-san go wild.

Rather, they laughed and chatted as if they were having fun.

In their arms were slender women. They were courtesans of Manhwaru.

The younger brothers of Geumbusan touched the gisaengs’ delicate bodies roughly as if kneading rice cakes.

The gisaengs’ faces turned white and did not respond.

“Do you ignore people just because the f*cking things are from the village? ok! What is it that we can’t enter Manhwa Tower? Say it again. Say it again, b*stards!”

As if Geumbusan was still angry, he looked at the commander and soldiers who fell on the floor and gasped.

This was the first time he had entered Chengdu.

From the time he entered the Holy City, he was full of expectations.

“You will experience firsthand the entertainment district of the saints that you have heard about.”

They came to Manhwaru with a swollen heart, but the general rejected them. The reason was that it did not fit the level of Manhwaru.

The clothes of Geumbusan and his younger siblings were too shabby.

His behavior was also wild, which scared many people around him. As a general, it was a natural step.

The problem is that Geumbusan has no intention of listening to the governor.

“Uh ha ha! My older brother is the best.”

“Anyway, we have to show the b*stards who looked down on us as country idiots.”

Geumbusan’s younger siblings gulped down their drinks and made a noise.

All of Juru’s customers looked scared at the atmosphere of fear they created.

The younger siblings of Geumbusan enjoyed such an atmosphere.

The whole world seemed to be theirs.

“There is nothing wrong with the saints.”

“That’s right. My older brother is the best.”

It was then.


One of the guests who came out to the commotion clicked his tongue.

“what? What kind of guy are you?”

Geumbusan opened his eyes without missing the slightest sound.

He slid his bell-sized eyes and scanned the guests.

“what? Who is ignoring us again?”

Then one of the guests came out. He was the guest he had been talking about.

“Do it in moderation.”

“Do you want this b*stard to die?”

Geumbusan raised a large fist like a pot lid.

It was clear that if he hit the customer with his iron-hardened fist, he would be crushed like fish meat.

Despite the threats from Geumbusan, the guest did not blink an eye.

“They say he’s a country boy from the west, so that’s true. Seeing that you can’t grasp the atmosphere at all.”


“Isn’t it strange? The streets of Chengdu are so quiet.”

“joy! It’s obvious. It must be because everyone is frightened by the majesty of this body.”

“What are you?”

“I am an iron leaf. Don’t you know the iron leaf part? There are dozens of soldiers who have been bloodied by this body.”

“Awesome. But not to the point of causing an unruly disturbance in this castle.”

“What do you keep fussing about? Can’t you understand me?”

“good! Then let me know. Why is the Chengdu’s entertainment district so quiet and why do others not come running after seeing the commotion you guys are causing?”

“Yeah what? If you don’t understand the reason, you will die by my hand today.”

Geumbusan shook a huge fist right in front of the customer’s nose. But the guest continued talking without blinking an eye.

“Does the Shinigami know?”

“Reaper? is it a special issue? It’s sick. Who writes such a corny nickname?”

“I don’t know. That means you guys are country folk. If I had known even a little about that nickname, I wouldn’t have laughed and chatted like that.”

“What is a death god? Is there anyone who writes a nickname like that? So you tell us to be careful? funny! Sick!”

Geumbusan snorted.

It seemed like I had heard it at least once. But even then, I thought he was an idiot, and even now, his thoughts have not changed.

“If you’re a god of death or something that appears in front of me, I’ll smash it to pieces with this body’s six-joint great mountain fist.”

“Pray in peace.”

“This b*stard is really…”

Geumbusan, who was furious, hit the customer with his fist. And that’s with all my energy.


At that moment, a sharp cutting sound rang out.


Geumbusan narrowed her eyes.

Because the scenery was too unrealistic.

His arm had been severed from the forearm and was flying away.

“My arm?”

Suddenly I felt a fiery pain in my forearm.

Geumbusan belatedly screamed.

“Ah! my arms!”

“Tongue brother?”


Seeing his arm fly away belatedly, the younger siblings of Geumbusan spat out guards.

Someone was standing behind Geumbusan.

As if it had been there from the beginning.

The moment they saw him, an unknown sense of crisis came over their brains.

“older brother! Behind…”


They warned Geumbusan.

Geumbusan grabbed his severed forearm and looked back. Then he saw a man standing behind him.

A normal body and a pure white face.

The moment I saw that face that was more beautiful than a woman, Mt. Geumbusan froze.

“What are you?”

“The guy who uses a corny nickname!”

“Then you… are you?”

It was only then that Geumbusan recognized the man’s identity.

The owner of the rustic guesthouse that Geumbusan had ridiculed just a moment ago.

He was just Pyowol.

“This dog’s arms ….”

Geum Busan struck fear and struck out the temple of Pyowol with one fist. However, it did not happen that his fist touched Pyowol’s body.



Geumbusan cried out.

It was because the fist that was about to hit Pyowol cut off the forearm.

Again, the wedding was unfolding.

“Ouch! my arms! My par…”

Geumbusan knelt down and screamed. But his screams didn’t last.

It was because Pyowol lightly cut his neck with his hand.

A line of blood was drawn along the place where his hand passed.


Geumbusan’s neck was cut in half and he died.


“Mi crazy!”

The younger brothers of Geumbusan were astonished.

Geumbusan was the strongest master they knew. Such a master could not resist at all and died in despair to Pyo-wol.

Only then did they realize that the man with the charming face was the death god the man from earlier had been talking about.

They jumped out in all directions like locusts.

They thought that if they scattered, Pyowol would not be able to kill them all. However, it was too funny to think of the symbol.


Shut up!

Cutting sounds rang out everywhere.

The bodies of the men fleeing were dismembered.

There were no screams.

There was no pain.

Because it was cut short in an instant.

Pyo-wol spread a silver net around the men.

Since he rushed towards Eunsa without knowing that fact, it was only natural that his body would be cut off.

“oh my god!”

“He really is a reaper.”

The guests who witnessed the scene covered their mouths with both hands.

It was a cruel sight I had never seen before.

Compared to this, the violence that Geumbusan committed against the governor was child’s play.

The resolute hand that I heard only in rumors.

No, even more cruelty shuddered them.

“It really is that the Shinigami has returned.”

Seeing it with my own eyes made me feel it.

It is the return of the god of death, who terrified not only the saints but also the entire Gangho area.


Pyowol’s punishment of Geumbusan and his younger siblings quickly spread throughout the province.

People shuddered at the cruelty of the moon.

It’s been a long time since I’ve returned, but his cruel hands are still there.

He came back stronger and scarier.

While there was no Pyowol, there were those who were greedy for the supremacy of the saints.

From generation to generation, the hegemony of the Chengdu was won by the Tang, Amif and Qingsheng factions in turn. When they were in good health, no one dared to desire the supremacy of the Saints.

This is because all three factions had powers that were unmatched by the other factions. However, the Dangmen disappeared long ago, and the Amipa and the Qingseongpa were sealed off by Pyowol. And the moon emptied the saints.

Anyone with ambition could be greedy for the supremacy of the Saints.

Chengdu was not a small city.

It was a huge city that had once been the capital of the Han Dynasty.

The benefits derived from this city are by no means small. No, it’s really huge, so it’s easy to come up with a budget for several years.

Of course, many people wanted to become the owner of the saints. However, he did not know when Pyowol would return, so he suppressed his ambition.

But time dulls people’s senses, and people’s patience has reached its limit.

It was then that Pyowol returned.

When people’s patience has reached its limit.

It was the moment when they were slowly preparing for the war to win the hegemony of the Saints. However, those who heard what Pyo-wol had done at Manhwa-ru gave up their ambitions as if they had promised.

No matter how great the ambition is, it acknowledges and accepts that it is impossible to realize it as long as there is a breakthrough.

Even if the saints’ hegemony was good, it was not more important than their lives.

Geumbusan’s death reminded them of how terrifying Pyowol was.

After dealing with Geumbusan and his younger siblings, Pyowol lived in Manhwaru.

Manhwaru closed the door and refused to accept guests.

Not a single gisaeng came out.

I could see what was going on inside Manhwa Tower without even looking at it with my own eyes.

One day, as time passed, a group of people entered the church.

They entered Chengdu with a banner with four letters written on it, Galactic Flag.

It was a large number of fifty people, including the number of Pyo-du and Pyo-sa contestants.

People’s attention was focused on the large number of people who had entered the castle for the first time in a long time.

The flag state was literally a group that made a profit by transporting the mark. The more targets and the greater the value, the greater the benefit they gained.

From that point of view, it was clear that the Galactic State would benefit enormously from this voyage.

They brought ten wagons in all.

Ten wagons were loaded with rare items that could not be easily obtained in Sichuan.

The Galactic Flag surrounded the ten wagons and moved toward their destination.

Just then, Giru, who had locked the door, caught my eye.


“Is that where the Shinigami is staying?”

“Be careful not to be seen by him.”

Secret conversations passed between them.

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