Reaper of the Drifting Moon Light Novel Chapter 431

Reaper of the Drifting Moon Chapter 431

Episode 431

To describe Pyowol’s daily life at the red corpse, in a word, it was ‘no food.’

he didn’t do anything

I didn’t pay attention to the outside work or did anything.

He didn’t even get out of the red post.

He rested in a red corpse all day.

Gwian and Eunyo understood that transcendence.

It was because his activities known in Gangho were exhausting.

If he had gone through such a forced march, he might have been fine physically, but it was clear that his mental fatigue would be at its peak.

At times like these, it’s best to just relax and not think about anything.

Knowing that fact, the two did not bother to pyowol except for the first day.

It was Doyeonsan who was excited.

Gwian and Eunyo really cared for Doyeonsan, and Doyeonsan called them older brothers and sisters and followed them.

We got along well because we were the same age and thought alike.

They quickly became close like blood and went out often.

Today, Do Yeon-san and Eun-yo went out to Seongdo.

Pyo-wol sat alone in the quiet red corpse yard and looked ahead.

Jeoksongjang was located at the most important point in Sincheon-ro.

The inside of the red corpse was not visible from the outside, but from the yard of the red corpse, you could see Sincheon-ro and the entire castle town.

At that time, General Goh, holding a tray, approached cautiously.

A teapot and tea cups were placed on the tray. Inside the teapot was tea that the late general had carefully brewed.

General Goh bowed his head to Pyowol and put the teapot and teacup down on the table.

Pyo-wol nodded slightly, and General Goh bowed his head again and stepped back.

Pyowol filled the teacup and brought it to his lips.

The fragrant smell of tea delighted the nostrils.

I’ve been refueling Gangho for quite some time, but I haven’t seen anyone brewing tea as deliciously as the late general.

As I took a sip of the tea, a refreshing feeling lingered in my mouth.

Pyo-wol enjoyed the taste of the tea with her eyes closed.

The wind blew and caressed Pyowol’s whole body.

At that time, Guia crawled out of Pyowol’s arms.

Guia, coiled up on the table, was bathed in the sun and wind like a moon.

I didn’t think of anything, I didn’t do anything.

I’m just enjoying this time to the fullest.

For Pyowol, this time was very precious.

Since I was raised as an assassin, I have never been able to spend a single day comfortably.

I always had to be nervous and I always had to think desperately.

He was like a string of bows drawn taut.

The moment you let go of the protest, it is ready to be fired at any time.

However, a stringed string of protests eventually breaks or loses its elasticity and becomes loose.

Appropriate rest must be taken in parallel to ensure that elasticity and sharpness are not lost.

Pyowol had been feeling that fact lately.

Even though I took a break without thinking, my senses became sharper and my history increased.

Even the muscles that were tired from fighting every day were revitalized.

Pyo-wol was enjoying the moment while burying himself deeply in the chair.

It was when the sun went down over Seosan that he made a move.

When Pyo-wol stretched out his hand, Gwi-a slipped into his sleeve.

It was then.


Suddenly, a loud voice resounded through the yard.

Pyo-wol turned around to see a familiar face looking at him.

In an instant, the corner of Pyowol’s mouth drew an arc and went up.

Because the man snorting like an angry wild boar was one of those he missed.



The man who screamed and hugged Pyo-wol was Dang So-chu.

Pyo-wol dropped the party prosecution and asked.

“How have you been?”

“I am always fine. Is your brother okay?”

“You see!”

At Pyo-wol’s answer, Dang So-chu scanned his whole body.

When he confirmed that there was nothing wrong with Pyo-wol’s body, a light of relief appeared on his face.

“thank god.”

“I heard you became independent again. Is it true?”


Tang Xiaochu nodded.

I had been living in a red corpse for a while to avoid threats. However, due to the limited space, there was a limit to making it properly.

Eventually, he took a risk and opened a new studio in the alley behind Sincheon-ro.

The only consolation was that the red post was nearby so that help could be quickly obtained in case of an emergency.

Dang So-chu looked at Pyo-wol and said.

“Shall I come back with a red invoice?”

“There is no need for that. Because everything is settled.”


“okay! No one will threaten you anymore.”

Dang Sochu’s eyes widened.

He knew better than anyone else that Pyowol was a person who would not lie or say nonsense.

“thank god.”

A bright smile appeared on his face.

Now that all threats are gone, I can really focus on my work.

That alone was a great gift for Dang Sochu.

“for a moment!”

He entered the room as if he had suddenly remembered Pyowol.

After a while, he came out again, holding a black stone in his hand. It was a meteorite that I had found on my way here.

He handed the meteorite to Dang Sochu and said.

“I got it by accident, but it seems to react quite sensitively to Ki.”

“Let’s see? It must be fate.”

“that’s right! You just see and know.”

“This is very hard to find…”

Dang Sochu made an admiring expression as he touched the meteorite.

As he was a master craftsman himself, he knew the value of meteorites better than anyone else.

As soon as he touched the meteorite, the thought of wanting to smelt it quickly dominated his head.

Pyowol said.

“Can you make me a Vambrace with this?”

“Is it possible? Are you kidding me? Brother, I’m Dang Sochu. Of course it is possible.”

“Then please don’t. If there is any meteorite left, use it however you like.”

“Thank you brother!”

When he got his hands on a rare ingredient, inspiration surged.

Dang Sochu said while hugging the meteorite in his arms.

“Hyung, let’s solve our hoepo later.”

I didn’t have to say anything afterwards.

Pyo Yue nodded, and Dang Xiao Chu ran like the wind.

Left alone, Pyo-wol looked around for a while and then went into the basement of the red corpse.

As he entered the entrance to the basement, Ya Myung-ju revealed his path ahead.


The sound of organs moving could be heard from inside the walls.

Pyowol knew it was the sound of disengaging the engine.

After walking along the corridor for a long time, the destination appeared.

It was a closed room with a heavy iron door.

As the moon approached, the iron gate opened by itself.

“Come on bro!”

It was Gwian who greeted Pyowol in the secret room.

“You were inside too.”

“You know I don’t like to go out.”

“okay! You especially like this place.”

“Even if you are here, you can know what is happening in the castle town like reading the palm of your hand.”

“Looks like you have an information network up to the level you want.”

“At least in Chengdu, I take pride in having a superior information network than Haomen.”

“That’s great.”

Gwian smiled wide at Pyowol’s praise.

In fact, Gwian has built an information network as dense as a net throughout the province. And the information network was extending to nearby cities in Chengdu.

Thanks to this, I could read the palm of my hand about the Saints and the happenings in the neighborhood even while sitting.

“Aren’t you frustrated?”

“You know what? I’m comfortable here It’s too cumbersome outside. A lot of information bothers me.”

After receiving the Great Law at Soroeeumsa, he was a demon whose brain had no limits. Even if he stayed still, too much information flooded in in real time, making his brain tired.

Because of that, I was able to rest comfortably only in this tightly closed space.

“What about arithmetic and silver yo?”

“Let’s see, I heard that I saw it on the north road in Chengdu before half time.”

“Looks like you two get along well.”

“Yeonsan likes Eunyo.”

“okay? What about Eunyo?”

“I don’t think Eunyo hates it either.”

“Are you okay?”

“me? I have no feelings for Eun-yo.”

Guan laughed.

Not only Eunyo, but I couldn’t feel any other woman’s inspiration. It was because of the influence of the Dafa that he received at Soroeeumsa.

Dafa put limits on his brain, but on the contrary, it made him lose the essential emotions that humans should have. Because of that, even when I saw beautiful women, I didn’t feel very inspired.

It was then.


A rolled note came down through a small coffin connected to the outside.

Gwian, who was reading the note, smiled and handed it to Pyowol.

“Read it bro!”


“You will know when you read it.”

The current trend of the Daeju Sangdan was written on the note.

“It looks like he’s happily buying and collecting things with his brother’s prestige on his back.”


“Isn’t it funny? My relationship with my brother is only a few days since I came here with him. To be treated like this because of that kind of relationship. It is proof that the influential people of the saints are afraid of you.”

After entering Chengdu, Pyowol did not engage in any outside activities. Even so, the powerful and powerful people of the saints were only paying attention to Pyowol.

Among them, there were those who somehow tried to cross over and line up. A few of them are trying to give benefits to the top of the main column and catch the line connected with the moon.

Gwian thought their efforts were futile.

Pyowol was not the kind of person who would care about someone approaching like that. I couldn’t understand why he didn’t know that he couldn’t move the moon with such a false relationship.


Pyo-wol caused a fire and burned the note.

Because there was no need to read further.

Pyowol asked one last question before leaving.

“Is there any good news?”

“at all!”

“Have you never had a letter?”

“huh! It’s not easy to know the news since the shaman faction has locked the door.”

Rather, it would have been easier to find out the internal circumstances if it had been Amifa or Qingsongpa. The non-partisans were so far away from Chengdu that the information network in Gui’an could not reach them at all.

It is possible to know the inside news of the non-partisan faction through Hao-mun, but if that happens, the information network within the province that Guian built with difficulty will be revealed.

That was not what neither Pyowol nor Gwian wanted.

Information networks work best when they are hidden. The exposed information network is bound to be checked by many.

Hao Mun was such a case.

Because of that, Haomen went further into the shadows. Still, many were trying to figure out their trends.

Although it has been collecting information without difficulty using so many human resources, the quality of the information collected could not be guaranteed.

“If there is any troupe or flag coming from Hubei Province, where the shamans are located, I will look into it.”


It was when Pyowol nodded.


Another rolled note came through the coffin.

“for a moment!”

Gwian apologized to Pyowol and opened the note to read.

As he read the note, his face grew serious.

Sensing the unusual atmosphere, Pyowol asked.

“What’s going on?”

“It looks like something happened to Manhwa Tower.”


“It’s one of the Giru run by Eunyo.”


Eunyo was secretly running many Giru in Chengdu.

Giru is the best place to steal information from men, so it’s run on purpose.

The information obtained from Giru came to Gwian without missing a single one. By comparing the numerous information received, Gwi-an infers the truth.

Even the insignificant Giru was very precious to him.

“What about Eunyo?”

“Since it’s on North Road, you won’t know what happened at Manhwa Tower.”

“Then I go.”

“My brother himself? Weren’t you taking a break?”

“I was just about to move slowly. That’s great. I’m going. Tell me the location.”


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